Dani backed our Kickstarter and now she’s whipping up superhero themed pastries under Alison’s apartment, thanks Dani!!!

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  • Pol Subanajouy

    Omg, omg, omg, guys, we’re in it. We’re in CAPECAKES! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • rpenner

      Chocolate Abomination (Chocolate Chip cupcake with dark chocolate ganache filling)
      The Team-up (Peanut Butter cupcake with strawberry jam filling)
      Tastes Like Justice (Angel Food cupcake with spiced apple filling)
      Mind Control (Chocolate cupcake with bacon-flavored icing)
      Freeze Ray (Mint Chocolate Chip cupcake with white chocolate icing and silver sprinkles)

      • Kid Chaos

        Gotta get me some Chocolate Abomination, dudes.

      • Ganurath

        Nah, nah, it needs to be a portmanteau of a hero name and the most prominent flavor components, like “Chocolate Chip and Macaroonshadow,” “Pintsize Chocolate Bites,” or “Espressonar.”

        • Dean

          I would be very leery about ordering a Chocolate Chip and Macaroonshadow, at least without adequate throat protection….

      • Pol Subanajouy

        The Mind Control sounds sinful in the best way possible.

        • rpenner

          You can’t not think about the Mind Control.

          • Pol Subanajouy


  • Tsapki

    Well that isn’t right. Rich should be wearing a white hat.

    • Arthur Frayn

      No, it looks like he’s at least a grey hat.

      • Abel Undercity

        But the blue offsets his shirt so nicely…

  • RobNiner

    The legends were true!


  • Graeme Sutton

    Interesting. So is he an Innate with Computer Science as his specialty? Paladin seems to be much more broad than that, is he specialized in any form of infiltration the same way she can apparently do any form of creation?

    • MrSing

      Maybe he’s just a hacker? I’d imagine that normal people can still do stuff too.

      • Graeme Sutton

        A normal hacker who can apparently hack directly into US Law Enforcement and Defense communications on a moment’s notice? Not to mention apparently being able to consistently beat Paladin’s electronic security?

        • MrSing

          I didn’t say a average hacker. I said a normal person who is a very good hacker.
          Besides, I think we can assume he’s working under Hollywood hacking logic, because those feats are virtually impossible for a single person in that time frame. Unless his superpower is being able to mind read acces data and magic up adminstrative powers from sitting behind a computer.
          And that would be silly.

          • Graeme Sutton

            Not significantly more silly than how Paladin’s power apparently works.

          • MrSing

            (That was kinda the joke. Don’t tell anyone though.)

          • MrSokar

            Just you wait till your mother hears about this!

          • Bandersnatch

            Rich is not a superhero. Issue 1, page 13.

    • Dartangn

      Even very smart people can do very dumb things. Which is pretty much the summary of ‘how some guy hacked a system he really shouldn’t have been able to hack’. Paladin’s an innately amazing mechatronics coder, but security systems are sophisticated, and perfidious. The most trivial of errors can lead to dramatic vunerabilities. Plus given her attitude, it’s possibly she might have simply overestimated her ability at a field similar, but not identical to her calling.

      • Pol Subanajouy

        “Even very smart people can do very dumb things.” Oh yes, this simple truth has led me to be so much patient with people in every aspect of my life. Smart, to me, means making connections easier, doesn’t mean lacking blind spots in your judgment.

  • Lauren Tipps

    Just a reminder of how far this comic has come. Look at it now! And hello again, Rich! 🙂

    • ZBass

      We’ve met this dude?? I’m completely blanking

      • rpenner

        Seen shortly after Alison imprisons “Rat” the graffiti artist and former? Menace associate.

        • ZBass

          Ah, of course. Thanks for finding the link.

          Your recall is clearly far better than mine…are you an innate? =P

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    So far the expected success of the brand still left a bit to be desired, but that can really be chocked up to the fact that the menu is covered in scribbles. The clients are confused, Dani!

    • 3-I

      I’ll Lorem YOUR Ipsum.

      • ∫Clémens×ds

        “I’ll take one dolor sit amet, large please.”

        (And they still write Catherine ‘Kaferynn’)

  • Jared Rosenberg

    Mocha girl’s super power is barista art.

  • Hermitage

    So Paladin’s gone from fighting desperately to save everything she’s ever worked for stolen from her…to doing all the work for Allison’s quarter life crisis/”independent” study. At least her hair is fierce.

  • Dean

    Man, if I had Alison’s powers and living arrangement, I’d be too fat to fit out that window.

    • MrSokar

      I mean Al can increase the size of any door or window simply by walking through it, so if you had her powers it wouldn’t be an issue.

  • this comic is just SO GOOD I am alllllll in this is such a great story thank you for sharing it

  • Adrian Fänger

    It the crazy fanboy hacking into the database

  • Ross Van Loan

    Paging a Mr. Super Virus! Mr. S. Virus, please report to the courtesy desk! There is a database that needs infecting!

  • MrSokar

    I would have never actually gotten the Mega-Mocha connection until I read this.