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  • Weatherheight

    No that’s a doo..
    Oh, you mean this is where you were taking me….

  • Jack Clews

    He ded.

    • Kid Chaos

      Don’t be so negative; try offering some constructive criticism. 😎

      • magnetoo

        Good advice, Kid Chaos

      • Loranna

        Although he’s probably dead, at least he had a revelation about his true character before he died. Not many can claim to go to the hereafter with such self-knowledge, so kudos for showing a scene where a doomed minor character is allowed insight into their own soul before they die!



    • Tim F

      Maybe, but business first. You know these guys could have someone killed for a lot less trouble than they’re going to here. Plus the big boss seems like they kind of god who’d prefer not to mess up his or her office. There’s gonna be a talk that probably includes quite a bit about young mr. Andrews.

      • Tsapki

        So, he should be sure not to stand on any plastic sheets?

  • Gotham

    How are these ancient Venetian rooms so well lit up without electricity or windows

    • Tsapki

      I’d want to say hello graphs, but honestly can’t see any evidence of such.

  • Glotos

    Is that statue holding a whisk?

    • Sterling Ericsson

      ? It’s an arrow. To complement the bow in her other hand.

    • Harlequin

      Annoia, Goddess of things stuck in drawers.

      • Bauke

        I love stumbling across a random Pratchett reference. 🙂

        • Tsapki

          Always makes me happy, then a little sad. Small God’s was the first Pratchett book I read and I’ve not been disappointed in a read of any of them since.

    • Tsapki

      Right next to the God of High Fives.

  • Olivier Faure

    “Why is it so dark in here?”

    “Light is something only *mortals* need! True power can see through the deepest darkness! Also, we’ve haven’t installed electricity in that part of the palace yet.”

    • Gotham

      They installed electricity nowhere tho do you see a lamp anywhere truly this woman is a biodynamic whose power it is to create plain, even lighting in any room she’s in

  • Guilherme Carvalho

    “I thought you were always on the lookout for a good time?” – “Me too.”

    Oh hello, me after 35, fancy seeing you here.

  • Welllp… he’s dead.

    • palmvos

      he’s not dead yet…

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    I imagine Menace, except like humaner and possibly cracking a joke ?

  • AdamBombTV

    Light goes on, everyone jumps out and yells “SURPRISE”, all his friends and family are there, it was the most elaborate surprise birthday party ever. The cake was amazing.

    • Stephen Gilberg

      Given how old he apparently is, if ALL his friends and family are there, that would be a big surprise indeed.

  • Devin Awe

    Of course she’s not allowed in. Jeez, the Illuminati’s such a boys’ club.

    • Tim F

      I strongly doubt that any writer heavily referencing the Greek gods would go that way.

  • Callinectes

    Is that a gender-swapped Alison in the first panel?

    • Darkoneko Hellsing


      • Danygalw

        No, it’s Allison.

  • Tom O.

    It’s Gurwawa

  • Hiram

    Those doors must weigh a solid ton.

  • Thraia

    Is ‘would that I were allowed to’ a proper english sentence?
    Just asking because I’m not a native speaker and it seems a bit off.

    • Kalirren

      The construction is a weird one, and I think properly speaking it is an introductory fragment. A more simple construction would be “if only X”, i.e. if only I were allowed to”. But you are right to think that a complete sentence should read, “Would that I were allowed to, I would go”.

      Also, “If only X” hints at some actual sort of desire on part of the speaker for X to be true. “Would [it] that X” (where “it” is impersonal, as in “it’s raining”) removes even that meaning, omitting even the subject who is doing the wishing, and in this context is actually quite ominous.

    • Dean

      It is, but it’s a fairly archaic phrasing.