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  • Gotham

    “…a mind colonnade?”
    “Why are you antagonizing me”

    • AdamBombTV

      Damn you, Gotham, that was going to be my snarky comment.

    • Markus

      I’m gonna be honest: the only thing I know about colonnades is that they’re an important part of most UW based control decks mana bases due to the added reach man lands naturally generate.

    • GreatWyrmGold

      “Random question. If I beat you up, would that give Patrick brain damage or something?”
      “Alright, alright, I’ll tell you!”

    • Ganurath

      “It tends to be what supervillains do to protagonist superheroines.”

  • Markus

    “We’re on a colonnade,” Anima Pat said.

    “That explanation is toooooooo specific,” said Al.

    “We’re in Patricks mind.”

    “That explanation is toooooooo vague,” said Al.

    “Something not totally bullshit,” Anima Pat said.

    And that explanation was juuuuuuust right.

    • R Lex Eaton

      Reminds me of a certain joke SF Debris made regarding naming scientific research.

      “My new chemical! *rattles off the exact formula in precise detail*”

      “Is there an easier name?”

      “How about the ass-auger?”

      “…is there a slightly harder name?”

      • MichaelMRT

        Korben Dallas: What’s your name?
        Leeloo: Leeloo Minaï Lekatariba-Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat.
        Korben Dallas: Good. That… that whole thing’s your name, huh? Do you have, uh… a shorter name?
        Leeloo: Leeloo.

    • Magma Sam

      “STOP, STOP!”
      “I’m not doing anything!”
      “You’re looking down on me!”
      “You’re on the floor!”

  • Lostman

    Were stuck Patrick mind mazes.

    • tygertyger

      Makes you wonder if there’s a Minotaur in there somewhere. Oh, wait, what was that about a Sentinel?

      • Weatherheight

        Patrick with horns, shaggy hair, cow legs, a tail, and a great big tonker.
        Molly, can we get a vote incentive along these lines? No?

        • palmvos

          maybe if we all chip in we can get a commission….

  • Franklin J Gomes

    Even a fraction of Patrick psyche cannot resist the urge of been an smartass, regardless of been in the middle of a dire situation.

    This is gonna be so much “fun” for Allison

  • Weatherheight

    For some reason my mind read “colander”, which sort of makes sense, but the following dialogue didn’t fit into that at all.
    Re read it and it made much more sense.

    Colonnade is just one letter from Colon-ade. Yuck.

    • Callinectes

      The fizz is a game-changer.

      • Weatherheight

        GM: “But it’s fizzy! It’s bouncy! It has bubbles!”
        Player: “I don’t care, I’m not drinking anything called Bouncy Bubble Beverage.”

        • palmvos

          Other player: ‘give it to mikey he drinks anything’

          • GreatWyrmGold

            Note to self: Next time I’m in a game with Mikey, try to get ahold of sewage. I’ve got a hypothesis to test!

    • Eric Schissel

      “Old man Mac promised to make me look like a colander”… (from a short story by O. Henry)

  • Weatherheight

    If you like piña colonnades, and getting caught in a brain.
    If you’re not into empires, if you can’t quite explain
    If you love smashing droids in roadways, if you don’t wear a cape
    The you’re the hero I’ve looked for, come with me and escape…

  • Kid Chaos

    “…The Twilight Zone?”
    “Now you’re just messing with me.” 😜


  • Dr. Mercurious

    You are all assuming that Fem!Patrick isn’t behind it all. Remember, this ain’t the first time the creators of this strip have pulled a ‘gotcha’.

    • Weatherheight

      If Fem-Patrick is, in fact, Patrick’s Anima, it may very well indeed be behind it all.
      The anima/animus can have a complete lack of a sense of proportionate response in some people, and it always has an agenda (the agenda might be good, but the method? Maybe not so much).

    • therufs

      Would explain the look on her/his face for the “save me?” line _which can I just say has been bothering the everloving hell out of me_

  • Olivier Faure

    Wow. Allison is nailing it *hard*. I have never read a takedown so savage and yet so matter-of-fact before.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    To be fair, were I in Al’s shoes, I would be quickly getting fed up as well. All this cryptic talk just smacks of Patrick’s flair for the dramatic.

  • “Mollonaid?”
    “Little bit closer to the ‘mind’ end.”
    “Actual words, please.”

    • Weatherheight

      See?!? It’s not just me!

      • Eric Schissel

        Your Moat Bells, Mr. Waverhouse!

  • Ladon

    I’ve been reading through the archive and I think I know at least part of why Patrick is such a mess. He was trying to push her away, trying to get her to hate him. This was clearly because he was afraid of something and Alison recognized this. When she asked and he refused to answer he inadvertently revealed that he’s not nearly as in control of himself as he seemed to be. He wasn’t that stable, wasn’t that invincible. So she responded by walking out of his life and informing him that she was going to turn him into the government and that she never wanted to see him again. Her, the only friend he ever had. That’s kinda like if Alison wasn’t always invincible and someone realized this and, as soon as they realized this, shot her in the sternum. So of course he’s at war with himself now. Of course he isn’t ok. He started questioning his sense of self at the same time he successfully pushed away the only thing keeping him human. We know that all his other interactions with people are business transactions and information gathering. No wonder Menace is coming back. Mega Girl isn’t there to stop him anymore.

    • Eileen Young

      He was afraid of her getting hurt by the shadow organization as he was hunting them – absolutely terrified of it. Being basically invulnerable, she was . . . unimpressed. But she gave him two years, and I think the deadline is eating at him, not just because time is counting down but because at the end of two years not only is she planning to turn him over but she’s planning to then get the shadow organization to come after her. Or rather, step that up. Given what she’s already doing in terms of trying to make a meaningful difference and getting press, what Patrick hears about that (from wherever the hell he’s been) has to terrify him even more, because the only person he cares about is taunting the actually scary bad guys and he’s . . . maybe closer to stopping them? Maybe not. Definitely damaged from the search, though.

      • Ladon

        I disagree. I don’t think he’s afraid of them attracting their attention. The reason I don’t think that’s the case is he has done NOTHING to dissuade her from trying to find these guys. He hasn’t tried to stop her from doing the things she’s doing, he hasn’t told them to be careful about them, he has done nothing but try to make her hate HIM. Regarding her efforts to improve the world, he has in fact, attempted to enable them(granted, he probably knew she’d refuse). Part of this is probably because she’s not saving the world at all. The project she’s undertaking is without a doubt noble and meaningful and it will save lives, perhaps thousands but let’s not kid ourselves. She’s probably not saving many more lives with this than Feral is and nobody is coming after her. And why would they? Look at who was killed. People who could wipe out disease and solve the energy crisis. Not people who could create charitable foundations. Alison is in as much danger from the conspiracy as, say, JK Rowlings with her enourms contributions to charity would be. Patrick has no reason to fear for her safety due to conspiracy. I really think his breakdown is caused by being so incredibly isolated. He can understand everybody but himself and nobody understands him. He has nobody to confid in or even bluster be human around. That’ll break anybody down given time.

  • Glotos

    “Patrick’s mind.” Not “my mind” or “our mind”. Patrick is a third person.

    I think a clear picture’s gonna need three more pages.

  • Scott

    Duh, Allison. It’s a meta-physical representation of Patrick’s mind which the uncontrolled expansion of his telepathic powers has allowed you to enter. Couldn’t you figure that out from the context clues?
    As a side note, does anyone else do this? Maintain a mental picture of how their ‘mind’ looks? I actively picture my mind as a filing cabinet system which is organized by category and then sub-organized by a nonsensical combination of chronology and alphabetical ordering. That’s why when I find myself struggling to think of the exact word for a situation, I’ll often think of words that start with the same letter. Or why I occasionally mix up Foo Fighters and Finger Eleven since they are both ‘F’ rock bands that I started listening to around the same time (this is further complicated by the fact that both of the songs that got me in to them are ‘P’ songs, The Pretender and Paralyzer respectively).

    • Weatherheight

      I have a friend who often misfiles names under “Z” for zebra.
      No it’s not a racist thing – he’s just odd…

    • Arthur Frayn

      It’s a venerable technique. Ars Memoria, Memory Palace, method of loci. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Method_of_loci

      • S.I. Rosenbaum

        omg people for the last time a memory palace is literally just a mnemonic device, like setting facts to music. It’s not some kind of interior mental Second Life in which your personality aspects and internalized representations of people from your past hang out, no matter what various lazy television showrunners would have you believe.

  • Loranna

    The sky is green. Alison’s shorts are green. Panel 4’s background is green.

    Patrick’s puns are sometimes a bit too obvious; I don’t think he’s trying very hard here. ^_^


    • Weatherheight

      This round goes to you, Loranna, but I won’t forget this!
      I’ll be back!

      ::laughs maniacally as he bounces away, jumping on all four hooves::

  • Psile

    Ah a re purposing of one of my favorite things to say to smart asses:
    “You’re being deliberately obtuse.”

    • Arkone Axon

      Yes. It’s one thing to have difficulties in expressing yourself… but when you’re deliberately cryptic for the sake of being cryptic, you’re trying to make yourself sound smarter than you are. I notice that a LOT of readers now seem to agree that Patrick is nowhere near as intelligent as he originally claimed to be.

  • Hiram

    ” You know what I mean. ”
    You know, for once that may not actually be true of Pat.

  • zarawesome

    No, this is Patrick.

  • Kalirren

    I wonder if this Patrick can’t read Alison’s mind because Alison is inside Patrick’s thinkspace.

    First words on the next page: “I didn’t.”

  • Lon John

    Okay so what we’ve seen now are two separate animas, or subconscious parts of Patrick’s psych. There’s the woman, or Medusa, representing “feminine” qualities within his soul, and the man, who represents his “masculine” qualities. This is as described by the psychologist Carl Jung.

    The man anima doesn’t know where the Medusa and Alison are, which is why he commanded the mind robots to find them. The Medusa did not cut off Alison before she started talking here. Both these facts show me that perhaps neither anima can read minds within the mind of Patrick.

    However, there’s also the fact that the Medusa called for help to Alison soon after she entered the mind palace/city. Since it’s not entirely clear as to whether it was because she saw Alison or read her mind and knew she was there, we could say that if the Medusa (or woman anima) DOES in fact read minds, it would be considered a “feminine trait”. One could say this because it is evident that the man anima cannot read minds.

    I prefer to think that neither anima can, and that it is a trait outwardly manifested by the whole Patrick, or, when both anima work together.

    What do you think?

    • Gotham

      I would find it extremely dull and annoying that the webcomic consider brute force and authority as “masculine traits” while caring and sass are considered “feminine traits”. Hopefully the patterns doesn’t hold.
      Regarding mindpowers, neither has demonstrated they had some, and at some level thank God because that’d point toward the existence of their own minds and the gray cities within, and other Patricks to keep the cycle going. Turtles all the way down. Nope, it’s better if these are just representational and don’t “really” have minds and as such no capacity to read others’.