Kickstarter updates: we met our $35,000 stretch goal, which means that pretty soon comments will be going up on the website! Our next stretch goal will activate at $50,000, at which point the graphic novel we’re printing will be way nicer quality – better printing, better paper, all that good stuff. Check it out here! Thanks so much for pledging and sharing this around on the internet, we are so grateful!

~Molly & Brennan

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  • S.I. Rosenbaum

    while I’m rereading, would you guys want some crit on Paladin’s prosthesis design?

    • strongfemaleprotagonist

      Sure! Although there are some things you don’t know about it yet 😉
      Shoot me an email?

      • S.I. Rosenbaum


  • danny in canada

    I would be reluctant to hire a super gadgeteer as a robotics professor unless it could be shown that her technology could be not just replicated by normal humans, but properly understood and theoretically explained. What happens if she dies and all her inventions stop working?

  • Abel Undercity

    I need that class, like, now. If not sooner.

    • As do I and pretty much everyone else in the world. The problem is finding someone who could teach it. Those rare people who wouldn’t need it are too busy making money hand over fist to even consider a teaching job.

  • Mystery girl

    I would take that class too.