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  • Blaaarg

    Clever girl…

  • Expecting an invisible girl to show her outline … smart plan, doubt she’s still lurking around though, probably long gone …

  • Markus

    Here’s hoping we get to see if Moonshadow’s knife is really made from synthetic Cleaver tumors in a couple panels.

  • Draconomial

    Woah, that’s fast thinking. Really shows off her experience.

  • Ryan Thompson

    Need some dust? Easy when you’re strong enough to grind anything to dust with your bare hands! It’s so creative you can hardly call it destruction.

    • Forecaster71

      Probably not anything, but drywall certainly!

    • zophah

      Actually, I believe that is just drywall.

      • Ryan Thompson

        Probably, but would the result have been different if it was concrete?

        • Actually, now that I look at the art, that looks more like concrete. If it was a PSU residence hall, it would definitely be concrete – 85% of our old halls were brutalist concrete-and-steel cubes, cold as hell in the winter – but are the New School’s residence halls purpose-built or just repurposed housing stock?

          • Taylor

            Cured concrete would have been greyer, as well as contained rock and gravel aggregate. The exception would have been dyed Mason’s Mix, but there would be no reason to use that for a wall you are painting over

            Which is somewhat unfortunate, as pulverized concrete dust in the face is almost as effective as pepper spray. Depending on when this school was built though, chances are it’s just drywall with a better than average chance of containing asbestos, so Moonshadow will probably develop mesothelioma in thirty years or so. Take that, criminals!

    • Tzivya


  • Timothy O’Brien

    Oh crap…Alison knows it’s Mooonshadow. Has she done this sort of thing before?

    • I don’t think Alison knows it’s Moonshadow specifically, but I do think she realizes that the killer is still in the room and is invisible to the naked eye. With superpowered villains being what she learned to fight first, it makes sense that she’d know how to counteract other people’s powers. That, and I’m sure Moonshadow isn’t the only person with invisibility in the world. It’s good thinking on Alison’s part… but I’m hoping it doesn’t backfire.

    • Sabe Jones

      Naw, she just knows it’s “the Invisible Slasher,” which is quite sufficient for her training about fighting invisible opponents to kick in.

  • Ms.Schiff

    Damn, she’s smart.

  • Sterling Ericsson

    Best method for fighting an invisible opponent (and or one that can move so fast as to be invisible).

  • Matthew Wiltshire

    Ohhh clever!

  • Simeon

    I love when Allison shows her superhero experience.

  • Subbak

    Smart Alison is smart. If she thought of this on the spot, I’m impressed.

    More realistically, I guess the spent some time thinking how to best fight different types of superpowers she might not be prepared for, and invisibility is a pretty big one, especially when one of your teammates is invisible.
    Or maybe they used to spar together.
    Or maybe she just trained herself to think really fast in situations like that, without thinking up all the scenarios in advance.

    • Softy

      It reminds me of the time that fashion designer who teleports went to visit Feral in the hospital. Practically the instant he appeared, Alison tackled him on instinct. So I suspect they spent a lot of time training for quick reactions to special abilities like this.

      • Pol Subanajouy

        Al’s battlefield experience has shone through a couple of times now. It fits that she’s not a little girl anymore. I get the feeling that she learned a lot of things through just living through them and being smart enough to pick up on them right away. It’s kind of what I love about Alison.

        • Dean

          It kind of creeps me out. Tights and cape stuff aside, Alison is pretty much a former child soldier.

          • I think that really is a big part of the story here, and likely to become a bigger part with moonshadow, they ARE former soldiers, and all the parallells to returning vietnam/iraq/afghanistan vets are in play, along with the whole, teenagers at the time, part of it.

          • Markus

            Weirdly, the tights and cape actually make it more messed up in my mind. Like at least the people who make child soldiers in real life have the common decency to make them look as horrifying as the process actually is. With Alison someone somewhere who decided on her ‘brand’ chose v neck sweaters and a Catholic schoolgirl skirt.

            Sexualizing a fifteen year old whose job involves murdering people is some next level creeping.

    • motorfirebox

      Probably a combination of classroom learning, training, and experience. Remember when the teleporter showed up in issue 3, and Alison tackled him without even thinking about it? Not only did she know exactly what to do against a teleporter, she executed it instantly and she had the strategy boiled down to a single short sentence. More than anything, Alison reminds me of an old soldier. Learning, training, and experience are how soldiers get to be old.

    • John Smith

      I like the caution she’s showing, but Moonshadow’s probably long gone. At least, I hope so… 🙁

      • Marika Oniki

        I dunno, the kill looked pretty fresh. As far as I could see, there wasn’t even blood pooling on the ground yet.

      • Ryan Thompson

        You just can’t see her because your vision is a bit blurry. Wait, no, I got that backwards.

    • Ryan Thompson

      It’s probably a combination of training and quick thinking. Training says to dust invisibles, but I doubt they taught using the building itself as a handy source of dust. Using buildings as tools is kind of Alison’s thing.

  • David Nuttall

    Somebody knows what she is looking for. If she isn’t there, all you did was contaminate the crime-scene.
    Crime scene investigator: And for some reason, everything is covered in concrete dust.
    Detective: Yeah, that was covered in the witness statements.

    Crime scene investigator: Maybe so, but it making my job a lot harder.

    • Did we get some reason why Alison would know or suspect that Moonshadow’s gone Dexter for rapists? I mean, we’ve had a front-row seat for her vigilante-gone-serial-killer routine, but Alison’s been doing real world student-type things, supposedly.

    • Sabriel

      Tandry Connors: …. covered in dust, thwarting the investigation. Was Mega Girl tampering with evidence, or is she merely incompetent and out of control? We ask a panel of experts, tonight at nine!

      (Spoiler: Furnace is now an “expert.”)

      • Mechwarrior

        Mega Girl: threat or menace?

        • Ryan .

          No, she’s menace’s girlfriend. Big difference.

          • Francisco

            Actually, she’s more of a friend. There’s a strong hint that her thinking dirty thoughts about him makes him feel uncomfortable.

          • Mechwarrior

            Well, that depends on how much you trust his behavior around her has been honest.

          • Caravelle

            That isn’t really evidence either way though is it ? It could be making him feel uncomfortable because he returns those feelings but for one reason or another doesn’t want to take that step.

          • Stephanie Gertsch

            He did turn her down pretty clearly though when she came onto him in the hotel room.

          • Mechwarrior

            Well played.

    • Zac Caslar

      Sure, why stop a super-powered serial killer when you could be making life easier for a bureaucrat?

    • KatherineMW

      Well, if she catches (or even finds) as invisible person with a knife here, that’s much stronger evidence than a CSI could typically get from the crime scene.

    • gypsum. looks like drywall, not concrete.

    • D. Schwartz

      Depending on the density of the dust it might make somethings easier by highlighting them.

  • darius404

    Ooh, dusting for invisible people! A time-honored method, I’m sure.

  • Firanai

    I’m impressed at how fast she reacted and how she kept a cool head after the shock. Despite her young age it’s obvious that she has lots of experience and it shows. I wonder what will happen if moonshadow is still there.

  • moriati

    I’m wondering if Moon Shadow may not be looking for a fight – we know that she was angry with Alison, but I’m wondering if the events at the party may have made Moon Shadow think that she and Alison could reconcile. Perhaps Moon Shadow even thinks she’s helping Alison …?

  • Sabriel

    Panels 2 and 3, I wonder if Clevin thought he was about to meet the same fate as Miles.

    Not that he has a bad opinion of Alison, but things happen so fast….

  • Taylor

    Damn it Alison, the drywall in unrenovated college dorms often contain asbestos and you just made it friable!

    • NCD

      Something tells me free asbestos isn’t going to do Miles much additional harm.

      • Taylor

        Something tells me they aren’t going to immediately preform emergency abatement procedures, so that level of the dorm building is going to be contaminated. Even if they did, it won’t do much good for Clevin, as Alison broke up the wall right next to where she shoved him.

  • Sabriel

    She knows about the “Invisible Slasher.” She doesn’t have to know that it’s Moonshadow to reach for the dust.

    I wonder if she’s going to be surprised?

    • Some guy

      She will defeat Moonshadow, subduing her easily.

      After tying Moonshadow up, Alison will ask her who she is, having never bothered to remember Moonshadow in the first place. This will of course enrage Moonshadow, but she just got chumped and tossed into super mega jail forever so no one will care.

  • In perhaps the worst way possible. I mean, if they hated her before…

  • Ryan .

    “Alison could have saved Clevin decades of nightmares and thousands of dollars in therapy.” Typical rich people privilege. Having access to therapy.

  • Rens

    She doesn’t suspect Moonshadow at this point, I don’t think. But she /has/ worked with Moonshadow for a long time, so it’s not unreasonable to believe she’s worked out or just witnessed a trick or two for dealing with invisible opponents…

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    …ooh, well thought.
    Suddenly, I wonder if IR vision (or other thing outside the eye reception lenghts) would work, too

  • Iarei

    Stay down! *sound of a human ribcage being popped like a water balloon*

  • Insanenoodlyguy

    Nah, based on what she’s presented and how her teammates have characterized her so far, I’m guessing her thinking is more along the “See? THIS IS HOW YOU DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE.” Doing a better job then Alison did, in her opinion.

  • Insanenoodlyguy

    I don’t think Moonshadow is quite so crazy as to think she can take on Allison in anything approaching a fair fight. I mean, maybe if she catches her sleeping or something, but when she knows she’s in the room? Allison presents a serious risk even if she just closes her eyes and starts flailing, let alone being smart and trying to find her like this, and as pointed out in other comments, Alison’s strength means virtually any object could be used as tracking dust like this. If she’s still there, she should be thinking about retreating.

    • Ryan Thompson

      Now I’m imagining Moonshadow sneaking into Alison’s place while she sleeps and sawing at her neck with a knife for an hour or so before giving up and going home thinking “I’ll have to try a different appraoch.”

  • fourtimes

    He’s probably already dead, but as others have pointed out, he was probably stabbed just now since the blood hasn’t reached the floor yet. Shouldn’t Alison at least check for a pulse?

    • Ian Osmond

      Step one: secure the scene and ensure safety for responders, by doing things like clearing active hostiles and shoring up collapsing buildings.
      Step TWO: triage casualties.

      This is the correct order if there’s possibly still a hostile in the area.

      • KatherineMW

        The right sequence of actions might be different when the first responder on the scene is invulnerable (Allison can provide assistance without being in danger of personal injury, even if a hostile is present). But given that the guy’s throat’s been slashed, it’s reasonable to conclude that he’s dead, or will be dead before sufficient medical care can be provided.

        • Ian Osmond

          Alison may be invulnerable — although, when she’s facing an unknown super, can you be sure? — but Clevin isn’t, nor is everybody else in the dorm. You’ve got a hostile who’s killed once — who’s to say they’re not about to walk down the hall and kill everyone else?

  • Shjade

    All these silly people in the comments thinking she’s checking for invisible killers. So silly!

    She’s obviously just blowing dust in there to see if Miles is pranking them by making him sneeze.

  • dbmag9

    I’m really hoping the title text (“decades of nightmares”) means that at least Clevin survives this un-(physically-)scathed.

  • Southwestbrogue

    I’m still of the opinion that Allison is being framed by Moonshadow in retaliation for all the shit she went through when Allison wasn’t there.

  • Caravelle

    Alison is so smart <3

  • Mystery girl

    Smart girl!