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  • Aresius

    Well, she does look a lot like Max’s mother… Maybe Patrick altered their memories, like Hermione Granger?

    • Ellie

      But Max is around the same age as Patrick, and it probably would be difficult for someone Max’s mom to have a secret family hidden away somewhere.

      • Aresius

        Not if everyone involved has been brainwashed by Menace into believing they belong there. This way Patrick is protecting himself by covering his tracks, while also putting his parents out of any harm’s way by making them unrelated to him in every aspect except DNA

        • Insanenoodlyguy

          It’s not Max’s mother. It is finally time to let this theory drop, and return to plausible theories, like how the Robots will eventually kill us all attempting to refine humor.

  • Thomas S

    It does kinda redefine “motherly compassion” this dis-loving attitude of Patrick’s mother. On the other hand, its amazing how mundane looking Patrick’s nemesis is. Sour faced yet still authoritative.

  • AdamBombTV

    That’s right, mock the super villain stood at the foot of your bed, that’s the smart thing to do.

    • wahahahaha

      His power is only telepathy and he’s a scrawny little teen so the situations not that bad.

      • Daniel Carrier

        Also, his power is telepathy so if she didn’t say it out loud he’d still know she was thinking it.

      • Walter

        He also has the ‘power’ of maybe having a gun, or having poisoned their food, or whatever. Like, killing doesn’t need super powers.

        • sagelynaive

          I mean mocking the guy with a gun at the foot of your bed doesn’t seem like a solid plan either, especially not if he has a superpower, even if hes scrawny and the superpower is only telepathy.

      • Thudthwacker

        Well, telepathy can be pretty awful. Alison — who is largely invulnerable — is currently unconscious and bleeding as a result of her psychic contact with Patrick. He might be here to shred his parents’ minds — possibly, he doesn’t do that sort of thing often because he has no choice but to share in the experience. But for these two, he may be willing to go that extra mile. Though, really, if he wants them dead, a gun would be a lot easier.

    • R Lex Eaton

      Given she’d be mocking him mentally, I suppose she’s accepted her imminent demise.

      It’s the equivalent of telling the dragon about to devour you that you hope to give it the runs.

  • Gotham

    So either:
    This reveal means nothing to us, and everything to Patrick, which is fine by me if purposely anticlimactic
    This is Max’s mother IN THE FUTURE despite this event happening IN THE PAST and the time travel ride never ends

    Patrick does look terrible, though. What gives? He looked fine when Alison unmasked him some time afterward. Did. Did he absorb his parents life energy?

    • Olivier Faure

      Maybe he decided to visit his parents on impulse, at a particularly bad time of his life, and that’s why he’s unshaved an stuff?

      • Gotham

        Wouldn’t it be weird then for him to be all happy-go-lucky and back to full cheeks when he would later realize that all he ever tried was meaningless and futile, that he’s finally losing to the superheroes and that he caused a lot of deaths essentially for nothing?

    • Lostman

      My guess is that this happen around the time that Patrick trying the whole “rule the world thing.”

      • Gotham

        …of course it is. When else could it? Did Insay something that suggested otherwise? If so my bad

    • Margot

      I guess wiping his mum out of his brain made life a lot easier for him?

    • Shjade

      Still with this?

      She’s never looked or acted like Max’s mother. I don’t understand this fanon.

      • Gotham

        There are /so many/ reasons why this isn’t, and you’ve decided to choose the two you couldn’t be more wrong about.

        • The Improbable Man

          I can’t understand what you said here. Why this isn’t what? Choose the two what?

          • Gotham

            1. Max’s mom
            2. Reasons why this isn’t Max’s mom (how she looks and acts)

          • The Improbable Man

            Okay that makes sense. I think I was confused because your OP said it was Max’s mom, so I guess I’m just out of the loop on the inside joke Seastone mentioned.

      • Pretty sure most of us are joking, because it’s absurd and yet also the kind of absurd that happens in comic books. Which is why it’s funny.

        • Shjade

          I guess?

          The duck mastermind is a clear, absurd, comic joke. This one’s always looked like people were being serious enough about it to baffle me, so if it’s been a joke all along, that’s a relief, even if I still find it odd.

          • Insanenoodlyguy

            There were definitely people who believed this.
            I think because after all the debates about Max, morality, and then Max’s mom and morality, it would be convenient if Max’s mom was inarguably evil. As most people here are more then willing to concede that Pat’s mom is evil, the two were linked together. So, based on some maybe similarities, the theory took off, even as a whole bunch of us were like “nope, it’s just gonna be some lady, which is the point.” instead.

    • Urthman

      I’m guessing trying to rule the world sucked but finding out about the conspiracy gave himself something to do he could actually feel good about so he was in a better place by the time Alison found him.

      • Gotham


        I guess it means he /allowed/ the Guardians to finally put a stop to his operations. Poor Mega Girl’s superheroic abilities can’t catch a break.

        • Weatherheight

          I’ve always considered the possibility that being “stopped” by Alison was the end of Phase One of his plan and the beginning of Phase Two. After all, they are rather opposite sorts, aren’t they?

          “Now that we know who you are, I know who I am. I’m not a mistake! It all makes sense! In a comic, you know how you can tell who the arch-villain’s going to be? He’s the exact opposite of the hero. And most times they’re friends, like you and me! I should’ve known way back when… You know why, David? Because of the kids. They called me Mr Glass.”

        • Given he “allowed” the Guardians to stop him, and was planning to unmask when Mega Girl showed up that day, he’d probably gotten himself straightened out first. He had a bit of a (possibly platonic?) crush, you know? And persuading her that his thinking was correct is a task which requires first-instance impressions of competence and reliability, rather than repulsion or concern or simple pity. Nice spa treatment, proper shave, fancy haircut..

          • Gotham

            Assumedly so, but then one might just come to the conclusion that he ended up feeling much better than he anticipated killing his folks.
            “Oh wow murdering this bitch of a mother turned out really pumping me up in the end!”

        • Or at least had realized that his current method was going to be defeated by the Guardians et al, and therefore he had to switch tactics. Sort of the same thing, I guess.

    • Jeremy

      It doesn’t seem like Patrick leads a very healthy lifestyle. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has many times where he overextends himself, or crashes mentally because of his issues. Being a supervillian doesn’t seem like a healthy lifestyle in general.

      Also, he might look bad because he is dreading this interaction.

      • Tylikcat

        🎶When a villain’s not engaged in his employment
        Or maturing his villainous little plans
        His capacity for innocent enjoyment
        Is just as great as any honest man’s🎶

    • JeffH

      My take is that this is a sign of the results of the walls coming down: His avatar is becoming more like his real world self. As a result, he is seeing himself — his current, quite unhealthy self — rather than the memory in that moment.

      • Gotham

        But this is a memory. Are you implying that he looked fine in the actual past and mommy dearest told him that he looked like he’ll just because she’s a terrible assclown?

  • Olivier Faure

    Oh good, she’s not naked. And yeah, Menace does look terrible.

  • Dan Telfer

    He 100% showed up to kill his parents and everyone in the memory knows it.

  • Calum Cameron

    I dunno if it’s just my eyes, but, based on skin tone, Patrick appears to somehow be a different ethnicity from both of his parents, which seems implausible.

    • Ellie

      Perhaps his change in skin color is from a tan or poor hygiene from being a depressed/mentally unstable supervillan. Or he’s adopted…

      • Weatherheight

        Could be a biodynamic thing (i.e. sometimes biodynamics appear quite a bit different than their parents).

        • Randolph Carter

          Like being a giant fish-person, say.

          • Weatherheight

            Oh, sure, pick the extreme example… 😀

          • Cori J.

            Amanda, extreme? Try being a cloud in a tank!

          • Weatherheight

            Yes, yes, yes, I was entirely too understated! 😀

    • Kifre

      Yes, this! I kind of assumed for most of the comic that Patrick was not white…

    • Lauren

      Sometimes it happens that two light skinned parents will have a darker skinned child. My sister has a darker skin tone than both me and our parents. She’s the only one of us who looks like she has Hispanic and Mediterranean heritage (even though all of us do.)

      It’s also worth noting that pale skin does not necessarily mean someone is white. Many PoC (especially those with mixed heritage) have light skin.

      • Tylikcat

        …evidence suggests that you are not my sister, but this could be from my sister, and you have the same name as my sister. Hm!

  • Ellie

    I feel sorry for the dad, he’s so damn weak-willed and he knows it. I’m kinda hoping Patrick spares him, but having seeing how “logically-minded” Menace is and how he reacted to his love for Alison, he’s probably going to kill both of them to protect his secret identity and try and eliminate the emotional connection he feels toward them.

    • Ellie

      Also, either Pat’s mom’s hair lightened with age and Patrick has very dark brown hair or he’s adopted because I don’t think it’s possible for a brown-haired woman and a blonde man to have a black-haired child.

      • Gotham

        Well, alternatively it’s just drawn this way for visual flavor. Alison and Jennifer also showcase interesting hair variety for being sisters.
        Unless it’s a clue and all biodynamics are wild hair-wise and nobody noticed on the account of superpowers being *much* more noticeable

        • Tylikcat

          Eh, my sister’s hair has darkened a bit as she’s gotten older, but it used to be this mass of golden curls, with fair skin, and blue eyes. Whereas I have olive skin, dark hair (well, substantially silver, now) and green eyes. I’m also six inches taller. And she got a practical sort of breast size, whereas I… yeah, not so much. (We’re really close, and have a lot in common, but it is not infrequent for one or the other of us to cry “How are we even related?!” at some superficial thing.)

          • Gotham

            Did you mayhap happen to notice the uncanny presence of scales on the the skin or the fact that either one of you is a spectral gas requiring a glass canister to survive?

          • Tylikcat

            I could find some really nifty pictures of my sister with fur and/or feathers (aerialist, I think I’ve mentioned – the blue heron pics are particularly striking) but no. OTOH – do you really want to go there? Our family has some seriously fucked up genetics and I mostly try to adopt an attitude of amused tolerance towards the mess that it is. Though when one of my physicians (who admittedly is a good friend) starts talking about my “anomalous physiology” with a straight face, I do want to start throwing things at him. Possibly his intent :-p

          • Tylikcat
      • Weatherheight

        Maybe sometimes biodynamism results in unexpected hair color sometimes…?

      • selective_yellow

        maybe her hair is grey?

      • Randolph Carter

        Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

      • OptimisticCentrist

        Patrick has always looked Asian to me although his distinctly Irish-sounding name (Patrick Andrews) makes me constantly doubt that impression. When we saw his father but his mother was just a silhouette, I thought he might be half-Asian. Now, like you, I’m leaning towards adopted.

        Which would make the terrible parenting even more reprehensible.

    • Flesh Forge

      Mommy is getting stabbed because of the dog, his secret identity doesn’t have anything to do with it.

  • Weatherheight

    I’m need help, professional help.
    I saw that last panel and my mind went to song by the Doors called The End, except gender switched.
    “Mother, I want to kill you…


  • JohnTomato

    Mom is Medea* without any social skills.

    *the Euripides Medea, not the Grand Ma in a fat suit Medea

    • motorfirebox

      Nah, Medea at least loved her kids, if not as much as she hated Jason.

      • Cori J.


        I wrote a whole essay about this in high school. She was traumatized to insanity by Jason’s abandonment after she had sacrificed everything for him. Lost her family, her homeland, and now was being evicted and sidelined and left for another woman. And then gaslighted! Fun!

        My interpretation of the text was that she loved her sons, but they looked like him and reminded her of everything he had taken from her. Killing them was was the only way she could inflict harm on him to make him feel the pain he’d given her, but it wasn’t solely vengeance. They were living embodiments of her foolish choices and his power over her. She ceased seeing them as her children and just reflections of this person who ruined her life / she had ruined her own life to pursue.

        Patrick’s mom is no Medea. She’s more like the real mom from A Child Called ‘It’.

  • Flesh Forge

    Man the squirting anime tears and “HURRRR” are so incongruous.

    • Urthman

      I have a very strong dislike for anime emotional facial expression conventions, but this didn’t read “anime” to me. It’s exaggerated but doesn’t cross the line into abstraction.

  • Ladon

    “I’m with you, always. You know, now that I’ve ascertained that your vulnerabilities and failings stem from actual trauma that I could see and empathisize with. I obviously wasn’t with you before that. But now? Always.” “Uh… thanks?”

    • eliza

      yeah, because its TOTALLY Allison’s responsibility to be an unpaid therapist to a literal villain who has pushed her away multiple times whenever she’s tried to help him out. /s

      • Ladon

        Ooooh, there’s some hostility in the push-back! I wouldn’t say that what Alison did before was wrong- well, at least I wouldn’t say it was unreasonable. I am merely pointing out the contrast between the implication of her words now, and the implication of her actions earlier. She transitions between supportive friendship and scorn quite fluidly and not, it seems, with any acknowledgement that the transitions took place at all.

        • OptimisticCentrist

          As Brad once pointed out, she has a history of being a really quite terrible friend.

          But I think those flaws are also a lot of the reason why she is able to understand and accept Patrick better than anyone else.

          It’s good policy to walk away from a relationship when you realize the other person is toxic, but I’m glad that Allison has decided to resume her friendship with Patrick now that she realizes that she’s the only support he has, and now that he’s willing to be honest and open with her.

      • Gotham

        I think you’re mistaking @disqus_mKFSPJ4ge3:disqus’s comment about Alison being a lying liar, for somehow being about blaming Alison for failing in her Duty-given responsibilities

    • Tuscahoma

      No, no, she means “I’m with you always, as a Jungian archetypal mind-beast and as all of those memories of mine that you slurped up. Yep, never gonna leave you now.”

    • I think she feels that this is the first time she HAS been with Patrick. She feels like all the rest of the Patrick she saw was defenses keeping her AWAY from Patrick, and scruffy-Patrick is the only real Patrick.

      Whether this is true or not is a philosophical question more than anything else, and somewhat irrelevant to whether or not ALLISON believes it.

  • The ordinary face of evil.

    • R Lex Eaton

      Not sure if that makes her less or more scary.

      • critically_damped

        Much, MUCH more. To explore this concept in full, watch the movie Fallen.

  • bryan rasmussen

    OMG Patrick’s mom is a minor character from Doonesbury!

    • palmvos

      resistance fail…
      this explains much.

  • Walter

    I’m not sure how to take Alison’s “I’m with you always” line, when we compare it to her description of Patrick to Feral earlier. I tend to believe Alison would be honest with both of those two.

    My current read is that this trip into his mind has reawakened Alison’s feelings for Patrick, so she was telling the truth both times. She was mostly interested in the info while talking to Feral, and is now mostly about trying to help.

    • Gotham

      Oh no, she despises Patrick Prime, but she just realized she luuuved Patrick’s mane.

    • Eileen Young

      I think she might also think that Patrick will be better able to actually help when he’s less . . . this. Or she suspects – as I’m starting to – that his mother was involved in the Conspiracy. It would explain the strenuous testing he was in when he was young, might be part of why she tried to kill him (Patrick with access to the kind of secrets he apparently had at the dinner table was going to be bad news), and might be some of why this particular memory ended up being a huge deal to him. I mean, aside from the impending patri- and matricide. But if this is where he finds a _purpose_, it might be why he ends up looking less strung out later.

    • Weatherheight

      I’m sure she means it.
      I’m also reasonably sure that she will regret saying those words in that way somewhere down the line.
      I’m so bitter and angsty…

    • Cori J.

      Allison to Feral: first 5 seconds
      Allison to Patrick: last second


    • Mack Stingray

      I think there’s a suuuuuuuper good chance she’s never going to see Patrick as anything resembling dating material again. But she’s been a very faithful friend to Daniel since his imprisonment.

      I think she’s going to be with him always, if she can, because he needs someone. Not romantic love, but comraderie.
      And if she still thinks he’s cute, well, I’ll bet she can do an okay job of not acting too rashly for too long on that again.

  • Vincent Bondy

    Oh, the dad breaks my heart here. :'(

  • Alex Harencar

    Man, this is emotionally hardcore.

  • ruidh

    Well, I binged the whole series yesterday. Now I get to wait?

    • Merle

      It is the comic-readers’ burden.

    • Gotham

      Absolutely not! Now you’ve got to start again and read the comments for each page!
      Unless how are you going to participate without understanding the intricate relationships between a mastermind morphing duck, how time travel randomly switches your race and why utilitarianism is the trashiest ideology there is!

      Truly none of you is more blessed than in this moment RUN when you’re about to but don’t yet know all of these delicacies.

      • Yep. I will say that, as heated as things can get here, they’re heated about IDEAS, and not personalities or people insulting each other or anything, and this is one of the few comments sections I actually read on purpose because I like it.

    • Weatherheight

      Yup. Refreshments are on the table over there. Looks like there is coffee, lemonade, and…
      ::sniffs and wiggles his ears happily::
      No more carrot juice left, I happy.. erm.. sorry to say.
      And… Pickled.. herring…?
      Oh, there’s some cinnamon sugar cookies too.

      Feel free to play in the mud puddle with the rest of us.

    • Oren Leifer

      No, now is the time to read this comic’s siblings (sisters from another mister), other psychological superhero stories with strong female protagonists. Either the more action-filled and grim Worm, a prose web serial (https://parahumans.wordpress.com/) or the even less action-filled and lighter and softer The Bright Sessions, a podcast (http://www.thebrightsessions.com/). Out of the three, Worm is complete and The Bright Sessions is coming to an end.

    • Fear The Banjo

      Same Binge buddy

    • JohnTomato
  • Anarquistador

    Can he compel people to do things? Because I think he’s going to compel his Dad to kill his Mom.

    • Urthman

      Only in the sense that if there exist words that would cause his Dad to kill his Mom, Patrick has a better chance of knowing what those words are. (From his interactions with Alison it seems he can’t perfectly predict the consequences of any given thing he might say.)

    • He’s been clear about this — he can’t make anybody do anything, even though everybody thinks he can. It’s just that he knows people’s psychological weak spots.

      • Anarquistador

        Not a huge distinction, when you stop to think about it.

        • OptimisticCentrist

          Given that there was a super villain who really could turn people into his puppets (the one the school councillor mentioned being enslaved by), I think it’s a distinction worth making.

          Also, Patrick is not as much of a master manipulator as he likes people to think. If he was, his conversation with Allison in the tower wouldn’t have gone nearly so badly.

          • Weatherheight

            That very person is the one that Patrick claims he had no such influence over.

            Possibilities (and these are merely the most simplistic):
            a) Patrick has told the truth and can be quite persuasive verbally but cannot psychically compel anyone into doing anything.
            b) Patrick has not told the truth and can be quite persuasive verbally and can psychically compel anyone into doing anything.
            c) Patrick has not told the truth and can be quite persuasive verbally and can psychically compel anyone into doing things they wouldn’t mind doing anyways but cannot compel someone to do something they would have any serious resistance to doing.

            Knowing what to say and how to say it goes a long way. It may not be instantaneous, but with a bit of strategy over time, it’s very effective (con men fool very clever people too). I have, on more than one occasion, told people complete truth in such a way as to utterly mislead them and allow them to draw their own (incorrect) assumptions. Wizard’s First Rule.

            Consider the possibility that that conversation in the tower went exactly and precisely how he planned it – that the importance of that conversation was to get Alison so steamed that she would walk away. At this stage his offer of information to help Tara looks like an apology, as opposed to a crass manipulation to power up Tara to a point where the Conspiracy will take an interest in Tara and poke their heads above the horizon a bit so Patrick can find them, all the while adding a layer of deniability and deception he can cower behind.

            The problem with the Mastermind is you might have to assume they’re playing Time/Space Pan-Galactic Hyper Chess while we’re playing Tic-Tac-Toe.

          • Tylikcat

            Even if he’s generally good at playing mastermind, and even elements of the conversation in the tower went the way he intended… that doesn’t mean they were following a master plan. A lot of people do great on planning right until their own emotions are engaged, and then get with the own foot shooting. Patrick has some complicated emotional knots, some of which concern Alison.

          • Weatherheight

            But callbacks happen a lot in this comic. That scene between Alison in the car and the scene with Alison in the tower are pivotal scenes. What they mean may be subject to change as we find out ore and more.

            And, if we can believe the narrative we just saw, much if not all of Patrick’s emotional components were metaphoriliterally walled off. If that is to be believed, exactly to what degree was Patrick subject to emotional outbursts and lack of control?

            This is what I love about the comic – as we find out things, they call into question the narrative we have been assuming is true and offer up alternative interpretations of things we’ve already seen. Keeps me engaged instead of merely being along for the ride.

            Part of me hopes Patrick “shot himself in the foot” unintentionally.
            Another part hopes that, where Patric, is concerned and up to this point, there are no accidents – because now we get to watch all of it unravel as he becomes emotionally engaged on every level.

            I live on the Island of Cognitive Dissonance.

        • Yeah. That is also something he’s been clear about.

  • Giacomo Bandini

    Wild guess. This Is Patrick after he found the conspiracy’s dossiers, but before he confronted Alison. I guess what are they going to tell him will push himself to reveal thebtruth to Alison.

  • Teka the Budgie

    The Al will be with you. Always.

  • Natsumeg

    Urgh this is breaking my heart, and cut a bit deeper than I would expect it to. I’ve lived with multiple families before, and the mom of one of them genuinely believed that crying is a useless endeavor and needs to be controlled to such an extent that one never cries. She reacts in the exact same way as Patrick’s mom. Unlike her, though, this poor woman suffered the rl consequences of actually believing that.

    She was an emotional mess because she never learned how to deal with emotions. She had an awful backstory and everything, about how she was locked in a box for an entire day and could hear kids playing outside. She screamed for help but no one ever came, and that allegedly according to her, that was when she realized crying was useless and never solved anything.

    personally, it’s an awful story and all, but I think it had more to do with how her father raised her. He seemed like a person who also had problems with emotions, after watching his own father be publicly ostracized (forced to hang shame sign and paraded around with people throwing crap at him) until he died prematurely of liver failure.

    The whole lesson I took out of living with that family was–trauma is definitely inherited through generations.

    • Gotham

      I want to second everything about that.
      There’s such a tiny, tiny glimpse of tears beginning to form in Dadtrick’s eyes on panel #3, and it expresses so much about the wild mix of emotions a father experiences when finally being reunited with a son he must have thought dead for years, in the bittersweetest of circumstances. (Because surely Asshat-in-Chief must have told him she did the deed, no failures allowed)

      I’ve also witnessed many a share of incompetent emotions-are-weakness parenting passing as tough. Men, obviously, but so many women, too. I wish I had the gal to punch them in the face so hard it sends them back in time to do the same to people and circumstances that led them to be such idiots

      • Natsumeg

        the irony is that these people are often the most vulnerable to losing control over their emotions and unproductive outbursts.

  • Mike Elsner

    I’m not sure if he’s going to kill his parents. But I suspect that Alison will be 99.9% ok with that if she does.

    After the puppy, she wanted to hunt his mother down and do it herself.

  • jimothy blu

    From how I see it, Patrick’s mother looks rather similar to Max’s mother.

  • pleasechangemymind

    Wow. Patrick…

    …looks NOTHING like either of his parents.

    I do wonder whether his father is crying because he thinks he’s about to be killed, or because he realizes how massively they’ve failed their son and what he’s become as a result. I know everyone’s leaning towards the former, but I’m kind of hoping for the latter. It’d be nice for someone to admit that they failed Patrick, and even nicer if that sentiment mirror’s Alison’s seeming (“I’m with you, always”) change of heart. Alison realizing that everyone, even she, has failed Patrick in some way (even if it should never have been her job to help him in the first place) would be very interesting.

    • palmvos

      I can believe that it is both. the surety of your own failure as a parent is something absolutely silly…. until your kid (or kids) have grown and you see the fruits of your… labors.
      another utterly ridiculous thing is you can also be proud of your kid at the same time.
      have i mentioned that parenthood makes very little sense?
      if you will excuse me… i need something stupidly sweet after that thought.

      • pleasechangemymind

        Hell, it might even be “thank god he’s alive, I thought she killed him, thank god he’s alive”

    • Cori J.

      I’ve headcanoned Patrick as adopted/nonwhite since the beginning, and tbh his parents (mom, at least) seem like the type to adopt cross-racially or from another country because of exoticized “cuteness” and/or racist savior complex, which then extends to treating him as disposable mistake.

      • Weatherheight

        Hmmm.. interesting.
        a) One of the parents is a step-parent (let it be the MOM! Patrick-ella or Cinder-Patrick fall so trippingly off the tongue).
        b) Patrick’s actual parents are long dead and he’s adopted/taken in by these two.
        c) Patrick’s parents were murdered by The Conspiracy and these two are “raising him” to forward the interests of The Conspiracy (and failing, IMHO).

  • Cori J.

    When the canon becomes the hurt/comfort fic of itself… 😩👌✨

  • Weatherheight

    It occurred to me this afternoon that Alison’s last comment is a bit plagiarized.
    Say, from Yeshuah (Matthew 28:20) and Obi Wan Kenobi (“The Force will be with you, always”).

    I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I find it an interesting thing.
    Soo… there.

    • The Elsewise

      It’s not plagiarism, it’s simply a common phrase.

      • Weatherheight

        I see the literalists are out in force this page…

  • Callinectes

    As I suspected. Duck person.

  • Jshadow

    I’m wondering what kind of cuck Patric’s dad is that he’s still married
    to his mother when she tried to kill their child…. not to mention the
    dog. Where there no red flags raised?

    • Kifre

      It’s almost like he’s being abused too….

  • ruhrow

    I don’t honestly get the whole ‘Max and his parents look nothing alike!’ reaction. But then, many people are saying they thought Patrick was nonwhite, whereas to me his skin tone looks almost identical to the one used for Alison (if you cover their hairs so your eyes aren’t biased that way) and his name was Patrick Andrews, so…

    Ehh, good odds his mother dyes her hair by now anyway, so who knows what color it really is!

  • JohnTomato

    Looks like dad could use a drink, or six. Full bloom on that nose.