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  • Sage Catharsis


    • Kid Chaos

      We’re back!

  • masterofbones

    Why are supers bothering with drug busts when there is stuff like this to do?

    • Lysiuj

      Either way you end up dealing with a building in flames…

    • lizasweetling

      flame dude could have made a fire break to stop forest fires in like three seconds!

  • Deneb

    I NEARLY forgot she was a firefighter.

    • masterofbones

      Its the thing I respect most about her, really. She does some dumb stuff sometimes, but this is pretty much objective good that she is doing right now.

  • danny in canada

    That’s Alison, right?

  • Sebasti├ín Rodoni Figueras

    Are we finally seeing Alison on the job? or is this a new character? Anyway, I’m so psyched for this new chapter!

  • blahblahbatsheep45

    Even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death i will fear no evil

  • ZBass

    I’m gonna guess it’s not Alison, else she would have carried both people out at the same time. As it stands, things aren’t looking good for the gramp’s over there.

    • moriati

      I think you’re right … why would she carry an axe?

      • Dean

        Forget the axe, why would Alison need protective gear?

        • fsdafjkla

          clothes catch fire -> fire catches onto grandma -> Alison emerges from building stark naked and grandma gets third degree burns
          I agree that the firefighter probably isn’t Alison though

        • Happyroach

          The mask would be useful to keep smoke out of her eyes, for one thing.

          • Minnion

            The Axe is a handy tool… As for firefighting gear?

            While she might be resistant to the fire itself and super strong she still needs to breath. I imagine she isn’t immune to suffocating.(Firefighters uniform and breathing equipment probably helps here.)

            Firefighters uniform is designed specifically not to catch on fire.(Important if you don’t want to end up nakid. Also keep in mind that a naked woman marching through the flames might cause already frighted people to panic and do something stupid, like run away from the person trying to save them, and possibly forget that they aren’t fireproof… A uniformed firefighter would be less likely to cause such unpredictable reactions in the people they are trying to save.)

          • Eagle0600

            Plus, the fact that it’s a uniform is also important: It shows a team mentality.

      • Johan

        So she can decapitate the fire if it gets out of control. She’s hardcore like that.

      • scottfree

        Why wouldn’t she? It’s not going to hinder her, and her training probably emphasized ways it can be handy for a firefighter even if she’s superstrong (like “prop this open” or “pry this with the blade.”

  • RobNiner

    Not gonna lie, nice seeing Alison lugging people around again.

  • MisterTeatime

    I don’t think I ever realized how little you can see of someone wearing full firefighter gear before. In movies and TV and whatnot they usually have their faces exposed (especially if they’re significant characters). Nice work guys!

  • danelsan

    I don’t think this is Alison. She wouldn’t have much need of an axe, and she could easily carry both people at once

    • FugitiveUnknown

      Yep, I’m with you on this. Honestly, she probably doesn’t need the hat, either.

  • fairportfan

    “…always hate when that happens.”

  • Bo Lindbergh

    Only Furnace’s body died; his spirit turned into a fire elemental and is now causing destruction across North America.

  • Pseudo

    I don’t think it’s her either, but in 3… 2…