Hey gang! We know you guys are ravenous to devour more story after that last scrumptious scene*, but SFP will be taking two weeks off! Thanks for checking in, and we’ll be back on September 25th!

*The words in italics, you’ll notice, all have to do with eating, and in the last scene somebody ate a guy. Quelle surprise!

— Brennan

Remember mouseover text? Aaaahhhh, the heady days of youth!

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  • Gotham

    Let it be known that this comment was posted before this page consisted of 99% puns and constitutes thusly the official last time the webcomic was redeemable before the gates of Hell

    • elilla

      I’m not biting, I wouldn’t want the blame hanging around my neck

  • Bo Lindbergh

    That’s an unflattering collar.

    • bryan rasmussen

      I figured she flew through a kid’s tree swing too fast.

      • David B Huber

        Au Contraire, I think Miss Green looks sweet and ravishing…

        • Glotos

          Sweet? I think I’d prefer more of a basil pesto.

          • David B Huber

            Spoken with the discerning pallate of a true Androgum! 😉

          • palmvos

            that big… main dish.

    • Gotham

      It’s really weird.

      Because this is the hair and dress she had when she flew for the first time—after the mug throwing kerfuffle—and this is also Molly’s style from that period. How’s that!

      But the weird thing around her neck, nowhere to be found. Entirely new. I don’t quite know what to make of it.

      • David B Huber

        Perhaps it’s a remnant of tentacle from Patrick’s nightmares?

      • Johnny Awesome

        No idea what it is, but it sure is Exquisitely Crafted…

        Great art, though!

      • Let’s analyze every possible nuance of it to eke out potential clues about what’s going to happen in two weeks!

        It’s a torus, which is the shape of a donut, and the last thing that we had was about eating, but it’s also the shape of an inner tube, like you would have in a bicycle, which suggests that we’re going to be talking about travel. Plus, it’s purple, which is the color of royalty, but it’s a paler shade of purple, which suggests a lesser degree of royalty.

        Anyway, donuts go with coffee, and coffee is a stimulant, and is associated with wakefulness, which is the same basic root word as the concept of “woke”, which suggests that we are discussing social consciousness, and….

    • Kid Chaos

      Is that supposed to be a scarf or something? It doesn’t seem to be part of the dress. 😕

      • UnsettlingIdeologies

        Yeah, it’s definitely an infinity scarf.

        • Filthy Liar

          It’s awful, whatever it is.

      • Filthy Liar

        She flew up through a toilet and the seat stuck. Lid fell off though, otherwise she’d look ridiculous.

        • Johnny Awesome

          I think we’ve got at least two weeks worth of discussion on just the topic of the scarf alone.

        • palmvos

          this is a crappy theory.

          • Filthy Liar

            I will simply bidet you good day then.

          • palmvos

            may the flow be with you.

  • bryan rasmussen

    quelle surprise they said, I guess my use of the name Monsieur Mangetout was correct!

  • David B Huber

    Having just feasted on such delectable fare I hate to carp but a two week hiatus is a recipe for ripe and juicy comments from the peanut gallery starving for the further adventures of The Exquisitely Crafted Table and friends as they gorge on villanous evildoing.

    Could you at least throw us a bone with an RSS feed of “scenes from the cutting room floor”? Or a digest of the story so far?

    According to the classic work “To Serve Fans” one must not leave them famished but provide a steady diet of fresh fodder lest they lose their appetite…

  • dbmag9

    Al associates flying with travel pillows, and the fact that she is flying without the aid of an airplane was not considered relevant.

    • David B Huber

      By George! Travel pillows designed to work like a segment of tentacle! A capital idea!

      • palmvos

        we have seen enough…. to know where your mind is.

        • David B Huber

          That’s very comforting! When the voices stopped speaking to me and began just muttering between themselves I began to wonder… 😉

          • palmvos

            my rule is when i get into a three way argument with myself.. then I will worry.

    • IanB

      You know, not enough thought or discussion has been made about the force Supes experience on their necks as they have to tilt their heads to look forward while flying.

      Leaving aside wind resistance adding pressure, have you ever just stood with the your head tilted back 90 degrees to look straight up? You’ve got gravity helping you do that and it STILL gets uncomfortable after a while.

      Imagine having to do that while flying for several hours…

      • palmvos

        According to a book I had on stretching its bad for you to bend your neck that far back…I’ve wondered if that was true..

        • Bruce Munro

          I remember an old segment of Saturday Night Live in which a new member was ejected from the Justice League because (among other things) of her insistence on flying standing up rather than in prone position. It ended with Super-zombie also quitting in sympathy, since he too had been forced to fly in a position alien to his “natural zombie posture.”

          • Moi

            That would explain why Wonder Woman flew around sitting up, and just told everybody she had an invisible jet.

          • interesting

            this is the only explanation for the invisible jet I will accept from this point on

  • Franklin J Gomes

    “Scrumptious”, there is a word I need to memorize.

  • Devon Jolly

    is that a tire round her neck?

    • palmvos

      a tire would not deform that well. might be a bicycle tube but… why!?!?

  • Lheticus Videre

    I’m just gonna drop this here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9yfM5OrpKU

  • Vlogsister98

    I feel bad for introducing my friend to this comic right before it went on hiatus.

  • Hiram

    So was she wearing some kind of wide brimmed hat before she jumped or what is that.

  • I’ve flown through clouds with a glider wrapped around me, the word that comes to mind is Bloody Cold. Even Mega-Girl needs more than just a fur stole, a sun dress and a pair of tennies.

    • palmvos

      its been reported that in addition to other things Alison is largely immune to temperature.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Ooh, french puns. Je n’étais pas prêt.

  • FlashNeko

    I know a lot of people wear those neck pillows so they can sleep more comfortably while flying but that seems a bad idea in Alison’s case.

  • David B Huber

    Since the Society failed to elicit a nibble from Patrick with raw violence the swine may cook up a honeypot where the Trickster impersonates Menace and brings things to a boil by claiming responsibility for the murder of Mr. Duval, knowing that would make Patrick stew…