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  • Gotham

    “Also, the green glow to our left? That’s the Sentinel wrecking up the block looking for us in an Universe destroying rage.
    Don’t make eye-contact.”

  • Lostman

    Now I have to wonder what the inside of Alison mind looks like.

    • AdamBombTV

      Like a 1950’s Superman comic?

  • Oh geez, we’re going to see Patrick’s early memories of getting his powers and trying to deal, aren’t we?

    • Weatherheight

      Gosh, I hope so…

    • Ray Radlein

      “Welcome to the Hall of Expository Flashbacks”

      • Dean

        “So, is there is there a button I can press to skip the cutscenes?”

  • JohnTomato

    Well lit sewers are standard in any fantasy.

    • David Nuttall

      It was just that the stuff in the sewer was glowing with its own light. That is why you do not want to touch it.

  • Herwood

    *sigh* I miss the days when I had just discovered this comic and got to binge through 6 issues…

    • tygertyger


  • Pol Subanajouy

    I wonder what metaphor the Record Keeper will take? Giant Spider? Tiny Spider? Spider in glasses?

    • Lostman

      Old man with beard.

      • Gurwara?

        • palmvos

          Gandalf, Dumbledore, Belgarath, Merlin, Merlin from SG1, and Lazarus Long.
          but Beldin would be fun….

          • Weatherheight

            Much Yes…
            Very Pow…

    • R Lex Eaton

      Patrick as a sexy librarian, a la Empowered?

      • Weatherheight

        Patrick Readman a.k.a. THE PAPER!

    • Mechwarrior

      Patrick as Tom Servo.

    • Eric Meyer

      For no particularly well-explained reason… An orangutan.

      • Todd

        Left turn, Clyde . . . .

      • masterofbones


    • Todd

      Something moist, zymotic, and Lovecraftian a la the Great Hall of Celaeno?

    • Ray Radlein

      Indie Rock Patrick, dressed like he was in High Fidelity

    • RobNiner ♫

      Tiny spider with Scottish accent!

  • GaryFarber

    There is no Patrick. There is only Zuul.

    • palmvos

      now I feel the urge to raid a fridge…..

  • The ‘far from it’ seems to throw her dedication to pure logic into question.

    Alison’s ‘Sounds dreamy’ is a bit worrying, though.

    • AmbiguousMouse

      I’m fairly certain it was sarcasm, and Ms. Pure Logic just answered literally because that’s how she is.

    • Johan

      I think she took it the “dreamy” part literally, as in a dreamy state of mind has nothing to do with logic.

  • palmvos

    and we discover…. its empty. it seems one Menace checked the whole thing out with a enhanced library card.
    warning the above post may be a bit ludicrous.

  • tygertyger

    Record-Keeper? You mean there’s more than one minotaur?!?

    • Kid Chaos

      Oh please, let it be Ernest Borgnine from “Red” (2010)! 😎

  • Evelyn Shea

    It’s interesting contrasting Patrick’s quip in the first panel here with her expression and word choice in the last panel of the previous strip. In the last strip it concludes with her smiling wistfully or optimistically and using the metaphor of being freed from imprisonment which is usually seen as a positive thing when you’re the prisoner. It’s funny and concerning how she can think of it like that looking back and then so quickly gear shift to, “Turns out the reality of it was pretty fucking dystopic.”
    It says something about her, but I’m not sure what.

    • Arkone Axon

      “You see, I believe in freedom, Mr. Lipwig. Not many people do, although they will, of course, protest otherwise. And no practical definition of freedom would be completely without the freedom to take the consequences. Indeed, it is the freedom upon which all the others are based.”

      (Later clarification)

      “In his Thoughts, which I have always considered to fare badly in translation, Bouffant says that intervening in order to prevent a murder is to curtail the freedom of the murderer and yet that freedom, by definition, is natural and universal, without condition,” said Vetinari. “[…] Mr. Gilt has studied his Bouffant but, I fear, failed to understand him. Freedom may be mankind’s natural state, but so is sitting in a tree eating your dinner while it is still wriggling. On the other hand, Freidegger, in Modal Contextities, claims that all freedom is limited, artificial, and therefore illusory, a shared hallucination at best. No sane mortal is truly free, because true freedom is so terrible that only the mad or the divine can face it with open eyes. It overwhelms the soul, very much like the state he elsewhere describes as Vonallesvolkommenunverstandlichdasdaskeit.”

      • Evelyn Shea

        Like I said, usually it’s seen as a positive. I think Patrick on a whole is the sort who would lament the pitfalls of freedom, but I feel like Anima actually isn’t.

  • Giacomo Bandini

    Maybe i’m reading too much in it, but i like to think about this ark as a commentary about mental health. The crazy suicidal drunkyard , dirt and smelly, has inside himself an umbelivaly complex world, as detalied and articulated as an entire city.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Wonder if the record keeper will be the genius robotist.

    • Arkone Axon

      That would imply some sort of crush on Lisa. I honestly don’t think Patrick feels that way towards her; if he were close enough to her to have scanned her that thoroughly, he wouldn’t have had such an adversarial relationship with her (as Menace and through legal proxies).

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        Not all the avatars in his brain need to be someone he crushes on, me think.

        • Arkone Axon

          Let me rephrase. I don’t think Lisa is that important to him as an individual, the way Alison is. Or the way his assorted allies are.

          That being said, I REALLY hope we see some of his allies here. And be reminded that to Patrick, they were never “minions in the service of a supervillain,” but “comrades in the fight against an evil regime.” We’ve seen plenty of examples of their loyalty to him – and of his loyalty in turn.