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  • ∫Clémens×ds

    In a scene we didn’t see, Alison went first to her firefighter buddies’ place but, as it turns out, they too had become maniacal speech-giving supervillains turning their back on her.

    Either that or Alison needs to feel irrationally sorry for herself, tonight.

    • Ryan Gauvreau

      She has probably earned a night of irrational self-sorriness.

    • NCD

      There’s a big, big difference between a friend and a work buddy. I’ve always gotten along really well with most of my coworkers, and socialized with exactly none of them.

    • Philippe Saner

      If I had a friend who owned a corporation, they’d probably be the first person I asked to crash with. Better to impose on people with resources if you have the choice.

  • Kid Chaos

    Friends don’t kick friends when they’re down.

  • Eagle0600

    It’s true, it’s not really a friendly thing to do. People act out and hurt others when they’re scared, it’s natural, but that still isn’t an excuse.

  • Alison has friends at the firehouse and family connections so it’s not like Violet was her first-ever human contact or she just arrived on the planet and is confused by our Earthican ways. How does she not realize that getting forced out of her home is not the action of a friend?

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      She’s shell-shocked right now.

    • Liz

      She doesn’t have a good track record at the friends thing. Look at how she treated her soccer team, how she treated the Guardians, how she treated her sister. Now she’s genuinely trying not to be a domineering jerk, and that means having to figure out for herself for the first time when she’s being treated like garbage, since no one would have dared before.

    • She probably hasn’t had much in the way of honest friendship with regular people since before her powers kicked in.

    • kwerboom

      Family and coworkers don’t always count as “friends”.

      I’m not surprised that Alison doesn’t know getting forced out of her home is not an action a friend would take as she has a pretty kind and functional family. As a hero, the military seems to have kept her in a well cared for environment (soldiers go back into the military because they can’t survive in civilian society). Before she got powers, she probably went to a school that was well funded and well maintained with fellow students who were reasonable human beings. Violet is probably the first ‘b*tch’ that Alison has ever met. People who have led good and decent lives around other good and decent people can be shocked by the depths of depravity another human being can hit. Sure, you can say super villains are monsters, but that’s an expected stereotype. The real monsters are the unexpected ones that walk around in human skin, wear decent cloths, and say and do all the most sincere things while lying like a rug to your face and backstabbing you while you’re out of the room.

    • p75369

      Because Violet could very well be her first friend who she chose since manifesting powers. Her teammates were her teammates first and then became friends. The firefighters were her collegues first and then became friends. Family is, well, family. She chooses to go to parties with Violet, she chooses to go to rallies, she chooses to spend time with her outside of the “contracted hours” that only being her roommate would entail.

    • Johan

      The way I see it, she’s friendly with the firefighters but they are coworkers, and family is family. Violet is someone she doesn’t have to be close to, she just wants to be friends with her. Given her past, her confusion is understandable.

  • Abel Undercity

    Well, that last panel just set my heart to hurtin’, again…

  • Moem

    Oh Alison… we know this world is killing you.

  • Ben

    If only friends were programmed better…

  • persephone_the_wanderer

    And this is it – the part where you suddenly realize what a friend is and what a friend isn’t – the difference between the person life randomly sorted you with and the person you choose to be around – and who chooses to be around you.

    • Oren Leifer

      And you also realize the difference between a person who chooses to associate with you for some material / reputation reason versus a friend. In a slightly more social-based manner, Violet was the sort of “friend” who would only be there as long it was as it was good to be “Alison’s Roommate”. Just as “friends” who will only hang out with you for rides or to use your Xbox are really your car or Xbox’s friend, not your friend, so was Violet Alison’s reputation’s friend, not actually a friend of Alison herself.

  • Walter


  • Samara2Q13


  • ophidimancer

    Looks like all those, “How would you know what it even means to be human?” remarks are catching up to her.

  • Catnik

    Aw, jeez. Al’s face in panel 5. Girl needs a hug.

  • Lostman

    If you send most of your life tiring to please other people you are going to end up tired, drained, and insane.

    Also Alison don’t knows what a friends mean.

  • Wow. Just crank up the Linkin Park and you’re good to go, kid.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Aw jeez, Al. 🙁

    Friends are people, which means they’re weird and complicated.

    And to be fair, Violet probably wasn’t that much of a friend to begin with.

  • NCD


  • GaryFarber

    Alison might want to give her family a phone call, if not a quick visit. (It’s not as if she has to pay for air fare.)

  • deebles

    “Needing some space away from the very, very potentially dangerous person” does not mean, in any way, that it’s a good idea to mess with their stuff or evict them.

    Violet and her friends seems both mean-spirited and idiots at this point.

    EDIT: But then, fear makes people do stupid things. That’s part of why cowards (using my personal definition of “people who allow their fears too much traction over their judgement”) are about the most frightening people in the world.

  • 3-I

    A lot of us really resented Violet from the beginning, friend. The fact of the matter is that she’s been abusive and manipulative towards Al since, like, the first issue. She DOES have the right to redefine her own boundaries… But she exercised that right when she decided to move out. Needing some space is fine, and taking steps to ensure you HAVE that space is fine. Moving back in and then making ALISON move out is the opposite of “redefining their own boundaries.” It’s making it less about protecting herself and more about punishing someone else. This is just another in a long line of Violet thinking of Alison as the invulnerable Mega Girl instead of a real person.

    Also, yeah, it is kind of irredeemably immoral when your first response to a situation is “defend friend” instead of “actually be concerned with whether this friend is attempting to rape someone,” followed shortly thereafter by “because Alison cared about whether my friend was raping someone, she de facto killed him.” There’s a disconnect there. =/

  • Steel166

    Hey Violet was all more then willing to hide behind Alison when throwing stuff AT THE COPS! (waaaaay back near the start of the comic) Lets face some facts, nobodies really a saint here but Violet has been more then willing to use her connection to Mega Girl to do stuff and as other people have mentioned we have just seen Alison get 7 shades of hell heaped on her while “I need a safe place” just got her OTHER friends to evict her room mate with Zip time to actually line up someplace else to stay. That…is a jerk move and that why we don’t like miss hippy-dippy granola girl.

  • Rainbow

    Having had friends doesn’t mean you know what makes a friend *actually* a friend. I would bet that Al has had people who were genuinely her friend before, but she’s had so little chance to interact with anyone as a peer (when she’s such a big-name superhero, when she got pulled out of school, when she spent the majority of her formative years keeping half her life secret from most people).

    I mean…your friends need to be your peers. Not in literally every way–I have friends who are smarter than I am; I have friends who are on student senate; I was friends with my RA. But all of those people were my peers and my friends *first*. It’s incredibly difficult to start a friendship when you’re above or below someone on *any* hierarchy, never mind how thoroughly Allison is superhuman even compared to most other biodynamic individuals.

  • Ben

    I’ve heard it argued, and have, on occasion, argued this myself, but the true mark of a friend is someone who’s comfortable yelling at you, telling you like it is, and makes you see the world as you need to in order to move forward. Many of these arguments are a weird gray area between friendship and abuse, and I’ve made them less and less as I’ve gotten older.

    • Devlerbat

      I don’t think that actually applies here.

  • Richard Roland

    I really like this comment, but it still seems unrealistic that Alisons friends would kick her out.
    I mean…she’s basically a crazy rich A-List celebrity (granted, replace “rich” with ‘Godlike powerful” but they’re the same thing for this purpose)

    ….I can’t see most people getting on her bad side. That doesn’t seem to be how people work (people tend to drift towards power, and try to either take it for themselves, or ally with it)

    ….Still an awesome comic though. 😀

    • Mechwarrior

      I see you’ve never been 20.

  • BMPDynamite


  • Rens

    What do you mean “quickly” ?

    Some of us have been calling her out on her exploitative and fair-weather-friend bullshit from the first time she showed up.

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      Fair enough. I’m realizing reading some answers I got that my judgement was wrong.

  • Kid Chaos

    Sorry, I stopped paying attention after “And then they kissed”.

  • flame821

    More likely scenario is they only know Violet’s side of things and reacted based off of that. Granted the mature thing to do would be to have a frank discussion between all of them to get to the bottom of things or maybe see where common ground is. But they are college kids, not 40-something parents. They are also very well aware than Allison has not only the Uni, but biodynamic abilities to back her up if things get bad whereas Violet has only her ability to manipulate others.

  • JohnTomato

    As someone who tested out off the scale in SATs, NAEP, etc… it’s lonely and a freakiishly separate existence. The shop clerk that can’t make change, the LEO that doesn’t grasp

    And on and on and on.

  • Gryphonic

    On the other hand, Lisa has some strong feelings on the topic of being taken advantage of.