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  • AshlaBoga

    Is that a romance I do spy with my little eye?

    • Kid Chaos

      Go get her, Feral! 😍

  • Arkone Axon

    Uh oh… the Paladin caught the attention of a hungry predator… <3

    • Syncline

      White heat, meet jungle fever.
      SFP will now burn to the ground from the massive uncontrolled BTU output.

      • palmvos

        we need something… the buffet keeps getting stocked with cold food. i want something cooked!

    • Weatherheight

      Stalker Meets Predator. Details at 11.

  • Sam

    “Feral, we’re three stories up! You’ll break your… oh, right.”

    • AveryAves

      No better way to impress your date than snapping your legs on the pavement then getting up
      There is not chance for grossing out here….well I guess testing if your date is grossed out by a few snapped limbs is kinda relevant to feral

      • Dean

        “I’m fine! Don’t worry none, that bone is supposed to be poking out!”

        • Autoskip

          This is reminding me of a Grrl Power comic, in which Sydney was pointing out the problems with regenerative powers… Specifically, pointing out that “Cyclops doesn’t get impaled on stuff because he can’t survive it. Wolverine, on the other hand, can. So he does. Like all the time”


          • Arkone Axon

            That’s why Wolverine became a master of Japanese martial arts. Western martial arts emphasize defense (hence the term “fencing.” It started out as “the noble art of defensing with a sword,” then “defensing,” and then finally… fencing), but Japanese styles emphasize offense. “I WILL cut you down. I don’t care if you cut me too. If we both die it will be glorious and honorable and people will write poems about it.” And that works a LOT better when you can heal up afterwards.

            (That, plus he did the whole “master his inner rage and feral instincts with a warrior’s code” back in the 1980s, when everyone was crazy about Japan and ninjas were running all over the place. Back when people thought Japan was going to buy the world because of their unstoppable economic might)

          • Mechwarrior

            Actually, the Japanese styles that de-emphasize defense were ones that were used by the lower class soldiers, not the samurai. The idea was that it was perfectly acceptable to lose a foot soldier so long as he managed to drop-kick a samurai off his horse before biting it. The idea of samurais running on a death before dishonor mindset was really a romanticism that came about during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. It did happen, but not as often as fiction makes it sound.

          • Arkone Axon

            I’m talking about the actual Japanese styles I’m familiar with, having been a child during the 1980s when Japanophilia was the big thing, and a teenager in the 90s when Ninjas were still cool enough to be in everything. And studying… well, I grew up in a clique that were hugely into martial arts. Japanese styles emphasize the cutting down of the opponent, no matter what. “No such thing as failure, only victory or dying in the attempt.”

            Yes, they knew about defense (largely via avoiding being in the path of an incoming attack, i.e. dodging, interceptions, etc), but the emphasis is on offense, eliminating the enemy before they can do inflict damage. Whereas western styles emphasize defense. The mindset of a Classical fencer (as opposed to modern Olympic sport fencers; it’s a whole different ball game there) is, “You are not going to touch me. I don’t care what happens to you. But you are not going to touch me.”

            The “pure offense” mindset isn’t a bad one, mind – my father was trained as a U.S. Marine during the 1960s, and once when I showed off my staff/spear skills for him as a cocky teenager he borrowed my staff and demonstrated his bayonet training… I was NOT prepared for that. :p

          • Mechwarrior

            I grew up in the 80s as well. The stuff that was primarily being taught then was McDojo tournament martial arts, which was developed to look cool in front of an audience, not be a practical way of fighting. If you traveled back in time to the Sengoku period in Japan and tried it out against someone who was practicing the martial arts being taught then, you’d probably get gutted like a fish.

            Also, you’re talking about foil style fencing. Sabre style focuses much more heavily on offense.

          • Arkone Axon

            No, I’m talking about classical fencing, as in the traditional European sword arts. Be they slashing blades such as sabers, or thrusting swords such as epees (with the foil initially being a training tool to teach epee wielders to aim for vital targets). They all rely first and foremost on the concept of “don’t get cut,” whether it’s relying on the eight guards and parries, defensive footwork (the “circle and the cross”), or both.


            But I do remember the McDojos… which still exist today, it’s just that now they teach MMA because that’s the current Ultimate Martial Art ™. But the actual, traditional, genuine Japanese systems taught in currriculums involving physical conditioning, learning how to properly slice and not just hack, and even “zanshin” style meditation, did in fact favor offense over defense. That includes styles such as Ono-ha Itto Ryu, developed by Ono Jiroemon Tadaaki (1565–1628), the Niten Ichi-ryu style developed by Miyamato Musashi (1584–1645), and my personal favorite, YagyΕ« Shinkage-ryΕ« (which is my favorite because it was the style of Yagyu Munenori, who wrote “the Life Giving Sword,” an instructive manual for rulers, drawing from Buddhist philosophy to describe how killing someone who harms others brings life to those that person would victimize. A hell of an improvement on Musashi’s career of “make a bet with someone on who can murder the other first”). All those styles emphasize victory at all costs, offense over defense.

            Also, the tournament martial arts… the form competitions might have looked good, but the sparring matches were point based. A lot of people lifting up one leg and leaning over, and then flopping their foot around like a flopping fish trying to score.

          • Mechwarrior

            Ah, you’re talking about Japanese swordsmanship, which for the record is not the same thing as Japanese martial arts. Here I was thinking that you had some really, really weird ideas about Aikido.

          • Arkone Axon

            Aikido itself is a very, very modern art, developed by Morihei Ueshiba after WWII. If we’re talking about traditional Japanese martial arts, then the unarmed styles would be aikijujutsu, which also involved a lot of direct, offensive movements. Even a “defensive” block (such as seen in Karate, Jujutsu, and Japanese influenced styles such as Taekwondo) is itself a strike, a savagely offensive movement that punishes the attacker and inhibits their ability to continue the assault.

            (It’s also a very, very valuable technique to be teaching to kids, especially in the current “zero tolerance” era. When the schools will expel the victims of bullying for defending themselves, striking the attacking limb is a great way to defend not only against the bully, but also the idiot teachers and faculty who will then have to explain to angry parents, “your son was totally unjustified in… um… blocking a punch… er…”)

          • Alex Hollins

            Foil is NOT the training for Epee. Foil is based of Rapier fighting, Epee recreates one specific duel that was to the first blood.

          • Arkone Axon

            Huh. You’re right. I just looked it up. I was misinformed by my fencing maestros.

          • Alex Hollins

            Yeah, that is a very minority of techniques. Look at Kendo, which is basically the Foil fencing of katanas. A double hit doesn’t score at all, the action continues until ssomeone has a single decisive hit. There is quite a lot of defense work involved.

            And you’ve kind of made the previous posters point. The stuff that came over to America and was popular WAS the peasant forms.

          • Arkone Axon

            I wasn’t talking about Kendo, I was talking about Kenjutsu – the “classical fencing” of Japan. Kendo is more like modern Olympic sport fencing – where the goal is to score a point, and win more points than the opponent.

            Think of it like playing a fighting game where both players are set to “one hit kill” mode. No combos, no recovering from a knockdown to turn the tide. First one to land with any sort of attack wins. When you play a game like that, your tactics change dramatically.

            Western sword wielders dealt with it by emphasizing defense. “Whatever you do, don’t let them touch you.” Whereas Japanese fighters dealt with it by emphasizing offense. “Cut them down fast before they can cut you down.” Which – as my ORIGINAL COMMENT was about – is why the Japanese styles taught to Wolverine during his time in the 80s spent living and studying in Japan were so well suited to him. Charge in fast, slice them to shreds, and then… heal up.

          • Izo

            She refers to it again in a later comic as well in reference to Pixel getting impaled by a steel beam (Pixel being a huge pink were-jaguar with regenerative powers and laser claws).


          • Mitchell Lord

            They actually justify this sometimes…as, someone who can regenerate…likely doesn’t worry about defending themselves much. In this case, it’s likely that Feral is simply…desensitized to pain.

            Note, also, that she, you know, has been through something that REALLY desensitizes her to pain!

        • Hawthorne

          “Wanna bone?”

    • Superfrick

      Hahaha! Yeah, that can totally happen. That or we see that Feral’s really athletic and will land without hurting herself. Either way I expect it to make a (figurative) impression! XD

    • Weatherheight

      Meh – 20 feet onto pavement. People have fallen farther and suffered sprains.
      Not commonly, mind you, but…

  • w1ll20

    look at feral’s determined little smile in the last panel! aw i so hope these two get together

  • Dave M

    *Changes soundtrack to Patti Smiths “Gloria in excelsis deo”
    ‘Oh she looks so good, oh she looks so fine. And I’ve got this crazy feeling I’m gonna uh, uh, make her mine!’

  • Eagle0600

    Feral, just because you *can* regenerate from any injury doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about getting injured.

    • dbmag9

      I mean, presumably it does, right? What other reason is there to care?

      • I dont know, the blinding pain?

        • Arkone Axon

          I think at this point she might not even notice pain. She’s basically become like that guy Lobo from DC comics. The one who thinks it’s a riot to blow half his face off. “No worries, toss me a beer and see if I can finish it before my face grows back!”

        • Shweta Narayan

          less than perfectly charmed reaction from cute onlookers?

        • Insanenoodlyguy

          If pain remotely affected her, she wouldn’t have been in perpetual surgery. And she had a very violent life before that (she talked about cutting her own foot off just to sabotage a car!) Either she doesn’t feel pain the same way, or processes it differently either as a secondary effect of her power or simply because of massive exposure (the human brain can get used to a lot, even enjoy it, just look at S&M and the fact it exists!)

  • Abel Undercity

    “A moment of dramatic indecision? Not on MY watch!”

  • Em

    Break a leg, Feral!

    • CanuckAmuck

      “AAH, MY LEG IS BROK…Oh, wait, I’m good, now.”

      (…Except now, it’d happen faster than that.)

      • Curtis Tunget

        Would it heal in the wrong way though if it wasn’t set right?

        • CanuckAmuck

          She was burned to a crisp but didn’t scar, so maybe her healing is just that good. OTOH, if a limb did heal all fcuked up, she’d just have to amputate it and wait a couple minutes.

          • Shweta Narayan

            cause that wouldn’t traumatize Paladin or anything…

            Feral dear, you need to be a liil more aware of other people’s disabilities if you want this ship to hold water

        • Alison threw her through a wall when she was startled — Feral wasn’t particularly human-shaped after that. But she was fine a minute or two later.

  • zellgato

    Oh dear.. she’s jumping down to make an impression.. the impression is gonna be a “SNAP CRACK BLOOD” Feral” one moment.. wait I wanna talk to you, I just need my legs to turn back around first”
    thats one way to flirt feral~
    the feral school of flirting.

    I wonder. with how fast she regens now.
    I wonder if she even has time to bleed much more than a bloody noses’ worth.

    • Hawthorne

      That would be a cool power…regeneration that happens as fast at the injury. Like she hits the ground and her legs just literally whip back into place.

      • Raven Black

        The unexpected side-effect of the new accelerated healing is that now every time someone gets a Feral organ transplant the “organ rejection” conflict is resolved by the organ rapidly “healing” the person into another instance of Feral. πŸ˜€

        • Insanenoodlyguy

          That would be hilarious, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. We’d have already seen examples considering her current regen rates.

          • Raven Black

            My other thought on the subject a couple of days later was that she doesn’t seem to require enough food to grow new limbs, she’s regenerating entirely by magic, so she’s not just a renewable organ bank, she’s also an unlimited food supply!

  • Lysiuj

    Not shown – panel 5.5, where Lisa crashes into the wall.
    Next page starts with them both lying on the ground injured next to each other.

  • Philip Petrunak

    lol. Car tires on a motorcycle.

    • FlashNeko

      Those do exist!

      Though generally I’ve only seen them whenever I visit family in Florida during Biketober, helmed by… shall we say extremely senior members of the biker community.

      And in all seriousness, given her metal limbs would throw off her center of ballance, a bike designed to compensate for a rider with ballance issues makes sense.

      • Philip Petrunak

        Oh, I know some people do put car tires on motorcycles. They’re called idiots. Motorcycles need to tilt to maintain balance, and if they cant then you have to tilt or it will fall over.

        And you don’t need to worry about balance like that on a bike. I have an exceptionally small motorcycle, and mine still ways almost 400 lb. A motorcycle that size would probably be 1200 lb. Half her body could be made of metal and it wouldn’t make a difference.

        • Izo

          Um… Batman put car tires on his batcycle. Are you going to argue with BATMAN?!


          • Philip Petrunak

            Batman? You mean the rich guy who believes the best way to fight crime is to literally fight criminals, and not let’s say, build schools and factories?

            Batman is either a dumbass or a jerk. Haven’t you seen the Lego Batman movie?

          • Izo

            Pretty sure he also builds schools and factories on top of punching and kicking criminals, actually πŸ™‚

            And regardless, how dare you insult The Batman. Ben Affleck’s gonna get you now! Gravelly voice et al. πŸ™‚

          • palmvos

            I have not see the lego batman movie yet. it is on my list….
            to be fair- Batman/Bruce Wayne is one of the more re-imagined characters in fiction right now. (try 2 or 3 animated series in my lifetime not to mention how many movies?!?) but in more than a few- Bruce Wayne was the quiet philanthropist. Bruce was so rich he could be both a philanthropist and a glamour hog crime-fighter. its just that hosting a charity dinner, headlining one, or funding a soup kitchen is such good fodder for a moving story….

      • Izo
      • Tylikcat

        She’s been drawn to show that she had excellent trunk control – I’m not sure about that center of balance thing…

  • I wonder what Paladin makes of Feral’s now nigh-impenetrable regeneration ability?
    Is she happy with who and how she is and the heights to which her own lost limb helped her to aspire? Or does she see in Feral a solution to a problem she never wanted to acknowledge as being one?

    • Micah Matheson

      I just had a thought.

      Feral is always a virgin. Her regeneration almost certainly repaired her hymen when it was first ruptured, no matter how.

      This comes to mind because its looking more and more likely that Paladin wants to explore Feral’s Mississippi Delta, if you know what I mean. And while that doesn’t *require* penetration, if she wants to do anything along those lines she’ll have to contend with Feral’s perpetual maidenhead.

      • Zorae42

        The status of a woman’s hymen has nothing to do with her virginity : /

        And with sufficient preparation/lubrication you can have penetrative intercourse without tearing it.

        • Micah Matheson

          Dude, you know what I mean.

          • Weatherheight

            You gets pedantic, you gets pedantic… πŸ˜€

      • Paradoxius

        The idea that the hymen has to tear during sex is a myth.

        • Micah Matheson

          Never said it *has* to.

          But as a superheroine who routinely put herself into dangerous situations, engaged in melee combat, and was very physically active, the chances of her hymen being torn at some point are pretty high, regardless of whether or not it was ever ruptured during penetrative intercourse that lacked adequate preparation and/or lubrication.

          Is this what I have to do, now? Do I have to be this pedantic? This is exhausting.

          • Paradoxius

            What I mean is that the hymen can be stretched without damage. And since Feral is the size and shape of an adult woman and not a 14-year-old, it seems to be the case that her body can stretch relatively normally without regenerating.

          • Tylikcat

            And a lot of women don’t have hymens, or don’t have hymens enough to get in the way of penetrative sex – they show up in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. That’s before you take up gymnastics or horseback riding. (Or using insertable menstrual products, or what have you.) Some hymens can’t just be stretched – it just depends.

          • Zorae42

            There are a lot of people with misconceptions about the hymen and/or gross beliefs about virginity. Given your phrasing in your first post, it seemed likely that you were one of those people πŸ˜›

            Your use of the words ‘virgin’ and ‘maiden’ while talking about it threw up some red flags. And since it’s quite easy to have penetrative sex without tearing the hymen, it didn’t really seem like much of an issue.

            The possibility of her tearing/healing it all the time while fighting seems like it’d be much more relevant lol. That would be super irritating.

          • Tylikcat

            You’re demonstrating the gross and creepy obsession with hymens and their involvement with women’s sexual activity that has historically been linked to trying to control women… and also has flat all to do with how women’s body actually work (and I say this as someone who teaches upper level undergraduate anatomy, mostly to pre-meds. Also, I can claim more intimate knowledge of hymens than you almost certainly want me relating.)

            It is in fact that wince worthy. Seriously, do some research.

          • Kai

            Jesus fucking Christ.

            It wasn’t a great comment, no. A joke that fell somewhat flat, and probably didn’t come across quite the way he intended (in my opinion it started as a mildly funny observation and then misfired in the 3rd paragraph — he went on too long and went a little too far). That happens sometimes, to everyone.

            The only reason he’s still talking about it is because OTHER people prompted him to continue the discussion. Saying that he’s demonstrated a “gross and creepy obsession” is unfair, and very rude and aggressive.

            Your insinuation that he’s contributing (even unintentionally) to people “trying to control women” is even more inappropriate, and yes, you did insinuate that. It is generally a good idea to be aware of historical/political context when making off-color jokes (and he might be!) but nothing he’s said has done that, absolutely nothing.

            You think you’re taking a stand on an important issue. And it certainly is an important issue, but in the here and now, all you’re actually doing is being a bully. It’s ugly.

            Furthermore, it will do real damage to issues that you (and I, and hopefully all of us) care about. That’s not a possibility, it’s a certainty.

          • Flesh Forge

            Err no, this is gross as fuck and creepy as all get-out. You can’t defend this shit.

          • Kai

            I am less “defending” it than I am taking issue with Tylikcat’s behavior. As I said, I don’t think it was an A+ comment either, and in any case, there’s a limited amount of time I’m going to spend talking about somebody else’s joke about a fictional superhero’s hymen. Even if I LIKED the joke, there would still be better hills to die on.

            But OK. Let’s talk about it briefly.

            Is it “gross as fuck” and creepy because of the language he used in the 3rd paragraph, or because making a joke about Feral’s hymen was inherently creepy?

            And let’s be clear (this being addressed not specifically to you but to everyone reading this): that was a request for clarification on what you’re saying — your position — and not a request to please educate this poor ignoramus who has never once considered the sociopolitical context of jokes like that and has no idea why anyone might find them misguided.

          • Beroli

            I didn’t see a joke.

            I find it unlikely that Tara’s anomaly causes her problems with sex. For multiple reasons, one of which is, as multiple other people have pointed out, that the hymen doesn’t function the way Micah initially seemed to think, as a barrier blocking the vagina. I am thrown that he went from “her hymen must be intact forever and this will cause problems if she has sex” to “her hymen must have gotten torn at some point,” as those ideas do not seem to be related.

          • Flesh Forge

            A serious discussion about exactly how stretchy a comic strip character’s hymen is. Think about that. If your skin does not immediately crawl, you are part of the problem.

          • Izo

            Why are people getting into an argument about this?

            Okay look, we’re clearly needing something to argue about since we don’t have me talking about Alison being a monster so I’ll make a controversial comment.


            Look at Paladin, coming over on her custom built motorcycle. Too bad she hasnt been using her intellect to create engines that run on water. Oh well, I guess Alison will have to threaten to murder her unless she starts doing just that.

            *takes a step back*


          • Tylikcat

            I usually wouldn’t even bother, but this is kind of a mix of sad and funny.

            I’m not insinuating anything. I’m talking about both actual history and anthropology, which is what a lot of people on this thread are responding to. It sounds like people are talking across each other. I’m going to work on the assumption that you honestly don’t know a lot this stuff (and not just you!) as opposed to you (plural you) knowing this stuff and having decided that it doesn’t matter.

            The original poster doesn’t have to be trying to control women. But as soon as you start cracking jokes about hymens and virginity, you’re hitting on some really sensitive territory, and for reasons that are actually important because it does trace back to controlling women for real, and are still somewhat part of the culture.

            I can’t remember which anthropology class covered family organization at my university, and it would be different everywhere. But let’s talk about patrilineality, which is tracing descent through the male line (and is distinct from patriarchy, which is rule by fathers – and generalized to men – or patrilocality, which is where a new family resides with the husband’s kin.) Anyhow, just because of the mechanics of human reproduction, patrilineality is kind of messed up – you always know who the mother is. Why not just go with that? It’s simple and reliable. But if you really care who the father is, and especially if you don’t respect women (and a lot of these societies didn’t much) you get into a lot of situations where a large portion of women were sequestered and more or less treated like breeding stock, so that a man could be secure that his children were his own. (Keep in mind that in a lot of cases this was cast as keeping women safe and treating them with respect, but a cage is a cage.)

            Meanwhile, of course, there were usually some group of women, usually lower class, who were sexually available to men in these cultures, because men need to get their freak on. (Less so when you’re dealing with village or tribal groups.) Can you understand why a lot of women find this stuff creepy as fuck?

            And an obsession with virginity was part of that. And an obsession with hymens as markers of virginity (an obsession that often didn’t have much to do with the actual anatomy and how they really worked) was part of that. The idea that there was basically a tamper proof seal, so that you knew you were getting a totally fresh never before touched chick was super appealing – even if it was bullshit. And in many cultures, the idea that the first act of sex would hurt – a lot – and the woman would bleed – a lot – was seriously fetishized. (It still is. A lot of women will have run into men with creepy virginity fetishes. I certainly have. Seriously, the idea that a woman’s body – and maybe soul – can be fundamentally changed by a man’s penis is super appealing to a lot of men, but doesn’t bear serious scrutiny.)

            Now, a lot of women just plain either don’t have hymen, don’t have a hymen that’s going to tear, or if it does tear, it’s not going to bleed much. I mean, we’re talking a tiny bit of skin. It just doesn’t, much of the time. In many cultures – in a lot of different part of the world, these weren’t isolated occurrences! – there was an expectation that on the wedding night the bride would be deflowered, and she would bleed and stain the sheet. And this would be checked, as proof of freshness (in some cases, the stained sheets were even publicly displayed, no joke. This might still happen?) So, grandmothers, aunts and mothers, trying to save their young relatives shame and punishment (and protect the family honor, and themselves) have in many cases resorted to small bladders filled with animal blood, increasing the mythology around hymens and bleeding. Keep in mind, women generally did not have equal stand in these households, and these was a pretty important defensive move.

            So… we get to now, in the US. Hymens exist, but they are not a guaranteed freshness / virginity seal. They often are shed long before any sexual activity. And they never actually worked quite like they were rumored to work. A lot of guys hear stories about hymens that have more to do with a creepy past than women’s actual bodies, because the past isn’t dead, damn it all. (And honestly “virginity” as a thing is weird. I was never saving myself for anyone but me.)

            It’s… well, it’s kind of like making jokes about slavery. Maybe to you it’s just a joke, but there’s a reason a bunch of folks jumped down the OP’s throat. For a lot of folks – particularly a lot of women – it’s serious “Oh, fuck no,” territory.

          • Kai

            My undergrad degree is in anthropology and I did a fair amount of grad-level work on the archaeology of kinship and marriage, so no, your assumption isn’t correct. It’s safe to say I’m also aware how hymens work and am not laboring under any misconceptions about them, and that I am more than aware of the historical/sociopolitical baggage attached to female virginity (and the hymen)–an awareness that I alluded to twice, across two comments, once quite explicitly (“the sociopolitical context of jokes like that … why [someone] might find them misguided”).

            I am not going to address what you wrote about anthropology (although some of it was slightly skewed–you really should not give politically charged summaries of kinship systems) as this isn’t really the place for it. Our respective academic backgrounds aren’t relevant here–not to me, anyway, because I’m talking about how you treat people, not who’s “right” or “wrong” w/r/t the original comment.

            I will say that assuming that people who disagree with you are speaking from ignorance and need to be educated is very obnoxious behavior, although unfortunately it’s behavior that I’m used to online. That, and there are more possibilities than “being unaware of something” and “deciding it doesn’t matter” (such as “being aware and disagreeing,” or “being aware, basically agreeing, and finding the way you treat people to be unacceptable regardless.”)

            Here’s what happened: Somebody cracked a joke about how Feral’s superpower might affect her sex life in an awkward way. This joke was, at least superficially, not dissimilar to other jokes about how fictional characters’ powers might affect their sex lives, e.g. “Can Superman have sex?” and that’s clearly how the poster intended it — lighthearted and farcical and meant to be taken with a grain of salt.

            Yes, in that post he alluded to the ideas 1. that virginity = intact hymen, and 2. that the hymen always “breaks.” It’s possible he legitimately (and mistakenly) believed those things. It’s also possible that he was speaking loosely and meant to reference an archaic, obsolete conception of virginity without himself subscribing to it or intending to perpetuate it. I have no idea, and neither do you.

            OK, but maybe you don’t think his intentions matter. Maybe you think his joke inadvertently reinforced an oppressive and sadly all-too-prevalent attitude towards female sexuality, and that his intentions and ignorance (or lack thereof) are no excuse. Which, though arguable, would be fair enough; I’m not going to get into whether I agree or disagree but it’s a reasonable position to take.

            Here are some appropriate responses to a well-intentioned joke that you find objectionable:

            “I understand that this wasn’t your intention, but your wording reinforces some mistaken and damaging beliefs that too many people still have.”


            “I realize that you were joking, but you should know that due to the historical baggage attached to the concept of female virginity, it’s a sensitive subject for a lot of women and … well, it’s kind of like making a joke about slavery. To a lot of women it’s serious “Oh, fuck no” territory.”


            “Dude, that wasn’t really that funny.”

            Inappropriate responses include: jumping down the poster’s throat and telling him that he’s demonstrating a “gross and creepy obsession” when … he isn’t.

            That kind of language is appropriate when somebody makes a comment that’s explicitly sexist, judgmental/shaming, threatening, or condescending. His comment was none of those things. At worst it was misguided, which is a minor sin, all told. There’s no reason for you to have spoken to him that way and there’s no excuse for it. Sorry, but there just isn’t. It’s excessive, and it’s bullying.

            None of this is really to defend him; he can speak for himself and honestly I couldn’t be bothered to write two sentences about the actual joke (which is, if it wasn’t clear, why I did not respond to your mini-essay about anthropology, however much I normally enjoy geeking out about anthro). If this was about that I wouldn’t be responding at all. But this–the larger issue–is in fact something I care about, and behavior like yours is damaging, and people are paying attention. Believe me, they are.

            And anybody who thinks that’s “concern trolling” can fuck right off.

          • Stephanie

            Thank you for this thorough response. Even though I don’t necessarily think the original poster had malicious intentions–and I don’t think you’re claiming that, either–their comment did carry unfortunate implications given this historical context, and it’s important for people to be made aware of that context. It simply isn’t possible to divorce casual jokes about hymen breakage from that history of male ownership and control over women’s sexuality.

          • Tylikcat

            It was a fun post to write over breakfast, though I maybe should have prioritized the farmers market instead.* I am horrified to be reminded that the old myths still live on… but I shouldn’t be surprised. Do you think there are any witches who steal men’s penises and keep them in bird’s nests about?

            * Not sure if the selection of produce would merit it yet? But grocery store produce is so… stale. Are ramps up?

          • Shweta Narayan

            nah I don’t think witches are that insensitive to birds any more

          • Tylikcat

            I think more witches used to work in agriculture, which can leave you with a somewhat more antagonistic relationship with local birds? (Though… I mean, compared to dear and rabits and slugs?)

          • Shweta Narayan

            I’m in the camp of, once you hurt people, intentions don’t matter.

            Or rather, if one’s intentions are entirely good one can prove that by listening and apologizing for real instead of making a bigger ass of oneself by being defensive.

            I mean, I’ve done it myself. Both what Micah did and what Kai did (tho not on this topic), and the failure to see how their supposed defense makes them look a lot worse. It’s mortifying once we learn better.

          • Stephanie

            On that theme, I always liked that one quote, “If someone tells you you hurt them, you don’t get to decide you didn’t.”

          • This.

          • Shweta Narayan

            I like it too! But I never can remember it when it’s useful πŸ˜€ Especially when my brain is full.

            (psst brain is full cause i sold another story in that same world! it’ll be out in june ^-^ but now i have to come up with good answers to really cool interview questions)

          • Stephanie

            Ooh! Please link me when it’s out, I really want to read it!

          • Agreed, except that I personally think intentions matter – but they’re almost impossible to handle online.

          • Shweta Narayan

            And this is a good example of how jumping in in defense of someone who said something accidentally harmful, exacerbates the problem hugely and makes them think they have nothing to apologize for.

          • Izo

            Um…. I don’t think he was demonstrating any gross obsession. He was just making a joke which several of us commented on the inaccuracy. It’s over, stop railing on him for not knowing. I’m pretty sure a lot of women don’t know every little thing about the penis or testicles either. Move on.

      • Flesh Forge

        Jesus Christ y’all. What in the fucking fuck.

        • So want to upvote this.. yet the fact it’s like 50% profanity/blasphemy is stopping me, sorry. Intention agreed with. >.>

      • MrSing

        What have I ever done to you that you made me read this comment with my own two eyes?

      • Fluffy Dragon

        1: Jesus F. Christ.

        2: She’s a lesbian, your argument is *entirely* invalid.

        3: this type of comment will *never* not be creepy. Just as when Harry Knowles talked about the cheerleader from “Heroes” and all the ‘benefits’ of her regenerative powers. creepy as fuck then. creepy as fuck now.

        • Izo

          You should never, ever, ever read ‘Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex’ by Larry Niven.

          I’m sort of surprised no one ever wrote a ‘Woman of Steel, Man of Kleenex’ for Supergirl though.

          Well at least there’s sort of something on point in SMBC.



        • Tylikcat

          Lesbians do have several kinds of penetrative sex, y’know? Oh, the vast variety of things one can use…!

          • Fluffy Dragon

            Oh yeah, I know.
            …but linking losing one’s virginity to ONLY penetrative sex feels… very wrong.

            Second thing out of this guy’s fingertips: “Feral is always a virgin.”

          • Tylikcat

            Oh, seriously.

      • Izo

        That’s really not how the hymen works, sorry. πŸ™‚

      • It’s a pretty common wish-fulfilment fantasy to imagine up the perfect, unbroken, regenerating woman like this, but it really doesn’t suit the tone of SFP or its majority readership. The first thing most people here will think of regarding regenerating body parts isn’t whether or not they’d introduce awkwardness to certain kinds of sex! It’s a bit of a weird response to the comment I made, too – probably would have done better in its own thread, and I’d have avoided the giant slew of replies below..

        But hey, it’s a point which hasn’t been brought up before, so I’ll address it anyway.

        Speaking as a woman myself, it’s entirely incorrect to associate an untorn hymen with virginity. It can be breached extremely early in life due to vigorous exercise or even heavy periods. People can be born without one, and apparently (I’ve learned from the comments below) you don’t even need to tear it during full penetrative intercourse if you’re careful. There are also plenty of other types of sex to be had and very frequently penetration isn’t a major part of the experience. Plus, they’re romantically and apparently sexually attracted to one another – but that doesn’t automatically mean full-scale no-holds-barred bumping uglies right away.

        So hey, Paladin and Feral can get up to all sorts of mischief if they desire it. We’ve no way to know whether Feral has a hymen to break anyway – and frankly I don’t see the author of this comic addressing that as a plot point any time in future. It’s focused more on character personality, ethics and how to live a good life, less on physical titillation. And I love it for that.

        • Arkone Axon

          I would hardly call it a “common” fantasy. I have yet to meet a male who was interested in an ever-regenerating hymen. A woman who is perpetually youthful, that’s not an uncommon fantasy… but I’m fairly certain that a Kinsey style study would find that “endlessly regenerating hymen” fantasies are somewhat less common than fantasies about, say, quadruple amputees.

          • Tylikcat

            Though I can think of cases of regenerative virginity in mythology. Though… well damn. Okay, I kind of think I remember folkloric cases of quadruple amputation, and I don’t want to push that memory.

          • Arkone Axon

            Actually, I was referencing the time I spent… I think it was maybe two months? About two months exploring this website called “4chan,” before deciding there were much, much better websites to be exploring. The moment I decided 4chan was not for me was when I opened up the page and directly above a thread mocking and insulting furries (I’m not a furry – but I have a lot of friends who are furries. They’re good people, they’ve been there for me when I was going through bad times), I saw a thread where people were not only posting pictures, but also requesting additional pictures, for… quadruple amputees performing autofellatio.


          • Tylikcat

            Oh, I’ve had friends who worked phone sex lines that specialized in role played more involved fantasies. I just figured folklore is a treasury of fantasies with staying power, y’know?

          • Arkone Axon

            Exactly. Male desires for a virgin stem from instinctual biological and psychological drives. A virgin female is one who has never, ever had another male’s seed… and thusly is almost guaranteed to be giving birth to YOUR progeny, not someone else’s. Furthermore, she has no standards to compare your performance to – you don’t have to worry about her thinking about some past lover who gave her more pleasure than you.

            But the interest in the hymen… that’s purely an interest in the “seal of freshness,” the assurance that someone else didn’t create a fetus in there in advance of the male now promising to devote his time, labor, and resources to her as well as the children coming out of her. A male might be interested in broaching multiple maidenheads (“First post!”), but… the only males overly focused on virginity aren’t particularly fussy about whether she’s experiencing pain OR pleasure. They’re just… not thoughtful enough to care. (As in, they don’t THINK. They just do what they feel like doing at any given moment)

            Incidentally, this is partially responsible for the growing interest in older, more experienced women, by western men. The consciously reduced interest in procreation, coupled with greater respect for women and reduced interest in controlling a female as opposed to treating her as an equal partner, has made the terms “MILF” and “cougar” more appealing. A “MILF” or “cougar” is someone who knows what they’re doing, has no qualms about admitting their desires, and best of all it takes the pressure off the man – instead of it being entirely up to the male to do all the work, it’s a co-op experience between equal partners, both of them working towards shared pleasure.

            (Also, YES I meant my words “greater respect for women and reduced interest in controlling a female as opposed to treating her as an equal partner.” Saying that in advance before anyone jumps in about “microaggressions” in western nations, while other cultures have “honor killings,” “acid attacks,” “forcibly arranged marriages,” and “khap panchayats commanding gang rapes as punishments for violations of social hierarchy.”)

          • Well yes, depending on your subjective scale of comparison it’s somewhat less common than several other things. But this is an open internet comment section with original subject matter intersecting female comic book characters and feminist ideology. So this sort of response is more common than it ought to be.

          • Arkone Axon

            Check my reply to Tylikcat’s reply. I didn’t use “quadruple amputees” as a random sampling. Seriously, google “Regenerating Hymen.” You’ll get nothing but links to medical articles and questions asked online. Then try googling “Regenerating Hymen Porn.” You’ll STILL get medical articles. I also saw ONE link to a porn site called Xhamsters, which was for a video about… the best way to tear a hymen. I.e. porn detailing ways to make the act of defloweration pleasurable (and of course being performed by professional actresses and using fake blood and such). And still nothing about regenerating hymens in an erotic sense.

            Try googling “regenerating vampire hymens” and you end up reading about it being placed in erotic fiction… written by women.

          • Fair enough re the sampling, and thanks for the educating list there too. But as I said above, I wasn’t particularly referencing the exact specifics of the post’s content – there are only so many regenerating female characters, to begin with – but the thought process behind it, in other words the male gaze focus on hymens as an aspect of feminine virginity and sexuality. References to torn or broken hymens and hymens in general are rather more common. 14,400,000 results on a very quick check for “hymen porn”. Regeneration being added in here is simply a facet of Tara being the focus of this very unpleasant thread.

          • Arkone Axon

            Yes. Agreed. It occurs to me that the REAL point that needs clarification is the motivations of Micah for the original comment. It had nothing to do with sexual fantasies, but rather the same curiosity that leads to shocking and potentially offensive questions like “can you set your farts on fire?” or “how long can you survive by drinking your own purified urine?” or even “did G-d REALLY give His official authorization to the King to do anything he wants to?” In other words, even Micah knew it was disgusting… but it’s still something to ponder anyway, because it’s GOOD to ponder the disgusting questions. Long before the internet was a thing, people still pondered those disgusting questions aloud, usually in a setting where such was permitted (a bar, a cafe, a vehicle with chatting friends). And those kinds of disgusting ponderings can lead to genuinely useful discoveries (such as the way astronauts now recycle the vast majority of the water they use and consume, something that will be invaluable for future space habitation and exploration. Also, entertaining stories about gouts of flame erupting from posteriors. And of course democracy and an end to the acceptance of “Divine Right” as a justification for rulership).

            It’s important, when dealing with potentially offensive situations, to consider the intentions involved. There are more than enough people who genuinely delight in deliberately nasty behavior; we don’t need to be jumping down the throats of people who simply don’t know or understand.

      • Shweta Narayan

        Your edits are an excellent example of what *not* to do when you’ve accidentally said something harmful online. Especially given that presuming massive ignorance on your part was the *kindest* reading people could give you, so defending the fact that you knew perfectly well it was gross… is not a good look.

    • Flesh Forge

      Sorry about your comment thread OP

      • Wow, yeah. I didn’t expect to start one of these off!

        • Micah Matheson

          Neither did I – sorry about that!

          • In fairness, Micah, your original comment was a bit much.

            And by a bit much, what I mean is, I completely agree with some of the other posters here that discussing the particular nature of a comic character’s hymen is about as appropriate and socially acceptable as rolling up stats for bodily aperture diameter in the absolutely ghastly RPG Fatal. That is, not appropriate at all. Especially given that this particular comic is so overtly geared towards issues of social justice and equality including gender equality, the idea of discussing female characters’ sex organs is really out of left field. It did leave people wondering. A couple of people were overly hostile in their phrasing, and someone else seriously overreacted in response, but this could have been seen coming a mile off given the nature of normal discussion on these threads..

            I appreciate the apology, though, and I did personally give your OC the benefit of the doubt in terms of intention.

          • Shweta Narayan

            I hit like here, but honestly? I don’t see any overreaction at all to what is basically sexual harrassment in the comments thread. It’s creepy, it’s predatory, and it’s *only* funny assuming a toxic perspective in which the cis male gaze gets to voyeuristically follow everyone into the bedroom with no question of consent.

            What I do see here, though, is a narrative where we all must be super careful not to offend the poor fragile feelings of the dude who thinks it was fine to assault all of our feelings with this “joke”. Which we’re socialized to do, men must be appeased when they get angry!!! etc, but it’s actually part of the problem because they are so used to that they see anything else as exaggerated hostility. And apparently so do some of us.

            Micah did a really awful, harmful thing, and hasn’t given anyone a real apology for more than blowing up your comments thread, that I’ve seen. Nor shown any sign of understanding the nature of the offense. We are not obliged to minimize the harm done by toxic, entitled perspectives, whether they’re woobifying Max or making the comments thread unsafe for people who have trauma around vaginas.

          • Thanks for the feedback.

            I personally didn’t read the original post as intentional harassment, myself, but rather as a by-product of the massive societal objectification of women. I didn’t think Micah’s comment was pleasant or appropriate and I don’t consider it funny by any stretch, but at the time it read to me as if he literally didn’t realise how offensive he was being. It seemed phrased in a manner which led me to believe he had no ill intent (despite the massive damage and harm the end result was capable of). In comparison many people in the comments section criticised what he wrote while making direct attacks both to his intentions and his actual person. Overreaction was probably the wrong term for this; but I did feel he wasn’t given much to work with by those responses, if trying to understand where he’d messed up.

            I thoroughly agree that Micah’s post required correction, criticism, and shutting down in response, which is why even though I missed the original furore I replied to him myself specifically to make it clear he didn’t have the OP’s support either. The reason mine was longer and less directly critical was because I also wished to provide him with a straightforward explanation of what he did to cause offence, from a voice that he might listen to rather than, indeed, automatically discount as hostile. If the comment is creepy and predatory but the commenter seems unaware, perhaps unintentionally engaging with that mindset due to his own patriarchal socialisation, then it’s worth trying to explain what is wrong and why alongside telling the commenter how badly they’ve messed up. Other people had already told Micah the latter (or vehemently defended him, for some reason) so as I was writing the above I thought I’d try doing the former, once, before scrapping the whole thing.

            This wasn’t an attempt to minimise the harm done, coming from aberrant socialisation or some misplaced fear, but a legitimate desire of mine for calm discourse where it might be possible to exist. While we shouldn’t have to curb our words in order to be heard it sometimes helps with comprehension of intent online. If it has ended up doing what was not intended then obviously it wasn’t adequately crafted.

            I’m very annoyed now to see that his original comment has been altered to condemn those who spoke out against what he did wrong rather than actually taking account of anything we’ve said. The above was written prior to me seeing that change and I figured he deserved at least one chance to be part of a better outcome should he happen to listen. Obviously if he still doesn’t get the point or concede an apology, my assessment of the original was too generous!

          • Shweta Narayan

            Ah I misread your post, I’m sorry.

            And yeah, I doubt it was intentional harassment either, even now — the response is kind of typical of someone who’s surprised and indignant at being called out for something they assumed was ok. I was talking about the effect rather than the intent, and should have been clearer about that.

            Of course, when I’m able to write clearly I’m also generally able to understand what other people say clearly…

          • I completely agree.

            Don’t worry, I appreciate that you read what I replied with!

            Intentions matter but they’re almost impossible to handle online. Unfortunately shooting down the original too hard can too easily create matching hurt and offence on the other side – not being acquainted with anyone else or able to read tones and faces, the culprit also has no idea of their victims’ intentions but naturally assumes them to be bad due to the emnity already on display. Even if they see the harm they’ve done, they’re automatically defensive, which then has to fought against to apologise as there’s no guarantee it will still be heeded and well received. They definitely still *should* fight through that defensiveness anyway but that effort becomes rarer.

            Additionally should they not see where they messed up they’re more likely to empathise with anyone who defended them from the harsh response (Kai for example) and listen solely to their posts instead – which is one reason I try to keep mine vaguely balanced-sounding in almost all cases, because it means both sides pay some attention and issues are easier to get across safely. It’s not the right answer to every situation but when a situation requires ire and loud declamation others usually step in to add those parts seperately πŸ˜‰

          • Stephanie’s response sums the place my comment came from up rather more succinctly than I was able to;

            “Even though I don’t necessarily think the original poster had malicious intentions” — “their comment did carry unfortunate implications given this historical context, and it’s important for people to be made aware of that context. It simply isn’t possible to divorce casual jokes about hymen breakage from that history of male ownership and control over women’s sexuality.” (And therefore I wanted to add to that without appearing to react as though it was definitely intentional.)

          • Tylikcat

            I thought the original comment was rooted in teenage locker room humor… and it’s locker room humor that itself is deeply rooted in some pretty dark parts of are culture that are unfortunately alive and kicking – as demonstrated! And by the time I commented the OP was a ton of posts in, and doing the “Why are you all piling on, can’t you take a joke?” thing. (There were many other phases that occurred later, of course.)

            I usually try for a fair bit of precision in my language, and rarely find myself being taken in quite so inflammatory a way. Often when I am, especially if I feel like there’s been a misunderstanding, I rush to apologize. If I feel like the point is to mop up the tears of someone who wants to be reassured that they are misunderstood… yeah, just not my priority. I’m afraid I found this whole incident pretty hilarious.

          • I understand. Unfortunately I didn’t see any of the OP’s other posts when I replied, the threads weren’t fully extended. Only the slew of understandable rage responses. I figured that if he didn’t know what he’d done wrong, yet, he wasn’t going to be easy to speak to by that point.

    • Tylikcat

      That’s… darn. (Especially since limb replacement present its own problems, since they are unlikely to be structurally identical.) One of the things I love about how Lisa has been drawn is that she avoids the magic disability fix thing – she has a great prosthetic that she made herself, because that’s her thing.* But the way she is drawn, she’s clearly doing a lot with her pelvis to accommodate her prosthetic – it’s awesome, but.

      The scenario you outline, if feasible (and there are all kinds of issues) becomes even weirder if they became lovers. Like whoa. “I would give my right arm to make you happy. Or, y’know leg. Whatever.”

      …but going back to your first point – would she even want that? Even in a best case scenario?

      * And lower limb prosthetics operate under a different set of constraints than do upper limb ones, and weight and power is always an issue if you’re wanting spiffy ones…

      • Sorry about that, heh. I’ve had something of a terrible fortnight (month). Getting rather existential and philosophical on people across the internet. I like the question, though. Perhaps she’s actually fully self-affirmed and would never trade by this point, perhaps she’d love the opportunity but would never ask, possibly she’s interested despite herself and despises that perceived remaining weakness and self-dislike. It may even have a bearing on the attraction she feels for Feral as the world’s most unbridledly physical force of nature. Or, not. Most likely whatever feelings she has or may have on this subject are at least a bit conflicted.

        I love Lisa as a technically-disabled character who is in fact stronger and more capable than the majority of people due to what she’s done to overcome the struggles she’s had. As someone with physical issues myself it’s nice to see them overcome in this way. I’d rather not see that altered for the sake of a magical miracle cure – the representation is just too good as it is. But were she a real and full person rather than a drawn character, she’d definitely have at least given the matter some kind of thought.

        • Tylikcat

          Oh, I think it’s a brilliant question. And kind of a natural one. Just, also messed up!

          • Shweta Narayan

            Yeah and way better thought than I was just flailing at a few minutes ago πŸ™‚

        • Shweta Narayan

          …in this aspect Lisa and Tara kinda provide a mirror to Max and Al, don’t they? One could assume that Tara has what Lisa wanted most. But like you (I’m also mobility impaired to some extent, tho by chronic pain rather than structural issue) I hope there’s no magical solution.

          I also hope Lisa’s response hints at what Max’s might have been if he were a decent person πŸ™‚

          • Mine is mostly chronic pain as well – unfortunately that comes along with dislocations and muscle spasms as well as an underactive thyroid. The combination leads to weight gain, swelling, locked movement, occasionally unuseable legs. Nothing so bad as Lisa but it’s a hassle.

            I completely agree; Max shouldn’t be condemning and torturing Al with his own axes of high privilege simply because he’s lacking the ones he actually notices or cares about. Especially since the reason he doesn’t consider the others so important is because he enjoys their benefits already by default.

          • Shweta Narayan

            owie that sounds like… well, like a pain XD

            It’s fibro + something else that stops my muscles from relaxing, here. What doesn’t work is a new surprise every day.

            And yeah I’m looking forward to seeing all the ways Lisa isn’t Max πŸ™‚ Because I didn’t catch the parallel at first, but now that I see it I doubt it was accidental, y’know? themes and variations ripple through the comic.

            (side note, if you don’t see upvotes from me it’s cause disqus messes that up from the notifications tab and I’m too tired to go to the main page)

          • Hey, another fibr-y! A few of my IRL friends have the same thing. It’s .. well, awful, but I understand what you mean.
            Apologies myself for the constant edits. I’m not really prepared to express myself in *this* much detail today but I’m trying regardless..

    • Shweta Narayan

      YEAH this is what I’ve been wondering. Like for one thing I do not think Paladin’s response will be all Feral wants, if she lands in front of her with a sickening crunch.

  • Dirka

    Lisa: entrance 10, follow up -3.

  • Walter

    Heeyyyyy pretty lady.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    If this was an anime, panel-2 Feral and Alison would be taken out of context as proof that it had terrible animation quality.

    • Rugains Fleuridor

      *takes screenshot of background characters in one frame*

  • HanoverFist

    I’m glad to see Feral appreciates the appeal of pretty ladies on motorcycles.

    • Tylikcat

      The way a mountain lion in a tree appreciates a deer… O_O

      • HanoverFist

        I’ll bet Paladin is into that.

        • Tylikcat

          I don’t know if she’s totally comfortable with her own kinks.

  • She is way too comfortable about mutilating herself

    • Stephanie

      Yeah, she could have stuck literally anything in the tailpipe. I think she may have been showing off a bit at the time.

      • Zac Caslar

        Or she’s bluffing to gross Allison out.
        Bit of the braggart to the hero, perhaps. =]

      • Weatherheight

        Context is very, very important in this thread.
        Reading Stephanie’s post first left me a bit confused.

      • Izo

        She couldn’t have stuck a banana in the tailpipe. People are wise for that sort of thing nowadays.


    • zarawesome

      The temptation to solve all problems in life with chopped off limbs is daunting.

  • Rugains Fleuridor

    -Target acquired-

  • Superfrick

    I’m really digging Paladin’s custom bike there. Because that’s the sort of thing I’d use super-engineering on if it were my power. I’d build improbably large and awesome motorcycles. πŸ˜€

    • JohnTomato

      It would be a better use of your talents to design very large earrings that would fit under a full face helmet.

      • Superfrick

        Sorry, too busy inventing pants that fit the same at home as they do in the shop. Ask me again next week.

        • 12th

          You’re the real hero of this story.

        • JohnTomato

          Don’t stop at the sweets shop on the way home and that problem may cure itself.

      • Weatherheight

        Those are nice earrings, aren’t they?
        Sharp eyes.

        • Shweta Narayan

          +1! though i think they wouldn’t have any problem under a helmet, they’d just rotate a bit to fit. Now, large circular earrings might take super-engineering.

    • Charles Moore

      I wonder how many feet you’d have to jam in the tailpipe to stall it out?

      • Hawthorne

        The bank robbers come rushing out to their getaway car only to find the interior packed to the brim with severed hands and feet.

        • palmvos

          fortunately the robbers were British….

    • HanoverFist

      I’ll bet she has a Honda Valkyrie somewhere in her shop. It’s already huge and it has no less than six tailpipes, so it’d should be Feral-proof (or at least Feral-resistant).

      • Zac Caslar

        I always kinda wanted a Valkyrie.

  • kepod

    D’aww… Paladin’s motorcycle star matches Feral’s shirt star. Here’s hoping these two aren’t star-crossed… (:

  • Rugains Fleuridor

    Oh hey, I just noticed the tails of Feral’s speech bubbles on the balcony are wispy, resembling cigarette smoke!

    • scottfree

      I figure it’s her Louisiana (?) drawl. It’s a neat way for showing her accent.

      • Weatherheight

        I like it.
        Of course, those might not be cigarettes…
        Drug Humor!

        • palmvos

          you drug that joke from somewhere….

  • 12th

    Quick, Alison, while Feral’s distracted… GO TO SLEEP.

  • Psile

    ‘Literally could have flown you down.’ – Alison probably
    ‘And ruin my entrance?’ – Feral probably

    • Urthman

      It’s not too late for Alison to catch her in the next panel.

      I picture Paladin brought up short by Alison suddenly standing in front of her. “Alison!”
      Next panel: THUMP! Feral lands in Alison’s arms with a leering grin. “Hey, Lisa. Sup?”

      • Arkone Axon

        Alison no fly now. Alison sleep now. Sleep…

  • Alexander

    To be fair, if you know how to land, it’ll likely not break a leg there. And since Feral knows she can’t be permanently damaged and has no problem cutting off her own foot to use as a weapon, she’s probably practiced jumping off high things a fair bit more than any normal person

    • Weatherheight

      Save the cheerleader, save the world.

  • Stephanie Gertsch

    Feral: basically Deadpool.

  • Weatherheight

    Sweet ride, Lisa.
    The star is a bit much, though.

    • Zac Caslar

      She’s the Lonely Wolf.

      • HanoverFist

        Or a Steven Universe fan.

        • Izo

          Or in Alison’s universe, all lesbians have to have a star featured somewhere on their vehicles or clothing (if they have no vehicle) as part of the law.

          But seriously – anyone notice Feral has the same type of star on her shirt as Paladin does on her motorcycle?

          • Lysiuj

            “all lesbians”
            So yeah, Steven Universe.
            (“Alison’s universe” = Steven’s Universe)

          • Izo

            “(“Alison’s universe” = Steven’s Universe)”

            Okay, now you’ve peaked my interest in positing this theory.

          • Lysiuj

            I mainly just took advantage of ‘Alison’s universe’ in your comment, too good to pass up when writing a Steven Universe joke.
            But you’re welcome to theorize about this to your heart’s content, I won’t complain πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie

    That’s pretty adorable. Though I’m about ready to smack Alison for STILL NOT SLEEPING.

    • Lysiuj

      It looks like evening – I think she did finally get some sleep.

      • Stephanie

        The reason I don’t think she slept is because on the last page we see her falling asleep, Feral immediately invites her to keep her company while she smokes on the balcony, and then the first panel of the following page Alison is keeping her company while she smokes on the balcony.

        • Lysiuj

          Ah, ok. Makes sense.

          • Weatherheight

            Shhhh.. she’s sleeping.

            Way up in the sky, the little birds fly…

          • Lysiuj

            This page is actually Alison’s dream. She’s been a Feraladin shipper all along!

          • palmvos

            at this point i think we need Samuel Jackson reading the go the ___ to sleep book. fortunately we have YouTube!

          • Shweta Narayan

            quick, while Feral’s distracted!

            :Al falls asleep on the balcony leaning on the railings:

            Not that qui— ok you’re indestructable sure fine sleep like that why not

  • Eva SmiljaniΔ‡

    Feral and her casual attitude towards amputation is insane. I mean, it still hurts.
    Also, maaaaan Paladin got cold feet πŸ˜€

    • Eric Meyer

      Well, one cold foot. It’s made of metal! She can’t help it!

      • Dean

        Maybe Feral could give her a donor foot. Trading body parts is more of a third date thing, though.

  • Amanda

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    • Mechwarrior

      Well, you can, but they’re both really good at tracking.

      • Weatherheight

        so.. run but can’t hide. Got it.

    • Tsapki

      I’m not proud of how thatcomment immediately brought this to my mind.


  • Soqoma


  • a person

    The colours in this page look so good

    • Weatherheight

      I am rather partial to the clouds in that first panel and how wonderfully they both contrast with the foreground and also tie the panel together.

      And the variations on the theme in the following panels is also very nice.

  • Dawn Smashington

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    • Dawn Smashington


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      They’ll have to go back to Lisa’s place, then.

      • Tylikcat

        This is Feral. I’m think stairway, hall, alley…

        • Mechwarrior

          Which is probably going to interfere with Alison’s napping capability.

          • Tylikcat

            Well, Feral did say she was going to need her own digs.

        • palmvos

          Feral has shown that she can operate in society. so it is likely she can contain her appetite until she is in private. some meals are not to be shared…
          however i doubt that feral will have the patience for a ‘traditional’ or romcom courtship where the couple plays dumb and stupid for comedic effect.

          • Tylikcat

            One can find privacy in such locations, with a little imagination. I always found comfort more lacking.

          • palmvos

            I bow to you superior experience.

  • Hiram

    Everyone’s flipping out about how Feral’s willing to break her legs here, but that’s nothing to Feral. No, the reason you can tell Feral is serious – she threw away her cig. THAT is serious business, people.

  • Jaja

    I ship this hard!!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Even with super regen, showing to your date all bloody from leftover broken feet and legs probably isn’t the best thing ? πŸ™‚

  • mschief

    Dang. Came to comment about Feral’s tank top matching the red star on Paladin’s bike; instead got sucked into reading about Eastern v Western martial arts and the historical/cultural significance of hymens.

    Y’all are a great bunch.

  • Merle

    Someone got a cruuu~uuush…