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  • Glotos

    Are they now post-the-other-side-of-the-mushroom and running into that well-structured mousehole from before?

    • Tsapki

      So…this is a Tom and Jerry cartoon now? I got to imagine Patrick might have watched some of those.

    • Weatherheight

      Wouldn’t it be weird if Alison and Anima-Patrick actually shrunk and the Sentinel is normal sized?
      More dream metaphor…

  • Gotham

    I’m not sure I follow. Why doesn’t Alison want to go toward the tower? Does the expect Skyscraper!Alison to leave them be if they’re fleeing or hiding? If there are safe ways to the thing that will make the Green Giant stop, what makes these safe ways worse than the safe ways toward an espace route?
    Also, “we gotta get to that knowledge”???

    • Frank

      Yeah, this kinda feels like I missed a page. It went from “We can’t lose what he knows” to “get to the knowledge” pretty quickly, but it was mentioned three pages back. Bi-weekly pages don’t help 🙂

    • Weatherheight

      The knowledge Alison’s referring to in panel one is the knowledge of “The Conspiracy”, which was the whole point of coming into Patrick’s head in the second place (pretty sure the first place was “Help Patrick”).

      Panel two Alison seems to be saying “This Max-Me (heh!) doesn’t want me to head to the tower! Heading towards the tower is only going to increase the degree to which I am getting my butt kicked! The information about the conspiracy is the priority, not defeating Menace! Get me out of here and move me towards the goal I want, then I’ll help you with your goal!”

      I found the dialogue confusing the first read through as well. Maybe this is a rhetorical device to show the effect of Alison rummaging in a brain not her own? Everything gets somewhat garbled?

      • Gotham

        Thanks, it makes sense now. I think that establishing where “the knowledge” is so that it’s clear it’s not in the same plot-direction as defeating Menace and High-on-Mushroom!Alice-son would not have been superficial.

        • Amakawa Yuuto

          Pretty sure it’s not “high on mushroom”, it’s “Super Mario Size Upgrade Mushroom”

          • Gotham

            Will you let me pun in peace

          • palmvos

            only if you agree to be pun-ished.

          • Kid Chaos

            Don’t make me pun-ch you in the nose. 😜

          • palmvos

            how dare you interfere in o-pun season. besides how could I force you to do anything with POE?

          • palmvos

            punctuation is important…. that post is missing a comma.

          • Gotham

            What have I done

          • palmvos

            You punned. it happens.

          • Dafydd Carmichael

            It’s a reference to Alice in Wonderland. Alice eats a bit of a particular side of the caterpillar’s mushroom to get bigger and from the other side to get smaller.

          • Amakawa Yuuto

            To be fair, that might also be where Mario got it from, so I could still be indirectly right!

          • Gotham

            Shigeru confirmed it was the case!

          • Zorae42

            I thought it was “post-mushroom [cloud]” as she got huge like Godzilla and looks radioactive.

          • Kid Chaos

            Looks more like something Green Lantern would dream up. 😎

        • Weatherheight

          Maybe Anima-Patrick is deliberately obscuring that information to get what they want and is now hoist on their own petard by Alison. 😀

          Stubbornness and brinksmanship cut both ways…

      • “and OF COURSE the monster is just an aspect of herself about which she’s uncomfortable.”

        But this is Patrick’s head, not Alison’s.

        • Weatherheight

          A valid point. But once she enters his head, she becomes part of his narrative and he becomes part of hers. This is no longer Just Patrick’s Story anymore. Narrative and Meaning in the context of that Narrative is a BIG part of Jungian theory.

          Campbell’s theorizing has a lot owed to Jung.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    The sewers, uh.

    • Gotham

      Always the best level. Watch out for those bats!
      On the plus side, technicolor square water?

      • elilla


  • Christopher Brooks

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  • Scholiast

    Yeah, there’s no question — I’m getting very strong Bad Guy vibes off Anima-Patrick.

    • JohnTomato

      Perhaps not “Bad Guy” but certainly “I always come first Guy.”

      • Scholiast

        Yeah, but if you’re with someone like that, the difference is kinda immaterial. They will screw you if they can see an advantage to it.

    • desika

      I’ve been trying to figure out what her outfit signifies. She looks like she escaped from Tron: Legacy.

      • Scholiast

        Hmm. You’re not wrong. I also see it as a cross between a henchman uniform (from one of the classic Bond villains) and motorcycle leathers.

  • R Lex Eaton

    On the one hand, it might seem callous to prioritize getting the knowledge over a pretty immediate threat.

    On the other, yeah . How brazen can your attempts at manipulating her be, Pat? Consider it a blessing you’re dealing with someone who will at least want to TRY to help you. Cuz if you didn’t get the message last time, well… Bishop Brennan can field this one:


  • R Lex Eaton

    On the one hand, it might seem callous to prioritize getting the knowledge over a pretty immediate threat.

    On the other, yeah . How brazen can your attempts at manipulating her be, Pat? Consider it a blessing you’re dealing with someone who will at least want to TRY to help you. Cuz if you didn’t get the message last time, well… Bishop Brennan can field this one: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5ed8c3419c83ca3f3f4b70c88eb1d89b22a63b377c58d1b8f9d62eece806fb83.jpg

    • Gotham

      I mean…

      “Oh for fuck’s sake Alison don’t you think getting to the knowledge you seek would be easier if you don’t have an ego-boosted version of yourself following us around?! We either deal with the punch machine now and stroll back into the Library of Stuff The Hive-Patrick Knows at our leisure, or we flee like rats on the way forth and on the way back! Are you insane?!”

  • Walter

    I continue to be skeptical of the Anima, but at least it isn’t sending goons to punch our girl. Guessing that ‘fixing’ Patrick probably involves smashing Menace and the Anima back together, which seems like it will restore him to something resembling his pre-mugging state.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    The floor is Tetris! WHEEEEE!

    Edit: If the floor actually is Tetris I will be terribly confused.

  • MedinaSidonia

    Is that the Bifrost?

    • MedinaSidonia

      Sorry… *Bifröst*.

      • Kid Chaos

        Nope, definitely Tetris. 😵

        • MedinaSidonia


  • Ben Posin

    Well, looks like I lied about taking a break until we were out of Patrick’s head. Just throwing in my two cents in that while none of us really know enough about how this unreal landscape works to know if Alison is making the right tactical choice, I’m ok with her moral choice. I don’t think we have any basis to judge whether Alison could have made it to the tower—she seems to think getting past the Sentinel to get there would be…problematic, to say the least. But I’m fine with her choosing to go after the Patrick’s research results rather than first taking part in a Jungian drama that she hopes will save Patrick—in Alison’s mind information on conspiracy has the potential to alter the course of the world. Whereas Patrick has (in case people need reminding) attempted a violent overthrow of the United States, and killed who knows how many people. It’s arguable that he did it with the goal and hope of ultimately saving and improving lives, though it’s become clear he has a very imperfect understanding of his own motivations and beliefs. Even if so, he’s hardly in any position to complain if Alison applies a similar calculus in connection to him and the information he possesses.

    • Weatherheight

      Glad you’re back – many voices and all that.

  • Randolph Carter

    A rare and brilliant move by Allison.
    There’s no guarantee that helping Patrick resolve his inner difficulties will lead to Allison getting the information. There’s no guarantee that it’s even possible – unlike television, one emotional punch up scene generally doesn’t fix longstanding psychological issues.

    Furthermore, if the Secret is so horrible, it might well be involved in Patrick’s current state of self harm, so it’s important for him to admit it and get it off his chest. It would be an important part of healing, sharing the burden.

    Even if the Secret has nothing to do with Patrick’s current state, telling it to Allison is a way for him to confide honestly in someone that he obviously looks to care a lot about.

    It’s a win win in so many ways.

    • Gotham

      Well, one could assume getting rid of the Godzilon first would make it easier to sniff around secrets unpunched.

      • Randolph Carter

        Think of it in terms of personal drama, not like the convenience of a roleplaying game. If you handle someone’s personal drama, who’s to say they won’t make more?

  • Franklin J Gomes


    Anima Patrick apparently have easily give up of her objective…

    And she is guiding Allison to a dark tunnel with Tetris water…

    My Admiral Ackbar senses are tingling

    • Kid Chaos

      IT’S A TRAP! (There, I said it, happy now?) 👽

  • Sage Catharsis

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4203f46ca17a6941d2fcc36df96d72efea6d2cf824c6724dcdd362b66d0fb6eb.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f823b294dd2dd2be579453c4446507e03849a846ea56249a67815e1bfccb08ef.png

    This boy is doing his best to all0w this two dimensional comic book character this two dimensional girl written comic book character to allow Alison to interact with powerful moral decisions his psychic powers reveal, revealed to him against his will for refusing to live up a mountain somewhere, Alison and Woman in general refuses to share responsibility and let’s see what particular seat in the audience she will choose from WITCH she may throw her refusal to grow up and marry her obvious moral equal instead of playing around with little unpowered emotion-pets.

  • Philip Bourque

    For some reason, I really, really hope that this conspiracy thing is complete and total B.S.

  • The city is monochromatic (plus lights and lime-jello Alison), but the water in the tunnel is multi-coloured. At the very least there’s something fundamentally different about the place the Anima is taking Actual-Alison.