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  • Stephanie

    I wonder how much Feral has to spend on alcohol each night in order to outpace her metabolism.

    • Kid Chaos

      Quite a bit, I’d say, especially now that it’s been kicked into overdrive. 😎

    • Dean

      Seeing as she’s a celebrity superhero, very little, I’d imagine.

      • Tylikcat

        Feral, being Feral, might enjoy buying drinks for her friends.

        • Lisa Izo

          Feral, being Feral, also does not have a paying job, remember. Free drinks are the best drinks.

          • Tylikcat

            Though she was also talking about getting her own place – is she getting a stipend or something? I mean, I think we’re lacking information here.

          • Lisa Izo

            Maybe. Or maybe she meant after she gets a job. Since she wasnt expecting to ever be working, given that whole plan of ‘eternal torture to donate organs’ thing she originally was going to do.

          • Tylikcat

            Yeah – it’s pretty unspecified, and existing models from our world wouldn’t indicate that she’s getting a stipend or anything, but then, her situation is pretty darned unique.

    • Walter

      She probably drinks an awful lot, but I doubt she has to spend a lot.

    • Lheticus Videre

      Dangit, both Dean AND Kid Chaos have a point! Now I’m no closer to the answer than when we started!

    • bryan rasmussen

      maybe paladin made her some super-hooch

      • Jac

        Okay, now I’m just imagining her reaching for the rubbing alcohol out of pure curiosity.

    • Psile

      Like in flash where they concocted some kind of super alcohol in their state of the art chem lab that was able to get him drunk for like five seconds.

    • I was about to say that how do we know that she metabolizes drugs or alcohol all that fast, and then I remembered the whole “anesthesia doesn’t work on her” thing.

      Although, now I have to wonder — if she CAN get drunk, why didn’t the just plan to give her an ethanol IV for the transplants? Alcohol DOES deaden pain quite a bit at high doses.

      • Lisa Izo

        Because the narrative requires that it needed to be a tragic sacrifice she was making?

        Btw in the FlashI think Caitlyn made a 500 proof alcohol so Barry could get buzzed as well.

        • AshlaBoga

          250% alcohol?

          That makes no sense.

          Couldn’t he just drink 150 proof at a fast pace, like 1 litre every 15 minutes? That would kill an ordinary human.

          • Lisa Izo

            To be fair, the exact wording was ‘it’s basically 500 proof alcohol’ but yeah, 250% alcohol doesnt make sense in a real world situation. Then again, neither does an infinite mass punch make sense without a person’s hand ripping off of their body if they don’t also have infinite superhuman strength and invulnerability to begin with.

            Anyway, here’s the clip 🙂


        • Diana

          500 proof?

          So every ounce he pours contains 2 and a half ounces of alcohol? I know it’s a superhero show but must they break the very laws of physics each time he takes a drink?

          • SarahTheEntwife

            Yeah, that show has a…dubious…relationship with normal physics 😉

          • Lisa Izo

            And basic chemistry 🙂

          • Christophe2314

            Speedforce. Ain’t gotta explain shit.

          • Lisa Izo

            Technically it’s a ‘suspension’ which Caitlyn called ‘basically 500 proof’ so I’m guessing there’s wiggle room for logic there. Maybe.

            Either that, or Greg Berlanti has no idea how alcohol works 🙂

          • Arkone Axon

            They supercharged the drinks! Using a good stiff shot of… unobtainium!

            That’s right, Acme brand unobtainium chemical additive. Just add one measured dose to any chemical concoction – be it jet fuel for your rocket boots or alcoholic beverages for your hypermetabolic metahuman – and watch physics sulk in a corner and cry!

      • Freemage

        Fun fact: People who drink ‘near beer’ (typically less than 1/2 of one percent alcohol) unknowingly (ie, believing it’s the real thing) will often display a sort of psychosomatic drunkenness, including some of the physical symptoms. I could easily see Feral either experiencing something similar, or alternately she just drinks alcohol and lets everyone else attribute her behavior to that rather than to her being goofy/horny/violent (depending on her conduct at the time). Playing to the expectations of others is a useful tactic, sometimes.

        • Tylikcat

          Two of my classmates once made parsley brownies* for a party, and then later brought it up during a discussion of the placebo effect.

          * Yes, yes, that’s totally not how it’s done. They were young. Everyone still got “stoned” which was the point.

          • Freemage

            Heh. I’m reminded of the scene in the movie Go, where the heroine makes a bunch of money by convincing the kids that the she’s selling aspirin to that it’s actually premium-grade Ecstasy (she wisely has them use it with a lot of pot, but still–there’s generally agreed to be a bit of a difference between those two highs).

          • Tylikcat

            …I suppose I find that less problematic that most forms of drug switching?

            (My experience with such things is pretty peripheral – I wouldn’t know how about to go about being a DanceSafe volunteer, say* – but I have been a mushroom identifier, and I will ID hallucinogenic mushrooms, no questions asked, as there are potentially fatal toxic mushrooms that can be mistaken by hallucinogenic ones by an amateur, and I would rather have someone ask and not die. Anyhow, I mostly only ID fresh material, but people do show up with dried Agaricus bisporus – your standard grocery store button mushrooms**, sometimes doped with LSD, sometimes doped with gods only knows what.)

            * Well, they have a webpage…?
            ** But also portabella mushrooms, and crimini mushrooms, they’re all the same species.

          • Zac Caslar

            This is a phenomenal pratical skill, by the by. I salute you.

          • Tylikcat

            Thanks. I’m not getting enough practice in – partly just time, partly because I’m not getting out enough. Though around here you have to go really far to get to what I think of as really not settled spaces. Still, I’m not getting out of the city, or even out to the research land the university own enough.

            Chantrelles come up in my neighbors yard, though, and there’s a very nice local maiitake that shows up all over the place. (And a nice selections of boletes, and deer mushrooms, and…)

          • And the morel of the tale is be careful what you wish for 😉

          • Tylikcat

            *knock knock knock*

            I can’t help but notice that you have a mushroom problem.

            Would you like me to fix that for you?

          • Alex Hollins

            I have sold flinstones vitamins as pretend ecstasy before. users didnt know the difference.

        • Alex Hollins

          I for one have an ungodly alcohol tolerance, due to size and genetics, not drinking history. I get drunk with less alcohol in rooms full of drunk people having fun. I know its psychosomatic, but enh, it works for me to get “drunk off the room” as I call it.

        • A story from my own family that happened about sixty years ago:

          A couple things you need to know first: my father’s mother’s family is all Catholic, and Catholics typically get married on Sundays. In Massachusetts, I was in college before it was legal to sell alcohol on Sundays at all (in fact, most stores other than ones that sold necessities, like drugstores, were required to be closed on Sundays until 1983; Sunday alcohol sales weren’t legal until I was in college, Sunday alcohol sales before noon weren’t legal until three years ago). And the Caruso side of my family has a tendency to be flaky.

          The point is that for the wedding of my great-Uncle Ronnie and great-Aunt Mary, they forgot to buy the booze until the night before, after the liquor stores closed. What they did was go to the back of the store where they had the bottles for pickup, and grabbed all the empty vodka bottles. And they filled them with water. And, at the reception, they only served screwdrivers and bloody marys.

          People commented on how smooth the vodka was. And it never ran out (because they would just go into the kitchen and refill the bottles when it ran out). And everybody got SMASHED. Absolutely roaring drunk.

          And, nonetheless, the next morning, nobody had any hangover, and nobody had any trouble getting to work.

          This is why I’m not overly impressed by the story of Jesus at the Wedding of Cana. I mean, sure, he turned water into wine at THAT wedding, but MY family turned water into vodka at Ronnie and Mary’s wedding.

      • Moi

        Harvesting organs from someone who’s been given a dose of alcohol that would be near-fatal to a normal human being might not work out too well for the intended recipients.

    • Oracle

      Seeing as she’s functionally immortal, she could probably go for straight alcohol with optional flavouring.
      Is ethanol solvent cheaper than liquor?

  • AdamBombTV

    Has Feral always been tagged by florescent highlighters, or is that a new thing?

    • Kid Chaos

      I’m pretty sure it’s new. 😜

    • Lisa Izo

      It’s a new superpower. She now sweats neon.

    • 21stCenturyPeon

      I’d assumed they were entrance markers from all the clubs she’d hit that night, like wristbands or hand stamps.

  • Strawman

    How exactly is Alison looking ahead with a bright smile at a foreshadowed yet still concealed future, with all these boxes right in front of her face?

    Maybe she just really like looking at cardboard from very very close.

    • Callinectes

      I know I do.

    • Stephanie Gertsch

      Can she see over the right side where the boxes aren’t so high?

      • Strawman

        I like to deny the existence of perspective and assume she’s actually five centimeters from the box. Tops.


        • Lisa Izo

          She doesnt need to worry about hitting someone or a wall. She will just keep walking through it 🙂

    • Lysiuj

      Because looking to the future = staring into space, so it doesn’t actually matter what’s in front of you.
      Except like, your destiny or whatever.

    • Jo Nemo

      She’s a superman expy. clearly she’s X-ray visioning that shit 😛

      Yes I know she doesn’t have any visions (yet)

    • Shjade

      She’s actually not looking forward to the future, so having the boxes block her view of what’s coming makes her happy.

    • Oracle

      Or maybe she just needs to carry some boxes. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Coffee zombie mode~

    • Lisa Izo

      That tells us that Al can be effectively drugged/poisoned by ingested, inhaled, and possibly skin soluble drugs/toxins. Given how fast caffeine can still work on her. Better plan than giant spaceships.

  • Lostman

    And Valkyrie about go into operation, let see how Alison handle it.

    • Walter

      I’m not sure that carrying boxes implies Valkyrie. I’m thinking this is helping with something for Clevin.

    • Lisa Izo

      We have no money auuuugh!

      • Walter

        Man if only someone would write us a check for millions of dollars. We definitely wouldn’t rip that up.

        • Lisa Izo

          But unfortunately we don’t know anyone like that, right Alison? Well… alternative idea… maybe we can get on the good side of some senators and get some government funding? Too bad we don’t know the children of anyone with political pull either. We definitely wouldn’t torture those people and make them go into hiding because they fear for their lives after we threaten to murder them, right?

        • Tsapki

          Worked great with the Clinton Foundation.

    • Pretty much what I thought.

  • Walter

    Lotsa boxes…

  • Silverwizard

    First thought upon reading: I am glad Alison doesn’t use kcups – a lot safer.

  • Weatherheight

    ::shuffles off in a pout because the dream sequence is over::

    • Lysiuj

      Don’t worry, in fiction the symbolism continues when people are awake too.

    • Lisa Izo

      Or is it???

      • Weatherheight


      • Zorae42

        Everything after the second panel is a dream sequence she’s having while making coffee

        It’s the only way the neck scarf makes sense. That’s some dream fashion right there.

        • Lisa Izo

          Or maybe this is STILL THE DREAM. It just got meta, baby.

  • Jshadow

    What up with the neck sash on Al?

    • She’s gonna go out later and solve mysteries with Maynard G Krebs and a talking dog.

    • Lysiuj

      She’s baiting large animals to try biting her neck, cause she could use the workout. (Or the amusement.)

    • Danygalw


  • bryan rasmussen

    so, sci-fi/comic book trope – the world she wakes up to is another fake dream world, and the dreams are her subconscious trying to break through – why? Well, what the hell happened to that professor, last time we saw her she’s looking out the window determined to bring Patrick down, next it is some time later (like weeks) feral is still living with her, able to get really blasted on alchohol, and she’s delivering cakes to her best buddy for grand opening of their project! Yay! Just saying, in a normal comic this opening would be highly suspicious.

    • Lisa Izo

      She punched a few people who she thought might be involved who she suspected of being randites, one of whom had a gold tooth, one of whom was carrying luggage, and one who waslooking in a mirror, and called it a day.

      • Arkone Axon

        Randites. I’m going to have to remember that one. It sounds perfect… a bunch of cultists in hooded robes, standing around a bonfire while a homeless teenaged girl hangs in chains from the wall… and underneath the robes are a bunch of rich and powerful elites chanting Objectivist idiocies to celebrate being selfish pricks.

        • R Lex Eaton

          If nothing else, it’s a good way to distinguish them from the kind of Objectivist who follows 90% of the philosophy and ignores “thus you should be a selfish jagoff.”

          • Arkone Axon

            Yeah. It’s interesting, the difference between Adam Smith and Ayn Rand.

            Adam Smith: “We each know what’s in our own best interests, and by “competing” in an honorable and equitable fashion, we all come out ahead. Our competition results in prosperity for all.”

            Ayn Rand: “Charity is a vice, altruism is a sin, the strong have the right to prey on the weak, the poor deserve to starve, and I’ll ignore anyone who points out that I benefited from charity throughout my entire hypocritical life.”

          • R Lex Eaton

            Couldn’t have said it better. We really need some official terminology for this.

          • Zorae42

            Sounds like the same thing to me, just that the second one is the first taken to its logical conclusions.

          • Arkone Axon

            No, because the former is like a co-op game in which everyone’s competing for the most points, but where you’re still very much on the same team – you might want to get the MVP rating, but you won’t get that (or win) by betraying your teammates. Whereas the latter is like a PVP game that wholeheartedly encourages griefing, backstabbing, and lying.

            (Also known as “Why I don’t play Eve-Online”)

          • Zorae42

            Because League of Legends and CS:GO are known for their friendly and non-toxic communities /s.

            Not being able to kill your teammates just means the skilled people will use any other means of making less skilled people miserable. Either because they know they can still win without their teammates because of the massive level in skill difference, or just because they want to cull the weak (their points are high enough they can afford a minor setback just to do so).

          • Arkone Axon

            Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of the (sadly now defunct) City of Heroes, or Warframe. Or Star Trek Online or Guild Wars 2 (I don’t play them anymore, but I tried both for a time). Or Overwatch. Games where teamwork is essential, where the toxic griefers are a definite minority, and where players are actively encouraged to cooperate and support each other.

          • Zorae42

            Those first three combined had less than 100k people playing at once at their peak, Communism is a great system too on small scales.

            Overwatch definitely has a pretty big toxic playerbase since a whole bunch of them came from LoL and WoW – which also had its share of toxic people, especially in the more competitive​ guilds (almost like extreme competitiveness breeds toxicity or something).

          • Arkone Axon

            1: City of Heroes actually had a very large player population, spread out over a dozen servers (with myself mostly playing on the Virtue server, the unofficial RP server). Warframe is still very much active and continues to grow, not only in terms of players but also in terms of gameplay and added features. Star Trek Online is also still very much around, though I haven’t checked in on it in a long time. And Overwatch… I have encountered maybe a smattering of toxic players out of a very, very, very large pool of awesome and friendly people. It actually sounds as if the reason you seem to find toxicity wherever you play is because of the common denominator in the equations.

            2: you’re now reduced to arguing about the specific examples cited for a metaphor about an original topic, as if by proving that gamers suck you’ll somehow win the argument without having to address your inability to grasp the difference between Adam Smith’s capitalist theories (grounded in a judeo-christian moral framework that emphasized that no one was supposed to starve in any fair system) and Ayn Rand’s objectivist insanity (filled with insane rationalizations about selfishness as a virtue and declaring that anyone who disagreed with her deserved to die, along with their children). Add to that the crack about communism, which means you’re dumping on all the positions… you aren’t even offering a remotely coherent argument here. You’re just bashing on whatever you can, for the sake of being negative and toxic.

          • Zorae42

            1. I apologise, when I looked up City of Heroes google gave me a game with a similar title and I didn’t notice. Although after checking again, it peaked at around 200-250k, which is a lot, but not the same scale as WoW, LoL, etc. I don’t know much about the other two, but Warframe does have a great playerbase… It also doesn’t have a ranked mode.

            2. Apparently I didn’t express myself clearly. When you have a game with a smaller playerbase, then you’re less likely to have assholes playing it. The communism comment was because in small communities it can actually work quite well, but we all know how terrible it is when implemented on a large scale (similar to the nature of small and large gaming communities).

            3. I don’t play Overwatch, so take your personal attacks somewhere else. Literally months after Overwatch came out there were videos of people screaming at others because they weren’t playing a ‘meta’ character, and across many many games as well. You can do a quick search on “Overwatch Community Toxic” and you find post after post talking about it. Maybe you don’t play ranked? Or only play with friends? Or are skilled and only pick Meta characters? Or play at a time when the toxic people are offline (Australians tend to be the chillest bunch ever)? Even if none of those are true, your personal experience doesn’t invalidate the large amount of people who have had a different one.

            4. By pointing out that gamers suck, I’m illustrating that other systems built on “self interest and competition”, even with the forced limitation of teamwork, tend to produce awful people that are incredibly selfish and often tell people they don’t like to kill themselves. Sure Capatilism might be great in theory, but people suck and the very nature of the system (when combined with awful people) leads to Ayn Rand’s brand of insanity (and unfortunately those sort of people also flourish under Capitalism).

            5. The crack about Communism is because it’s very much the same in that regard: good on paper, bad when implemented on a big scale because people suck. Although its problems are different from Capitalism (obviously). Honestly, all systems have problems, and we just have to do our best with what we have. But picking out what’s “Good Capatilism” and “Bad Capatilism” and acting like one isn’t a logical product of the system is ridiculous.

          • Arkone Axon

            1: Apology accepted.

            2: Not necessarily. I used to play a game with a very tiny player base – never more than a few hundred players on at any given time. The main reason for that was because the veteran players were a bunch of repugnant jerks who actively harassed newbies, and a number of the moderators were good friends of said veterans. I spent a while running a group to help newbies get into the game, and I was subjected to an unbelievably vicious harassment campaign as a result. It’s not the size of the player base that counts, it’s the game mechanics that encourage/discourage specific behaviors (in City of Heroes you could only PVP in specific areas, and when you were PVEing you were teamed up with players who wanted to play a game about being a SUPERHERO, which means they were looking to play nice guys by default).

            3: You’re the one who won’t stop harping on the negatives. I HAVE seen people behaving negatively in Overwatch and elsewhere (hell, I’ve behaved badly in the past – and greatly regret it. Nobody’s perfect). But the vast majority of players are awesome and decent and friendly. I’ve seen that in Overwatch. I’ve seen that on City of Heroes. I’ve seen it in Warframe. I did see a preponderance of toxic players on LoL, which is why I uninstalled it and spent my time on more pleasant pursuits. I encountered griefers and pirates on Eve Online and so I told my friends “sorry, this is not for me.” But a tiny percentage of unpleasant players in a community does not a toxic player population make.

            4: I have NEVER seen a player tell another player to kill themselves. Even on LoL, the closest I’ve ever seen to that were a few idiots telling other players to quit and then uninstall the game. You can mute those idiots. And you can report them. And harassment on that level tends to get you banned from play.

            Furthermore, cooperative teammates win a lot more than the selfish jerks. When I hear a selfish jerk on my team, I know we’re at a disadvantage – but when we’re all working together (as we generally do), we pull it off nicely. The same thing applies in capitalism, btw – the successful businesses tend to be the ones that treat their employees well, respect their customers, and behave in an honorable fashion. That is why Valve has had such a success with Steam, and why EA’s “Origin” system fell apart, and why when EA threatened a hostile takeover of Valve the employees all offered to quit and go work for Gabe Newell at whatever company he started up next.

            5: I didn’t say “good capitalism” and “bad capitalism,” I said “capitalism” and “objectivism.” Capitalism is a system that has existed in one form or another since the dawn of civilization, and works best when contained within a strong code of ethical conduct. Objectivism is a bunch of inane crap dreamed up by a train fanfic author when quoting the child murderer she had an adolescent crush on. You’re engaging in a logical fallacy, that of misrepresenting my argument and the facts and then attacking the misrepresentation. Also known as “strawmanning.”

  • Spongegirl Circleskirt

    I’m guessing Feral only needed about 15 minutes of sleep to metabolize that booze and get enough REM to reset her brain? I want that super power! In fact, I wonder if a blood transfusion from her would kill my fibromyalgia? That would be great! 😜