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  • Kid Chaos
  • ∫Clémens×ds

    So I can’t have been the only one who read that as:
    “Furnace is confirmed dead”
    Alison: “…Finally”

    Also I’m kind of starting to wish Lisa to turn out to be a villain. What with all her truisms and general attractive assertiveness (especially to Alison, the most gullible in-need-of-guidance human on the planet), that she would slowly, cautiously, but surely brainwash Alsion.

    • masterofbones

      Villainous backstory, angry at the law, highly unethical experiments that she shows no remorse for….

      I can’t imagine why you would be suspicious.

      • Graeme Sutton

        Speech about the virtues of hubris, built an army of giant killer robots…

      • Soqoma

        Am I going to regret my crush? Please don’t make me regret my crush…it’s going so well!

        • masterofbones

          Villainy is sexy!

    • Pol Subanajouy

      Actually, I read that panel the same say. I know the placement of the text bubbles were intended to be read left to right, but my eye also really just wanted to read top to bottom for that area specifically.

  • Johan

    Haha I love how Paladin tells the story XD

  • Daniel Vogelsong

    All Deer Pellets Matter

    • MrSokar

      At least someone gets it.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Just like Lisa to focus on the process (literal muck raking) and not the glory (the part the myth wants you to pay attention to.) I also love that she called Hercules “Homey.”

    And yeah, Al’s half smile on the last panel is adorable. 🙂

  • JohnTomato

    “What happened next?” is the path to writing everything.

    • Ian Osmond

      Except, sometimes, the path is “what happened before?” instead.

      • Kid Chaos

        “And the adventure continues…”

      • Shjade

        “What happened along the way?”

        Sometimes, whether or not they caught the deer isn’t really the important part of the story.

  • gray-haired grad

    I ship this so hard.

    • Pol Subanajouy

      After Korrisami, I’m taking nothing for granted or as outside the realm of possibility.

    • Kid Chaos

      Ship it! Ship it good!

  • Loranna

    I think it’s interesting that Lisa glosses over the fact that Hercules was tasked to catch something impossible to catch, and managed to do so anyway, while surviving in the wild, through his strength, his skill, and most of all, his dogged persistence.

    I think it’s funny that Lisa ignores that wrinkle of the myth, given her own struggles to catch a break from Templar, and instead focuses on the dung-laden implications of Hercules’s labor ^_^ (She references dung twice in one panel! Twice!)

    And I think it’s downright hilarious and awesome that Alison now seems to be living right above Capecakes. Surely this new locale can only do good for her emotional well-being! 😀

    – Loranna

    • Pol Subanajouy

      Oh man, I didn’t even notice it was above Capcakes. It that were me, I would positively wreck any type of diet I were on.

      • Jared Rosenberg

        If Alison doesn’t gain a lot of weight I’m going to chalk it up to her anomaly.

        • MrSokar

          Or possibly her greatest test in self-discipline.

  • zarawesome

    It was all part of the hunting montage.

  • Dean

    Lisa’s leg is probably a WiFi hotspot.

    • MrSokar

      She probably has like ten of those. Glasses, bracelet, who knows where else.

  • Graeme Sutton

    Which again raises the question: Why would you think that superheroes would be any better at this job than cops?

    • Softy

      They don’t have to be better than a cop doing the same job, they just have to be better than cops that doesn’t have the time to deal with this particular job.

      • Graeme Sutton

        Except that superheroes are (presumably) far more scarce than cops. And since most superheroes would likely have far more lucrative ways of spending their time I would not expect you to get many takers for this kind of job even among superheroes, at least not full-time. There is also the fact that cops are actually trained for this where, unless I’ve missed something, most superheroes aren’t (At least the superheroes we’ve seen).

        • Jake

          true, police are trained and more plentiful, they are further constrained by protocol and have less of a fear factor. Trust me, I come from a law enforcement family, for the average middle class white male beating their wife/daughter/female victim, the police are not a threat. This belief comes from, as where i come from, a personal relationship with most law enforcement officials in the area, or the belief that even if faced with a confrontation by the police, they can get out of it via a good attorney. A superhero can project a stiffer threat of retaliation, as with Alison or Mary (who can basically do as they wish without worrying about consequences) or at the very least, offer a happy medium between telling friends and family and telling the police. from what I’ve read, many victims don’t want to involve friends and family for fear of getting them involved and putting them in danger or having it get back to the abuser. while many also don’t want to go to the police for fear of not being believed. this organization could offer, as i said, a happy medium of being far enough away from the conflict so as not to risk it getting back to the abuser, and the superpowers demonstrating that they are definitely not in danger of the abuser, combined with a guarantee of being believed or at least getting a fair investigation.
          I am incredibly tired as I write this, so feel free to point it out if this rant makes no sense, I promise a suitable rebuttal after I am better rested.

          • MrSing

            So you are suggesting that superheroes should act outside of the law? Those protocols are there so that the cops don’t get sued to hell and back and to prevent them from abusing their power. Superheroes should act according to the same standards, or things will get really messy legally and ethically.
            That includes doing actual research into every case if they want to take action against an alleged accuser. And since, as Graeme Sutton pointed out, superheroes are much more scarce and pre-occupied with other matters than the cops, they will most likely quickly be overwhelmed by the work load. Rendering them incapable of actually helping more that a handful of people.
            Also, when acting within the law, there is basically no difference between what a cop can do and what a superhero can do. Death by magic or bullets is the same, just as arrest via super strenght or handcuffs.

          • Graeme Sutton

            I’m not clear on why superheroes would be any less constrained by protocol or more scary than an armed cop. If an armed cop decides to kill an unarmed man then there is very little the person can do about it, most superheroes aren’t more fearsome than an armed cop in any way that is relevant to this situation. Similarly unless the heroes are able to kill or assault people with impunity in this legal system by virtue of being superheroes they would presumably be under all the same legal restrictions as cops. It’s true that Allison is more or less above the law (but I suspect that if she started pushing that then the government would take steps to eliminate her, certainly they would not let her go on without consequences), Mary is only able to do as she wishes as long as she doesn’t piss off a more powerful cape or someone who has pull with one, as I’ve pointed out in the past we have seen at least 2 capes even in the relatively small sample we’ve seen who could defeat Mary easily. And in any event Mary and Allison are two of the most powerful heroes in the USA, it doesn’t seem likely that there are enough heroes of that calibre to make a significant difference with a problem this widespread.

  • Mystery girl

    I like Lisa’s method of teaching!

  • Hawthorne


  • Philip Bourque

    I really hope that those heroes will be getting courses in psychology and sociology, otherwise they will do way more harm than anything else. Even suicide hotline volunteers are taught some psychology before they get on the phones just so they don’t accidentally convince the caller to kill themselves.

  • Wikimancer

    Since the word “dope” is used in panel 2 to indicate that something is cool, does that make this a period piece?