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  • Madasa

    Yoooo! Don’t talk shit dude, especially online, but at all. People don’t need that

  • Ryan Thompson

    And there’s some more of that gratuitous appeasement that Alison doesn’t want from the school. Just like when they fired the teacher who gave her a hard time.

    • Markus

      It’s especially apropos because university justice systems in general are functionally kangaroo courts. Alison’s important enough that any given person who crosses her is going to be swiftly expelled; Daphne’s so far off their scope of concern she could fall in a ditch full of used needles for all the University cares.

    • Johan

      Yup, I can’t wait to see how she’s gonna put an end to the “appeasement” she keeps getting.

      I loved the hover text on this one ^^. Isn’t that why nice parks are for anyway?

  • Ross Van Loan

    It was either A) Go to a nice park, or B) Cross the Super Villain Threshold. One involves A) animus & murder, the other, B) animus & squirrels.

    • Emmy

      “Animus & Squirrels” would be a terrific band name.

      • dot tumblr dot com, or dot wordpress dot com.

        • Vanessa

          (the reference if you didn’t get it) xkcd.com/1025/

  • ZBass

    Can someone please remind me who Clevin is? I can’t remember when/where we met him.

    • David

      A guy at that party.

    • ampg

      He was attempting to ask her out when she got sidetracked rescuing Daphne from Miles.

  • TheGonzoMD .

    Y’know, if the school isn’t going to stop doing shit to appease her, she might as well use that to her advantage to make things better. She wants to be treated like anyone else, but get real, as long as she can suplex a train that ain’t gonna happen.

    • Pol Subanajouy

      I truly hope that that was a FF6 and Sabin reference.

      • Insanenoodlyguy

        As strong as Allison is, only a master of Blitz style can suplex a regular train, (let alone a ghost train). Do not underestimate the sacred art of suplexing locomotives!

    • Ryan Thompson

      You mean she should walk around campus saying things like “Oh, my stars, if only they served funfetti cake for desert in the dining hall every day! That would definitely make me happy and appeased.”

      • Quick, find out what that is and serve it!

  • Liz

    I wonder how much of the kinds of appeasement that we’re seeing here goes on all the time for rockstar professors at universities all over the world. I’ve certainly heard of a lot of cases where famous professors get a reputation for being “handsy” with their female students, who feel like he’s famous enough to be untouchable through the normal avenues of academic justice.

    • Mechwarrior

      I think it’s more like star athlete or athletic director appeasement. They’re the ones that the universities really pull all the stops out for.

      • Ryan .


        are superheroes allowed to do sports?

        • Insanenoodlyguy

          Highly unlikely, but she’s got even more star power attached to the name, so it doesn’t matter that she can’t win them any games.
          It’s for the best. Nobody could stop her dunks.

          • Probably not even the ground. Resurfacing could get expensive.

        • Shino

          I’m sure there’s shitton of rules regarding biodynamic people doing sports by all sports associations.
          But on the other hand I’d presume there must be some category for biodynamic people sports, though it’d probably be less about sportsmanship and more about wrestling-style spectacle (since you have to admit superpowered football or mma could look spectacular – all coolness of superhero fights with none the danger).
          Also I wonder, did the new law where biodynamic expertise is qualified as superpower just got many star athletes, who were biodynamically good at e.g. baseball booted off the teams? Or are they still allowed, though legally they are superpowered?

  • Sabriel

    Hmm. This is page 77, and the longest issue we’ve had previously was 78 pages (issue 3).

    It doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop on the next page, but maybe we’ll get another 3-5 and then transition.

    I guess she’s going to ask Clevin to testify as to what really happened? Seems like she should check with the girl first to make sure she wants this hornets nest stirred up even more than it has been. Dragging this out might make things worse for her. :-/

    But Alison has never been the sort to let things go.

  • Nightsbridge

    A good end, for the wrong reasons. Bittersweet.

  • NCD

    Depending on what Miles posted, he could have violated the school’s student code of conduct severely enough to merit expulsion. But given Allison’s reaction, I’m guessing that might not actually be the case.

    It’s also ironic that in trying to protect or appease her, they’ve simply opened up further avenues for her critics to attack her. They really ought to hire a good PR person.

    • Ryan .

      I think the code of conduct only applies to people who try to offend her.

  • Shjade

    Not pictured: Alison violently throwing bread crumbs to birds several hundred feet in the air to cool off while waiting for Clevin.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Hm. That’d require further math, but I think air resistance wouldn’t allow them to be thrown so far

      • Shino

        Tbh I was wondering, and this sounds like question for What if? Xkcd.
        Hell, I’m gonna submit it, maybe RM will get to it and one day we will get the answer.

        • Darkoneko Hellsing

          ooh, nice idea !
          If we do get an answer, that’d be hella awesome

        • adamsbja

          I get the feeling the answer would be “humanity s doomed.” That happens a lot.

  • Dean

    This might be a silly question, but what’s FIT?

  • Jack Lostthenames Warren

    Anyone wanna crowdfund Team Clevin vs. Team Patrick shirts?

    • Jack Lostthenames Warren

      I was joking. I think.

      • Jack Lostthenames Warren


  • Sabriel

    I assume it’s a tech school, like MIT.

    • Ryan Thompson

      Fsomething Institute of Technology.

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        F…ing insistute of technology ? I’d want to go there

        • Flushing Institute of Technology, not actually about toilets and flushing…

  • Jack Lostthenames Warren

    Fashion Institute of Technology. Design school.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “attack on Taran Lynn Cooper’s life”, they say…

    They make it sound like the guy didn’t also burn the whole surgery staff to death while he was at it.

    • Mechwarrior

      Of course not, they’re trying to spin Alison as being a dangerous, unstable metahuman.

  • John Smith

    “I’ve stood all I can stand, I can’t stands no more!”

  • Some guy

    If people stop talking shit online, the internet will crumble. It won’t fail so long as there is still porn, but it will definitely take a hit.

    • Mechwarrior

      We could fill the hole by adding more pictures of cats with stupid captions.

    • Mechwarrior

      And I just said “fill the hole” in response to someone mentioning porn. *Sigh*

  • Some guy

    Come on Alison, casually mention that you don’t like Violet in front of the college president. After Violet disappears without a trace, THEN you can complain about being overly privileged in the park!

    Wait, also complain about Clevin’s name, so the school board forces him to change it.

  • John Smith

    This actually happened during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Three athletes were summarily expelled from the Games because of racist/controversial things they posted on Twitter. A fourth (Marion Jones, USA, Track & Field) got off with a warning. Ironically, she finished 4th overall in Women’s 110 meter hurdles. Make of that what you will.