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  • Jorb


  • Glotos

    I prefer kissing necklaces myself, but that might not be for everyone.

  • Lysiuj

    So, is everyone strapped in? Because based on experience, and if we’re lucky, this issue is going to last about 5 years 🙂

    • Weatherheight

      New Avatar?

      • Lysiuj

        Yep, though not that new. Thanks!

    • JeffH

      If we’re lucky…

  • Lysiuj

    Also – is this going to be our first real glimpse of the conspiracy?
    And continuing from what I posted on the last page, maybe we really talking about a person who’s descended from some royal/noble family; and if so might it become one of those stories, where a small group of people have been controlling the world from the shadows for generations?

    • Lysiuj

      … Or it could just be antuiqes dealers. Wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong in this comment section 😛

    • Lex of Excel

      I sure hope we’re not going down the Illuminati route there.

      • Weatherheight

        No, no, the Illuminati Route doesn’t go through Italy, you’re thinking of the De Medici Route. The Illuminati Route runs from Paris to Bonn to Zurich to Warsaw to Moscow.

        “I shouldn’t have said that…
        “I should NOT have said that….
        “I REALLY should not have said that.”

        • Lex of Excel

          Damn you, Bob Page!!!

      • Olivier Faure

        Well, from the first chapter the story was centered around a shadowy world-spanning conspiracy that even the highest governments officials had no awareness of, who for some reason decided it would be a good idea to kill every single biodynamic with massive world-improving potential.

        I don’t think there’s any way this story could *not* go the illuminati route. I guess we’ll have to hope it’s not just a generic “Rich old people control the world and do evil things because they’re rich” conspiracy.

        • Lex of Excel

          Yeah, I guess. It’s just a bit, well… rote and unconvincing these days. Conspiracy theories leave a bad taste in my mouth after I realized that they have real consequences.

          As for the cabal here, I’m hoping for a level of nuance on the Deus Ex level. That’s about as fantastic as I like it, while still having stuff of substance to add.

        • Philip Bourque

          It was? I thought this was about a young adult woman who was trying to figure out what to do with her life after superheroing.

  • Weatherheight

    Tiny cups for drinking caffeinated beverages in a formal setting have always seemed to be associated in my mind with very old cultures. The smaller the cup, the longer the culture has been around.

    Japan? Tiny cups.
    Much of the Middle East? Tiny cups.
    France? Small but not yet tiny cups.
    England? Small but not yet tiny cups.
    America? Freaking soup bowls.

    Dude? No pinky extension.
    “He was mean and he was coarse and and unrefined…”
    Lady? Of course the pinky is extended.

    • MaxArt

      You missed Italy, where espresso was born.
      Yep, tiny cups.

      • Weatherheight

        Hmmm, yes I suppose you’re right. Never been very interested in Italy after the Renaissance ended…

        • Frankie Griffen

          lol the first page has a Venetian gondola

    • Johan

      Those tiny cups always piss me off. Like, get me ten of them then jeez.

      • Ian Osmond

        You need someone to be making you stronger espresso.

        • Johan

          Or that 😀

      • Blub Blub

        If you are not coffeineated after a espresso you are ether a caffeine addict or your espresso is way week.

        • Johan

          … I might be an addict …

        • Talina M

          Takes a triple-yes,I’m an addict.

        • ruhrow

          Espresso has less caffeine than a cup of regular drip coffee. Since many people drink multiple cups of drip coffee per day…I guess you could describe them as ‘caffeine addicts’? Espresso is big on flavor, and fine on caffeine, but it is quite low volume.

          Anyway, it always bothers me when people equate espresso with “omg, SO much caffeine”. If you sub out your regular drip coffee for a double shot latte because you’re super tired that day, you probably shorted yourself on caffeine content.

      • Tsapki

        -sighs- I miss Ralphie May. His bit on Cuban coffee was side splitting.

      • motorfirebox

        Spotted the ‘Murican. (Sup, fellow ‘Murican, why do these loser countries always have such tiny cups?)

        • Johan

          Actually you spotter a French guy 😀
          I don’t know man, and I’m in one of those loser countries. It cost so much too, it’s ridiculous.

    • SuddenFan

      Thing I learned in England, the pinkie was an invention of the nobility in response foreign anglophiles and an emerging wealthy class that existed outside the aristocracy. If you did the pinkie, they knew you were “new money”.

      • LSabljak

        so what you’re telling me is the pinkie is Posh Englands version of ‘Straya’s great game of “Trick the Tourist”?

    • Tylikcat

      But a matcha chawan isn’t a tiny cup. And matcha is about as formal as it gets.

      (Unless it’s my breakfast matcha, or me making matcha over a campstove before sparring with some of my Shaolin sibs.)
      (Or… okay, there are a lot of counter examples. But the Japanese tea ceremony is still pretty iconic.)

  • Gotham

    Patrick might have ended up /fine/, I’m not a fan of the 50 year ellipsis

    • Ellie

      I really hope “Tony” isn’t a time-travelling Patrick from the future.

      • friendlymosquito

        Plot twist: Every character is a time-travelling Patrick from the future.

        • Ray Radlein

          Except the duck

        • LSabljak

          Please, no. Not another McNinja roster.

  • Some guy

    So, which one of them is it that has the power to make cups shrink?

    • Glotos

      They’re actually giants. You’ll see when the tiny waiter comes back.

  • Loranna

    Calling It Now. “Tony” is actually an immortal, one of Earth’s first biodnamics caused by The Prehistoric Event, which probably occurred while his pappy was out trying not to get killed by the wild animal he was stalking for breakfast that morning.

    Cursed to watch all that he ever holds dear grow old and die while he remains a spry elderly man with utterly distinguished hair (in fact, he probably pioneered the “Silver Hair Is Sexy On Old Men” concept!), he has turned to the only course in life that still brings him a measure of satisfaction – infiltrating old-boys clubs throughout the world and dryly snarking at all them yung’uns and their newfangled habits. Oh, and also collecting antiques while he’s at it – probably just picking up old things of his that he lost somewhere along the way, don’cha know ^_^


    • Weatherheight

      You cribbed that from the second season of Heroes!
      ::sticks out his tongue and wiggles his ears::

      • Loranna

        Nope! I cribbed it from Vandal Savage; I’ve never actually seen Heroes.

        Well, partly cribbed, partly spun out of whole cloth along the way – which is a fancy way of saying that I doubtless cribbed it from -something- but I can’t remember from what, so I’m saying I made it up ^_^


        • Lex of Excel

          Wanna take bets he’ll have a moment comparable to Vandal Savage in Kingdom Come?

          “I said TWO sugars.”

        • Weatherheight

          Watch the first season – it’s pretty epic.
          The second season is filled with ever so much nonsense, you’ll feel the need to scream at the television. and a good deal of that is before the writer’s strike where they lost all their good writers… but Kristin Bell is totally hot in it so, there’s that.
          After the second season it got.. I’m going to use the word “odd” and leave it there…

  • GaryFarber

    How old is he REALLY?


  • Audrey Ryer

    Interesting because they seem to be sitting in seats outside the cafe, which were clearly empty on the previous page.

    • Ellie

      Maybe it’s a different cafe. Or they’re time-traveling bios with teleportation abilities.

      • Audrey Ryer

        I mean I assume it’s not an accident but I’m wondering if they did teleport or maybe they’re invisible? Or on a different plane? Mysterious

  • Dropkick

    The cup shrank to like, half its size between pages.

    • Dean

      No, the man holding it is a size-changing biodynamic.

      • Dropkick

        He made the entire area around him grow, except the cups. He’s very powerful.

  • Dawn Smashington

    Okay but is this Moonshadow, she that hunts bad guys and she’s hunting a bad guy now and needs an old money disguise to get to him

    Looking back, the chin looks different, and her hair is darker, so it might not be her, but she struck me almost immediately as Mary Kim out for blood

    • Weatherheight

      When your power includes light weaving (remember the illusion she left behind in her apartment), a false facade wrapped around you is a legitimate power stunt.

  • Lex of Excel

    Okay, this has nothing to do with the comic (not yet, anyway), but for some reason it reminds me of SFP in a way I can’t quite identify yet. Specifically, the discussion around 2:10.


    • Weatherheight

      This is pretty compelling stuff, considering when it was recorded (lates 1960’s) and the direct relevance to the current world situation. Sign of a good journalist is to see the trend in its initial manifestations.
      I think maybe it has something to do with people who feel they are different, who feel outside the normal channels towards success with no way into those channels, and the impulse to open those channels using violence.. sort of thing?
      I’m getting that same vibe – this is relevant in a way I can’t quite express. Neat find.

  • Rémy

    just found this a couple nights ago, read the whole thing, and am clicking where the next arrow should be in a hopeless attempt to make the arrow appear and the story be finished so I can read it all. sadly, the future does not seem to be at my fingertips and I’ve gotta wait.

  • motorfirebox

    Announcement: SFP is now a comic about hoity-toity art dealers. The “SFP” acronym now stands for “Selling Frickin’ Paintings”. Thank you.