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  • Autoskip

    Sort of begs the question as to why Pintsize rode in in a pocket – I’m guessing he wanted a surprise reveal?

    • Lisa Izo

      Have you SEEN airline ticket prices lately?

      • Autoskip

        No, but that doesn’t explain entering the building via pocket.

        • JohnTomato

          It’s his “thing.” Pretty much his entire thing.

        • Superfrick

          Um, I swear to god, if I had that power all of my friends would be annoyed with me because that is LITERALLY how I would make my entrance at every social event ever.

          • Merle

            A worthy thought, but consider the merits of arriving in an RC aircraft or scale-size car, Stuart Little-style.

          • Tylikcat

            Drone. Shenanigans.

          • Arkone Axon

            Oh, there are other ways. Imagine jumping out of a cupcake!

        • Lisa Izo

          He avoids paying the cover charge that way, the cheapskate…

          • Tylikcat

            A long standing grad student tradition! It’s kind of like how in an ecosystem, grad students exist to eat up all the leftover food.

            (Not that I didn’t continue donating to charitable orgs as a grad student, but…)

      • Dean

        Pintsize probably jumped in a packing box and had himself overnighted to Brad’s place.

        • allium

          There’s precedent…sorta.

        • Bobo Chimpan

          If so, he had better luck with it than poor Waldo Jeffers…

  • Lysiuj

    So, should we expect Mary to join the reunion…

    • Lisa Izo

      Maybe she can slash Clevin’s other hamstring and Alison can let her go again?

      Okay that was a little catty…. but it does seem a little awkward πŸ™‚

      • Weatherheight

        No, no I think you got that one just right. πŸ˜€

  • Kid Chaos

    So they really are going to meet the boyf! (Yes, “boyf” is now in my Kindle’s vocabulary; awesome, right?) 😍

    • Lysiuj

      I’m already smiling at how much Jen is going to troll him πŸ˜€

    • FeralWhippet

      umm, “boyfriend” is ONE definition for boyf, the others are less… ah… charitable.

      • Kid Chaos

        I’m just going by the context established on the previous page. Maybe I’ll just spell out “boyfriend” from now on. 😜

    • martynW

      I’m sorry, “boyf” still sounds like an aromatic taco burp to me.

  • Hiram

    So I notice Pint’s clothes scale with him. Has he tried shrinking and then repeatedly up-scaling small quantities of various things? Does the re-scaling last outside his sphere of influence? I MUST KNOW.

    • AveryAves

      Special Clothes

    • Arkone Axon

      He probably wants to know too – that’s probably part of what he’s been researching in France.

      …That, and the finer points of french kissing and relations with attractive older coworkers… ^.^

    • Lisa Izo

      A Wizard Did It.

    • martynW

      Go with the flow.

      As Jim from the comic “Skin Deep” says, “Oy, look, it’s all super-advanced magic and I can’t explain it because I really have no idea how it works.”

    • Raven Black

      Abusing superpowers is the best.
      I was going to suggest you’d just end up with eg. a load of gold that’s lost all its density, but clearly not since he can ride in a guy’s pocket, so mass must remain proportionate to size while size changes. Maybe he can only upscale things he previously downscaled, that would make it relatively abuse-resistant. (And perhaps also only downscale things he previously *did not* downscale, to avoid excessive nanorobot abuses, though being able to take an already naturally miniaturized device and miniaturize it 10x further would still be pretty valuable!)

      • Hiram

        Shrinking must reduce the loads normally exerted on matter by the fundamental forces or things like electromigration would kill him. Let’s just say his superpower involves exciting the pintions in nearby
        matter to a higher energy state, thereby stretching the cross-section of
        normal mater into dimensions that don’t interact with those forces.

        . . . or something.

    • Elaine Lee

      And does it work for Thanksgiving dinner pants?

    • Kate Blackwell

      Well, as far as we know he can’t make himself bigger, just smaller, then back to regular size, so he can likely only grow items he previously shrunk.

    • Ilasiak

      Duuude, that made me wonder, Pint would make a fantastic mover for a moving company or even shipping. Why bother with a huge shipping boat when you can shrink the cargo with him and just load it onto a plane and then unshrink?

    • Alex Hollins

      the shrinking lasts, we know from his lab of equipment that all stayed shrunken without him. we havent seen him make anything LARGER though. but with everyones biodyn changing, maybe?

    • Abel Undercity

      The Comics Code Authority had a “going out of business” sale.

  • sagelynaive

    Guys I’m so nervous that something bad is gonna happen at this event. Not least because of the forshadowing, or because a place where literally everyone important to Alison has willingly gathered themselves, at the event she’s most invested in, is a great place to strike if you really want to hurt her.

    • sagelynaive

      So far shes having fun though, and thats a gift horse for sure so

    • Tylikcat

      Maybe they all just come out two weeks later?

      • danima

        I see what you did there. I think.

      • palmvos

        exposed brick walls, not much wood work to come out of. there might be a big utility closet tough.

    • Weatherheight

      The most impressive wedding in the Marvel Universe?
      The one where nothing happened but the wedding. πŸ˜€
      (Not sure that there is an example of this – but…)

      • The marriage of Reed Richards and Susan Storm, then. (Granted, I think they needed to use time-travel to retroactively PREVENT bad things from happening at the wedding…)

        • Weatherheight

          As I recall, a few former villains also ran interference, as well..?
          Or is that the drugs talking again…?

          • Doctor Doom did something that influenced pretty much the FF’s entire rogue gallery into crashing the wedding. Things got so out of hand that they had to use time-travel to undo the whole mess and ensure the wedding went on with no interference.

    • Ganurath

      Well, two of her three old teammates have just shown up to her big thing to protect women from being preyed upon…

      • SmilingCorpse

        To be fair, Moonshadow might be there, just invisible.

        • Ganurath

          And depending on her reason for being there, that could be the problem.

    • Lostman

      Now I’m a imaging a some guy, wearing a “I’m still special shirt”, pulling a rocket launcher from the truck of his car. Just outside the building.

      • Happyroach

        Does anybody remember the chapter frontispiece?

      • I can’t help but wonder if her sister would signal said guy when her bf shows up.

        • Lostman

          That would be very twisted.

    • BMPDynamite

      You took the words out of my mouth

      • Now I have Meatloaf playing in my head.

    • pidgey

      If this was, say, Marvel comics, then yeah, I’d be right there with you, because they need some way to return to the overall status quo. But I feel like this comic is actually trying to avoid putting Alison into a holding pattern, and having something shut down Valkyrie right as it’s poised to get off the ground doesn’t really do that, from a narrative perspective.

      • sagelynaive

        That’s actually a pretty good point

  • AdamBombTV

    Finally everything is going well for Allison and everyone is happy…. and tragic accident in 3, 2, 1…

    • Weatherheight

      No, no, no – most definitely NOT an accident.

      • 21stCenturyPeon

        My money’s on a squadron of biodynamic MRA turdholes crashing the party.

  • Danygalw

    Alison’s sister looks very different to her.

    • Zorae42

      Her sister?

    • Tylikcat

      It does happen. I have almost black hair, and olive skin.* My full sister (the one who survived) started out with golden curls and blue eyes, though her hair darkened to a light brown by adulthood. (Totally different skin textures, too.) My half sisters come in a honey blond and chestnut haired pair, too. I’m also six inches taller than my sister, and my brother is almost that much taller than me.) Throw enough different genes into the pot, and who knows what you get?

      We *wish* we could blame it on illegitimacy.

      * More golden than olive, but ack, can’t wear white girl make up worth shit.

      • Bobo Chimpan

        I had a friend in DC with jet black hair whose siblings were all blondes or gingers. It’s a thing that happens.

    • Weatherheight

      She does. Now that you’ve pointed this out, the Drama Police will be paying you a visit for revealing the Plot Twistβ„’ far, far too early. Enjoy your “stay” in Poughkeepsie.

      That’ll show ’em.

  • Walter

    Can this be the Boyf? It looks like him, but that outfit is far too tame. Aww…he wants to fit in at her big thing!

  • Strawman

    Wait until you hear Clevin’s band before launching your hottest diss, Pintsize.

  • Anna

    This entire page is so adorable! My inner fangirl is squealing.
    Also, my computer has been on the fritz so I know I’m late, but Allison has had a very similar dream to the one at the beginning of this chapter at the beginning of Chapter Two, if you go back to it.

    • Lysiuj

      Great point, I forgot about that dream!
      This time her other self isn’t attacking her so I guess that’s an improvement?

      • Anna

        Yeah and we also have some Gurwara in this new dream, so that makes me wonder if Gurwara has been messing with Allison’s head since back in Chapter Two.

    • Merle

      Sometimes, after all the stress and the agonizing and the philosophy, it’s good to just have a moment to be happy.

      • Arkone Axon

        …You KNOW this is going to get bad very quickly… :/

        • Merle

          I know. But for this brief moment, I can hope it won’t.

  • Amanda

    i love this page so much, this is so wholesome- it makes me all the more afraid of what bad thing will happen in the near future

  • Dean

    There’s no vase to put those flowers in, Clevin.

    • palmvos

      that’s not his problem. and i suspect that something can be macyvered up. probably from the wifi router…

      • Probably plenty of booze bottles being emptied* that the flowers can go into. Lisa can probably whip up a laser to slice the neck off a champagne bottle.

        *Hopefully not into the wifi router**.

        ** Odds on Lisa’s leg including an open wifi hotspot?

        • palmvos

          actually low- she has those bots in her lab. she wouldn’t need a wifi hot-spot in her leg normally. and i don’t think it would be all that useful…. burt the picture of all these people with smartphones following her around to use the wifi is amusing. a wifi router that is also a flower vase? that has possibilities.

          • She’s not in the lab right now, and it would actually be useful to have her leg wifi-enabled for uploading firmware upgrades and downloading maintenance/usage data (a bit like the way pacemakers phone home with data). And if you’re doing that, and you’re orbiting around the hacker/maker subculture, as Lisa appears to be, then you may as well make it a hotspot.

            (If you can steal the bandwidth off Patrick, all the better).

    • Lisa Izo

      And he’s in a tuxedo or something…

  • Rascal_Face

    You think Clevin already knew how to tie a bow-tie or was he struggling with a youtube tutorial and that’s why he was a little late?

    • therufs

      Come now, the man wears a vest on the regular. Of _course_ he already knows how to tie a bowtie.

  • Rugains Fleuridor

    “Good things to come,” guys! The smart guy said it… Nothing bad will happen…nothing….

    • palmvos
      • Eric Meyer

        I have wanted to know the origination of that meme for AGES! It can’t just be a Tom and Jerry thing, it just screams of ‘reference’. And I’m certain it’s been done in other cartoons of the age as well.

        • palmvos

          Wikipedia reports that it happens once more in Tom and Jerry and gives a source:

          “… “Don’t you believe it!” – a cultural reference to the distinctive jingle on the 1940s radio show Don’t You Believe it![2] (Voiced by Harry E. Lang.)…”

          it occurs to me I grew up watching these…. and they have levels aimed at my parents and grandparents. the crop of children just being born might find out about these cartoons through digging into the references of animaniacs, or other newer shows…

          I feel this sudden urge to tell someone to get off my lawn.

          • Eric Meyer

            Aw man! Thanks! You know, in hindsight, I probably ought to have just checked Wikipedia myself, but I never seem to remember it when I get the chance.

  • Sage Catharsis

    I have (helpful) criticiz(m)ed your work several times, but I’ve also shared your website with folks as well.

    THIS TIME: If You ignore me, you will be ignoring a request for the type of bat you used for Brad’s design.

  • BMPDynamite

    kfcl; fjewi jcjdsilcvji awejfcio



    • Arkone Axon


      • palmvos

        if he has, Alison, Brad, Hector, and Clevin will all die. and this comic will MOVE EVEN SLOWER. I mean seriously. when is the next book coming out again? at this point i think we will hear from Christopher Paolini first!

  • scrubjay

    i too, like alison, burst into tears of joy when i see hector

  • Ben Posin

    Well, it looks like Pintsize has officially taken off the mask. I think this is the first we’ve heard of this. We knew he had taken steps in that direction—his thesis advisor/research supervisor/French crush thanked him for trusting her organization with his identity—but springing out of someone’s pocket at a party like this seems to be a new step. I wonder if Alison will ask him about it when she gets over the surprise of seeing him there, or if others are going to get excited at meeting an unmasked Pintsize. Or who knows, maybe he came out off-panel and this is old news.

  • Tsapki

    “Wow, if Mary were here, we’d have the gang all together.”

    “I am here.”

  • Darkoneko Hellsing