To our dear and darling readers!

Hello again, gang! Brennan here! As the poet Robert Burns once said, “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley,” and sadly, our schemes at SFP have gang all the way agley this time. We’re sorry to say we don’t have any more comic for you today. Molly and Brennan want to make this final chapter of the story everything it can be, and carving out the time to get it just right has been trickier than we expected. Molly is busy writing for the awesome animated show Owl House, and getting ready for The Hidden Witch, her amazing sequel to The Witch Boy, to drop on October 30th. Brennan is now a full-time cast member and writer for College Humor, and has a rad show called Dimension 20 dropping this Wednesday on Dropout. Between all these projects, we just haven’t been able to find the time to produce a final chapter worthy of our amazing readers, so rather than rushing or cutting corners, we would rather go on a longer term hiatus until we can wrap up this story in the way you all deserve. Our amazing community of readers has supported this comic for the past seven years (Holy Moly! Seven years!) and your generosity, enthusiasm and kindness have been gifts for which we cannot begin to express our gratitude. So thank you, both for your readership, and for bearing with us while we get things just right. Our intention is to start back up this winter, and we will absolutely keep you all updated both here on the website, as well as on our social media (@MollyOstertag and @BrennanLM on Twitter) when it looks like we’re ready to jump back in with regular updates.

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts!

— Brennan & Molly

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  • Gotham

    Take all the time you need.

  • moriati

    Congrats on all the great news (both my daughters and I are waiting eagerly for The Hidden Witch) and see you back here as and when.

  • kram1032

    Today is Tuesday the 25th of September. I assume you meant Wednesday 26th?

    That being said, I’m really looking forward to all of this. Especially can’t wait for Owl House!

  • bryan rasmussen

    Feral is giving Allison the ‘you are such a nerd’ look.

    • AdamBombTV

      Because Allison is playing a Paladin when she knows she should play a Rogue and just back stab people to kingdom come.

  • Abel Undercity

    Reveling in the superteam D&D game!

    • palmvos

      until the telekinetic gets the dice.

    • Dean

      Pintsize can be his own miniature!

  • Ruth Kaplan

    Wait, this Brennan is the same one as the CollegeHumor actor? You’re amazing! Anyone who hasn’t seen the Defender of the Basic or ABC CEO sketches—as well as every other sketch he is in—should probably go do that right now.

    • Psile


      That was my thought too. I was like, ‘Wait, that Brennan? That dude is fucking hilarious.’ Seriously, congrats to both of you. You’re both talented or else we wouldn’t keep coming back so it’s nice to know that talent is translating into some real world job opportunities.

    • Elaine Lee
      • AustinC123

        I quote Defender of the Basic on the regs. I just wish it made explicit the real issue: ‘basic’ is what we say because we don’t have a racial slur for affluent white women. (nor should we, but that’s what this word is doing)

  • Luker

    Thank you for making such a great webcomic! Good luck on all of your other projects, and I am really looking forward to when SFP updates again, whenever that may be!

  • JasonMBryant

    Wait, he’s *that* Brennan?

    Wow, I knew you two were talented, but you’re really great! I hate that the comic is delayed, but I’m glad so many awesome things are happening for you both right now. Good luck!

  • motorfirebox

    Bah! Stupid success, always getting in the way.

    • AdamBombTV

      Yeah, I know what thats like, hehe… *sobs uncontrollably*

  • Negathle

    I love you both and the amazing work you are doing. All I ask is that this hiatus doesn’t become a Family Man Hiatus (mournfully looks over at super-busy Dylan and her wonderful comic that hasn’t updated in 14 months), just because my heart couldn’t take another perpetual cliffhanger.

    • Douglas Brown

      Or an “Atomic Laundromat” hiatus. I still miss that one.

  • Stormie

    You guys are fabulous! So talented!

  • Charles Moore

    Small objection.

    You can’t post a panel showing the gang geeking out playing D&D and then claim that you’re too busy with work. Thematically, its all askew. You need to change your excuse to “Can’t comic right now; The Keep on the Borderlands ain’t gonna conquer itself.”

    I would also accept a Megagirl/Feral buddy cop action movie poster with the “Work now; Comic later;” text.

    • IanB

      This is a placeholder comic they’ve used before. So, if anything, the reuse of previous material emphasizes how little time they have.

    • CityFace

      As an illustration of what the cast is up to while they wait for the next episode’s script, I find it perfectly appropriate.

  • Brown Thrasher

    I’d rather get a great story later than a mediocre story now. Thanks for the artistic integrity!

  • screechfox

    on the one hand, i get it, and i wish you all the best! take all the time you need, and thank you for waiting to make a good chapter rather than not waiting to make a bad one.

    but damnit, between this and paranatural, my tuesday/friday reads are both bust rn. maybe i should take this time to catch up on some other webcomics i’ve let fall by the wayside.

  • Book Hoarder

    Oh my gosh I didn’t know that The Witch Boy was getting a sequel! I’m so excited now! I’m so going to preorder it. I loved the first book.

  • jandesf

    Wait what Brennan is Brennan from CH?!? I’m scooping my brain off the ceiling right now. Goddamnit I love him twice as much now!

  • Shjade

    Best of luck with your other projects! 😀

  • Hiram

    In which Mary discovers her hidden talent for photobombing.

  • Aaarggh! That is all.

    Well, that and congratulations on having so much work in progress.

  • KickersPolyphony

    Wednesday 9/25? But that’s not until 2019!

    • Ray Radlein

      Good thing I checked before posting that exact message

  • KaTaai

    Hey, all the best wishes for the shows and other projects. Thank you for wanting to give us the best experience.

    While I am on this, I really like your comic and I am kinda sad that I only started reading it towards the end of the story. (A friend tipped me off about SFP)

  • Austin Coté Williams

    I really enjoy this comic, and you being on break means that it will take longer for the end to arrive, so I’m down with that.

  • AdamBombTV

    So… whats the campaign and who’s playing what?

    • palmvos

      offices and bosses, open edition.

  • David B Huber

    Brennan & Molly, even though I’m an ebook fanatic I just purchased the Dead Tree edition to say “Thank you!” for the years of effort and talent you have shared with us fans. I look forward to the final chapter wistfully but expectantly…

  • David B Huber

    Hey gang! Let’s play “How many dangling threads can we name in the plot?”!

    01) The fate of Cleaver
    02) The limits of Patrick’s power
    03) The nature of the Society
    04) Whether they are the culprits of the Conspiracy
    05) The identity and motives of Gurwara

    • magnetoo

      I’d rather shorten the list than lengthen it.

      Of those, 04) and 05) really *need* to be settled. Rather than 06) (validating Max) I’d say we need to see consequences for Alison based on her actions to Max (that was a huge issue in the comments, and many people were of the view that it was ok to postpone that, but not to ignore it). It might be nice to see 03) settled, but not essential, and probably is part of resolving the Conspiracy thread. For me, the Conspiracy is the only thing that *must* be wrapped up.

      Of the rest, I’d see most them as “life happens” kinds of issues – not everything gets a resolution. Clevin, for example: Alison is now with her first boyfriend ever, for most people that doesn’t turn into a permanent relationship, and whatever happens might be pretty standard fare. That’s not to say that there *couldn’t* be an interesting storyline about the Alison/Clevin/Patrick situation, but it’s not essential: I won’t feel cheated if the comic ends without that.

      And some just don’t need to be settled at all. The source of the storm? Narrative necessity. Sure, maybe resolution of the Conspiracy thread involves an explanation of the storm – or maybe it doesn’t, and if so that’s fine. The storm does not need to be explained for its own sake.

      • David B Huber

        By “validation” I mean that I’d like to think even Max will “see the light” and form his own Foundation for the Greater Good, granting Augmentation to biodynamic individuals who pass a review board of normals. And when Alison offers an olive branch, he smacks her with it!

      • David B Huber

        Many of these threads could be tied off with simple happy endings. Alison’s father might be cured by a blood transfusion from Tara (perhaps Cleaver as well?). Clevin could step aside, telling Alison “I’d end up a hostage to fortune. I can’t do that to you.” (or sacrifice his life saving Patrick!)

        Gurwara could be a time-traveling Patrick in disguise; after all, he may have been *implanting* memories to awaken at need (OK, I don’t buy this either but Gurwara is an enigma to me).

  • mjfgates

    aaaaarrrrgh nooooooo


  • Danygalw

    …it’s never coming back.

    • Danygalw

      (i kid, but also, i fear.)

      • Weatherheight

        Let it not be a Fox Sister ending, where something amazing happens to the talent who so richly deserved their happy ending but left us all wanting more.
        I still check the page periodically.
        Semper Fidelis.

  • Lysiuj

    I’m a fan of way too many things that could have been so much greater if there had been another year of work on them. As far as I’m concerned take all the time you need, the wait will be temporary but our memories of what you did here will last a lifetime.

  • Richard Wolfe

    I am very sad, but you are an incredible team and I am looking forward to your next installments.

  • AustinC123

    If y’all aren’t a part of the overlap between College Humor fan and Strong Female Protagonist fan as I am, I would recommend checking out Brennan’s videos. He is funny and articulate and charming and has a remarkable range of emotional states available to him, and he comes across as extremely young and handsome. I hope you’ll all join me in a hearty FUCK YOU BRENNAN, YOU’RE LIVING THE LIFE I EXPECTED YOU GIFTED PIECE OF SHIT

  • Benjamin Rosenbaum

    So did Pintsize have a miniature D&D manual specially printed, or did he borrow a shrink ray from someone? Or can he just shrink anything he’s holding or wearing?

  • Misspel

    Wow. Looking back at the kickstarter videos, Brennan has always been the CH Brennan.
    Not some new Brennan who just happens to be part of Dimension 20.

    Anyways, I am willing to wait for a more polished story. Strong Female Protagonist should remain a top quality philosophical superhero web-comic.

  • DeezStringCheese

    Recently, is anyone here thinking of the Moonshadow arc and feeling like maybe Moonshadow had the right idea all along? Or is that just me?

  • Stevonnie

    <3 <3 <3 all my positive vibes and love and support heading your wayyyyy

  • kabob

    I love this story and fully support taking the time to make it the best that it can be.

  • AshlaBoga

    You know Brennan is my favourite on College Humour but it wasn’t until today that I realized that its the same Brennan (been forever since I checked the about page). 😛 XD

  • SmilingCorpse

    Wow. I didn’t even know that was the same Brennan! No worries y’all. Brennan has more than made up for the delay by breathing life back into CollegeHumor. Loved his sketches.

  • Steele

    Okay but I want a side-story of these guys playing D&D now, too.

  • Hunter Boyette

    10 More years of this and you guys will basically be George RR Martin! Seriously though, take you’re time. Well worth the wait for a good story.

  • Lee

    I’d wait years for more of this story. Do what’s right for you. (PS, it’s Aft Gang.)

    • Lee

      Sorry. Checked my source and my source was wrong. It is Gang Aft.

  • Emmett Wald

    I’m grateful that you’re prioritizing getting it right! Can you post updates on FB too plz? I don’t have a twitter…