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  • Aresius

    I see three possibilities: a) she is woken up from the outside, b) Patrick #5 appears to save the day, because Anima doesnt look very interested in helping, or c) it is Gurwara who intervenes xD

    • Guancyto

      My money’s on Gurwara, in a surprise to everyone. Given the incredibly repressed nature of Patrick’s mind, barriers and all, it seems completely possible that Patrick just straight-up has a guy poking around the forbidden parts of his mind that he is in no way aware of.

      • Weatherheight

        “Surprise” is probably only valid “in universe”.
        Most of the comments section has been jonesing for Arjun to return in some way.

    • Preacher John

      +1 Gurwara to the rescue, probably riding a giant duck. 😉

      • Weatherheight

        I cannot upvote this enough.
        Mostly for the duck, though.
        This, then minions!

      • Weatherheight

        “The Duck represents more than the freedom to go through garbage and take things that no one else wants. He represents renewal of the discarded, a chance at redemption, and the ability to change the course of events in our own lives by accepting a helping hand to pull you up and out of the dark places.

        Look what a simple duck can do, as long as he has appropriate legal representation.

        Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.

        We will be here.

        Our Duck has an attorney.”

        No Duck, No Justice!


    • Tom O.

      I don’t think (a) because for sure we have to go through the green door.

  • Gotham

    And Lisa is also here!

    Framing of the request makes it pretty likely Anima’s going to say “Sorry Al, your walking around is all is might take to obliterate the already crumbling barriers, none of which is what I’m about. Plus, well, you know, I’m the least likely of the bunch to have a misplaced sense of affection for you grown of sexual tension.”

    Which makes me think that next page is the unlikely yet timely rescue of Patrick #5 (the true Green Ranger, plus it fits considering he’d be the only one remaining on her side) who’d embody the total and unquestioned loyalty toward her. His affection, his esteem, his respect, his… horniness. Yep. Warts n’ all.

    Also he’s the one who’s a Coyote furry. Noooo!! (Or Yessss! ?)

    • Weatherheight

      Now I want all the aspects to begin kicking Alison into a moist red mince.
      Then Feral chews off Patricks left arm…
      Or something more dear, perhaps…

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      Really? I feel like Anima is probably the one that wants to make out with Allison most out of the group.

      • Zorae42

        Second most. Record Keeper was crushing super hard.

        • Insanenoodlyguy

          To me, Record Keeper doesn’t want to kiss Alison. He wants to WATCH somebody kiss Allison. So a participant, but not directly.

          • GreatWyrmGold

            Given his job and the nature of the mind, is there really a difference?

          • S.I. Rosenbaum

            where can I read this fanfic

  • Weatherheight

    This just keeps looking worse and worse…

    The party in the D&D game I’m playing in has just done something similar to Alison’s situation. My character led the party in with assurance that we were up to it – I (the player) was pretty sure we’re all dead if we take the bait.
    It was really delicious bait, though. 😀

    • aseariel

      This is delicious bait, you must eat it?

      • Weatherheight

        • We were offered 100 platinum to go away by one of the big bad guys in the campaign who could more than likely have smote us mightily.
        • We took the deal since he never said we couldn’t come back after we leave. 😀
        • He also never said he or his minions wouldn’t kill us after we had the money in hand.

        I’m running a dwarven battle bard (multi-class Bard/Fighter). Here’s the up sides:
        1) 100 platinum
        2) A chance for an epic fight where we’ll have to use all our guile and resources to even have a prayer of winning and the odds are heavily against us.
        3) A chance to publicly embarrass one of the big bad guys in the campaign
        4) If we survive, I get an AWESOMEstory I can turn into a song
        5) We have a token that may be usable to track the big bad guy more easily (long shot, but hey…)
        6) It’ll annoy the big bad if we survive.

        Down sides
        1) We could all die.

        I was amused as h*ck that everyone in the party was on board without one hint of an argument.

    • Tsapki

      A paraphrased quote that I may have used here here.

      “Damnit, DM, you always do this! There’s always a demon! And he offers us candy! And we take it cause we’re DUMB!”

      • Weatherheight

        DM stupidly gave an overpowered demon-killing sword to the paladin.
        Demons are usually a cakewalk. 😀

        • AdamBombTV

          But last demon is immune?

          • Weatherheight

            Yeah, we rarely have fights against most demons (which are frankly super-rare in game) last more than around 5 rounds. Once the demon/devil/fiend shows, the party buffs the paladin for a round and then takes cover so as to not get in his way.
            We die a lot when we try to help more than that…

        • Tsapki

          Hehe, well the games this quote refers to tends to be White Wolf games, where demons aren’t so much things you kill as you try to survive coming in contact with.

          The one game I played where this came up was a 1920’s Chicago where the big bad was a reincarnated Mage who was powered by Belphegor. The Mage happened to be a little orphan girl who could mind control people, tempted a bunch of the local Changelings to her side, and was looking to set free a monster that was sealed under an ice rink by the local Technocracy by sacrificing a bunch of babies to it.

          Our group only managed to beat her because she believed we were beneath her notice (we were Rat Shapeshifters) and we worked with a bunch of other questionable and secretive groups to put together a last ditch attack against her.

          One golden moment in the game was when we first came in contact with her and our ‘fearless’ leader ran off to confront her about how she seemed to be mind controlling some of our associates and why. To which she simply replied.

          “Are you important?”

          This may be nostalgia, but I think the player struggled between self importance and self preservation before finally telling her “No”.

          • Weatherheight

            I have this image of the character standing there, looking all dejected like Satchel in the comic strip Get Fuzzy…

          • Weatherheight
          • Tsapki

            It fits. He was pretty sullen for a bit after. Our resident schadenfreude specialist had a good laugh as he came sulking back to the rest of the group.

          • Weatherheight

            Update: Apparently, in the city in which we were attempting to cash in our chit, there is a small rivalry between the city and the watch against the temple order whose chit we were cashing in. For some reason, when they saw us fighting the temple order’s minions, they immediately arrested us, took us to jail, gave us a pat on the back and said “You’re our boys!”
            Not feeling too good about that…
            Now, they did get a little miffed at the monk who was using his necklace of fireballs willy-nilly while in town and that didn’t turn out so good for him…
            But hey! Looks like I got a great story to tell and I lived to tell the tale!
            ::beams happily::

        • Sara Finn

          As a DM myself, Thor Ragnarok comes to mind here. “My mighty hammer that can do anything … just got broken by my sister.”

      • Nobody

        This is why evil always wins. Because good is stupid.

    • Tylikcat

      I used to play a character who I sort of thought as Dunning Kruger in action – and in her case the bait didn’t need to be particularly delicious. She had average intelligence (or slightly above) very high charisma, and low wisdom (a rogue). She had absolutely no conception of her own limitations, and was completely brimming with self confidence – and she’d latch on to what I thought of as the most obvious, but usually poorly thought out plan, and present it as her version of What We Should Do. While I played her as really that self confident, I thought more portrayal was broad enough to make her not actually that convincing… but instead, generally everyone agreed and went along with whatever hare brained scheme she came up with. She was an absolute menace! It was hilarious. (Yes, I’m in it for the role-playing.) I kept trying to make it more and more obvious that folks, having the low-wisdom rogue be your de facto group leader is a terrible idea, and they kept just following her. (The group in general were less committed to character role playing for the fun of it than I was.)

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    He went full Misaka Zero

  • Hiram

    Feral seems like she’d lay down the law in a mind melee.

  • Dave M

    Ok, I think it’s time for Alison to open the forbidden Green Door (no idea what it’ll do, but Lil’ Pat doesn’t want it opened, so that’s good enough for me).

    Of course, should Gurwara appear dressed only in a Borat mankini and a top hat made of rainbows, while riding a unicycle and juggling 7 ping pong ball sized pink elephants, I’d go with that as well. 🙂

    • Johnny Awesome

      sweet jeebus dude, i’m scarred for life

    • AdamBombTV

      What is your mind like on a daily basis and can I live there?

    • Dan Nicholson

      I’m like that with puns. I share them because I don’t want to suffer alone… 😀

  • JohnTomato

    Patrick’s ears act like a cooling system, not unlike African elephant.

  • Olivier Faure

    In case you had any doubt, yes, Patrick is still an asshole.

  • NotPatrick

    I have to admit, I was intensely preoccupied with what would happen on this page. Would we see some impassioned plea, insult, or cathartic burst of rage from Allison, in response to this dramatic betrayal? What exactly should or could one say in response to something like this?

    The answer it turns out, is shouting “… Oh shit!” while being attacked with giant green fiery fidget spinners.

    (Unrelated: I’m a huge sucker for the whole creepy precocious child trope in horror, and that panel of Patrick is just dope as hell. Love it.)

  • Tom O.

    Prediction: Allison dies, strip refocuses on Feral.

    • Zizhou

      Hard-boiled detective story, only with cheeseburgers instead of cigarettes. I guess she keeps the whiskey, though.

      • Tylikcat

        …uh, did she stop smoking? In the last few minutes?

        (Also, Amanda. Must have Amanda.)

  • NotPatrick

    I was intensely preoccupied with what would happen on this page. Would we see some insult, impassioned plea, or cathartic burst of rage from Allison, in response to this dramatic betrayal? What exactly should or could one say in response to something like this? The answer it turns out, is shouting “… Oh shit!” while being attacked with giant fiery green fidget spinners.
    Unrelated: I’m a huge sucker for the whole creepy precocious child trope in horror, and that panel of Patrick is just wonderful. Love it.

    • Loranna

      This may be petty of me – and somewhat unlikely to boot – but I’ve been hoping for Alison to realize, via the dramatic reveal of Patrick’s history, that all of his actions stem from the fact that he is small, squishy, and oh so vulnerable. And thus, in his mindscape, everything he throws at Alison – like the Sentinel – is born out of his wholesale stealing of HER self-concept of Being Invincible And Unstoppable.

      Sure, the mind is Patrick’s domain, but really Alison – he’s made a giant glowing green version of YOU. Either he’s copying your moveset, in which case you really ought to know your own shortcomings, or else he’s improvising based on, at best, second-hand knowledge he gleaned from others – in which case, fly into the Sentinel’s leg and do a single-leg takedown, using her own size against her.

      Then again, seeing Alison rescued by Patrick Five WOULD be fun, so . . . ^_^


      • StClair

        Or, for Alison to step into and take over the Sentinel.

        “So, your mental image of an unstoppable, irresistible force… is me.”

        “This is the part where you surrender.”

  • Anarquistador

    Somehow I knew fidget spinners would turn out to be instruments of evil.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Well, we have always known that part of Patrick is murderous, lest we forget he has killed people in the past. But my question is why? Because it is entirely possible that Patrick is having a reaction to feeling that exposed and vulnerable.

    But it could also be partly because of the greater conspiracy he’s chasing down, or it could be that he still harbors the supervillian’s need to remove any threat larger than himself?

    • R Lex Eaton

      I’d wager it’s a mixture of both. Not good for morale to question yourself at that stage and all that.

      “It was all so simple and clear until you came along and made my life complicated! I should never have doubted myself! And once you’re gone… I never will again.”

      • GLaDOS

        “When I delete you, maybe
        I’ll stop feeling so bad.”

  • Zorae42

    Patrick, if you kill her Feral isn’t going to take too kindly to that. You’re still in a catatonic state from hearing too much. This won’t fix that and will destroy the one person who kinda cares about helping you with it.

    Alison needs to learn those diplomacy skills she wants fast so she can talk him out of this before there’s too much damage done to the both of them.

    • Flamma Man

      Seriously, she’d tear out Patrick throat in less than a second if anything happens to Alison.

  • Jshadow

    Lol, why is she just awkwardly standing there? XD It looks hilarious.

  • RobNiner ♫

    So no free car then.

  • Thomas S

    Re-Read from the beginning of the chapter. It shows answers and better forshadowing than i imagined. Look for the wound in the wall, the heavy briefcase collected by Guwura, faceless mirror men and for Ferrals advice to be remembered.

  • The Return of the Staypuft Jello Girl

  • BMPDynamite

    If Anima is in on this I’m gonna pee on things I swear

  • scottfree

    So, the giant Alison construct is as strong as Patrick thinks Alison is, right?

    I’m guessing Alison is stronger than that.

  • Oracle

    I don’t know why the name ‘Patricia’ never occurred to me with regards to the Anima.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Help I’m attacked by citrus slices !

  • R Lex Eaton

    Waitaminute… our hero fighting a super-tough opponent backed up by a horde of combat drones.

    Oh no.



  • AbacusWizard

    “Help me, Anima Kenobi! You’re my only hope!”