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  • rpenner

    It’s a trap!

  • Sazazezer Mililpilipi

    Nothing but admiration?
    Nothing but hate?
    Nothing at all?

    Or, possibly most scary of all, a perfectly normal mind?

    • Danygalw

      I vote for that. Not a psychopath. Just… cruel.

      • Potato Patato Von Spudsworth 3

        Ooh. That said, can one casually break a dog’s neck and stab their husband for nearly no reason and possess a perfectly sound mind? My optimism begs that not to be the case.

  • Natsumeg

    Oh god it’s a trap DON’T DO IT

  • Gotham

    What a pragmatic nihilist asshole Patrick was, damn. Probably judged his father to be too narrow-minded and lacking self-reflection to even try to make him realize he was lying to himself, let alone change. Mommy however, does have the capacity to know what’s best for her survival, and so despite all her nonsense, she gets a chance?

    “Mother, what exactly is the point of you showcasing to me the brutal amount of frankly disgusting sexual arousal you just got explicitly from killing dad?”
    “I’m not even going to try loving you. Figured I was going to go on a last hurrah.”

    • Tylikcat

      “…also, I figured I had at least a chance at some Oedipus thing. No?”

      • Weatherheight

        He’s hearing Smooth Jazz in her head.
        Probably Kenny G.

        • aseariel

          “Is that… Baker Street?”

    • Dan Nicholson

      He’s not giving either a chance. He wanted his dad to know what mom was before he died. I think the plan was to shoot her and put the gun in dad’s hand.

      But I remember Patrick saying once how having one’s mind laid out before you, if you can’t get them to do what you want with that, it says more about you than them… I wonder if this is related.

      • cphoenix

        Note that he got his mother to kill his father *without* going into her mind. He knew well enough what she was.

      • Gotham

        This fast has been spelled out by everybody and their cats on these comment sections. Twice each. I still say he looks quite distraught enough to surprise us with his intentions.
        For starters, /nobody/ in their right mind would have guessed he would go for dad first.

        • NotPatrick

          I can sort of understand it, in a kind of “banality of evil” sort of way. From an outside perspective, it seems really reasonable to consider his father sympathetically as someone who just got trapped in a deeply unhealthy and probably abusive relationship with a psychopath. From Patrick’s perspective though, this is a supposedly ‘sane’ person who just allowed themselves to become silently complicit in his continued abuse and attempted murder. From Patrick’s perspective, this is a person who doesn’t even have the decency to actually hate him while tacitly agreeing that his murder would have been justified. A person who doesn’t even have the decency to be evil while blaming a child for bringing all of this abuse onto himself.

  • Richard Dain

    I’m expecting a kind of robot efficiency, pure logic and faked emotion. But perhaps I’ll be surprised

    • Insanenoodlyguy

      She doesn’t have enough in there to love him or hate him.

  • AdamBombTV

    *places $10 on “he’ll see the words SMILE, YOU’RE ON CANDID CAMERA”, turns out his entire life has just been one long set up for a TV Show. His dad sits up laughing, his mompoints out the camera, and we all have a good laugh*

    • Weatherheight

      “I wanted to name you Truman…”

  • Blub Blub

    my guess: scary psycho mother is proud of him.

    • Thomas S

      nah, she just doesn’t care about people n stuff …

    • Pol Subanajouy

      I love/hate that that is one of the *happier* possible outcomes.

    • Tylikcat

      Whatever he sees is what prompts him to try to fully erase her. While nothing going on with his dad prompted a similar reaction.

      I’m freaking curious. I’ve spent time around psychopaths (yes, how many is in question, but not if), and, well, while deeply problematic, I’m pretty sure Pat’s already seen worse than the folks I know.

      • Dan Nicholson

        It’s always worse when it’s your parents.

        • Tylikcat


          • Dan Nicholson

            … I… am serious. Parents occupy a different place in your brain from everyone else on the planet. They have a more severe impact because they’re *it* when you’re developing into a human.

          • Tylikcat

            As am I. One of the people I was mentioning is my father. Of course, I have an unusual relationship with my parents. For which I have much to be grateful (if not to them, exactly).

      • David Brown

        Everything he’s done is exactly as she’s planned. She knows psychology and sociology and such, from a scholarly perspective. She made Patrick become Menace, and he now sees that even killing her will still keep him enslaved.

    • Evil Fairy

      Or let’s go ahead and take this to its most horrific conclusion…she’s attracted by what he’s become.

    • NotPatrick

      Really? I assumed it was “Look deep into my mind to avoid looking at the more relevant fact that I’ve casually moved myself into a range where guns and knives have their comparative advantages shift significantly. You’re not even aiming it at me, it’s just drifting to the side absentmindedly, oh and apparently you’re not currently looking closely at my thoughts…”

      • Scholiast

        No, I’m pretty sure she left the knife on the bed covers.

        • Ray Radlein

          At the very least, it’s no longer in the hand that it was in in the first panel wide shot

    • Zaku

      May I make the observation that she’s the only “major” character whose eyes have no color? Her eyes are just…dark. They have no emotion.

      • Weatherheight

        THAT’S what was off…
        Must still be off from suffering through flu…

  • trev006

    “And that’s when I learned to trick gullible idiots into my mind with the wholly fake possibility of redemption.”

    “… Well played.”

  • Dean

    “Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou… and when he seems to be buying it, hit him with the lamp!”

    • Nik Gervae

      Or, you know, that knife in her hand….

    • Tux

      I love…lamp.

  • Glotos

    …There are times when I really hate having to wait for the next update.

    • ampg

      And yet I’m already anticipating being very sad about whatever happens next.

  • Thrice.Great

    Just carousel music and clowns making origami……

    • Weatherheight

      And platypi…

      • palmvos

        I think you need this…
        *hands weatherheight a plate of apples*

        • Weatherheight

          ::trots away to the sound of apples being crunched::

  • David Nuttall

    And this will explain why she was blacked out in most of his memories of her.

    • Fluffy Dragon

      good catch… this is probably not gonna be prett… ier than the murder that just took place.

  • Filthy Liar

    “I’m super proud of you. Good luck w/ ruling the world.”

  • Thomas S

    Deep pools are her eyes, deep and dark, sink deeper and deeper, you will sink until you find my quiet mindworm, a mindworm so powerful you will be rickrolled until the end of days.

    • Johnny Awesome

      HAHAHA that would reveal her ultimate evil, he enters her mind and she’s just replaying the Rick Astley song over and over

      She’s a monster

  • Walter

    She lives on within him.

  • sammybaby

    Oh snap.

  • Franklin J Gomes

    Patrick: “GRANDPA KILLED JFK !!!!”

    Claudia: ” Villainy runs in the family”

    In all seriousness, whatever he is gonna see will hit like a ton of brick.

    • Graeme Sutton

      His mom is Ted Cruz? That does make a certain kind of sense.

  • Tom O.

    Prediction: she is disappointed in him because he is not as ruthless and unfeeling as she is. She sees him as weak. It is an open question if she tried to turn him into a monster intentionally when she coerced him into jumping out of the car.

  • Virgil Clemens

    A duck.

    • Potato Patato Von Spudsworth 3


    • Weatherheight

      The Duck from Page 112 sees all, hears all, is all….

  • Tuscahoma

    Turns out she is key to the Conspiracy but… what else he sees is too much for him to accept. She is Gurwara. After that he goes blank.

    Or not. 😉

  • Pol Subanajouy

    The more we dig, the more it makes sense the Patrick is how he is. Maybe Patrick’s lack of introspection is a learned behavior after seeing the horror that was inside his mother. Perhaps he figured if it was so dark in there, and he was related to her, that he had nothing inside himself that he’d want to see? And that he started unknowingly blocking himself from that.

    All wild, baseless speculation of course. But I’m kind of liking it as a head canon.

    • Eric Schissel

      And to adapt a joke from elsewhere, note _lack_ of need for head-based cannon. This might have recoil effects that would be inconvenient, and so, is good.

  • Carla

    Why do Patrick’s parents seem whiter than he is? Like, until this storyline I thought he was latino or something, but that does not seem to be at all the case.

  • Shiromisa

    He’s what–14 or 15 here? This poor confused hurt traumatized baby

  • Ali

    ok I am seriously literally scared of what comes next .. like seriously

  • dbmag9

    Did she kill the dog in order to keep him out of her mind? By keeping her memories of that in her thoughts she could render her mind painful enough for Patrick that he would avoid it, as he has done until now…

    • critically_damped

      100% odds she killed the dog to keep him from forming an attachment to it.

      • Talina M

        I think she killed the dog simply because it annoyed her.

  • ampg

    Not sure where she’s getting the idea that he promised to spare her if she killed her husband. He only said he’d shoot her if she didn’t stab him, not that he’d let her live if she didn’t.

    • Aresius

      That’s why he’s asking if she can love him. If she can’t, she is dead.

  • JohnTomato

    “Your magic carpet only flies when you don’t think about elephants.”

  • Kifre

    She’s either overwhelmingly proud and loving of him for alllll the wrong reasons, or hates him intensely and she’s hoping that the shock of it will short him out momentarily so that she can get the drop on him.

  • Potato Patato Von Spudsworth 3

    You’ve managed to write her psychopathy in such a unsettling way! That unyielding calm…it’s truly terrifying! Well played!
    I like to think that Patrick picked up his ability to act and react the way peope’s minds expect from his mother.

  • Potato Patato Von Spudsworth 3

    And then he saw that she secretly loved him and they lived happily ever after! Hooray! No need to turn the page, guys!

  • Callinectes


    • Weatherheight

      The Duck from Page 112 compels you!
      Quack as if your life depended on it, because it does!

  • Teka the Budgie

    The red backgrounds always indicate violence, but I’m wondering about the purple background above. The walls are grey so it’s probably a mood signifier.

  • pleasechangemymind

    Horrible thought: what if his dad was right? What if she was a “good woman” before Patrick? What if… I dunno, him being born with these abilities drained her of her own compassion? He can see what others see, hear what they think, he understands how they feel… what if he essentially absorbed her ability to empathize, while stripping her of her own?

    Unlikely. Like, 99.9% unlikely. But a horrible and interesting thought, imo.

  • Jim Storrie

    “I was Gurwara! in a wig! this whole time!!”

  • Gotham

    Also serious question where did she get that coat

  • McFrugal

    This is a terrible idea.

  • zellgato

    Well that annoys me.
    If you could avoid going deep
    why coudln’t you avoid going deep in your dad?

    • zellgato


      • Weatherheight

        Yeah, I heard it too…

        • zellgato

          I didn’t till after I finished haha

    • Real talk, stepping past the innuendo —

      I think his dad doesn’t HAVE that deep. Some of us don’t. As far as I can tell, I don’t tend to have too much buried in my mind. Pretty sure that, if someone read my surface thoughts, they’d pretty much get who I am and what I’m thinking. My brain’s pretty straightforward. It’s a pretty good brain, don’t get me wrong — but there’s just not that much too it that you wouldn’t get right off the top. If I’m thinking something about somebody, I’m thinking it.

      Some people have twisty minds, with depths and wheels and plans and plots. I suspect Patrick’s mom is one of them, and dad isn’t.

      • zellgato

        I could see that yeah. Kind of broadcasting vs not

        I feel like Feral is actually far deeper than she lets on but Alison feels more straight forward.
        Which actually might be one of his issues now.. he can sense her always
        but.. she isn’t or wasn’t thinking of him at all
        might be that is the reason she could get into his head failyr easily

  • bryan rasmussen

    mom is an assassin for the conspiracy!

  • Anni Hõ

    I feel like…. any of this could have been avoidable for the mom if she just admitted that she didn’t want to kill her husband, even if that was a lie????…. except that, most likely he will look into her mind and see that doing things like this are a complete calm to her. or something. i dunno man, this is all too suspenseful. Bravo for always keeping us so on our toes!

  • Nexxo

    When you stare into the abyss, the abyss also stares into you. (This health warning was delivered by Dr Friedrich Nietzche.)

    • Weatherheight

      If you stare into the abyss for more than four hours, seek medical assistance immediately.
      If abyss begins to emit smoke, place on ground and move away.
      Not to be taken internally.
      Do not taunt the abyss.

      • Nexxo

        Do not stare directly into the abyss without adequate eye protection. Do not subject the abyss to shock or extremes in temperature. Not for internal use. May contain nuts. The abyss is not a child’s toy. Keep away from children.

        You know, I may make a sign like this and put it on my office door (I’m a clinical psychologist). 😛

  • Don’t do it.

  • Kid Chaos

    “Come inside my mind…” 😵
    –Robin Williams

    • Weatherheight

      “We’ll release the subconscious, he’ll be the arbiter…”

      • Kid Chaos

        *slams door on subconscious* “Not tonight!” 😨

  • wsw

    I’ve went through the earlier pages of this chapter, and I noted some fragmented images seem to give hint about this sequence. Allison was tormented by weird dreams and fractured images that we now know to related to the worst memories beyond the barrier.

    Based on what has not happened yet, my best theory based on those garbled images and statement seem to be Patrick will inflict some sort of psychic assault on her (by accident?) right after this.

  • Soqoma

    no, no, don’t go in there!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    yeaah that may be a poor idea

  • Jeremy

    I would not want to go in her mind – imagine the horrors in there…