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  • liaosynotlousy

    Monk Librarian Patrick is…dare I say it…A D O R A B L E

    • Gotham

      Figures, it seems she’s the only person in the world he was ever genuine and honest with.
      Well, as honest as a Patrick can.

      • palmvos

        well its not enough to use the trope… we are going to wallow in it! at the rate we are going this could get really really complex but we’d have to go to that Colosseum.

    • Kid Chaos

      Adorkable! 😁

  • Weatherheight

    “I don’t feel like a symbol!”

    Do you feel like a number?
    Do you feel like making love?
    Do you feel tardy?
    Do you feel the love tonight?
    Is it a peaceful easy feeling?
    Is it more than a feeling?
    Does it feel like the first time?
    Do you-oo feel like I do?

    • cphoenix

      I am not a number! I am a free man!

      • AdamBombTV

        Prisoner reference… Nice.

      • Herwood

        “Oh wait, I’m number 6. Take that number 5!”

      • palmvos

        you cant be free, you’d get no respect.

      • Weatherheight

        McGoohan, not Andrews…

      • Lisa Izo

        And here, over the portals of my fort, I shall cut in the stone the word which is to be my beacon and my banner. The word which will not die should we all perish in battle. The word which can never die on this earth, for it is the heart of it and the meaning and the glory.

        The sacred word:

      • Johan

        Oh man, that takes me back XD I feel so old now …

    • MisterTeatime

      Record-Keeper feels like chicken tonight. (Thus the hasty retreat…)

    • Rolf Soldaat

      Do you feel lucky? Punk?

  • Gotham

    …I’m not a fan of the jock-nerd power dynamic at play here.

    • AdamBombTV

      Don’t worry, the nerd is gonna turn out to have some wicked singing skills, that impress everyone and somehow humiliates the jock by the end of the movie.

      • Gotham

        This is precisely what’s worrying

        • Lisa Izo

          Hopefully this won’t follow up with a swirlie.

      • Weatherheight

        Don’t forget nailing the jock’s significant other by pretending to be them.

        • Arkone Axon

          …You’re expecting Patrick to get into Clevin’s undies via “rape by deception?”

          • Weatherheight

            Well, I’m not expecting it… but I’m sure there’s a crowd out there that’s just waiting to see it.

    • Harlequin

      He probably isn’t either, but they are what they are.

      Oh, who are we kidding, he probably loves it. Imagine living in a world with megagirl with a power like Patricks. He’s flooded with her every time he leaves the house. And, preciously, he has such distinctive memories of her in person.

      Remember the Sentinel. Remember the Anima. He’s got 3 Allisons of a sort in his head, and they’re all critical to him, one way or another. His protector, his conscience, and soon, his savior. He was unravelling, falling apart, half broken, and yet something drove him to the person he felt could not only save him, but would actually want to.

      Damn straight there’s a jock nerd thing going on here. He got her to stop thinking with her fists, and now she’s going to save him from his mind. Paradox and Synthesis are the themes here. They’re going to make someone mighty, together.

  • StClair

    I imagine his voice is to “regular” Patrick’s much like Chris Reeve’s Clark Kent was to his Superman.

  • Dean

    Menace and Record-Keeper clearly have a… complex… relationship.

    • tygertyger


      • Dean

        Between consenting adults, sure.

  • David Nuttall

    “You’re a symbol.”
    The appropriate reply is, “Well, so are you.”

    • Herwood

      Exactly! Anima wasn’t about to let himself be destroyed by the sentries just because he was a symbol.

      • Herwood

        This also raises a ethical question. If a person’s mind has split itself into dozens, thousands or more consciousnesses that work together as a society, do they count as one.

        Would destroying a symbolic consciousness qualify as murder?

        Would killing Patric be genocide?

        • tygertyger

          [runs away screaming]

          • palmvos

            [sends food and drink with calming thoughts]

        • palmvos

          no, because they have no physical or reproductive capabilities. no matter how many creative ways we compartmentalize it this is one mind,with one really screwed up extra option installed.

          • Callinectes

            I prefer to think of it as alpha testing the next model of person.

          • palmvos

            well I do like too joke about the Pro/E mind reading module being in alpha. and they STILL won’t let me test it.

        • Arkone Axon

          Reminds me of two friends of mine. One of them has Multiple Personality Disorder. The other is his sister who lives entirely in his head. The two of them are one of the finest examples of why sanity is highly overrated – they’re smart, kind, decent people, and they regularly excel at the companies where they work (unsurprising since the company is getting two employees for the one salary).

        • Weatherheight

          In Patrick’s case, it seems to be less “splitting itself” and more “picking up hitchhikers” (assuming Patrick told the truth when describing his process of coopting another person’s memories).

          And they may not be working as a society, at least not a conventional one, since so far we’ve pretty much seen aspects of Patrick.

          Once read an article exploring the idea of personality facets and the author brought up this very issue that murder isn’t killing a single person, it’s killing a community.

        • Teka the Budgie

          That’s like the exact opposite problem as the one in Ender’s Game.

          • Herwood

            Hah! Your right!

  • Herwood


  • Herwood

    So now we know there are lots of Patrics in the buildings we have seen, they are just hiding. But I am still curious whether Patric has copies of other peoples consciousness or not.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    My, a classical copist monk attire. (or however you call that in english)

  • Glotos

    …See, if there’s going to be drones and structure and all, I could see the Hall of Records being devoid of staff and featuring infoscreens for easy navigation between rooms…rooms which might be populated by passive aspects of Patrick standing around staring at things. Instead, Patrick manifests an aspect of himself that maintains it, fawns over it, and…is easily pushed around?

    Now I’m a little worried about whether there’s a dungeon somewhere and what aspect of himself he’d willingly stow in it. Or have running it.

    • Arkone Axon

      No, what we need to see is a face in the wall that speaks in a dull monotone. “Count the shadows. If you want to live, count the shadows.”

      • palmvos

        5 persons saved…. 5 persons saved…..

  • MisterTeatime

    Huh. I wonder why Anima wanted to be the one to handle Record-Keeper? So far, I get the strong impression that Alison would’ve had a much easier time with them…

    • Radon

      Possibility 1: he would have gotten sidetracked by talking about Allison.
      Possibility 2: he’d have given away information Anima does not want Al to have.
      Or both.

  • Walter

    More Patrick! Which one is this?!

    • palmvos

      he’s the librarian without the Schwarzenegger upgrade, he’s #4, he’s the dork with glasses. since we’ve found the nerd. now we need the critic- he has a gun.

  • Arkone Axon

    What do you want to bet that the Alison Green wing has some very lovely hedge mazes and adjoins a coliseum?

    • palmvos

      there’s a passage between. there’s a sign… something about patreon or voting.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    I’m utterly confused. He’s not a spider at all.

    Joking aside, the concept of second hand memories has such interesting implications, especially in the context of Telepathy. Makes you appreciate the quality of memories. “This memory? Little dusty, little beat up, but it’s emotional context is so profound. This other memory? Vintage. Not much in the way of meaning, but so sensual. Feel the silk, smell the wine, appreciate the glow of the candle light. And this memory? Meh, just a Rickroll.” Heck, I don’t I think I appreciate my own memories like I would second hand memories.

    Also, Anima, “Let us not be uncivil” while grabbing someone by the collar? You really are Patrick, aren’t you?

    • Arkone Axon

      …You’re making me think of “Planescape: Torment.” A classic RPG with rather mediocre gameplay but an amazing storyline. One of the Factions you can join are the Sensates; that’s literally what they do. They have a library of memories you can sample like that.

      Plus a Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts, where you can pay to spend time with beautiful women who will… talk to you. Choose your preference: logical debate with a philosopher? Pleasant chat with a sweet personality? Or would you like to get verbally abused by a foul mouthed harridan for a bit? All of it carefully overseen by a chaste succubus who became a Good aligned cleric in order to spite her mother…

      • Lostman

        This whole chapter reminds me of that game.

        • Arkone Axon

          And a floating, wisecracking skull.

          …seriously, though. Now that you mention it, I realize that there’s definitely parallels there with the angel who fell to evil because of his quest to destroy evil at the source. Not just to Alison, but to a majority of characters in the comic. Feral, Mary, Patrick, that guy who thought he was a Hindu deity… repeated examples of the dangers of letting the ends justify the means.

          • Todd

            Now if we could all just agree on what ends are justified by what means . . . .

          • M. Alan Thomas II

            I’m not sure if you meant to put them in that order, but, I do think that the means can justify the ends.

      • palmvos

        you can have it all with Chameleon. except for the chaste (starved) Succubus, for a years service you could find one of those. I’d just about pay to see the old gnome’s reaction to the Question.

      • You’re familiar with Woody Allen’s book WITHOUT FEATHERS, and his piece from it “The Whore of Mensa”? That’s essentially what that one is…

        • Arkone Axon

          Never did read that one. I’m actually only familiar with two things about Woody Allen. One: he was in “Antz;” and two: he got into a LOT of trouble regarding a certain stepdaughter.

          • Soqoma

            And there was that thing where he spoke directly to camera. I think that covers everything relevant on Allen.

          • Zorae42

            More like “a bit of trouble” because he never was punished for anything and is still making movies today. And even has the gall to openly defend/sympathize with Harvey Weinstein.

          • Arkone Axon

            Wow. I can understand sympathizing with him (if you were friends with the guy, then it’s like being friends with someone serving a prison sentence for a crime they’re admittedly guilty of). But… defend? What Weinstein did was indefensible. On literally EVERY ground, including the “coldly amoral and pragmatically evil” perspective (i.e. “Mr Weinstein apparently felt that lording his power over attractive women was more important than selecting the best possible talent for these films. These films that are high risk ventures costing many millions of dollars in the hopes of making many many more millions in profits. Instead of being professional in order to maximize the chances of making millions, he cost us millions in legal fees and settlements.”).

            And… just read up on the matter further. Apparently Woody Allen got into trouble with more than one child. First the adopted stepdaughter he married… then the little girl. Just… wow… @[email protected]

  • Franklin J Gomes

    “Okay, how much of Patrick’s mind is themed after me”

    “Remember the hedge mazes I mentioned?”

    “Stop, i don’t want to know anymore”

  • MedinaSidonia

    “I don’t feel like a symbol!”

    I know how you feel, Record-Keeper… I know how you feel.

  • DaktariD

    Well that’s not creepy. Not creepy at all.

    • Guilherme Carvalho

      “Let me show every memory I have of you, including what you were thinking at the time.”
      No no, not creepy at all.

  • Jshadow

    Why does She-Menace hold the keeped in a way that’s saying “You better cooperate with me or I’ll bieat the crap out of you.”?

    • Arkone Axon

      …Because Patrick’s notions of gender relations were influenced by Alison?

      • Todd

        Y’know, it’s not that wildly beyond the impossible that Alison isn’t the ur-figure of all Unequal-Power Relationships . . . .

    • Todd

      I think you’re reading a bit too much into it.

      It looks more like she’s preventing him from pulling an Atoz, given how shit-scared he looks.

  • Ladon

    Ok. I trust Anima now. Record keeper reacted with fear not of her but of what his association with her will mean for him. That means she’s a good guy.

  • Apromor

    The record keeper’s reaction, makes the theory that the status-quo conspiracy was a fabrication by Patrick to keep himself out of jail moderately less likely.

  • JohnTomato

    Anima is a bully. Doesn’t speak well for her.

    • Large chunks of Patrick are a bully.

      • Khno

        Do you mean Patrick is a bully to himself?

        • Most people I know kind of are… I wish my friends could treat themselves as well as they treat me.

  • Walter

    “OH NO ANIMA!” is his first reaction.

    She shady, Alison.

    • Evelyn Shea

      It’s more that she’s a fugitive and probably prone to brash impulsiveness. I don’t trust her, but that reaction says nothing since we know Menace is in charge and hunting her down. He outright says that’s why a panel later.

      • Arkone Axon

        Doesn’t mean she’s the good guy. Not every authority figure is the bad guy.
        Authority figure: “What are you rebelling against?”
        Rebel: “What have you got?”
        Reasonable observer: “…Actually, that was a pretty fair question. What ARE you rebelling against?”

        • Lisa Izo

          Good point. Although when the person in charge is literally called ‘Menace,’ it’s probably a hint πŸ™‚

  • bryan rasmussen

    oh yeah but Clevin is a bad guy for keeping pictures of Allison on his phone.

  • ColaKitteh

    Aww, I love cute nerd Patrick!

  • Lisa Izo

    “Let us not be uncivil.”

    “He’ll tan my hide.”

    Normally I’d say ‘normal people do not speak like this. No one speaks like this in normal conversation.’ More like people who would use the word m’lady or ‘good sir’ and use sesquipedalian (unnecessarily long) words.

    Then I remember that we’re talking Patrick, who is anything but normal-minded and probably DOES talk like that normally, and this is hardly normal situation. And yes, I know that sesquipedalian IS a sesquipedalian word. The irony is not lost on me πŸ™‚

    • Danygalw

      Also this is a symbol in Patrick’s mind called the Recordkeeper.

  • Soqoma

    Really enjoying the design variations on Patrick here..I wonder how many more we’ll see.

    (And that fourth wall isn’t just unstable, it’s a metaphor!)

  • M. Alan Thomas II

    Well that ain’t creepy at all.

  • Interesting that Patrick doesn’t seem interested in protecting his memories from a “foreign mind”. Is it because he picks up so much from other people that he’s less concerned about privacy?