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  • noctuatacita

    I really hope Allison doesn’t burn herself out doing too much at once.

  • Carlos_Contibulo

    Re: page-7-5
    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  • lizasweetling

    I am saddened by this page.
    I have no idea why.
    but it’s true.

    • Tylikcat

      Because Alison’s dad tries to ask if she’s happy, like, for real happy, and she basically blow him off? Because she’s being driven because of of Feral’s sacrifice, and is trying to save Feral, and trying to save the world, and isn’t even able to face trying to save herself?

      Is she officially twenty yet?

  • J.Crowe

    I am loving this chapter so far. It’s awesome to see this kinda stuff in a Superhero story.

  • 21stCenturyPeon

    I imagine that a form-fitting shirt would be very uncomfortable to wear over fur, and more uncomfortable still to remove.

  • Drogon

    Apropos of nothing, it occurs to me that Lea Seydoux would be perfect for playing Alison in live-action.

  • lizasweetling

    this needs to be a thing.

  • fairportfan

    Last panel – yeah, Alison looks good in her turnout gear.

    And she is a true hero, in or out of it.

    But she’s in a comic.

    The firefighters in the “Real World”, who aren’t invulnerable – and everybody else who does something nasty, scary, dirty or dangerous that could kill them, day in and day out, because SOMEone has to do it … – baseline human firefighters, or cops or EMTs or smokejumpers or the Lifeboat Service … those are the people whose courage i find amazing and difficult to believe.


  • Tylikcat

    Patrick could know exactly how much she hurts… and exactly why she’s doing it anyway. Yeah, no.

    • Wizardblizzard

      I don’t quite understand what you’re saying. Can you clarify?

      • Tylikcat

        Just mumbling that the telepath we know the most about, far from relieving Feral’s pain, could at best share it. And while there’s a chance that he’d have some great insight about the sacrificial love that motivates Feral, honestly I don’t think Patrick is up for anything that straightforward. (And I like Patrick. But it’s a sort of liking that wants to see life hitting him upside the head a bunch until he fucking grows up.)

        • Wizardblizzard

          Thanks, wanted to find out what you meant, because your comments are usually interesting!

          Oh, yes, I agree, Patrick himself wouldn’t be a whole lot of use there. Except, as you say, by way of moral support – but it would take a rather special kind of person to be prepared to do THAT, even briefly, and Patrick is not it. But a job like that seems to come into the category of “mind-control powers” for want of a better term, rather than “telepathy” in the more obvious sense – i.e. writing rather than reading, if you see what I mean. And we know Patrick hasn’t got any of that – he only claimed he had! – and that there do exist some telepaths who genuinely have. (Page 52 of issue 3. Phew, that took some finding again.) (In fact, am I misremembering or did Patrick have (supposedly) genuine mind-controllers in his gang when he was Menace? Anyone else remember that?)

          And you’ve pretty much described my opinion of Patrick, too 🙂

  • Mystery girl

    Is there a way to put my feelings about this page into words? If so, I haven’t found it yet.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    This is all I can think of when you mentioned cat people.


  • Johan

    Hahaha Ginger Bane XD I love it

    • Wizardblizzard

      I love it too 😀 Seriously, who are the people in panel 7, does Alison know them? Are they volunteering for her new gang, or at least thinking about it? (On closer inspection, that panel looks like a complicated 5-way Skype call.) If so, it looks like we’re going to meet some more fun people in future pages. If not, then the artist is very creative if those are just what she does for background characters!

  • Allison needs to do this

    • Wizardblizzard

      I thought that at the time. The funny thing is, it wouldn’t necessarily even be a Tier 1 job. I read one case report from Victorian times of somebody having his leg amputated under hypnosis, and not a peep out of him. For just a few years it was a big thing – by all reports, it genuinely did work, medicine had never seen anything like it. The funny name of the main UK professional body for hypnotists, the British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis, is a leftover from that. They were just unlucky with the timing – for a few years it was the best thing since sliced bread, but then, before it had had time to completely catch on, chloroform came along and that was so much easier to administer that hypnotism went straight out of fashion and stayed there. Though as a matter of fact it is still done occasionally today, for people who are allergic to anaesthetics or what not.
      Might have been better in some ways if they had stuck with hypnotism – any fool CAN administer chloroform but it doesn’t follow that any fool SHOULD, and they did kill quite a few people that way. One thing you can definitely say for the other method, it’s never poisoned anybody.

      – Got carried away there, it interests me. Anyway, that’s what can be done by normal people. Throw in some degree of telepathy or mind-control powers on top of that (plus the fact that Feral must be pretty used to being mortally injured – it was her entire battle strategy!) and it seems as if it should be possible for Feral to sleep through the entire procedure and then get up and have a normal day.

      If nobody’s already trying this, Alison would actually be ideally placed to fix it up: Patrick knows all the mind-control dudes! (He should have thought of it himself, in fact, but we know he’s not quite all there.) So Alison needs to smack Patrick upside the head again, and ask him who he thinks would… actually, just smack him, he annoys me. 😉

  • skh

    TEARS. Wow, this comic. Seriously the best.