In case that last memory shown doesn’t ring a bell, here’s a link to the archive page.

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  • Dean

    He’s really proud of the Green wing, and wants to show it off.

    • Soqoma

      Well how often do YOU get to show off a museum to its subject?

      The waking up is going to be so awkward, though….and fair, if you think about the fact that Allison will now have violated Patrick’s privacy just as much as he perpetually violated hers.

      • Giacomo Bandini

        Maybe that’s what this wholr thing was about, Patrick’s more or less coscious desire to level the playing field with Alison.

      • Arkone Axon

        Technically she gave him consent every time she knowingly came near him while fully aware of his abilities – she actively came to him and sought him out for dates and company, not the reverse.

        This could however be seen as him trying to open himself up to her in turn. Let her see how he really feels about things.

      • This is happening with Patrick’s consent.

        Well… at least SOME of Patrick’s consent.

        Edited to Add: Come to think of it, this is happening with the consent of the parts of Patrick that managed to drag himself to Alison’s door when he was in crisis and was falling apart, and was desperately seeking help. Whatever is going on is what the majority of Patrick was trying to have happen when he showed up — this is what the best parts of Patrick want to be happening: to be getting help.

      • Gotham

        At least so far, I interpreted the convoluted sequence of events “above ground’ as Patrick trying his damnest to invite Alison in. Making sure to get Clevin out, sending a brainwave to stop her from going after him with a picture of her in front of the door to the place as an attachement…

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    It’s gonna be the one where she throws his gift back at him, isn’t it.

    • Shjade

      Hmm…I dunno, I don’t think he’d be so happy about it if that’s the memory he’s talking about.

      My best guess: the moment he took off the mask and she agreed with him that they needed to try something new to fix the world together.

    • Gotham

      It’s going to be witnessing the philosophical debate between Alison and Gurwara… as the duck!!

      That’s right, every super’s powers have been developing, Alison learned to fly, Patrick is now an Animorph.

      • The Duck From issue 6 p.112

        Don’t ruin the surprise.

      • Mechwarrior

        I always knew Patrick wanted to set himself up as a ducktator.

        • Weatherheight

          He wouldn’t have it any eider way.
          I swan, that boy…
          Wish I could find a pun based on mergansers, but I can’t…

          • Mechwarrior

            Duck puns are always fowl.

          • Watching that old coot argue with himself must have been entertaining. Did he have a script, I wonder, or was he winging it?

        • tygertyger

          Oh mallard, that’s bad. Please, people, don’t do quack.

      • GreatWyrmGold

        Or he’s learned how to read animal minds.
        You have no idea how many old people with breadcumbs he had to sit through to find the memories he wants.

    • bryan rasmussen

      no, it’s the one where we lied and told you there was a conspiracy and you fell for that crap and now the end-game, we have you where we want you!!

    • Kifre

      That or the time she thought sexy-thoughts at him. On purpose.

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        That’s gonna be awkard either wayyyyy XD

  • Gotham

    I can’t be the only one who wants a size-accurate replica of the portrait of Mega Girl busting down a wall in all her mighty glory. Speak about first encounter.

    • Herwood

      I would totally buy that!

  • Olivier Faure

    Did she ever think about her cancer dad while she as around Patrick? We really need a more specific explanation of his powers, what they can do, what their limits are.

    • wahahahaha

      Probably thought about when she went to the hospital with him. Stuff like stays on your mind and its easy to be reminded of it.

    • Gotham

      As far as can be told, he doesn’t need the other person to think about a thing. You can’t pink elephant your way out of him knowing anything you know and remember.

      • Weatherheight

        The implication from Patrick’s co-opting the scientist’s memories while they were unconscious is that proximity and attentiveness seems to be the only factors.
        As long as someone is in range and Patrick is focused on that person, no memory is truly safe.

    • masterofbones

      As far as we have been told, he can copy-paste entire minds into his own, and does a less comprehensive version automatically just by being nearby

  • Abel Undercity

    OK, so I went back to that memory and am now on the verge of ugly crying at 4:38 in the morning.

    • MoonicaMusing

      Yeah. I knew exactly what it was but I just had to go and click on it, didn’t I?

    • 3-I

      Anyone else REEEEALLY sickened by the fact that Patrick dwells on this?

      • dragonus45

        The nature of his power seems to make him physically incapable of not.

      • Shjade

        Not really, no.

        Is it a tremendous invasion of her privacy? Obviously, but that’s his life. That he focuses on it as important seems like a positive, to me, depending on WHY he thinks it’s important. If it’s one of the many instances he thinks of for how the whole “punch giant baddies won’t save the world” thing works, not so bad. It’s a powerful reminder of one’s limits.

        Maybe it isn’t HIS reminder, but in his brain, well…there’s probably more in it that isn’t his than that is.

      • Arkone Axon

        He literally cannot help but see her thoughts and memories (to the point that she used to tease him by thinking erotic thoughts at him). The fact that he focuses on when someone he greatly cares for found out something horrible is actually perfectly natural even for people who merely have secondhand awareness (“that was the day I sat with her at the doctor’s as they told her…”).

        The real question is WHY is he focusing on that? Did he resolve to try to find a cure for pancreatic cancer? Did he use it as a reminder that superpowered brawls won’t get things done? Is it a “hairshirt” to remind him that his “everyone’s a special snowflake, and none of them really matter” claims were a bunch of bullshit? Or did he somehow cause the cancer in the first place, by accident or by design?

        • Abel Undercity

          I imagine it’s a scene that looms rather largely in Alison’s subconscious. I’ll certainly never forget the day my wife got her diagnosis.

  • AdamBombTV

    Damn, Record-Keeper, you sassy

    • Jac

      “I don’t make the rules! Oh wait… eh, don’t you worry about it.”

  • Ray Radlein

    There are five. Have we now met four of those five?

    • Gotham

      Which is the fourth? There’s Anima, Menace and Record-Keeper I count so far.

      • masterofbones

        potentially the guardian

        • Ray Radlein

          Yeah, I was thinking of the giant rampaging green Green enforcer, though the “not being Patrick” thing might exclude her from consideration.

  • David Nuttall

    That is what happens when you are dealing with a telepath. Not every memory is his own.

  • Gotham

    “Wait, this doesn’t make sense. Why do I remember it in black and white?”

    • MoonicaMusing

      Because it was before the comic was colored? I don’t think Alison saw it in B&W ;-P

      • Gotham

        I’m being playful.

        • MoonicaMusing

          Ah. the picture broke the flow of the sentence, if I’d noticed the quotes I would have gotten it. Sorry 🙂

    • Weatherheight

      Maybe because all of this is a DREAM?!
      Duh duh DUHHHHHH!

      • Gotham

        If they decided to go with my suggestion a while ago that Patrick is colorblind, it would have been a neat bow around the fact that Issues 1-3 are not colored— it’s what he gleaned from Alison’s memories.

        But considering the portraits are not in shades of gray, that’s out. Bummer.

        • Shjade

          That’s a neat conceit, though. I like it.

        • If Patrick was colorblind, wouldn’t he still see other people’s memories in color because that’s how they see them? Colorblindness is a difference in the eyes, not the brain.

          • M. Alan Thomas II

            It still takes the brain a little while to figure out how to process correctly, but yes, there would be enough material to achieve that, probably. (Memory transference of qualia is not an experiment we can actually run.)

          • Gotham

            There’s a critical period to how long before you just can’t cure someone who is /born/ blind. Not because it’s impossible (in case it’s the eyes who cause issues) but because a brain finely tuned to a certain set of perceptions and a way to conceptualize reality will go right for it. It’s not only biological (cells and neurons reallocating process where there is stuff to process) but the most deeply psychological mechanism humans have.
            After all, it’s perception that makes reality, not the other way around.

            Even four years old is way too late to retrain a brain. Injecting memories is not something anyone will ever be able to do (thank God) but given what we know about the subject, in the real world I’d expect his brain to filter the colors on its own for the sake of Patrick’s sanity.

            But here we’re speaking about magic powers, so the rules are arbitrary.

          • Preacher John

            Fortunately, that’s false. The brain is in fact, tremendously plastic and is able re-train and re-learn in a variety of ways, at various ages e.g. Pierre-Paul Thomas (Canada) was born blind and had his sight restored at age 68 in 2013. http://www.medicaldaily.com/pierre-paul-thomas-montreal-man-born-blind-can-now-see-could-treatments-once-incurable-ailment-make

          • Gotham

            He wasn’t born blind, as it is stated in your very link. He had an accident at a young age.

          • Ran

            I think you’ve misread. His accident at age 68 was when they offered to *fix* his eyes. (The article does quote a doctor as conjecturing that perhaps he had been able to see at a very young age, but nothing so definitive as what you suggest.)

          • Gotham

            I did confuse the two events yes my bad—
            But even then and even if he was indeed never able to see, I could find just as many anecdotal evidence of people being cured their blindness who end up unable to come to terms with their newfound sight.

            My point still stand: Patrick being eternally colorblind could have been possible /and it would have been cool dammit/ (and since I’m the closest thing to a non-doctor there is I’m going to stop there with the ophthalmology)

  • Franklin J Gomes

    Only five?

    I think we can have a Patrick Sentai team

    • Weatherheight

      Clearly, Menace is the Black Ranger…
      So is Anima the Pink Ranger or the Yellow Ranger…?

      • Gotham

        No /she/’s the Black Ranger. She’s even got the suit on already!
        Menace is the rogue White Ranger (hey, they’ve got to shake up the formula sometimes) with a greyish suit as long as he’s evil.
        Record-Keeper is the team-helper unwilling to fight until he’s revealed to be the foretold legendary Green Ranger.

        And “Sentinel” is just less of a mouthful than DX Ultra Gosei Ultimate MegaZord

        • Franklin J Gomes

          Female Black Ranger is also a shake up. If memory don´t fails me there is only one female Black Ranger in Super Sentai (and that is because she was part of a secondary team made up of all Black Rangers) and zero in Power Rangers

      • Franklin J Gomes

        If I have to chose one of those two I will say yellow.

        Anima is the female component of a male mind, and yellow is one of the most unisex colors in both Super Sentai and Power Rangers

      • Shjade

        Anima’s the Green Ranger.

        You can’t be 100% sure whose side she’s on whenever she shows up.

    • Lisa Izo

      Go Go Patrick Rangers.

      • Weatherheight

        Go Go Psychic Rangers…?

  • Weatherheight

    Middle panel, far left – A car ride on the way to a barbecue with the doctors?
    “Women who changed the world” – who gave her that book? Anyone remember? I think it was Patrick, but I don’t trust my memory…

    I’m wondering if the memory that Alison points out is notable because Patrick isn’t directly involved in that memory? Or is it in the gallery because he’s somehow involved in that memory? Oh sure, the Record-Keeper claims these are carbon copies…

    Paranoia, the destroyer…

    • Gotham

      The book! How could you forget the book!

      Man was Patrick pudgier at the time. Losing his mind made a number on his body fat.

      • Elaine Lee

        They were pretty young. May have been baby fat.

      • masterofbones

        pudgy? he’s wearing a greatcoat without even a hint of a bulge. He’s thin as a rail

        • Gotham

          What of the cheekbones, man? You self-proclaimed /master of bones/ should be the one to flip the most tables!

      • Weatherheight

        Thank you, Gotham!

    • Kifre

      I think its’ in the gallery because of its importance to Al and because it’s the most vulnerable she’s been so far.

    • magnetoo

      I thought the far left was a memory of Patrick’s view of Allison when they drove to see Feral.

      • Weatherheight

        It was… 😀

    • Kid Chaos

      “Paranoia will destroy ya…”
      –The Kinks 😜

  • Kifre

    “One of your worst moments is extremely important to all of us.”
    Sweet or horrifying…sweet or horrifying…choices,choices….

    • magnetoo

      You don’t get to choose what you remember. This would have made a big impression on Allison, and so essentially forced itself into having a big impression on Patrick, whether he wanted it to or not.

      Also I get a kind of “explaining away” vibe to his comment, not one highlighting that one. “Yes, of course that one is important, BUT…”

      • Jallorn

        Naw, it’s a first-hand. Meaning it’s from Patrick’s experiences, not a copy of someone else’s.

        • magnetoo

          The one he is about to show her is first-hand, yes. The one he is explaining away is second-hand.

  • Walter

    “Well in a certain sense, we are infinite.”
    “There are five.”
    “But yes, in a more accurate sense than that there are five.”

    Damn RK, you shady too!

    • Soqoma

      I love this dialogue so much.

    • Pol Subanajouy

      Technically correct is the best type of correct.

  • Lisa Izo

    I’m liking Female Patrick less and less with how she’s acting to Nerdy Patrick. Although I did love their interaction about how many Patricks there are :).

  • Teka the Budgie

    My guess the memory is when she threw the mug but there are a lot of other good ones out there.

  • Walter

    Can’t wait till they stumble across the Clevin wing of the Green section.

    • Dean

      “Why is Clevin shirtless in all of these?”

  • JohnTomato

    “Time is of the essence so let’s keep up a casual stroll.”

    • Meh, when you’re dealing with imaginary distance-in-thoughts, your apparent speed isn’t THAT important.

      • palmvos

        its all relative.

  • ash

    Only just discovered SFP – read up to date in two days, and… wow.


    • Weatherheight

      Welcome to the forum, I think we have cookies..?
      Yes, peanut butter cookies on the left, chocolate chocolate chip cookies on the right.
      Cow’s milk if you’re into that, bourbon if you’re not, cola if you’re too young or too sober for bourbon.

      ::wiggles his ears enthusiastically in greeting::

      • David Nuttall

        I think the only cookie we can actually give you is a login cookie from Disqus for your web browser. Still, welcome Ash and that is a pretty impressive archive dive.

      • palmvos

        ::pours himself a diet soda::
        hey treats! thanks…

  • motorfirebox

    Thanks for the archive link, I hadn’t met my daily quota of sniffling in front of the computer.

  • Jules

    Am I the only one who wants a sitcom starring the infinite (five) Patricks?

  • Julia McGuire

    It’s really cool seeing this page after binging the comic again. I think I can identify all the different memories.

    Left to right: 1) Patrick watching Alison sleep in the car on their way to see Feral. 2) Alison busting through the wall to confront Menace. 3) Hard to tell, but it’s during the Feral trip again, judging from the blue dress. 4) Secondhand memory from Al’s POV of him giving her the book. 5) Sitting next to Alison at the hotel pool during the Feral trip. 6) Driving during the road trip.