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  • Weatherheight

    See? Tara is thoughtful even in the middle of a crisis…

    Of course, given the situation with Tara in her Garden in the Inception Episode that has been this arc…
    is that reaction consistent with what we know of Tara? Because I’m not exactly sure…

  • Gotham

    The “zzzzz” next to Tara are actually written on the wall in case Alison managed to miss the note. The gal is SERIOUS about her sleep schedule (she is a cat after all)

    • Tylikcat

      I could make a mobile like that, hung with some nylon line. Hm…

  • AdamBombTV

    How much do you want to bet that this won’t be the last time they secretly meet up in his mind in sparkly capes and masks… Those kinky kids.

  • Lostman

    So that one wicky fun misadventure done… so about that conspiracy.

  • David B Huber

    Mission… forgotten?

    Could someone have “suggested” to Feral how wonderful a nap would be? Not necessarily Patrick…

  • Professor Harmless

    Hurry back to the land of the living.

  • Liam Jorden

    Can we just talk about how great Happy Feral is? This isn’t the topic of the comic at the moment but when she got out of constant surgery I died inside. What a nice character. She deserves goodness.

    • Zorae42

      Next book: Alison decides she’s Bi now and is in a love Pentagon with Clevin, Patrick, Feral, and Lisa.

      • friendlymosquito

        The only way to resolve this situation is to make it a poly complete graph of everybody loving everybody forever. Obviously. ;P

        • Negathle

          I support a polycule chart for SFP.

          • palmvos

            ok, since this is a poly term i’ll save someone the google I hope:

            POLYCULE: A romantic network, or a particular subset of relationships within a romantic network, whose members are closely connected. Also used to describe a sketch or visualization of a romantic network, as these drawings often resemble the depiction of molecules used in organic chemistry.

            I support a chart too especially if it includes the friendships we know are involved. just because that means some really interesting lines around Feral and … Paladin.

        • Tylikcat

          I maintained a polycule chart of a bunch of us that worked at MS years ago, with links to the people, and color coded relationships. It got really complicated.

      • Csaplár Marianna

        I’m already shipping it

      • Ricardo Alves Junqueira Pentea

        Remove Clevin and I’m 100% in favor of this new development.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    don’t kiss him again don’t kiss him agaiiiin.

    • Kid Chaos

      Do kiss him again, do kiss him again… 😍

      • Jshadow

        You know it’s just going to backfire, right?

        • Kid Chaos

          And in the best way possible! 😜

          • Jshadow

            I mean do you want the awknowledgement that the main protagonist is cheating piece of human filth?
            And admittance to the fact that women want bad boys, instead of “good guys”?

            I mean…. is this supposed to be intentional or unintentional red pilling from the author?

          • Kid Chaos

            *sigh* Look, I think we all know where this is going; namely a love triangle between Alison, Patrick and Clevin. At least, I would be very surprised if it doesn’t happen that way. Of course, this whole romantic thing between Alison and Patrick is new, and it might not become serious…but I think it will. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😁

          • palmvos

            because i’m tired and my defenses about starting pointless arguments on the internet are down. (something about a sugar high) …

            this is round two for these two. he drove her to meet feral and stayed in a hotel (separate rooms) with her. bought her a mug (she threw it at him) and before that they were in regular contact. yeah there was a breakup in there. but to say the romantic thing is new is to ignore the ‘fighting our way into bed together’ trope.

          • Kid Chaos

            “Fighting our way into bed together”? Sounds like fun! 😍

          • palmvos

            I don’t hate you that much. it wouldn’t work.

          • Kid Chaos

            That wasn’t a proposition; I have a strict rule about blind dates (and no, I’m not on Tinder). 😁

          • palmvos

            oh. but wait I’m not blind. I can see.. with glasses. now I have reading glasses grumble grumble.

          • Zorae42

            “Cheating piece of human filth” seems a bit extreme. She didn’t kiss him until he said that it wouldn’t matter. So I don’t get the feeling she’ll kiss him out here. At least not without having a talk with Clevin first (if she does intend to pursue a romantic relationship with Patrick and that wasn’t a one time kiss).

            If she decided to continue to be with Patrick on the side without telling Clevin then you could call her that. But one kiss doesn’t make you filth.

          • Speakeasy

            I think the “women want bad boys” trope is really misunderstood.

            There are probably very few women who want someone who’s just a selfish jerk for a long term relationship.

            But many women are drawn to “tortured” bad boys.

            Bad boys who they can break through to the raw emotional vulnerability of, who they have a special connection with and can turn good.

          • Tylikcat

            When I was younger, while I tended to date bright and often quiet geek boys (aside from my pretty boy musician phase… my girlfriends were never as easy to categorize) it was easier for me to get serious about folks who had something messed up in their backgrounds, because it felt like they were more apt to understand my complicated and messed up background. I wasn’t trying to save them, I was trying to find people who could understand me. And people with squeaky clean happy families who really thought that all families were like that were off-putting to me in my younger days… and even now, I’m not inclined to date them, though if they have a broader perspective we can talk. (Involved emotional caretaking of men who are reacting to my past is not fun, and I’m pretty over it.)

            What has struck me repeatedly about Al and Pat’s relationship is a sense of being seen, and being known. Patrick always had known Alison, wholly, and has the base of experience to understand her and not just be dazzled by her. (This is something a lot of people miss – someone adoring you, or being dazzled by you isn’t the same thing at all as them really seeing and understanding you.) I’ve often thought that their earlier argument was partly driven by Patrick’s fear that Alison never could know him… and even as she was totally telling him off, she was revealing that she saw him better than he sometimes saw himself. And now the knowledge of each other is at least somewhat symmetrical. That’s some heady stuff. Shared fucked up childhoods (sort of) shared secrets…

            Keep in mind that the writers have used the device of excluding things from the story line which we only find out about later. At the moment, we don’t know much about the basis of Clevin and Alison’s relationship, but we do know that substantial time has past while they have been involved. So there is one, we just don’t know what it looks like.

          • Tylikcat

            minor addendum: Starting from my early twenties (mostly after a situation with a really aggressive stalker*) one of the criteria I applied to all close relationships was whether they had enough grit to have my back if shit got bad. I had known a lot of nice people I considered friends… who turned into teary balls of uselessness if someone yelled at them and maybe threatened them a few times. I don’t even mean substantive threats, just threats by implication. I got tired of changing my phone number, or having this particular person track me down in person to rant at me. (Yes, I could stand up to her, but it was exhausting when it happened again and again. But my mind was just blown by how little pressure it took for a bunch of people to crack.) It clarified a lot of things for me.

            Clevin seems like a good guy. I have no idea how he’d handle himself if things got bad. Patrick’s a known quantity. This is another of those nice guys / bad boys things that is just not what bitter teenage gamers make them out to be.

            * a female stalker, as it happens.

          • Scott

            Wow. Allison is one person. Not the embodiment of all women. Also, the story has dedicated a LOT of time to developing the relationship between Allison and Patrick; it is way more than just “women want bad boys”.
            I will say, though, that she needs to make a decision pretty quickly about how she feels or it isn’t being fair to Clevin.

          • Lurkin’

            Yep, if one female character’s private actions can be seen to speak for women in general, it’s a pretty good sign that she’s just the token woman in a sea of male characters (see The Smurfette Principle). And whatever else we disagree on, I think we can all agreee that Al ain’t the Smurfette in this story.

          • Tylikcat

            This is one of those comments that says so much more about you than the story line. And whoa, this is some messed up shit. I don’t know if this is aimed at women in particular (the red pilling comment kind of indicates that) or lack of experience with intimate relationships… I suppose they’re not exclusive. But this is not a path to romantic fulfillment. Or any kind of fulfillment. Turn back, please.

          • Crow

            While I don’t appreciate the generalization about women or the red pilling comment, this just really brought a quote to mind.

            “This is an environment of welcoming and you should just get the hell out of here.” -Michael Scott

          • Alan_A

            It’s always worth exploring Disqus profiles after posts like this. Jshadow comments on SFP and a couple of other comics, but the bulk of the content is on discussion threads at Nova24, which is described on Wikipedia as “a Slovenian right-wing media conglomerate consisting of a television channel, radio station, and online news portal. The news agency’s stated mission is to provide an alternative perspective that reflects the values of the European right.” That, plus the incel vibe in this post, makes me suspect we’ve got some serious and maybe professional-grade trolling going on here. Approach with caution.

          • Tylikcat

            Unless there’s interest in talking about how to go out and meet a different group of people and have a happier life… I’m out. (And maybe even then – I have a lot of work to do, and am still getting over this virus.) Watching my baby brother descend in self loathing and doing nothing but producing a hate blog has been one of the more awful experiences of my life.

          • palmvos

            this makes me wonder if my profile being private means anything…

          • Syncline

            Privacy on the internet is a bad joke.

            Assumptions made about you based on your browsing habits is the punchline.

          • palmvos

            but have you seen my browsing history (or commenting)

          • OverlordByron

            “Human filth” is a bit much, but if the concern is that Allison would be unfaithful then…she already is. It’d be intellectually dishonest to suggest that the dream kiss doesn’t count just because meat wasn’t involved, and Patrick’s super power isn’t creating a magical world wherein actions and intentions don’t matter. The entire arc was about the significance of Patrick’s mental state and Allison’s ability to influence it; suggesting that the ensuing infidelity somehow lacks the same profound significance would be absurd.

            I think (and hope) the point is that Allison is flawed. She is attracted to broken, unhealthy men who have enough respect for her to acknowledge her strengths but not enough to honor the boundaries of her relationships, and that attraction is powerful enough to make he behave unfaithfully. She’s an imperfect being. Sometimes that leads to morally complicated kidnappings, and sometimes it leads to unambiguously immoral cheating.

          • Dawn Smashington

            Random question in regards to these kinds of trolls; I’ve only been reading this comic for about two years and rarely comment, but I’m pretty sure I remember trolls like this not popping up. Am I remembering wrong? Have there always been red-pill incel-type trolls in here? It’s just that I swear they’re all getting braver with their poison.

          • Dawn Smashington

            In regards to the “bad boy/nice guy” thing; there’s sort of a specific reason why I really like this particular arc. She needed to get closer to him in order to get information, and along the way, her empathy for him grew. It’s very hard to get this personal with a human being and not generate some kind of positive emotion for them. There is no real “undercover” thread to this, because he can read her mind and know what she’s after, but in reality, undercover-type situations, especially long term, can get kind of hairy for all kinds of reasons and this is one of them. In any case, point being, red-pillers and incels remind me of far-right religious nuts; the kinds that pick and choose which parts of whatever holy text they want to live by, the kind of people that always pick the violent parts, rather than taking the text and the deliberation of it as a whole. Jshadow saw “girl likes bad boy” and that was all he took from it. Not their history, not their own personal arcs and growth, not the mission at hand; just this. This is what matters to him. If he’s a real person and not a troll, nothing short of some grand personal revelation, some act of God, is going to change his mind. I’ve known too many zealots.

          • Tylikcat

            There was an extended period of time where Molly moderated, but it was way too time and effort intensive.

          • Charles Moore

            By ‘best way possible’ do you mean Patrick pregnant with Allison’s mind baby?

          • Kid Chaos

            Possibly, possibly… 😵

          • Weatherheight

            Now, see, Charles Moore, in an off hand comment, has come up with a better origin for a psychic entity than Grant Morrison. Telling.

            ::slow claps his hooves::

          • palmvos

            its about time a guy got pregnant around here…

          • Aresius

            Would the kid be Athena and to be extracted from his head with an axe? 😀

      • Tom O.

        To me, she looks like she’s worried rather than romantic. Either about how he’ll recover from the mental renovation or about what the mind smooch means for the relationship she’s in. Even if it *does* lead to a triangle, I can’t see Allison dithering about it for too long. She’s a woman of action. OTOH there could be repercussions that last longer.

        • Kid Chaos

          “Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with?” 😍
          —Pete Yorn

        • friendlymosquito

          Definitely a concerned-for-his-health kind of look. He WAS in pretty bad shape the last time she saw him in this level of reality 😛

    • ampg

      I seriously don’t even know what I want to happen, here. I don’t really like any of the options (stay with Clevin, get together with Patrick, drama-filled love triangle), but I guess that’s realistic, since in life there are few perfect choices.

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        Well I guess he can go kiss Clevin instead.

    • Teka the Budgie

      Please let them kiss and Feral wake up at exactly the right/wrong moment because I’m betting her reaction would be priceless.

  • Gotham

    So about the Conspiracy: considering how nowhere we managed to get, I fully believe this is now a red herring. A lie by Patrick, maybe not, and Gurwara is still involved in some amount of shadiness, but I place my bet on there is no Coucil of Dudes in a Poorly Lit Room who Killed the Actually Useful Biodynamics.

    And Patrick knows much less that we have been let on.
    How about this: the Conspiracy is a lie created in Patrick’s mind by Gurwara to distract Patrick.

    • Floweramon

      Considering the supplementary story for book two, I think that’s unlikely.

      • Ellie

        What’s the supplementary story for book 2?

      • Gotham

        Yes what @Teriie:disqus said pleas

    • scottfree

      Alison’s mission was to snatch as much info on the conspiracy as she could before Patrick’s mind crumbled. But she (predictably) called an audible and decided to save Patrick’s mind instead, so the info on the Conspiracy is still there and can presumably just be told to her.

      I’m wondering how permanent the link between their minds is going to be going forward.

      • masterofbones

        Sorry, you know all those buildings you destroyed? The archive was one of them

        • Firebee

          The archive wasn’t a literal archive that if you destroyed it everything inside it is gone, it was an imagined representation of how he organized his memories. Destroying the city in his mind doesn’t mean that any information he knew has been removed from his brain

          • masterofbones

            Maybe not! Hard to tell with metaphors, and Allison didn’t find out much about the city before tearing it to pieces.

            Personally I would assume extensive mental damage across the board if I were judging purely from her actions, but that seems unlikely at this point.

        • Zorae42

          Technically she only destroyed one building. His pent up emotions destroyed the rest

          • masterofbones

            “technically I didnt destroy the city your honor, I just destroyed the dam protecting the city. Super different”

    • Ellie

      We saw Gurwara stealing documents(?) from Patrick’s mind before Alison met kid!Patrick, so I’m betting some other telepath (possibly Gurwara?) stole from or looked at Patrick’s memories of the conspiracy and we just haven’t had the chance to find out what he knows yet.

      • Gotham

        I know, that’s the obvious takeaway, I’m only saying a twist would be that he put the papers there and in the first place and jumbles them around periodically.

  • RobNiner ♫

    I’m a bit disgusted with Alison right now, kissing someone else when you’re in a relationship – that you consented to – is not OK.

    • Masala Nilsson

      Correction: Kissing someone else, when you’re in a *monogamous* relationship/a relationship where kissing others isn’t okay, is not okay. (Since nothing else has been stated, I’ll assume the relevant relationship in this comic is both monogamous and doesn’t allow kissing others, since that’s true for most “standard” romantic relationships. Just please note that it is by no means true for *all* romantic relationships.)

      • RobNiner ♫

        Ah yeah, fair point! I had not considered polygamous relationships, my apologies.

        • Speakeasy

          Even though we use “monogamy” the more accurate term might be “polyamory” rather than “polygamy”.

          Polygamy generally implies a marriage or similarly committed relationship between multiple people.

          Polyamory is actually quite common and broadly refers to loving multiple people in whatever commitment or configuration work for everyone involved.

          Polyamory includes polygamy and open relationships but isn’t by any means limited to those two ways of going about it.

          It might be eye-opening topic to look up.

          It’s a little sad to me that people often have this strong implicit assumption that a romantic relationship is monogamous and “standard” and that polyamory isn’t okay.

          Especially because most people who are in any way polyamorous are just normal people who get into monogamous relationships and get confused. They usually aren’t aware that they’re trying quite hard against their nature to conform to the idea of having to love only one person in a standard monogamous relationship and are already ashamed of expressing their true feelings.

          Nothing wrong with a capacity to love multiple people, but then not being able to open up and discuss it without being seen as a horrible cheating person for wanting to for example kiss multiple people. That can really just end up with a lot of hurt and unhappiness for everyone involved.

          Given how this comic handles being a good person and caring about others, I’m kind of hoping to see Alison struggle to navigate talking to Clevin. It would be nice to see him struggle with his own feelings if he gets hurt and do some personal growth too.
          I’m guessing that him considering breaking up with her would hit him pretty hard since he idiolizes her.

          Well, jealousy and betrayed trust create reliable dramatic tension…

          *reaches for the popcorn*

          • RobNiner ♫

            I learned things today = D

            I would definitely be up for seeing some polyamory in this comic, but so far Patrick and Alison haven’t convinced me. Clevin deserves some honesty… but then, drama!

  • Stephanie

    So did Tara clean up the blood? Wasn’t there blood before?

    • Laurelinde

      Tara and Alison were both bleeding from the nose last we saw them, I think. Feral must have regained consciousness at some point (when Patrick’s mind stopped attacking, probably) and cleaned herself and Alison up.

      • scottfree

        That’s why I love Feral the most. “They’re bleeding from the nose, and they invaded my mind and are having a big ol’ blow up fight. Al’s got this, I’m going to sleep.”

        • Syncline

          Seriously, Feral rocks.
          Clearly, Patrick’s view of Allison isn’t just his…Feral sees her that way too.

          Al may have been there for her when it most counted and Feral knows it, but Feral returns that complete faith in Ali right here.

          Maybe it’s my need to ‘fix’ things, but I would be horribly worried and concerned in a similar situation- having the sort of complete faith to take a nap on Ali’s say-so through a life and death fight would be hard even though I’m famous for being able to sleep at will anywhere.

          To just relax and let Allison deal with Patrick’s insanity alone while Feral just relaxes and takes a nap to provide neutral ground is a level of faith and trust in a good friend that blows my mind.

    • Gotham

      This is actually /before/ she started bleeding. In a short while she’ll fall asleep again and then her bleeding will wake up Feral so that the sequence of events as we saw it would occur.

      That’s right. Time travel achieved. This was a meek first step, they’re going to realize that it takes copious amount of kissing to do the trick.
      “Clevin, you don’t understand, yes I do happen to love him /and/ we have to kiss constantly to keep the timestream from collapsing but if we don’t the world is destroyed!”

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Congratulations, now the characters are awake and get to live in a world where we know for certain that Patrick has finally changed his mind. We should all be so lucky to have such clear and unequivocal changes in our mental landscapes.

    Also, I don’t know why, but the little note Tara wrote for Al and stuck on herself is just so charming and sweet.

  • plainclothes supervillain

    Annnnnnnd there’s the regret on her face I was waiting for.

    Still. Nice dream.

  • Philip Bourque

    Ok, I just want to take a moment to collate the information we have about Al and Pat’s relationship and the events directly pertaining to it.
    1) Al meets Pat. Menace reveals himself as Pat and tells Mega Girl that after an undetermined amount of time focused on taking over the government, causing untold amounts of collateral damage in lives and property he has decided to retire from super-villainy. He mentions a conspiracy targeting super-powered individuals, producing documents to support his theory. Mega-Girl does not arrest him.
    2) Mega-Girl, after years of saving lives from super-villains, doubts the benefit of her actions towards society as a whole and in a fit of pique during an interview decides to retire from super heroics. She goes back to school and starts seeing Pat (romantically or as a friend) on a regular basis.
    3) Pat brings her to his office, the company he runs from the shadows. He is apparently having scientists sleep (are they his employees? Did he bring them there under false pretenses?) so he can download their brains into his so he can use their collective intelligence, understanding and creativity to create time-travel. This is with the goal of rewriting history as he sees fit, for humanity’s benefit, of course. Al and Pat have a disagreement which unveils a fundamental difference in ideology which culminates in Al terminating their relationship by mugging him (she threw a mug). She leaves a mentally destabilized Pat in her wake.
    4) An undisclosed amount of time later, Al in her capacity as a firefighter (using her powers to benefit society) saves a young man from burning building. The two express mutual attraction to each other (possibly as a result of adrenaline due to the end of the life-threatening situation) and eventually begin dating.
    5) Max (Al’s new beau, possibly considered a rebound from Pat) invites Al to his home. It starts out nice, but they reveal that they have completely different, incompatible ideologies. Al breaks the relationship off.
    6) Shortly thereafter Al receives documents from Pat that reveal Max has a super power, a power which could help our Feral. Al then proceeds to argue with Max, primarily using physical violence to get her way.
    7) Al gets into a relationship with Clevin. Not really important to anything, but I guess it deserves mention.
    8) Pat, suffering physically from a mental breakdown, stumbles into Al’s apartment. After puking on her floor and shooing out Clevin with some shallow psychobabble, Pat falls into a coma. Al somehow gets the idea that she can enter his brain and fix him err… I mean get the information on the conspiracy.
    9) Al gets into Pat’s head, discovers nothing of use regarding the conspiracy, but plenty regarding Pat’s mentality and his tragic backstory. Al decides that what Pat needs is to have his everything destroyed.
    10) Pat’s mental landscape, the representation of his mind is reduced to ruin, Al gets to see some bits of the stuff that Pat had allegedly locked away from himself. He was in fact a mind over-writer (read mind controller) and he was responsible for his parents deaths.
    11) Afterwards Pat apparently pulls himself together and starts talking to Al showing he knows how she thinks of herself and telling her how he views her. He moves to kiss her, she weakly protests and he gives her an excuse to brush it off. They proceed to swap psychic spit as it were.
    Does that cover everything? Did I miss anything important?
    So what does this all mean?
    Personally, I think it means that Pat has been manipulating Al from the start. I think the conspiracy is crap, just a reason to keep her going in a certain direction. There was never any checking by Al to see if the dead individuals were real, let alone murdered.
    What are the odds that Al happens to save a guy with powers that could help her friend? A guy who would be revealed to have ideologies she doesn’t agree with, which allowed her to discard his safety and physical well-being in favor of her own desires.
    And then there’s Pat himself. The visions that Al was bombarded with seem to be more like commands and instructions in hindsight, as opposed to random psychic flashes. He recovered awfully fast after she destroyed his coping mechanisms and mental landscape. This suggests to me that he had replacements constructed and ready, but couldn’t get rid of the current faulty ones without external aid. Thus Al intervenes. Then there’s the manipulation he just put her through with the how they see themselves stuff and the shallow excuse he gave her to use to justify the not-platonic kiss.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Maybe the author hasn’t thought about it that deeply and we are supposed to take things at face value. I’d be disappointed if that were true though.

  • Tylikcat

    * So what happened to Clevin?

    * For all that I was griping about the angsty love triangle, I also have some faith in the writers. Patrick was an ass to Clevin… when he was in a altered mental state and afraid of being forgotten. Yes, he was manipulative about getting that kiss, but he’s also a young man in love, and wanted it very much – it doesn’t have to be that sinister. He also knows that Alison cares for Clevin, and having won her love… perhaps he’ll have the sense to back off? And Clevin is insecure, but he’s also fundamentally a good egg. I was negotiating more complicated poly situations when I was their age (not that it needs to be poly per se)… let’s see what they do. We have not suddenly wandered into a WB teen drama.

    * …and about that conspiracy?

    • The Improbable Man

      Is it fair to call Clevin insecure? On only two occasions have I seen anything resembling insecurity: 1) When he felt sad about not being mentioned in Alison’s speech, 2) when Patrick said the thing about the photos and he ran away.

      There was a big long discussion on #1, and I realize there won’t be a consensus, but in my opinion, when someone embarks on an epic project and their SO takes a supporting role, usually they get thanked if there’s a public thanking. Politicians do it at the end of campaigns, actors do it at awards ceremonies, authors will do it in the “thanks” page at the start of a book, and I’ve seen game developers do it in the credits. Does not being insecure mean that you never feel left out or forgotten? Does it mean you never bring it up? Or are there still circumstances where an otherwise secure person can have these feelings and express them if they are not included in such thanks?

      There are two parts to #2. First, the fact that Clevin ran away doesn’t have to be about insecurity. He may have done it because he realized that the dude is a mind reader and he hoped right out of there because “holy crap this guy can read minds and now I’m trying not to think of bad things and oh my god why am I now imagining him naked. Naked with Alison. Naked with Alison and me? RUN BEFORE IT GETS WORSE”. Second, there’s the whole “photos of her to prove to people he barely considers friends to prove that she’s let him into her life” thing. At some point, with people you “barely consider friends”, the topic of who you are dating is going to come up. Imagine for a moment that you are dating [insert preferred celebrity here]. Are people going to believe you, even if you’re cool, in a local band, and seem to have lots of friends? No. Someone in customs didn’t believe that John Krasinski was married to Emily Blunt, so who is going to believe that Clevin is dating Alison? There was a time skip, so we could be talking about several times that Clevin had to put up with people laughing at him for even saying it.

      I don’t know. Maybe the authors intend for him to be insecure, but while I can see insecurities arising from being a normal person dating the most powerful person on Earth, everything I’ve seen prior to this issue has pointed in the opposite direction from insecurity when it comes to his general nature. He looks nerdy though, and culturally we’ve associated that with insecurity.

      This is my second time defending Clevin in the last couple of pages, so I feel like I’m being “overprotective” or something, but I don’t really care about him that much. I’m honestly a sucker for redeemed villains and would have preferred Alison wind up with Patrick before she started dating Clevin. Yes, I preferred Buffy and Spike.

      • Tylikcat

        You are correct, I was using insecure for short hand. He expressed (quite cogently) specific insecurities about his place in Alison’s life. I think Alison’s and Patrick’s relationship *could* play into those insecurities. It doesn’t mean it’s a general character trait, it just seems a latent possibility in this specific situation.

        Getting the hell out of there didn’t even register as anything other reasonable self protective behavior. (With a side of “Al, we really need to talk about how to handle tese sorts of situations if this kind of thing is going to be a regular occurrence…”)

        • The Improbable Man

          Thanks for the clarification.

          Also, I went back to re-read the pages where he explains his feelings about being left out of the speech and Alison couldn’t say “I love you” to him at the end, and said “I love your” instead. She had no such hesitation with Patrick.

          She’s in love with Patrick and is not in love with Clevin.

          Edit: aww whatever, the next page they both say I love you. I’m reading too much into it.

  • Some guy

    “Oh wait, I forgot to get any information at all on the Conspiracy! Better go back in!”
    “You can’t. He’s brain dead. Turns out smashing apart someone’s psychic coping mechanisms with a wrecking ball is pretty traumatic.”
    “How do you know that’s what I was doing?”
    “He wouldn’t stop screaming about it, Alison… well, until he finally did.”

  • M. Alan Thomas II

    Dang, you just missed my last order for the library’s financial year. July 1st order it is!

  • Dave Huber

    Didn’t Feral declare that Lisa (Paladin) was en route before Alison dove into Patrick’s psyche? What are the odds that Lisa hates Patrick? That Lisa will recognise him as Menace?

    ..that Lisa is actually part of the Conspiracy?

    • Ray Radlein

      If Lisa were part of the Conspiracy, I’m guessing Patrick would have known that already, given how much he’s been screwing around with her

  • Patrick is a Steve Ditko fan?

    • Ray Radlein

      Is there really any Question?

    • Weatherheight

      Who isn’t a Steve Ditko fan?

      • DonSimpson

        Ditko has obviously thought carefully about how things work, like Spiderman’s web shooter, and how many ways can a character quickly change from secret identity outfit to hero identity outfit, and what are good visual metaphors for magic, and so on. Brilliant work. But I think Mr. A is a nutcase.