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  • Bo Lindbergh

    Yep, it’s time to push that button.

  • Lostman

    I feel a super powered meltdown coming on.

  • AdamBombTV

    But as long as you’re by thinking what he’s thinking about you thinking what I’m thinking about his thinking… we should be good.

    • Lysiuj

      You think?

    • Cyrano111

      “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
      “I think so, Brain, but where are we going to find rubber pants our size?”

    • Grayson Towler

      Zaphod: “Do you know what I’m thinking?”
      Ford: “No.”
      Zaphod: “Neither do I. Frightening, isn’t it?”

      • Cyrano111

        And Patrick can’t read his own mind…

        You might be on to something!

  • Gotham

    Should Alison really go barreling though people’s broadcast memories barefoot? Sounds dusty.

    • Grayson Towler

      Maybe she should be searching through Patrick’s sole instead.

      • palmvos

        wallet. definitely wallet.

  • bryan rasmussen

    I liked Feral’s expression when she was thinking ‘hey, this guy smells like Menace!’

  • Thomas S

    Anyone remember ‘My Favourite Martian” – Need to fiddle with that antennae I reckon – or change the neurological reception frequency or even reverse the polarity using the sonic screwdriver dilithium crystal hyper-drive force … um … thingie?

  • zellgato

    I love Feral.

    • Guilherme Carvalho

      I know, right?? Such perfect superhero material. πŸ™‚

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Panel 3 : “ow, I shouldn’t have run toward that door head on”

  • Lysiuj

    So the badass with incredible regenerative powers and the super-strong and near invincible child soldier need to find a solution for the telepath who’s losing control of his powers.
    This should turn out just fine.

    • sammybaby

      Okay, I’m gonna go there – I think Patrick is gonna die by the end of this story arc. Or at least become “removed” somehow from the story.

      • Tylikcat

        I’d be pretty shocked. He’s pretty central to the long term arc.

      • Eric Meyer

        Well, yeah. Feral’s evil clone’s gonna shred his liver.

    • Zac Caslar

      Man Logan was amazing. I saw that movie three times in one week and I still would watch it again.

    • Arkone Axon

      I can just see Patrick and Tara lecturing Alison. “No! Bad girl! We do NOT casually violence! Look at me, look me in the eye! You do NOT use violence just because you’re upset!”

      And Tara and Patrick bonding over their shared frustrations of babysitting Alison…

    • Gotham

      Everybody watch out for scissors lest Alison and pals ruin Feral’s lustrous hair while she’s passed out drunk for fun

      • palmvos

        it will grow back…. at 4 to 5 inches a second.

    • Eric Schissel

      I agree, what could possibly go wrong? (I know, I know, there ought to be a law or two.)

    • Eric Schissel

      (Anyhow, when I see Feral, I don’t think “Logan”, I think “Rahne”.) (From the New Mutants, if that’s a “who?” reference.)

      • I think Rogue

      • Weatherheight

        The look is the same, but nowhere near the same personality between Rhane and Tara.
        Also, Rahne is yet another female Marvel character treated shabbily by writers…
        So much potential, none of it ever expanded on by writers.

        • Eric Schissel

          On consideration you have a point there. I’ve read about the ca.2010 pregnancy storyline and that’s probably more an example of what you’re talking about, not a counterexample, true. Hrm.

  • Walter

    Wake him up, sleeping with concussions is super dangerous.

    • Stephanie

      It’s not inherently dangerous. Sleep is good for recovery–it doesn’t make the concussion worse. The danger is in letting the concussed person sleep instead of getting medical attention. And it doesn’t appear that Patrick has fallen asleep so much as lost consciousness again, which is a bad sign.

      • Difficult to monitor the victim’s state of consciousness for developing problems if they’re not actually consious.

      • Gotham

        Yeah, I’ve found that instead brain injury victims should be left to sleep but woken up every two hours the first night to make sure they’re still alright and making coherent sense.

        Which, in all honesty, sounds worse a fate than brain hemorrhage at least I’m left alone to sleep in peace once I’m dead thank you very much

      • Tylikcat

        Though I still wonder – the wall and a door read to me like deliberate constructions (and with an implicit invitation apparently specifically to Alison) possibly to manage the more disorganized and disturbing imagery he was otherwise projecting. So that he’s projecting the wall right now leaves me suspecting that he’s not exactly unconscious.

        • Stephanie

          It looked to me like he projected the wall and then lost consciousness immediately afterwards. I don’t think he’s still projecting it.

          • Lisa Izo

            That would be good. Then they just need to keep him unconscious until they can figure a way to ‘fix’ him. Like some sort of induced coma.

          • Arkone Axon

            Alison: “Coma? Oh, boy – a problem that can be solved by punching!”

            No, Alison. Don’t punch him in the face…

            Alison: “Imma punch him in the face!”

            …No, Alison… that won’t help…

            Alison: “Don’t you dare stand between me and doing the right thing!”

            *later that day*

            Alison, in tears: “…Why? Why did I punch him in the face? It made everything worse…”

          • Lisa Izo

            I can very easily visualize that. Especially since it’s a common theme πŸ™‚

      • Lisa Izo

        Yep. It’s a common myth about keeping a person from falling asleep if they sustained head trauma. The only reason to keep them awake is in case they are bleeding into the brain, but nowadays they can figure that out even if the person is asleep and unconscious because of CT scans.

    • Arkone Axon

      Does he have a concussion? Or are you referring to the concussion Alison is likely to want to give him once she finds out what he did to her snuggle-bunny?

      • Walter

        He slammed his head against a wall, concussion feels possible.

  • R Lex Eaton

    Huh… So the image in the vision is consistent across minds? Does this mean it might be an act? Or are Patrick’s powers no longer limited to telepathy?

    • Xin

      Or, it could simply mean he’s only broadcasting one image regardless of the person receiving it. Perhaps broadcasting more would require more effort or complexity (logically, seems kind of like multitasking, or talking to multiple people and saying different things to each). He does also have a pretty severe concussion.

  • Zac Caslar

    A skull-piercing vision of an enigmatic, distant goal and no time to prepare -by jove, adventure calls!

  • IE

    So…. it occurs to me that Patrick being such a jerk to Clevin may have been a tactic to get him to leave the area, particularly if Patrick’s ‘broadcasts’ have a limited range. Whether that was to protect Clevin or his own secrets, it makes more sense than just ‘being a dick to the boyfriend of a girl you like’ as far as Patrick’s character goes. He’s done some remarkably ‘evil’ shit, yes, but he has always had a ‘good’ reason for it (at least in his own opinion) and hasn’t been shown to be needlessly cruel or vindictive without cause.

    Just a thought.

    • LlubNek

      keep in mind that he is very thoroughly drunk and concussed. Him being out-of character right now would not be surprising.

    • Gotham

      “I’m fine now, thanks to your invaluable support, thank you. No need to remain here, I’m sure watching over me forbids you from doing much more worthwhile activities. Off you go on your merry way!”

      • Olivier Faure

        Well, he did pull the “You fool! I’m an unrepentant murderer!” speech at Allison because it was easier than opening up to her.

    • Mishyana

      Yeah, but he’s also very, very drunk. I’ve known some normally very nice people who turn into raging dickaholoics when they get their drink on.

      • motorfirebox


    • Tylikcat

      I was thinking the same, along the lines of Alison’s comment that Patrick doesn’t say what he means, he says what will get the job done. Though what his job is right now… o_O

    • Patrick may not be cruel in the standard meaning of the term, but he is fairly cavalierly ruthless about other people who stand between him and something he wants. cf the unconscious scientists whose knowledge he was rummaging through, without any apparent consideration about whether they might not want to be rendered unconscious and have their memories rummaged.

      Compared to that, being the current boyfriend of his ex, who he is clearly not over, would be more than sufficient reasom to let loose the sharp side of his tongue,

      • 3-I

        He always thinks he knows better than anyone else in the room. Whether he’s trying to protect others or protect his own secrets or whatever else, it stems from a place of thinking of himself as the only rational observer, and of everyone else as people ruled by their own chaotic thoughts, incapable of making logical decisions.

        I’ve known a lot of people like that.

        • masterofbones

          Thing is, he can actually check whether he knows better, so his ego is somewhat more justified.

          • 3-I

            Just because he knows what other people are thinking doesn’t mean he knows whether HIS thoughts are somehow more enlightened.

          • masterofbones

            Uhhh, yes he does?

            Random person: thinks X because of reason Y
            Patrick: thinks A because reason B.

            Compare Y and B, which is stronger evidence?

          • Cloudshape

            I will point out what Allison realized in chapter 5; Patrick can not read his own thoughts. At least, not the way he can read other peoples. He has no particular insight into his own subconscious biases, and is just as suceptible to jumping to emotional conclusions as everyone else.

          • masterofbones

            That isn’t confirmed, and I still seriously hope that he was bullshitting that whole exchange – since he can read her thought patterns, Patrick losing an argument *accidentally* makes no sense. This is doubly true because we never found out why Patrick was trying to get Alison upset – she figured that much out, and then diverted to calling out the bullshit.

            But even assuming that Patrick picked up the idiot ball for the exchange, he *still* has much better reason to consider himself more enlightened than most. He can see all those stupid reasons that people believe things, and they can’t hide them behind post-hoc rationalization. He might be guilty of those things too, but he can see the bullshit much clearer than most. The concept of “honesty” probably makes no sense to him, as he is constantly comparing the truth with what people say and noting that it pretty much never matches up.

          • 3-I

            That presumes that he is objective.

          • masterofbones

            Nope. It presumes that having more info makes one a better judge.

          • 3-I

            If having more information ALWAYS makes you a better judge, then please explain why people with implicit biases still exist.

          • masterofbones

            The two phenomena are mostly unrelated. Biases exist because humans tend to try to find patterns in everything. Sometimes “patterns” are discovered that aren’t actually effective predictors. But having more in-depth knowledge will still provide insight into a situation regardless of biases. At *worst* said biases will reduce the effectiveness of the info, but they could just as easily help.

    • Weatherheight

      That never occurred to me, but if true, it does make me like Patrick as a person a bit better.
      Still a crappy way to achieve the end – he could have just asked Clevin to go get him some ice cream.
      Just sayin’

  • Cyrano111

    Does it strike anyone else that lately Feral looks less, well, feral? The art style has evolved a lot since she was introduced, of course, but leaving that aside, she used to have a harder edge to her. In the first panel today especially, and some recent strips, she’s got more of a “manga-cute” look.

    • Mechwarrior

      Yes, Feral’s appearance in recent comics has been significantly more attractive than her original look.

      I wonder if she’s cleaned herself up for her girlfriend.

      • Some guy

        Maybe, but given how much Alison has changed from her introduction, it could just be the shift in art style.

        • Mechwarrior

          I’m sure that’s the real reason, but I like mine better.

      • Remember Feral’s gotten considerably more cosmopolitan since we first met her, one of the friends she made along the way is a fashion designer, and Lisa is not exactly un-stylish. Plus she’s not out being a vigilante or inhabiting dive bars at all hours, so there’s room for a makeover.

      • Arkone Axon

        Yes. That’s a very useful hint: if you take better care with hygeine, physical fitness, and fashion, you’re going to be more attractive with the ladies.

        *starts a “fedoras for gym memberships” program*

        • Gotham

          The gents, on the other hand, well, they just /despise/ when the ladies practice self-care. The slobbier the better.

          That’s my tactic and dammit it’s going to pay one day no I will not hear you tell me about sunk cost fallacy

        • Mechwarrior

          Yeah, ditching your fedora is a great start for making yourself more fashionable.

          • Arkone Axon

            Oh, just taking better care of yourself in general. I’ve had to chew out a few friends in the past for complaining about “nice guy syndrome,” and this is one of the things that gets brought up. You want to date a beautiful woman, cool – in fact, while you’re at it, make up a list of every single thing you want in your ideal mate. Be nice and detailed, don’t hold back.

            …Then make a second list of everything that person deserves to have in THEIR ideal mate. And then see where you fall short, and start taking steps to address the issue. Start working out, eating healthier, improve your wardrobe… moderate your character flaws to become someone that more people will want to spend time around…

            We just celebrated Rosh Hoshana, the start of the Jewish new year. Which means that Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, is coming up. Which means spending the week in between thinking of flaws and sins to atone for – so this is very much in my mind right now. This is where the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions comes from.

            (Also: I used to be a member of the Romance Writers Association. Which is not a huge achievement – there were a LOT of amateur writers who were members in the 00s, who were fat middle aged housewives writing stories where absolutely perfect men fought and struggled and quested to help ladies who fainted their way to the happy ending – or were supertough vampire hunters who… fell in love at first sight with a vampire and then immediately switched sides. Meanwhile the authors’ RL marriages were crumbling… and to top it off, there was a minor scandal when the male models for the book covers were getting sexually harassed by these women. So my advice above goes BOTH ways. Male or female, straight or gay, anything in between on either spectrum, you owe it to your prospective partner to be as attractive, as WORTHY of them, as you can be)

    • Zac Caslar

      Indeed, although I think she’s also taken to blow-drying her hair and it’s just *poof* volume. Makes her a bit fluffy.

    • Arkone Axon

      She’s matured a great deal. When she first appeared she was a gun toting vigilante who was proudly, aggressively wanton in her hedonism. Then she started traveling, and learning and broadening her horizons and being exposed to other cultures and traditions. Then she came back and became a martyr to help others. After all that, she’s not the same person. She’s grown, she’s become MORE than what she was.

  • Damon

    Okay, so I took a look back at all the visions. First off, they were all black & white (plus red), but the two times she had this particular vision (page 25 & page 33 (today)), they were in full color.

    Another think I noticed is Alison’s two-toned top. The first time she had the vision of herself in front of the doors, she didn’t have it on and this time she does. She puts it on during page 26. At first, I thought that the vision in today’s page meant that the encounter with the door was imminent, but now, I’m thinking that the doors are metaphorical. Perhaps she is seeing them as the doors protecting Patrick’s secrets. Since Feral is seeing Alison and not herself, I think that Patrick came here to share something with Alison.

    • SomeGuy411

      Either to share something, or give her a choice. Otherwise, seems spot on, and good catch

    • Alternatively, we’re seeing the inside of Patrick’s head, he’s updated her appearance based on what was in front of him before he passed out, and he sees Alison as the key to his problem.

      Or to breaking down the doors to his fortress of solitude.

  • Arkone Axon

    “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

    “S’never stopped you before!”

    …And in that moment, Feral proved herself to be the wisest person Alison knows. And also the first one to ever give it to her straight like that. :p

    • If I’d noticed this first, I wouldn’t have posted almost exactly the same thing!

  • GaryFarber

    Thinking ahead, when there’s a theme park based on STRONG FEMALE PROTAGONIST, we can all visit the “Patrick’s Haunted Interior Mind” ride. E-ticket.

    Which is where Alison is going next.

  • JohnTomato

    “Who’s on first?”

    • palmvos

      tomorrow’s pitching

  • Jared Rosenberg

    Patrick shouldn’t watch Harry Potter before getting drunk. Is this the hall of mysteries?

    • Eric Schissel

      Looks more medieval-era or so to me, but it just doesn’t look at all that specific. (King Arthur rather than Harry Potter?)

  • Lisa Izo

    Are they thinking of killing Patrick while he’s asleep? I’m not sure what they’re thinking.

    • Alternatives would be getting him away from other people if he has a limited range, but the fact his last outburst managed to floor both Alison and Feral argues that Allison trying to fly him out (or even just up) would be a bad idea.

      • Lisa Izo

        Wouldn’t another alternative be using a drug to knock him out? (ie, taking a tip from the Logan movie). Although if it’s his unconscious mind doing this instead of his conscious one, that probably wouldn’t help.

  • Hiram

    thinking of you

  • Blahorga Slisk

    OK, so am I the only one who thinks Alison looks like a ten year old in that last panel? Is that an indication that they are still caught in his dream, or am I just imagining things?

    • Arkone Axon

      It’s the proportions, as I said in a comment on a previous page. If you take a person’s head and use its length as a unit of measurement, then the average adult is between seven and eight “heads” high. Superheroic art traditionally goes with nine or ten heads of height… but on this page Alison has a mere five heads of height. The proportions of a child.

      I can’t help but wonder how the characters would look if depicted with proper proportions. Everyone in the comic states that Alison is a very attractive female, but it’s hard to see that when she is… well, drawn with the proportions of a child. Ditto Clevin; I wonder what he’d actually look like if drawn with adult proportions?

  • “I have no idea what I’m doing”
    “S’never stopped you before”

    Clearly Feral has been paying more attention than most people.

  • Ack

    My take? Patrick knows that Alison needs to help him sort his head out, and for this he needs to be asleep. Clevin had been told to keep him awake, so he made Clevin go away. Now he’s free to draw Alison into his mindscape so she can confront his demons and punch them till they go away.

  • Ack

    I also find it amusing that the telepath is called Patrick. (ie, Stewart).

    Just saying.

    • Lisa Izo

      Now that you put that thought in my head, I cannot unthink it.

  • Masterful summation, Feral.

  • AnotherLibrarian

    Hmmm super humans losing control of their powers – imagine if that happened with someone with an anomaly able to rewrite the human genome – it is possible that the mystery people behind the conspiracy saw this coming and acted accordingly

    • palmvos

      conan, i’m adding you to the time travel theory believers. do you want the phone booth, hot tub, ugly car, or odd box sub group?

      • Arkone Axon

        Okay… Phone Booth is the TARDIS. Ugly Car I’m guessing is the Delorean. Odd Box… Calvin’s cardboard box time machine?

        Not sure what the hot tub is…

        • palmvos

          phone booth- you can be forgiven for not remembering Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure
          hot tub time machine… the movie title is enough.
          I have been told that if you get up close to the surviving cars from the movie… they don’t look as good as the movie suggests.
          odd box. is the tardis, police box if it weren’t for doctor who nobody would even know that there ever was such a device, you do realize that the originals could be used as temporary cells until dispatch could send a vehicle over, right? (this is why the phone is on the outside)

          • Arkone Axon

            Bill and Ted! I do remember, but I’d forgotten. I was never exactly a fan… but I do remember.

          • palmvos

            as I said you can be forgiven for not remembering… they beat death at electric football… I need to forget..

  • Weatherheight

    And we now have concrete confirmation that Patrick is capable of broadcasting. Both women seeing the same thing strongly implies a single source (if they were jumping into his mind somehow, each should see themselves at the door. Since Tara saw Alison, broadcasting seems more likely).

    The new question – is this a recent power addition or is Patrick losing control of a power he’s always had but claimed he didn’t have?

    Lines form to the left for “New Power”, on the right for “Always had it, the shady fibber.”

    • Arkone Axon

      I’d say “power addition,” because Patrick also showed up drunk, miserable, and unkempt – whereas before he was wealthy and well groomed. He’s not doing so well anymore.

      • Lisa Izo

        Natural power addition, like Alison’s flight… or maybe he found and forced Max to amp up his powers and this was the side effect.

        • Arkone Axon

          I don’t know about “forced.” Max might have done it freely the moment he heard “Alison’s old enemy.” Then again, it might not even have been intentional – Alison couldn’t fly until recently.

          • Lisa Izo

            True about Max being able to be convinced to do it willingly. Especially by someone like Patrick, who knows exactly how to convince people to do things.

            Also true about it possibly not being intentional.

            Honestly I hope this was natural though, because if Patrick’s powers can go from reading thoughts to being able to project thoughts, that means Max’s power might be able to advance naturally from ‘augmenting powers’ to ‘suppressing or removing powers.’ Which would be a really good way to get back at Alison (which I’d consider a good thing since removing the power of an unstoppable tyrant who is all too willing to use violence to force their way of thinking on others against their will). Plus Max could also really do some other good if he wanted for some people – biodynamics who’s lives have been ruined by their powers (like the girl who is trapped in water, or the girl who is in a gaseous state, or who cannot live normal lives anymore in a way they’d like to do (like Amanda or the girl who got angry at the green girl) or people who are dying slowly and painfully from their biodynamism (like Cleaver) or others who have used their powers to murder people and might cause real harm to the planet (like Patrick now).

          • Arkone Axon

            Suppressing/removing powers… especially Alison’s… yeah, I can see that happening. It makes me think of Manchester Black:


          • Lisa Izo

            Makes me think more about Magneto from the first X-Men movie, but yeah – Manchester Black works for that comparison too πŸ™‚

          • Tsapki

            If he wanted, seems to be a pretty big hinge regarding Max. He seemed unwilling to expose his power to help thousands of normal people, what possible reason could we possibly infer for him to help a significantly smaller number of people he has referred to as circus freaks?

          • Lisa Izo

            He would probably be a lot more willing to use his powers to protect himself from being brutalized and threatened with murder by Alison a second time though. He already knows Alison will do it again if she wants, so if he had the ability to nullify her power to force him against this will and remove his autonomy, don’t see why he shouldn’t consider doing that.

            Although if you mean the part about Max augmenting Patrick, I do think that his willingly augmenting Patrick would probably be against Max’s nature as well, just like he didn’t want to use his powers to augment Feral (although his main reason for that was more because of how Alison went about ‘asking’ – demanding, belittling, and threatening). But still have to remember that Patrick is extremely good at manipulating people, finding their mental weak spots and knowing which buttons to push to get them to do what he wants them to do. He’s a lot more subtle than Alison’s blunt force approach.

    • Gotham

      would have leaned toward “power he’s always had” if we had any foreshadowing, but prior to this issue there were no instance of unexplained vision.
      If he did indeed had the power before but that had no impact of the story or how the reveal recontextualizes how certain events went down then what’s the point?

      • Weatherheight

        It would show he’s one shifty …
        >shut yo mouth<
        I'm just talking about Patrick…

        If he had the power before, it confirms he's flat out lied at least once to Alison (Ya know, when he told her he was "receive only").

        I tend agree with you and to lean towards this is a side effect of his powers getting stronger over time, though. Fits the overall themes of the narrative better

    • Dawn Smashington

      I say new power; either he took advantage of Max’s boosting power, or he had something similar to Al’s learning to fly happen

  • SnowDemonAkuma

    Sleeping if you have a concussion isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes it’s actually what your body needs to recover!

    But, on the other hand, Feral ain’t a doctor. Hell she probably barely knows anything about how normal people react to physical trauma.

  • Nina Croitoru

    Any word on SFP volume 2 in a physical format? My library craves for it! πŸ˜€