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  • Sounding a little supervillain-y there, Allison. Maybe spending more time around Patrick isn’t the best idea.

  • John

    Good guy Brad doesn’t give out personal information: it’s private, Allison!!!

    • Markus

      I kinda think there’s a sliding scale of personal information. On one end is the shitty burner email you give out to basically everyone, on the other end is your social, or like your home address where your toddler is sleeping right now or something. Not giving out an email address once you’re sure Alison is an actual meat person who actually knows Mary it’s a little odd. Not necessarily bad odd, but still odd.

      • Insanenoodlyguy

        No, see, Mary asked Brad not to share with anybody. Allison being real doesn’t change that.

        • Markus

          To clarify, I’m saying that Mary telling Brad to give out nothing is also odd. We know why she’s doing that, but I honestly think that’s a red flag in context for Alison too.

          • Insanenoodlyguy

            Not necessarily. Lets assume you want a break with your old life. “I’m out of this thing Brad. You’re cool, but don’t share this with any of our old ‘friends’, k? I don’t want to talk to any of them.” She could say something like that and not seem all that suspicious at all.

          • John

            Exactly! Just because Allison is Mega Girl, doesn’t mean that she gets to play NSA and violate others rights. Let’s remember that she’s a firefighter, not a police woman, and certainly not some neo-noire detective.

          • Lostman

            at the rate things are going she have to be.

          • KatherineMW

            Asking for the phone number or email of an old friend (even one you haven’t spoken to for a bit) is hardly acting like the NSA. It’s a pretty normal request.

  • Lostman

    Alison at this point I really believe should dawn a tench coat and go Dresden on Mary @#$.

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      Keep in mind she’s got nothing. No address, no location. A quick glimpse little bit of a face that might or might not have been Moonshadow, but that’s not a lot. And somebody she trusts has told her Moonshadow was looked at by the powers that be and there’s no way it’s her. Doesn’t change what she saw, but it leaves a lot of doubt. Though she’s probably thinking Patrick could clear up a lot of that one way or another real fast. And might be pretty good dealing with her in a fight for that matter.

      • Lostman

        Ok true… I forget about that… I believe I point too… ok here a question; were Mary parents in all this?

  • Emmy

    The lights are a nice dorm room touch. Incidentally, I wonder if Alison’s RA is completely terrified of her.

    So, let’s imagine that’s an instant response to Alison by Patrick. If so, I can’t help but wonder what the effective range of his powers is. Surely he’s in the same boat as everyone else in regards to his powers getting “worse.” Did he answer really fast … or did he know the text was being written?

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      I think it’s more likely that Patrick just put’s Alison as a top priority. Whatever he was doing, once his phone gave him the chime that was hers, he was answering it.

      • Meghan

        I don’t know though – he doesn’t seem like he’s been making her a priority recently does it?

    • Dean

      I thought Alison lived in an apartment, rather than a dorm.

  • R

    I don’t think I understand what the shadow mural is. Is it just the embodiment of her thinking of Patrick?

    • Donald Simmons

      When Allison chanced upon Rat way back when he was in the process of painting one, I assume to remind people that his old boss was still out there (as far as he knew). We’ve seen a few others scattered around.

      • Henry Cannon

        Yeah, but it’s not Patrick being Nemisis this time around.

    • Liz

      It’s what Menace’s followers graffiti on buildings. It’s a reference to his speech which interrupted the president’s address to the nation revealing biodynamism.

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      We know those murals are up around town, I think it’s more the mural made her think about Patrick. A viable if not entirely moral option. Though she’s probably at least telling herself she’s doing this to cross Moonshadow off the list. Patrick would be able to wrap up Allison’s “Did I see what I think I saw” question pretty fast if he got close enough. That sounds a lot better then “disrespect the privacy of the person who does not want to talk to me”

  • Subbak

    So she has Brad/Sonar’s last name in here contact information, but not Patrick’s? Is it because Patrick never gave her his last name? Or because they’re really closer than we thought?

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      It seems pretty obvious that Allison at least wants to be close. Remember that poor vending machine?

    • scottfree

      It might be a deniability thing. Isn’t Patrick rich/influential in his civilian life? No one would wonder why you had a “Bill” in your contact list, but a “Bill Gates” might get noticed.

    • MrSokar

      Also I wonder if Brads name is a reference to Ren and Stimpy, as his head does have some resemblance to Ren.

  • Donald Simmons

    The “…or else.” is implied.

  • SunshineDuk

    Looks like Violet finally moved out! Interesting. Guess everything with Miles wound up making all her shitty activism suddenly a little too close to home, literally?

    • S.I. Rosenbaum

      wow, yeah, what happened to Violet?

      • Insanenoodlyguy

        S^&* got crazy. Then it got crazier.

      • Meghan

        I’m assuming it had to do with Allison calling her out on not trying to intervene at the party.

        • Sabriel

          It was really fast, though, and it seems to have happened off-screen. I wonder what exactly happened? I am assuming we will find out.

        • ampg

          But they were still living together until the video of Alison at the party came out, which is the same day Miles was killed. If today’s page takes place the same day as her doctor’s appointment, then Clevin is still in the hospital, which means it’s only been a few days since then. So it definitely happened suddenly.

          • Meghan

            Ah, yeah I forgot about that. Maybe she’s tired of the press and the drama? I bet we’ll find out soon.

      • Markus

        She was just so unpopular with the fanbase that reality wrote her out of existence.

        • Johan

          That is pretty awesome. I’m gonna go with your explanation XD

        • Mechwarrior

          Spontaneous existence failure!

      • John

        She’s probably out getting wasted and causing other people problems. She is literally the worst kind of friend. and she’s clingy, too, so don’t celebrate her departure too soon.

  • Sabriel

    Constructive criticism:

    I don’t like the way you’re formatting text messages on this page. The speech bubble about the cell phone is too far away from the phone, and the texts between Alison/Brad should look the same as the text she’s composing to Patrick. You’ve done texting in this comic before and it has felt natural, but this page is a little awkward.

    Full disclosure: I’m not an artist or anything. You can ignore me. 😛

    • MrSing

      Agreed, it was pretty confusing for me too.

    • DataByne

      I’m pretty sure the first set here are emails, not texts.

  • Insanenoodlyguy

    That’s silly. If she’s going to go supervillian-y, who better to spend time with then the man best able to give her pointers? 😛

    • Johan

      The world is so doomed if those two go villain together ^^

  • ampg

    OK, I don’t get the alt-text. Help?

    • Shino

      Her messages… also… hit super strong? Like… she does? Because… Patrick responed fast – okay fuck this I got nothing. I don’t get it either.

  • MrSing

    A superhero asking an ex-supervillain for a favour?
    Oof! That’s like dangling heroin in front of a recovering junkie.

    • This will totally be a heroic favour. According to the government, spying on people is fine if it’s for the greater good. And you can’t argue with the government. They write the rules.

  • Insanenoodlyguy

    Has there been anything he’s shot her down for? Other then the one obvious machine breaking thing Allison would like and he would rather not?

  • Perlite

    Those desks look exactly like the ones I have in my dorm! Looks like Allison has a single for now, can’t say I’m too bummed about Violet leaving.

  • Let’s hope that Ali is smart enough to start thinking about what drove Mary into all of this, and wanting Patrick for confirmation.

  • STL

    I must say, I love the writing here. Alison drops any attempts at making small talk when texting Patrick, since in person he’s used to his telepathy letting him immediately know what someone wants. A wonderful bit of background flavor, introduced without being lampshaded.

  • Jack Lostthenames Warren

    There’s no clearer way to tell that two friends are out of touch when their texts are written with PERFECT SYNTAX.

  • TheGonzoMD .

    Yeah… really not liking the haircut. Particularly how the hair just flops over the top of her head. I’d have gone whole hog and just had it cut short.

    • MrSokar

      I wonder if it might be related to Molly having a very similar cut in her photo on her website.

  • Timothy O’Brien

    This is proof that Patrick isn’t bad in the Supervillain business. He’s actually got time to respond to texts.

  • Some guy

    I love it that Alison only offered to help Sonar as a way to try to get Moonshadow’s info. It’s even better if you think she knew ahead of time he’d have no real spot for her other than maybe moving something heavy.

  • Shino

    Then why are her things gone?

  • Sabriel

    In panel 1, her phone lights up and it says “Text from Brad Hoek.”

    In panel 2, she’s looking at her phone while she reads the exchange.

    I also considered that they might be emails. That was actually my first thought, because they’re so formal and she *is* using her laptop, but it has to be a text conversation because it says “text” and the phone is being emphasized.

  • Shjade

    It is a great touch, though I do wonder why she gave him a time limit on responding.

    • Sabriel

      Wasn’t she waiting around for a text from him at some point? I should really reread the comic. Maybe she gave the time limit to convey urgency?

      It was rude. I’d be taken aback, but Patrick will probably roll with it. STL had a good point that I didn’t even consider.

  • Keith

    My reply in those situations is “ok cool, please give her my number and let her know that I’d like to talk with her.” And then assume she’s a murderer if I don’t hear back within 48 hours.

    I’m constantly surprised by the number of murderers I meet

  • Mystery girl

    The shadow is baAack…

  • MrSokar

    I guess I saw it more part of Alison’s blatant way of voicing her opinions usually before thinking through and generally being very upfront about her mind. On a sidenote trying to use your friends to get information is not cool.

  • Brad is Sonar, right?