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  • Lysiuj

    I love them.
    That is all.

  • Ellie

    Eee they’re dating?! YES! So cute <3

  • Kid Chaos

    And now it seems that the fake prof is probably a spy…or a shapeshifter…or both. πŸ‘Ώ

    • 21stCenturyPeon

      I’m hoping for a Mission: Impossible-style latex mask, to be torn off dramatically at a later confrontation.

      • Kid Chaos

        Ooh, I like it! 😎

        • Arkone Axon

          And underneath the mask, ANOTHER mask… and then he rips off that mask – while concealing his true face, before slipping on his TRUE mask.

          “Mayhem had nothing on the true terrorists… COOOOBRAAAA…!”

          • Kid Chaos
          • Lisa Izo
          • Loranna

            . . .Cobra has a helicarrier!?

            Were the Joes just sitting in the Statue of Liberty, waiting for Cobra to show up? Or were they supposed to be part of the planned festivities – for which they showed up fully armed and with jetpacks!

            Dear gods, goddesses, and little green apples, I MISS the 80s . . .


          • Weatherheight

            Gotta be honest, big chunks of the eighties are still AWOL…
            Ah, youth…

          • Arkone Axon

            I’m thinking they either found out that Cobra was planning an attack and set up their counter-ambush for when it happened… or they were providing security detail.

            And yeah, Duke probably did burn the flag- after a final display of patriotism.

          • Happyroach

            And under that mask is a a gorilla mask, and under that mask, Patrick McGoohan, and under that mask…

          • Weatherheight

            Roddy McDowall…

          • Raven Black

            And they would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those darned kids and their pesky dog!

      • Weatherheight

        Only if he’s not Tom Cruise.

        • Kid Chaos

          Or Cameron Diaz. 😎

    • Eternal

      I think he’s most likely a telepath, since he could alter the real teacher’s mind. If he is, he can probably alter people’s mind to appear however he wants to, or even have them see him when he’s not there. And it should not be too hard to have the security people erase everything if needed.

      • dragon

        Or he just drugged him.

        • Eternal

          True, but it just so happens that we know a certain telepath that likes to interfere with her life…

    • Smithy

      Here’s my theory: I think he’s really a 50+ biodynamic, for he could very well be a time-traveller: if this is true, then he could have come from 30 or so years in the future, specifically because he knew this was a pivotal point for Allison and thus the world (let’s face it, even knowing he was a fake professor, this conversation helped her tremendously post-Max).
      This would explain how he knew where to find her exactly, his age, and even what happened to the real professor: he just gave him a time-skip in his sleep which caused the professor to wake up months later.

      • Dean

        He’s Alison and Clevin’s son, from the future!

        • Kid Chaos

          Case closed. 😜

        • Arkone Axon

          No, worse. Alison and Max’s son. Imagine THAT revelation hitting both of them… :p

          • Dean

            “Actually, I’m Max and Clevin’s son. And I need you to help me get them together!”

          • Weatherheight

            Roddy McDowall…

      • Merle

        He’s…a Martian! Sent back in time to reveal the existence of biodynamics to the world, in hopes of averting the worst parts of the future he comes from!

        Wait, wrong story.

    • Infinitive

      I’m juuuuuuuuust about ready to lay money that Gurwara doesn’t exist. Not really, anyway.

      So, Gurwara appears just after Max and shortly before Patrick reveals to Allison what Max’s power is. When Allison talks to him about his power, his reaction is very, very strong–really, out of all proportion to the scale of Allison’s request. Now, you could read this as him being a douche about Allison rejecting him, but I posit another possibility.

      What if Patrick got to Max? As in, before Allison rescued him from the fire, before Gurwara, before everything. Patrick shows up at Max’s house and basically says “boost me or [insert existential threat here].” Max, backed into a corner just like he was with Allison, boosts Patrick.

      And Patrick’s power evolution? The ability to project into minds, as well as reading them.

      So, he disables the real prof, created Gurwara as a mirage, and manipulates Allison into a position where she does exactly what Patrick just did, and what he’s always claimed is the only acceptable ethical stance: violate one inviolable rule in order for a benefit to all. After all, that’s the basis for her rejection of him, and Patrick’s still in love with her. If he can show her–not tell her, SHOW her–that his actions are justified, maybe he can win her both as a partner and as a romantic interest.

      • Lucy Merriman

        Oh man, this theory makes a lot of sense.

        Like, dude, okay, I keep thinking “Guwara has to be Patrick.” Er, somehow. This might be the case!

  • Abel Undercity

    Looks like Feral caught up to her. πŸ™‚

    And on an entirely unrelated note, at 4:53 AM, I am craving a Shirley Temple. WITH the cherry, of course.

  • AveryAves

    Best panel

  • Feral feels like such an amazing girlfriend. Lucky Lisa.

  • Incendax

    Feral learned how to hit on people from Grease. =D

    • Lysiuj

      Their relationship is basically a smoothness contest.

    • Arkone Axon

      “…Tell me, tell me, did she put up a fight?”

      I hope not… @[email protected]

      • Dogwood

        Of course she did. Feral kicked the crud out of that Menace Fanatic. Lisa was amazed.

    • Weatherheight

      I got chills, they’re multiplyin…

  • Dirka

    Ugh, stupid trope-conditioned brain.

    Way too much nice and sweet on the last few pages, keep expecting things to go horribly wrong in 3… 2… 1…

    • Jeremy

      I keep having the same thought…

    • Lostman

      I’m thinking Alison dad.

      • Dirka

        Please no, that would be the worst.

    • Dogwood

      In some stories, sweetness and kindness and characters being blessed is more nerve wracking and frightening than actual horror stories trying the same thing with dark houses and creepy music.

    • Lisa Izo

      I’m going to make sure of misfortune happening. One sec.


      “Well, it seems like smooth sailing from here on in!”

      • Weatherheight

        Essentially, the very first thing said in the first panel on this page…
        I feel a tugging on my neck, for some reason. πŸ˜€

    • Arkone Axon

      Reminds me of the ending to “Wreck-It Ralph.” The wedding scene… and the lovely security detail provided by Sergeant Calhoun’s comrades.

    • alexikakon

      If it’s not something huge and heartrending, I think it may be something subtler that just ruins the mood or throws something out of wack, like Patrick showing up to offer his ‘congratulations’.

    • Herwood

      Im worried about the cover for this issue… I think there is going to be an explosion. πŸ™

  • Zac Caslar

    I like that what Feral lacks in subtlety she makes up for in physical affection.

    There’s a lot to be said for fearlessly forward.

  • Jshadow

    I’m still ticked off that Feral no longer looks like a lizard. =/

    • Lisa Izo

      Really into Argonian-play, are you?

      • Jshadow

        She’d need an actual tail before she could count as Argonian.

        No, my beef is that she got turned from ugly to plain just so that Paladin-chick could be in a lesbian relationship with her. If she was still the same, Pally wouldn’t have had the “crush on 1st sight” moment. It’d be far more entertaining if she had a fetish for lizards and that was the reason why she got hots for Feral.

  • jd

    So how long until they realize that Feral’s stem cells could treat Al’s dad?

    • Some guy

      They probably won’t.

      Either Alison’s Dad will just have cancer forever but never die because none of the plot lines really need him to, or a plot line will require his death, negating the possibility of a cure.

      Of course, with some of the bonkers turns this comic has taken over the past couple years, anything’s possible.

      • Alexander

        Since she her organs have been transplated all over the place by now, I thought it was established that they don’t show any biodynamism when removed from her body. So they wouldn’t be any more useful than any other stem or blood cells?

        • Weatherheight

          While there’s nothing to suggest you’re wrong, we don’t have any data to suggest you’re correct either. It’s possible the cells remain biodynamic for a brief period (say, a few weeks), resulting in rapid adoption of the tissue by the new host, both in terms of healing from the surgery and a lack of rejection by the host of the new tissue.

          The idea of her being a universal donor AND being biodynamic suggests hi-jinx are going on from a biology point of view. Universal blood donor is one thing; universal organ donor is a whole other kettle of sushi.

      • Lostman

        The latter, it will make for good drama.

      • Kifre

        Could turn out like that one season of the Blacklist where the whole cancer thing was an elaborate ruse executed by a single, powerful and diabolical baddie.

        • Lisa Izo

          Now I need to watch that show…

          • Ray Radlein

            James Spader is a biodynamic whose super power is chewing scenery. It is magnificent to watch.

          • Kifre

            You should. I think you might appreciate the degree to which the show is very much about actions having consequences. Though fair warning: there are still some parts where you should just…temporarily forget you went to law school for the sake of enjoying the show.

      • Lisa Izo

        Dad having cancer is necessary for Alison to have tragedy that doesnt involve her torturing someone else or being a ‘woe is me self inflicted Dawsons creek’ drama millenial in her personal life. Immediate family with terminal cancer = legitimate tragedy trope. Especially if, at some point, he coughs into a napkin or handkerchief and there’s blood.



    • neotzu

      frankly if feral can cure cancer then the most she need to do is donate blood, since the antibodies contained would do all the work. other than that i don’t see anything else working.

  • Lheticus Videre

    Geeze, and I thought Gurwara had hidden DEPTHS. But even the TIP of his iceberg is submerged!

    • Lisa Izo

      The tip of that iceberg is so deep that it’s submerged and concave.

  • Psile

    LIsa is played by Lisa Bonet and no one can tell me different.

    • Elaine Lee

      Except that Lisa is supposed to be in her early 20s, right? What about Janelle MonΓ‘e?

  • Steele

    …Is it just me, or did Feral get taller? Something to do with her newly enhanced abilities?

    • Preacher John

      Biker Boots. πŸ˜‰

    • Weatherheight

      Alison’s in flats, maybe the other two are in heels?

  • Loranna

    Gotta love Feral: making the air as sweet as red wine just by her presence ^_^

    Which, of course, just makes her eyes stand out all the more. <3


    • Weatherheight

      And Lisa in Dat Dress, providing contrast the other way…
      Is it just me, or does panel five kind of look like a Christmas advertisement for Wild Turkey bourbon?

  • JohnTomato

    Panel 1, No cane in right hand
    Panel 4. Cane in right hand
    Panel 5. Feral cuts between Val and Al, Feral’s right arm around Val’s shoulders
    Panel 6. -BAMPF- Feral’s now to the left of both ladies and her right arm is on Al’s shoulder.

    Weird, no?

    Of course it could just be me…

    • Eve

      I switch hands with my walking stick, as I’m using it for overall balance and support rather than having one bad leg. I think that’s quite common. Or it’s a mistake, of course.

    • My crutches are handed (shaped palm grips), and I happily switch them from hand to hand if I need to hold stuff or gesture. With a single stick, theory says it goes to opposite hand to the leg with the issue, but either side will work over short distances and you do get people who go with the same side as the damaged leg all of the time. Managing disability is a lot more inconsistent than people think.

      • JohnTomato

        But the lady in question is a genius at building cyborg level limbs. Why she finds a cane necessary seriously devalues her super-ness.

        • Style! Also she can fit a longer blade in the cane than in thigh or shin.

          And the leg may not be the reason she carries the cane, my mobility issues are much more due to hip and pelvic issues than anything with my legs. Lisa’s prosthetic can’t fix a problem that occurs above it.

          • JohnTomato

            I don’t recall you, or anyone else, claiming that you are a super.

          • Super? Yeah, right! But I do on the other hand have 20-odd years of using crutches and having a noticeable limp, so I can reasonably speak to using a cane.

      • Lisa Izo

        Ah ha! You’re Gurwara! I’m just going to keep making guesses on who Gurwara is until I get it right.

        • I’d be happy to show half the wisdom Gurwara does.

    • Lisa Izo

      Of course. I see it now. Lisa has a cane. Gurwara has a cane. You never see Lisa and Gurwara together….

      How did I not see it before.

      (I am kidding please dont think that I really think this)

  • Superfrick

    So, what you’re telling me is that Gurwara was just a psychic projection from the duck?

    • Lisa Izo

      This is the best theory ever in the history of the universe.

  • Ink

    I’m just waiting for something bad to happen.

  • BruceGee1962

    Whoever the guy turns out to be, I just want to witness the supervillain meeting where he explains his diabolical plan.

    “So you mind-blanked her professor, infiltrated the university system, bamboozled the dean — very impressive. But I’m still unclear … all this was so that you could do what, exactly?”

    “Teach her philosophy! Bwahahahahaha!”

    • J B Bell


    • Dogwood

      This was all a prank / dare to “steal two pennies from the world’s most powerful superhero” that got way out of control.

      • Weatherheight

        There’s a wonderful bit in a Robin Hobb book where the main character is told to steal some trinket from his liege – which he does, sort of. He does it in full view of his liege, in a blatant act of defiance to the one who gave him the order.
        Technically, he passes. πŸ˜€

        • kabob

          Which book please?

          • Weatherheight

            Assassin’s Apprentice – I think. Been years since I’ve read it.

          • Elaine Lee

            Love that series!

      • 21stCenturyPeon

        “I should’ve seen it coming a mile away. This was never about revenge, it was about a goddamn heist!”

    • Lisa Izo

      Truly the most fiendish thing anyone could ever do. Promote rampant utilitarian philosophy.

  • Looks like a certain couple haven’t been wasting time.

  • BMPDynamite

    FINALLY! <33333333

  • Dawn Smashington


    • Dawn Smashington


  • Shiromisa

    See, Feral jokes, but she arrived in a nice button-down in the white-and-charcoal color theme.

    • Lysiuj

      She then decided to add the jacket so Lisa wouldn’t be worried….

    • RobNiner β™«

      I bet Feral is one of those tough types who just melts when their SO asks them to do something.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    …this is where it somehow gets ruined by Max’s mother, isn’t it.

    • Mechwarrior

      No, it gets ruined by a tragic series of coincidental events that most definitely can’t be traced back to Max’s mother.

  • Pyro


  • Dean

    “I got a bike downstairs and a wallet fulla cash – and I want to be gone before the owner misses them!”

  • Hiram

    Hm, A good song for this relationship. . .
    ‘ With Or Without You ‘ ?

    • Lisa Izo

      ‘Opposites attract.’

  • quick

    Is she drinking a shirley temple?

    • Kifre

      Could be a Roy Roger πŸ˜‰

      • Mechwarrior

        The color’s a bit off for a Roy Rogers.

        • Kifre

          Not if you put in as much maraschino syrup as I do πŸ˜›

  • MisterTeatime

    I’m curious about the details on “couldn’t find a face to run recognition software.” Does Gurwara carefully face away from security cameras at all times (including while leading a class)? Is his image always blurred beyond recognition? Or does he actually not show up on video, making the Axiology session look like a bunch of students talking to someone who doesn’t exist?

    • Mechwarrior

      I think they meant that his face doesn’t match any known records.

  • Herwood

    I miss ALT-TEXT!!!!!!!!

  • Herwood

    For some reason Feral looks kind of like a vampire… But i can’t place it… XD