We’re taking today off to ease our busy schedules a bit! Strong Female Protagonist will resume regular updates next Tuesday, and here are some Alison drawings to tide you over (you can always find my most recent art on my Tumblr).


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.04.33 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.03.22 PM


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  • fairportfan

    What’s Alison’s opinion on Converse’s planned redesign of Chucks?

    • Moddey Dhoo

      I didn’t know they had that much history. If they’re smart they’ll keep selling the old model along with rolling out the new one. There will be people who would rather have the old ones just because of that history.

      • fairportfan

        That’s what they appear to be planning.

        Two words: “New” and “Coke”.

  • KatherineMW

    Ugh, NOW? I was hugely anticipating today’s comic!

    You’re such a tease. j/k

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Haha. What a cliffhanger tease! Come back soon! 😀

  • Carla

    What’s that around her neck in the last image?

    • Floweramon

      A scarf. I think it looks a bit off because she’s flying.

      • RobNiner

        Maybe it’s like Lumberjanes and there’s actually been a ferret round her neck the entire time.

  • masterofbones

    Hmmm. Is Alison any denser than a normal person? I think she has made some pretty powerful impacts, (more damaging landings than a normal human would) which suggests that she is(though she can’t be too dense since she has never damaged a floor by walking on it).

    I’m just curious if swimming would be different for her than a normal person.

  • Kid Chaos

    If anyone has the balls to do an upskirt video on Alison in mid-flight, they will quickly regret it. MEGA-GIRL SMASH!!! 🙂

  • Kid Chaos

    These are great pictures, especially the last one; it really has that “walking on air” feel, which I love. 🙂

  • KatherineMW

    She’s high enough up (above the clouds) that nobody would be getting an eyeful unless they could also fly.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Ah well, good luck with your workload !

  • Happyroach

    I recall Emma Watasin’s Flying Girl from the old Action Girl comics wore skirts- and bicycle shorts underneath them.

  • Kid Chaos