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  • screechfox

    gosh, poor alison. this sure has been a Day for her, hasn’t it?

    on the other hand, mindscape feral is literally the cutest thing i have ever seen.

    • Ophidiophile

      Agreed. Is this how Feral sees herself? Or how Allison imagines her? From who’s mind does cute Feral spring from? (Be hilarious if it was Patrick.)

  • Weatherheight

    Now there’s a true friend, kicking you while you’re down and sucking the wind out of the one thing you lucked into and got right. Cause we wouldn’t take it from anyone else…

    • Tylikcat

      The worst bit is she did try. I do wonder if Gurwara was an illusion or not? (I’m not sure yet if there isn’t some kind of underlying honesty to Patrick’s mindscape – he can mislead, but can he outright deceive? Harder to say.)

      • Darkfeather21

        Guwara was my favorite part of the comic, so I’m really hoping that plot thread doesn’t just get dropped.

        • Tylikcat

          Me too. My sense is that were Patrick’s mind infinitely malleable in terms of creating illusion, a lot of what we just saw wouldn’t have made much sense. (Also, it’s just so much more of an interesting story if we’re looking at a ground level truth, even as cindPatrick is being awful.)

        • JeffH

          No chance. I’d bet my house Guwara is coming back.

      • Weatherheight

        One of the things I love about Tara is her ability to gently point out that which Alison does not want to examine too closely and helps her to face it.
        Pretty sure that’s Tara’s REAL superpower – one I wish I had.

  • Gotham

    “I am so glad you’re not judging my dreamscape feline form”
    “And /I/ am so glad you’re dressed for this”

    • Mechwarrior

      “Judging? Do you have any idea how much restraint it’s taking to not glomp you when you look like that?”

      • Zorae42

        OwO What’s this?

  • zarawesome

    “Do you at least wanna make out”

    • Jac

      “In your dre- oh…. uh. I guess”

  • Julio Lopez

    Clevin gonna wake them up.

    • Selcaby

      I wonder what Clevin’s mind is like.

      • Elaine

        A kids’ birthday party with face-painting, clowns, and a bouncy castle.

        • Tylikcat

          And him a movie buff? I’m going for a strange sweet sort of noire.

          • Ladon

            I’d be inclined to agree. And as a noir fan, I’d REALLY like to see that.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “Oh, right, goldtooth ran away with them, didn’t he”

  • Natsumeg

    was going back to the last time Alison and Patrick were together…Patrick was researching mind control. I’m sure this was already brought up by several people, but I’m just making the connections now. I wonder if this would have anything to do with the good ol’ professor.

  • Natsumeg

    I have a crazy hypothesis. The reason he was researching into time travel. The reason his mother is intentionally grayed out. The door he doesn’t want to go behind. I think the flashbacks/projections we got at the very beginning of the chapter was the mom saying “break me as fast as you can. I’m trying to kill you. One day you’ll put me back together”. I wonder if all these things are related.

    It makes me wonder how much of Patrick’s own memories are real, to himself. And if everything we saw was indeed the truth, what another knife to the ribs. That maybe after all this time, despite all the abuse that woman inflicted on Patrick, there’s nothing he would want more than to go back in time to stop himself from killing her.

    • Mechwarrior

      You sure it’s not to go back in time and save his younger self from her? Because that would seem more reasonable a goal.

      • Tylikcat

        And it’s a really interesting one, because it would potentially save the world from Menace.

        • But if it saved the world from Menace, who would then stop the conspiracy?

          Time loops, got to hate them love them hate them lov….

          • GreatWyrmGold

            Future!Menace, of course!

      • Natsumeg

        I think that’s a really good point. It makes a lot more sense than my 3am ramblings xD

        • Mechwarrior

          Ah, 3am ramblings. Yes, I’m familiar with having those.

          • When a giant fighting robot goes for 3am ramblings, I expect significant property damage.

    • Walex B

      I think that the figure of his mother is grayed out because he does not want to remember her. Note that his father, whose thoughts were were worried nice to Patrick during the dinner, was not greyed out.
      The door that was shut was probably the “door in the barrier” that Boy Patrick said Alison had opened by being nice and attracted to Adult Patrick, and that Boy Patrick wanted to keep closed because being emotional mean being weak.

      • Natsumeg

        ohhhh that’s a really good observation. I guess it would make sense that what’s behind the door was all the emotional ramifications and negative fallout he doesn’t have the tools to deal with, at least not without proper support and care. Something he believes he lost when Alison broke ties to him.

  • zellgato

    Somehow I feel like this is going to end with Clevin crying and strangling the psychic.
    no clue why.
    also.. Feral is super duper calm in that form

    • Difficult to freak out when you’re unconscious!

      • zellgato

        I dunno.. Dream Me has had some epic freak outs that real life me wish he could’ve had.

  • Walter

    Sad trombone…

  • Tom O.

    I love that’s I had no idea this was coming. I wonder if drugging Patrick would make the return trip less fraught.

    • GreatWyrmGold

      Drugging the psychic before using his powers to muck about in his mind? Sounds a bit like pouring soda on the TF2 server to make your payload run easier.

  • Philip Bourque

    No idea what she was doing, no plan, no way to get out and nothing but improv. Is it any wonder everything went pear shaped from the start.

  • R Lex Eaton

    I smell a mental return in the form of a good old fashioned TEAM UP!

  • Zorae42

    Quick Alison, go back through the portal with Feral before it closes!

  • Dave Jacke

    Anyone else think that Gurwara is an older Patrick that came back in time after figuring out how to time travel, per chance?

    • Walex B

      I have this suspicion because while Young Adult Patrick is a bit gaunt and with long hair, Boy Patrick has a much rounder face with short hair, and Gurwara looks like a bit like a much older version of Boy Patrick.

    • Walex B

      BTW as to resemblance, there is another interesting detail: Patrick’s father in page 64 looks nothing like Patrick: he is blond blue eyed and fairly square/massive. Patrick is black haired, has brown eyes, and is more rounded and smaller. But we don’t know what his mother looks like (she must have brown eyes and black hair too) except that she is called Claudia.
      Also note that in page 64 his father thought of him with worried by loving thoughts, and of his wife as a psychotic bitch, and Boy Patrick seems never to have though that he had not been rejected by his father, and indeed in that memory his father is fully remembered, while his mother’s memory is blotted out.
      I suspect that there is more to Patrick’s background than shown so far.

    • The completely different skin colour argues against it.

    • Robbie X Pierce

      I hope not, only because I loved his backstory so much.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    “…Also, do ya have any idea how you’re gonna get out of my head?”
    “I’ve got a couple of possibilities, but I’m mostly banking on Patrick waking up and getting me out.”