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Hello, dear readers! First off, thank you so much for your time, readership and support, we at SFP cannot express how grateful and appreciative we are of our fans. Second, if we could direct your attention to the link below this text block, I would beg you to click through and take a look.

The link leads to the kickstarter project for the next volume in Starstruck, the ground-breaking comic by Elaine Lee & Mike Kaluta. Ms. Lee, in addition to being the most talented writer currently working in comics, is also the mom of the guy who writes this web comic you’re reading right now.

It would be a personal favor to the creators of this comic if you’d take a moment to watch the video. It would be an even bigger favor if you would consider sharing the project on social media, or even perhaps contributing a small amount to one of the most important and entertaining works of art in modern comics.

We put out Strong Female Protagonist for free (although we do have a donate button, and those of you who have used it are incredible and we cannot thank you enough for your generosity), but it’s worth pointing out that this comic would not exist in any form if its writer had not been raised, also free of charge, by the amazing Elaine Lee. If we can get personal for a second, the commandment “write good girl characters” was once given by a great mom to her teenaged son, and it is the result of those words that appears on this website every Tuesday and Friday.

Thanks for your time and your support. You guys are the greatest.


Brennan & Molly

P.S. Also, if you are reading this and are unmoved by human emotion but love great comic books, you should donate and share too. Seriously, Starstruck is awesome.


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