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  • Lysiuj

    All these fuckin awesome weirdo dorks having fun, and telling stories, sharing memories, laughing… there’s nothing about this I don’t love.

  • Lysiuj

    Also, kudos to whoever guessed that Sapphire would be Sapphic!

    • Does guessing something that hackneyed and obvious really deserve kudos?

      • Lysiuj

        It does if you think it isn’t particularly hackneyed or obvious. YMMV.

      • More than once I’ve used indirect references to my sexuality as Internet usernames, and I’m far from the only one. It makes total sense that a young lesbian would do something like this for her superhero name.

        • Strawman

          Xxx_SoTotallyStraightNoQuestionISwearYouGuysLikeItWasOneTimeAndTechnicallyItDoesntCount_Sephiroth_69_xxX is that you? After all these years?!

  • Lee

    The Crash Bandicoot save card died in vain alas

    • Lysiuj

      It died for our sins. CRASHed to SAVE us, you might say.

      • Timothy McLean

        The eye-rollingly terrible pun fills you with…determination?

        • Kid Chaos

          You need to spend more time on the “Wilde Life” comment threads; best (and worst) puns on the Internet, guaranteed. 😎

      • Lisa Izo

        Puns are naughty, dawg.

  • snrk snrk

  • AdamBombTV

    Oh Brad, your herorics may not have won her heart, but your theatrics have won mine.

  • Strawman

    The last panel has me thinking prelude to sex.
    To avoid the subject, let’s speculate on the revelation that Amanda may have possibly been the henchwoman of a supervillain.

    • Arthur Frayn

      How? Sapphire reached out to Amanda, who is amphibious, to do some underwater part of a plan to foil Psyclone. And likely hit on her afterward. This seems unambiguous.

      • Strawman

        I went back and reread and it seems I was wrong. The way I understood it, Sapphire was the villain they were trying to thwart while Brad was also looking to impress her. It makes it a great dynamic I felt, almost “playing the part” of heroes and bad guys like the children they were but keeping in sight much more personal aspirations and relationships, lacking the “proper” consideration for the stakes involved.

        But no, it seems she was with them.

        • Dean

          It would be an interesting dynamic, but one of the ongoing themes of SFP has been the damage that has been inflicted on these kids both by their powers and society’s treatment of their powers, and I don’t think it would necessarily fit.

          • Strawman

            I’m not sure how it would not fit?
            This very scene is a reestablishment –which the dynamic I thought of embeds itself in– that play-acting superheroes where the good old times, where Crash Bandicoot saves are a priority, where “darkwinter fortress” is a thing, it’s the embodiment of the fantasy that the entire point of the webcomic is to subvert later when these children are sent into armed conflict essentially as the US military.

            It’s even chilling to think about, how this fun conversation is being had between a group of murderers, who draw upon their fond memories of ephemeral ignorance to bond and forget their horrific trauma. It encapsulates everything the webcomic is trying to say.

            That Brad would try to hit on the supervillain because she was maybe a bad guy, but first of all she was cute? It fits perfectly with the non-sustainability of that fantasy.

  • Strawman

    Actually, let’s speculate about something else.

    The only rain level of the Bandicoot series notorious for its difficulty might be Stormy Climb in the first one. It was released in 1996, but became available on PlayStation Network by 2006.
    Now, considering they’re speaking of the good old times of super-heroing long before they went to take on mafia wars, this story must have taken place in the first years of their recruitment. It’s impossible to tell how long ago that was, but considering these are young adults coming on their mid-twenties and that they were recruited after puberty around 14-16, I would wager it was at the very most, ten years ago.

    Of the potential conclusions we can draw from these facts:
    – The story is not taking place in an alternate today, but something like a decade in an alternate past for Hector not to have upgraded to a superior system (despite having enough money to shrug off the crash of a jet)
    – The Storm happened around 1990 and Discovery Day around 2004, and so severely threw the world into upheaval that Sony never went on to launch new services and consoles (also known as the Darkest Timeline)
    – Hector is a huge hipster preferring to use an inferior and more impractical system, throwing a grim perspective on his comments earlier about the Hipster Hall of Justice

    • Lysiuj

      So what you’re saying is this world never got to play Journey? Truly frightening D:

    • Incendax

      He might have been using a mobile emulator. I played FF Tactics the other day, and that was 98.

      • Strawman

        This is a funny sentence grammarly speaking. You might want to sit down for this but, I’m sorry to have to tell you 98 was not the other day but around twenty years ago…
        Also mobile emulators don’t have save cards, do they?

        • Incendax

          Hahahahaa. You know what I meant. 😛

          As for the memory cards, lots of systems still use them. Even your cell phone probably has a SIM card, which is a memory card, among other things. Though it begs the question of why a save card of any variety was all by itself in the vehicle.

          • MisterTeatime

            Maybe he had more than one card for the same device? One for work stuff, one for gaming?
            Or maybe it was a case of “my phone’s in there!” “We can replace it!” “But my save files!” and they’re summarizing after the fact.

      • Lisa Izo

        A save card implies it was probably on a playstation, not a PC.

    • zarawesome

      Or maybe the timeline was twisted just enough that a rainy level on another Crash Bandicoot game became hard!

    • Mechwarrior

      You do remember that the PS2 was backwards compatible with PS1 games, right?

      • Strawman

        It turns out I did not!
        But even that fact does not change my points, the main crux of which being the question “did this story happen before or after the release of the PS3”

      • Lisa Izo

        Was that true of the slim AND the fat? I know the fat PS2 was backwards compatible.

        Also with the PS3, the 20gig, 60gig, and 80gig were partially to fully backwards compatible as well for PS1 and PS2 games (20, 60, and 80 were all PS1 backwards compatible, and I think the 20 and 60 were also PS2 backwards compatible.

        • Mechwarrior

          Yes, the PS2 was backwards compatible for its full lifespan, it wasn’t until the PS3 that Sony started coming out with models that weren’t.

  • Walter

    I also believe that Feral woulda hit on Paladin in her tin can.

    • Bobo Chimpan

      *sniffsniff* “You smell pretty!” like Johnny Bravo

  • Jon

    I’m pretty sure that’s a “lets get out of here while they are all distracted” look.

    • ampg

      I think it’s a, “Hey, my boyfriend is the odd man out in this conversation – better be a good hostess” kind of look.

      • Freemage

        Either way, it means she’s actually keeping him in mind when it’s easy to get caught up with old friends. That bodes better than many folks were predicting after the Terrible Separation Of The Hands a couple pages back.

  • Weatherheight

    Meanwhile, all the other attendees begin edging towards the doors, having absolutely no idea what to say…

    • Loranna

      . . . while Amanda gets to share an embarrassing old war story with her fellows.

      Let the regaling commence! ^_^


  • Artemis

    Honestly this is so refreshing seeing them laugh and joke about their adventures

  • JohnTomato

    Do all these fine folks play computer games like ‘CPA for Life’ or perhaps ‘Computer Help Desk Rep’ to get a taste of how dull most ordinary lives are?

  • Edward L. Howell

    Is no one going to mention the oddly angled and placed pockets on Clevin’s coat? Shapeshifter!

    • Arkone Axon


      • Lisa Izo

        Amanda is Gurwara. No one would ever suspect it.

        • MisterTeatime

          Nah man, Tara is Gurwara. Suspicious resurrection much? 😛

  • I keep thinking of Marion Harmon’s “Cape” books – and then a difference … in the Harmon stories, the hero named “Sapphire” is a class B flying brick, and she seems to be cheerfully and energetically straight.

  • Stephanie

    Alison’s got good eyeliner game.

    • Tylikcat

      Seriously. A bet she never even has to use the tape trick.