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  • JohnTomato

    So happy Al is back.

    Sooo… what will the first mystery be? Clevin’s emotional state?

  • Gotham

    You know me, I was going to snark about the orange coffee cup store sign (something silly along the lines of “Italy’s visual identity went downhill since The Storm™”)

    But damn, this art is so fantastic it’s thawing my cynical heart 😶

  • MaxArt

    Yay, a new chapter begins!
    Sigh, it’s the final chapter 🙁

    A small correction, it’s De’ Medici (with an apostrophe).

    • Gotham

      Seeing how filled his coffee cup is, these are clearly hints this “expert” is a phony.

      • Stephen Gilberg

        Unless that’s merely the color of the empty interior.

  • Glotos

    Bob Hope? Donald Trump? Casey Casum?

  • Huh, so “how old” refers to how old of a dynasty someone is connected to? Or what?

    • Stephen Gilberg

      Given the “Some long lost” part, I suspect an individual with a preternatural lifespan.

      • Hmm I guess, but listing dynasties isn’t really a good way to check for age – each of those families was around for centuries.

        • Stephen Gilberg

          True. I actually met a Habsburg prince about 12 years ago. He was old but enjoying life as a master chef.

    • Chani

      Maybe a painting, or other priceless art?

      • Possible, but a bit weird to refer to it based on the patron and not the artist.

  • Tdhia

    Venice was evacuated. This is bad news.

    • Ellie

      Or maybe Molly didn’t have the time to draw background characters?

    • Ian Osmond

      Or it’s, like, 5 AM and nobody in Italy particularly does mornings.

  • Tdhia

    Venice was evacuated. This is bad news!

    • Tsapki

      Yu-Gi-Oh taught us this first hand. Is there a motorcycle riding, time traveling, children’s card game stealing villain on the loose?

      • FlashNeko


        • Tsapki

          Wow, it did not even occur to me that that guy always refers to his opponents as just ‘Protagonist’. Been too long since I watched it. Only one way to fix that!

  • Franklin J Gomes

    There is one undeniable truth:

    Venice always work as a location.

    • Dean

      Psych! It’s the Venetian casino in Las Vegas!

  • Professor Harmless

    Oh my goodness. I think Venice -may- be sinking! O_O

  • Weatherheight

    Sooo pinkish….
    Excellent artwork and effective establishing shots

    Also – welcome back, all!

  • Ricardo Alves Junqueira Pentea

    Welcome back. =)

  • Dawn Smashington

    I sure am one to extrapolate, but my guess is that this is a bio-dynamic who can change what people look like. So he’s talking to someone who might want to be able to get inside somewhere fancy or some similar circumstance, looking like a “Long lost De’ Medici”. My further bet is that he’s talking to Menace, and also that this is how the professor was formed.

    At the very least, I’m sticking by the shape-shifting-other-people thing. So there.


  • sagelynaive

    This is mind blowing because I happen to be visiting Venice right now

    • Ellie

      Does the water still stink?

      • sagelynaive

        Not noticeably? I haven’t noticed any offensive smells from the water. Some of the sottoportegos near Piazza San Marco are pretty dank smelling though.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    ooh back to it !

  • Lysiuj

    This person is talking about royal/noble families and how old something is and whether it’s related to one of those families. Now I wonder if they’re talking about an item – the cup or something else; or about a person who may be claiming descent from some bloodline.