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  • Kid Chaos

    Hector, I love you, but don’t push it. And no, we can’t buzz the planes; I don’t want the FAA on my case. 😜

  • Lostman

    The right way… Oh Alison… You are heading for a world of hurt.

  • Jaroke

    Bait and switch 😛

  • Abel Undercity

    OK, and we in the comments section stand down now…

  • Zizhou

    Aw, and we got all paranoid for nothing…

  • Markus

    I kinda get the feeling that most’ve the predictions I make about Hector are biased by the fact that the last time we saw him was at a pretty low point in his life. He’s a guy who genuinely just wants to be a superhero, and yeah that sets him up for some shitty biases when his idea of what that means doesn’t line up well with what the world actually needs, but it also gives him the ability to step up and be a good dude like we see here.

    • Geary

      Especially since this is a world with functioning law enforcement and his powers aren’t really useful for action-packed crime fighting.

    • Yep. Remember, his guide to being a superhero is All-Star Superman. And in that story, Superman did all sorts of science with his powers. When he wasn’t fighting evil or going on awesome dates with Lois, he was working on super-science experiments with his genius billionare scientist friend Leo Quintum. Just like Hector is doing now. It was planned for him to do this from the beginning. If supervillains rear their ugly mugs again, classic-style, he’ll put on the old uniform and help save the day as The Unbelievable Pintsize. But until then, he is Hector, mild-mannered scientist of HALO.

  • Dave Van Domelen

    The FAA would not be amused.

  • Liz

    crisis = averted

  • MisterTeatime

    (I’m guessing Hector has thought a lot about the future recently, between running out of supervillains and getting the HALO job.)

  • MisterTeatime

    Man, I want to know more about the particulars of Hector’s power now. He can shrink things he’s carrying (he doesn’t get naked when he’s smaller, even if he’s not wearing his costume), but he’s still carrying his luggage at full size. Is it possible for him to leave an object shrunken when he re-enlarges himself?
    Because if it were, he would have nigh-infinite carrying capacity, and that would be amazing. He wouldn’t need carry-on shelving; his luggage would fit in his pockets.

    • Yabbadabba

      It would depend on whether or not he and the objects he shrinks retain their mass and just become more dense as he shrinks. If they do retain their mass, carrying shrunken-down luggage in his pockets would necessitate a super strong belt and some wicked ab work 😛

  • bryan rasmussen

    see everyone was worried for nothing, obviously this chapter is going to be completely smooth sailing with peacefulness and light.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Ah, airports. Always more awkward than in the movies.

  • John

    I have just realized that Pintsize truly has the greatest superpower. He can fit in any airplane seat and make it seem large and comfortable.

    • Markus

      I realize this is the most obvious thing in forever, but if his power mutates he’s probably going to be able to get bigger.

      Also, do you think his default size is smaller than his actual size, or does he shrink himself to like 5’2″ prior to heading out to the airport?

    • Kid Chaos

      Especially since airplane seats are going to be even less comfortable in the future (at least, for those of us who are not Hector). 😯

  • chaosvii

    I know it was stated figuratively, but I’m skeptical of the prospect that Alison’s anomaly would allow her to actually yank some of her hair out from the roots unless she was flying at the time.

  • Zmm

    Well.. luckily that didn’t turn into “someone abusing her name and status behind her back”

  • fairportfan

    Ummm, the last couple pages seem to have file names that duplicate page file names from the previous chapter. Is the intentional?

    That is, the filename for this page is sfp-5-27-for-web.png, which duplicates one already used.

  • Bandersnatch
  • Tylikcat

    If Valkyrie gets going without too many stumbles… they can license a set of toys and get a revenue stream from that.

    …which I’m partly just saying because Wouldn’t That Be A Cool Set Of Toys?!!! *visions of all the little girls – and boys – but I’m mostly thinking girls because so many superhero toys are explicitly not aimed at girls… and the costumes… and *everything**

  • Sebastián Rodoni Figueras

    Here: http://strongfemaleprotagonist.com/issue-5/page-33-3/
    Basically, not so different than what allison’s doing, but in a smaller scale and targeting a different demographic.

  • Richard Griffith

    I wonder if the x-ray scanners work on Alison. I would expect her invulnerability to translate into an impenetrable black wall to x-rays.

  • AgentHufflepuff97

    Alison’s face in that last panel is hilarious.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Ask her to fly you to France while you’re at it~

  • Dean

    She’s about to change into one that says GOODBYE.