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  • fairportfan

    Last two panels – what a lovely way of phrasing it.

  • Jordan Hiller

    Oh boy… That’s not going to be a fun talk.

  • Markus

    Who’da thought the super hero with the martyrdom complex would be bad at letting themselves have money? She’s like a self-made Peter Parker.

  • Shjade

    The G is for “Gosh.”

    As in “Gosh this is awkward.”

  • Kid Chaos

    Can’t Pintsize just mail it in? 😯

    • Meghan

      I’d bet he’s told her she can get it when she comes and picks it up.

    • Tylikcat

      Is it Pintsize or the government handlers that are really the problem? I mean, she’s talked to Pintsize…

      • Kid Chaos

        And their last conversation went so well… 😯

        • Keneu

          She said he could do whatever he wanted with the money. Maybe he doesn’t have it anymore?

          • Haven

            Ooh, I forgot about that.

            He probably built a theme park.

          • MrSokar

            It could be a tiny little them park that only he could use, which might not cost all that much.

            He could have also blown it all on a massive shrine to Al.

  • Danygalw

    Oh hey. I remember that movie, from a billboard in the background and an amusing alt text. And now it’s a plot point? Nice.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    And here I thought Lisa was the one to provide, what with her chain-built levitating AI-equipped robots and her mansion and her company and her armor room and everything else.
    Did the school pay for the armor room? This is a good school.

    • MrSokar

      I do feel like a lot of her money is still tied up in legal battles.

  • zarawesome

    Panel 2 – the cutest Lisa.

  • Lostman

    This is going to suck!

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Ah, painful conversations and financing. That’s like 66% of being an adult right there, in my experience.

  • Mystery girl

    Geez, I didn’t know Allison was so flush. If I had a ton of money, I’d donate a bunch, too.

  • Philip Bourque

    Sounds like she needs to swallow her pride for something. Pride’s a funny little human vice. It can motivate people to great things or alternatively keep people from the things that need doing. Sometimes both at the same time. Which is it this time?

    • 3-I

      I never trust people who say “You need to swallow your pride” in the context of “Go talk to this person who is going to outright guilt-trip you and manipulate you to try and get you to do something harmful to yourself for their benefit.”

      Like. The situation with Hector is clearly not about Allison refusing to make herself small, if you’ll excuse the pun. It’s about her having fundamental ideological differences with Hector. Calling that an issue of pride just minimizes the legitimate strife between them.

      • Tylikcat

        And this is where it’s pretty important whether it’s “Go work things out with the old friends,” vs. “Go work things out with the government sponsors who hold the purse strings and would probably like to reassert whatever control they could.” I mean, maybe that’s also an issue with Pintsize, but seriously, I think Alison can deal with that.

        MegaGirl vs. the GAO, on the other hand…

      • Philip Bourque

        Yeah, I shouldn’t have wrote that. We don’t know her reasoning behind why this meeting will be uncomfortable for her. Attributing it to pride is premature.

  • Psile

    Well, now we know why Allison is the only college student who isn’t particularly worried about money.

  • chaosvii

    Painful conversations are not always worth avoiding. Even if there wasn’t a big source of funding on the other side, this would still be something worth getting past.

  • gogorabbit123

    no matter how bad the conversation was Alison, he’s still your friend.

  • Graeme Sutton

    Glaistig Uaine called, she wants her superhero name back. As well as all your souls.

    • danima

      As much as I enjoy Worm (and Pact and Twig) and would love to talk about the comparisons to be made between Taylor and Allison and their respective settings, this kind of remark kind of rubs me the wrong way. On facts, the idea of the Valkyries has been used a lot outside of Norse mythology and Wildbow’s character doesn’t even have much of an investment in that name; on tone, I always cringe a little when someone drops a Worm reference here because it reads like snark: “my inside reference is better than the thing you’re reading.”

      You probably didn’t mean it that way and I’m probably over-thinking, but there it is.

      • Graeme Sutton

        It was intended as a dumb joke not as any kind of slight against this comic by comparing it to Worm, though I would point out that the use of the name in Glaistig Uaine’s case is much more apt to the actual role of the valkyries in norse mythology as the “Choosers of the slain” rather than how it’s usually used in popular culture to just mean a female warrior.

        • danima

          Fair enough!

  • RobNiner

    I wonder who played her in the movie?

    • MrSing

      Danny DeVito. It was a very moving portayal.

    • Haven

      If the alt text is to believed (and when isn’t it?) it was a documentary, so it was just real footage of herself.

    • Bakkonator

      Parker Posey?

    • demosthenese10

      JLaw- She plays everyone.

      • RobNiner

        She could definitely pull off those ‘The World is Being Awful to Me’ looks that Alison is fond of.

  • llennhoff

    Can even Allison’s invulnerability stand before Guilt Trip?

    • Bakkonator

      and their sidekick The Passive Aggressive Avenger!!!!!

  • 3-I

    With Hector’s powers, I keep wanting to look at that big shiny tower and say “It’s only a model.”

    I mean, it COULD be one and that wouldn’t even be inconvenient for him.

    • Hawthorne

      “On second thought, let’s not go to the Guardians tower. ‘Tis a silly place.”

  • MrSing

    Step 1: Fly in unannounced.
    Step 2: Keep saying “Give me my money” every time Hector says something until the answer is “okay”.
    Step 3: Collect money.
    Step 4: Fly away with money while avoiding eye contact.
    Awkwardness succesfully prevented.

    • Alex C

      I believe the phrase is “Fuck you, pay me.”

    • spriteless

      … for a very ironic definition of awkwardness. 😉

    • MrSokar

      Step 2 would probably be more “Sorry I changed my mind I need the money even though I said I didn’t and that you can do with it what you want”

      • MrSing

        Oh man, I forgot about that. I guess she’ll just have to kill him now and take the money to avoid the awkwardness.

        • MrSokar

          Or go an alternative awkward route and ask Moonshadow to go invisible and get it.

      • 3-I

        “Hey, listen, I’m going to need that money to do something superheroic.”

        Well, she IS.

    • notquiteotaku

      I think the conversation is going to be more awkward due to the whole “Our former teammate turned out to be a serial killer” thing rather than Alison’s “I don’t want to be a costumed superhero anymore” issue with Hector.

  • Wikimancer

    What’s the emotional version of “dun-dun-DUUNN!”? This page should end w/ that.

  • martynW

    It’s possible Alison doesn’t really need to eat, although nobody has said that yet, and for sure she doesn’t have to pay for things like heat. Her day-to-day expenses might not be all that much.

  • Bakkonator

    Why bother with the conversation. She can just lawyer up and get her money. It’d be pretty cut and dry

    • MisterTeatime

      Costs money though.

    • Wikimancer

      Could she? It’s not like he refused to give her the check. If she hasn’t even asked for it, then she might not have much recourse legally. That said, she could always mail a letter requesting the check, with a postage-paid envelope enclosed, so that she can ask for the check without having a conversation.

  • Hawthorne

    Ho snap, you guys – she’s up against:

  • Hawthorne

    I, uh…I know it’s just an accidental drawing thing, but…uh-

    Did anyone else notice Rich getting to second base with Dani in Panel One? That boy can get through *anyone’s* defenses.

    (Apologies to real-Dani. 🙂

  • 21stCenturyPeon

    Something always bothered me about the banner image of Alison, and I’ve finally spotted it. Her feet are floating in the air (and not just in an image-cropping way). She’s sitting half way up a stoop, so surely her feet would be planted on a lower step than the one on which she’s sitting.
    Canon-compatible explanation 1: Her feet really are floating, and she’s holding them there with the power of flight. However, it predates Alison’s discovery that she can fly by a long margin.
    Canon-compatible explanation 2: She’s holding her feet in the air like that without falling, by wedging her shoulder against the banister and using her Prodigious Might to hold herself in place.
    Canon-compatible explanation 3: She’s going to fall down the stoop half a second from now.

  • I love the discussion of the monetary assets of being a superhero. Who’d have thought. it makes perfect sense, though…i love that this kind of stuff comes up here.