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  • Pol Subanajouy

    With an entrance like that, I am sure this teacher will remain an unnamed character with no major impact on the plot.

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      Well they do have a name. All we lack is a first name. Depending on gender, I’m betting on either Archibald or Lilibeth.

  • Lostman

    MMMmmm I wonder if this guy is evil…

  • Gus Snarp

    That dude’s a villain, right? I mean, that’s clearly a villain entrance….

  • serenagold

    See that cane??

    • Could also be mentor figure. She’s made progress, but she can still learning stuff

  • Markus

    I really hope that back in her Mega Girl days Alison did an advertisement for lifesavers.

  • Some guy

    Get your act together John, Professor DragonPimp talks fast and won’t repeat himself.

  • robertskitch

    That’s not ominous at all…

  • AnnatarLotW

    Oh boy. Why do I feel like the philosophy professor who teaches Axiology is going to have a problem with supers?

    • spriteless

      Look, just because her last philosophy teacher did…

    • I really hope we don’t have a rehash of that. Wasn’t the last teacher who hated her also a philosophy teacjer? I think it would be interesting if the teacher was a baseline human who believed society should be run by biodynamic geniuses

  • Ganurath

    Well, that’s some lovely foreshadowing for the professor who teaches a class about how much value a given thing may or may not have. Not the least bit ominous.

  • Archeo Lumiere

    Oh dear, he has a fancy cane. This can’t possibly end well.

  • Nathan B Earl

    A super-villain teaching college!?

  • Sergio Le Roux

    Oh the mystery.
    I bet it’s underwear guy.

  • Carl Stevenson

    Ominous footsteps, ominous coat, ominous cane left on the desk. Must be a pop quiz day.

  • ClockworkDawn

    Is it the mentor guy from Assassin’s Creed 3?

  • motorfirebox

    Ah yes, Professor Karapovsky. Or, as he’s known in some circles, “The Professor.”

    Mostly circles that know he’s a professor but don’t know his name.

    • Danygalw

      Three separate people have settled on the name Karpovsky in some variant, but Google gives me nothing. Context?

  • Jordan Hiller

    Why am I getting an ominous feeling about the professor?

    • Because the artist is doing their job well

  • Johan

    Professor Awesome is here, sit straight students !

  • Mat

    Is Allison’s new professor a super villain?

  • Now THAT is a super-villanous cane….

  • rpenner

    “Doctor Karapovsky, could you elaborate on last week’s comment on the hazards of meta-physical empirical systematics. It almost sounded like …”
    “It’s Professor Karapovsky, if you please. Ten demerits to .. um, cough.. Today we are going to discuss the ramifications of the empire building of Genghis Khan on Eastern European realpolitick, and if any if you ask if this is going to be on the final … um, cough, … well just think back to your former classmate Mr. Tyler’s object lesson on the epistemology of the Defenestration of Prague.”

  • chaosvii

    Sorry John, but no amount of pleasant social interaction with Alison can save you from being upstaged by Prof. Karapousky’s magnificent cane.

  • Preacher John

    Dragon cane! = Secret super! Villian or hero, tho’?

  • Natsumeg

    That name sounds Russian.

  • Lillian Zhang

    Does that cane remind anyone else of Lucius Malfoy’s walking stick?

  • I had a D&D character nicknamed the Golden Dragon ~ favorite shapechange form … 😉

  • Yeah. That’s not something you see in a lot of comics. They usually only interact with the one who becomes the main love interest

  • Must feel really liberating

  • Check the comments, everyone’s getting all hyped up about the mystery professor …

  • Here’s a Name

    I really hope that they don’t make this clearly disabled character a villain.

  • Zmm

    pull one arm down out of the coat, shoulder the cane there and pull the other arm out, fold and set it down..
    Though that is only when one forgets to simply put the cane down first.
    but there is also the fear of losing balance for a moment and not having a support structure.

  • Sage Catharsis

    “They called MR GLASS!”

  • MrSokar

    Just stuck it between his legs. Or used his crazy telekinetic powers to levitate it for a little bit/

  • MrSokar

    Also is it me or does every actual class have a guy that kind of looks like Mr. no-notebook?

  • Lysiuj

    Why is everyone convinced this teacher is a new character, and a man no less?
    That is clearly Lisa.
    (And before you try telling me that we can’t see her prosthetic like we could before, maybe she simply attached a shoe to it, for personal aesthetic reasons or so people wouldn’t pay attention to it instead of her lectures.)

  • Joshua Taylor

    Looks like he took cues on dramatic teacher entrances from Dr. Terence Fletcher. Still not quite my tempo though.

  • Dean

    Two sets of arms, of course. Note that you can’t see the sleeves of his coat.

  • Jake

    I want him to be a member of the conspiracy, an entrance like that is only befitting of a man playing puppet master to the world.

  • byrdoc

    It maybe hooked on his forearm.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    You know, that’s actually really totally effing insightful. I never noticed that with noticing cute guys as well but that’s totally been my experience as well now that I think back on it. (I can be awfully clueless, heh.)

  • Pol Subanajouy

    I second that motion!

  • MrSing

    He’s just that good.

  • Easy enough to dangle it from his wrist, tuck it between left arm and torso, or put it down in one place, then move it to another.

  • Balthazar

    He obviously was holding on to the cane in his third hand that is conveniently off panel. 😛

  • Balthazar

    But you can call me Champ, all my friends do.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    Fool. They carried it on their shoulder as soon as they got inside the building, as a free flowing beige cape. What do you *mean* ominous they just enjoy fancy clothes!