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  • Ellie

    I recognize the telekinetic sword man as the guy Feral and Alison fought during their first mission together, graveyard, cleaver, and rat (can’t remember if that’s his name/alias), but I don’t recognize the person in the uppermost photo. It looks like they have something similar to Moonshadow’s powers…and although I do remember Alison asking Dr.R about another Biodynamic when she was trying to figure out who the invisible slasher was, I don’t remember what they were called…

  • AdamBombTV

    Homeboy has a lot of rings, but has not put on the classiest of rings, the Pinkie Ring. What does that say about a man?

    • 21stCenturyPeon

      It says he needs a full range of motion in that finger, for drinking tea in polite company.

      • Dan Steadman

        The truely posh actually never did the tea cup with the little finger extended. That was possibly a joke played at the expense of the uppity new wealth. It’s an affectation that instead shows a lack of class.

        • 21stCenturyPeon

          *retracts pinky, puts tea down, goes home, internalises class-based shame*

    • Anondod

      He also lacks a thumb ring, the presence of which according to something I read once on the Internet is the surest sign of someone being a swinger.

      • Tylikcat

        *falls over laughing*

      • ruhrow

        One would think that the *surest* sign would be if you directly observe them swinging, no?

        • Anondod

          Are you telling me a joke I half-remember reading on the Internet isn’t entirely factually correct? My world, it falls apart.

          • ruhrow

            No, I was trying to participate in the whole ‘joke’ thing. I mean, I knew it wasn’t that funny, but I didn’t think it’d possibly be interpreted as me trying to insult you.

          • Anondod

            Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to sound that snarky. My bad.

      • Weatherheight

        That’s the scarf – Fred, Daphne, Mr Furley…

        • Anondod


        • Glotos

          Ascot. And it was good enough for Dean Winchester, at least once.

      • Rolf Soldaat

        I thought wearing a thumb ring meant you are a Mongolian archer.

        • Anondod

          It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

  • bryan rasmussen

    what’s the exclamation point for – maybe he sees someone special he recognizes in the rogues gallery on the table.

    • Glotos

      Maybe it’s the off-camera gun that’s now pointing at his gut.

    • Tim F

      Think it through. If Menace is still around then he can probably hear the whole conversation. That means Odin knows that he’s talking TO Patrick right now, and there’s no reason to release his ersatz CEO to deliver the message. It’s delivered. The main q now is whether they will torture mr. ersatz CEO for info, or just feed him to the guests.

      • cphoenix

        Odin probably knows that Menace’s range is limited, and does not know if he’s monitoring this meeting in real time. He’ll just deliver the info he wants and then let Ersatz leave the building. He’s already shown he has the power to find most people when he wants to, which is why I didn’t say “let Ersatz go.”

        • Correction: Odin probably THINKS that Menace’s range is limited. People he has a particular connection to — parents, Allison — he’s unlimited, and if Mr Duvall isn’t in that category, well, that would be weird, anyway.

    • Danygalw

      He was just told this meeting is a trap.

    • I think that’s just a stain on the wall.

  • Franklin J Gomes

    If we consider the events of the last chapter, he is not technically lying when he say Menace is gone.

    • Kid Chaos

      A little distracted, maybe, but not gone. I wonder if he’s finally gotten his head on straight (so to speak)? 😜

      • ampg

        But the piece of Patrick’s brain that was Menace does actually seem to be gone for good.

        • bryan rasmussen

          I don’t think that part of the brain is gone, but it is being put to other users now.

    • Eric Schissel

      Remind me, what evidence have we seen that Mr. Duval knows anything (anything at all, including the conclusion) about what happened during that clustercuss between Alison, Feral, and Menace in Menace’s mind last chapter? Assuming omniscience on the part of a fictional character is like assuming it on the part of someone else in real life…

      • Scott

        I…uh…don’t think Franklin intended for his comment to be taken quite that seriously.

        • Franklin J Gomes

          Definitively not my intention.

          • Eric Schissel

            My fault.

  • Thomas S

    I’m disturbed at the quality of honey on offer. I hear Manuka has great qualities. Is this a trap for a bear like Pooh? Or a bear like Smokey. Both like honey. Wait, neither of them are real either. I think I need a new analogy.

    In other news, the fat pudgy be-ringed fingers of crumpleface are most disturbing.

    • Randolph Carter

      Only seven rings so he can’t be The Mandarin in disguise.

      • Weatherheight


  • Tim F

    The Aesir, the old gods, saw the rise of Vannir, the new gods, and they were not pleased. The conflict grew into a great war but neither side could secure an advantage, so they agreed to meet and forge a peace. Odin was a young fellow back then.

    • Blub Blub

      you got it backwards, the Vanir are older then the Aesir. While the Aesir are gods of war, crafting and such the Vanir are gods of fertility, wisdom, and nature. It’s quite interesting as you can see the shift form nature gods to warring, ruling gods.

      • Tim F

        Thanks for correcting me! I am starting to see the whole comic as a generational conflict between old gods and a newly arrived batch of godlings. All the superhero/supervillain stuff is a juvenile lark that some godlings go through while they find their place and calling.

  • Zechariah Val Judy

    Oh hello stubby Donald-Trump hands. Fancy meeting you here.

    • Johnny Awesome

      Small hands, big power

      This just got twice as scary

  • Lysiuj

    “How exactly are we supposed to have a fainting couch inside a lake? You are speaking nonsense, sir, and I shall have no more part of it. Good day.”

    • Weatherheight

      “I’m sorry, but you’re up to one pair of mixed metaphors in one word balloon. By Villain By-Laws, I’m required to warn you that I must leave if you create another iteration of a mixed metaphor. It’s our plan that’s farcical, not our speech.”

      • Johan

        I really wish this could be the dialogue XD

  • Daryl McCullough

    I don’t like going this long without seeing our lovable strong female protagonist.

    • Ladon

      Come on, man. Intrigue and subtlety are fun!

      • Tsapki

        Well, fun until someone eventually backstabs you, because that is usually where the intrigue ends.

        • Ladon

          I meant fun to be an audiance to but… that too, I guess..

  • Lex of Excel

    This old man is NOT sitting right with me. Notice how he hasn’t dignified Patrick with a proper name anymore. He’s just “the psychic.” Like how sometimes Lex Luthor called Superman “the alien.”

    • Weatherheight

      Well, canon is fairly clear that Menace, despite folks claiming otherwise, was considered a technomancer/gadgeteer rather than a psychic (hence all the robots). It may be that this individual has bought into the PR.
      Although that seems implausible to me, as well.

      • Lex of Excel

        Yeah, I’m betting it’s the dehumanizing variant. Rich dip****s like that vernacular.

    • spriteless

      Hmm, perhaps he is worried if you name the devil you will summon him.

  • Dawn Smashington

    Surely dude won’t resort to torture, this being a mostly wholesome comic, but what happens if/when actor dude doesn’t dish the goods on Menace?

  • Nick Malachai

    Ah yes, another subservient to the Exquisitely Crafted Table, the Fainting Couch.

    • Weatherheight

      The Shabby Ottoman never gets respect…

    • Gotham

      I created a monster

  • Teka the Budgie

    Setting a trap for a psychic. That sounds like something that would work.

  • Jojo

    I too have small chubby hands and wear too many rings at once, though I hope I pull it off better than that

  • Walter

    Dude is pretty blithe in his “you manufacture weapons, which is exactly like me working with criminals”, but it doesn’t make an awful lot of sense. Like, Levitating Sword guy isn’t exactly buying guns from Templar, yeah? Anything is deadly to a telekinetic. Carrying an actual weapon would just let people pick him out.

    • shink

      black market gun selling is pretty much standard practice in the guns industry, using a legal intermediary. Mexican gangs use a lot of American made guns purchased by American citizens, Syrian rebels use NATO weapons that are first sold to Saudi Arabia, the Mujahideen in the 80s used US weapons against the soviets filtered through Isreal. Arms manufacturers never have clean hands.

      • Walter

        What you are describing doesn’t sound like black market. The company in your example is selling to citizens and allies. If those people turn around and sell to the enemy that isn’t really on their suppliers, any more than it is on the guy who sold them lunch that morning. You can’t hold yourself responsible for guessing who might one day turn traitor.

        • RobNiner ♫

          I’m sure the arms manufacturers are completely unaware of where their weapons end up, and every time they turn up in Syria its a shock.

  • Weatherheight

    That last panel…
    And full circle back to the orgy we started with..

  • Devon Jolly

    So well connected and he doesn’t know that Menace is dating the Hero? For shame.

    • Cyranodog

      Seems they can’t find or even identify Menace.