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  • Mystery girl

    … I like the new guy.

  • Kid Chaos

    Nice catch! And finally, some gratitude; all it took was a high-flying, death-defying 360-degree slam dunk…wait, I’m confusing Alison with Michael Jordan. Nevermind…

    • Pol Subanajouy

      Haha, worst part is, she is strong enough to just grab a random someone and dunk them like a basketball too.

  • zarawesome

    “So, um, I heard you don’t have anywhere to sleep…”

  • Joshthulhu

    Hehe, oh my.

  • Eric Blanz

    First sight.

  • rpenner

    Alison’s editing process discards the following:
    • “Is it warm here or is it just me. Oh, damn! The fire!”
    • “Heh. I see China, I see France…”
    • “I don’t always pick up guys at fires… I mean I do, but it’s usually slung over my shoulders as per procedure.”
    • “I have to know… did you glue your shirt to your abs? Because it didn’t ride up at all.”
    • “Boxers. Sure, I like em. But do they make sense for guys? Janet Jackson’s top was better engineered.”

  • Rhulayne

    oooohhhhh Allison’s got a cru~uusshh!

    ~Allison and Window Guy, sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g~

    • feli

      He’s not even got a name but people are already plotting fanarts and fanfictions about his sex life 😀

  • Randori

    This is adorable and I like it, but shouldn’t she have dealt with a long public life of interacting with and saving cute people? Or is it the intimacy of her first flying save, or first thing-gone-right in a long time, mixed with cute boy? Someone she knows?

    • masterofbones

      People do dumb love stuff all the time, no matter how experienced they are in the matter.

    • Pol Subanajouy

      I’m putting it up to a first thing gone right angle, myself.

    • Demonlogan

      There’s possibly also the not-being-ungrateful-while-not-going-overboard-in-the-other-direction. Might sound like being an average person, but firestation and family aside, we haven’t seen many ‘average persons’.
      This reasoning could be ignored by her stopping before he said anything, but it sounds a little more likely than her taking a moment to block out [redacted insane rambling] let me quit while I’m ahead k bye.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    And then she answered “thank you too” in a fit of panic and flew away in embarrassment horrified at her own lack of social competence. The man, left alone on a rooftop unable to call for help, died of pneumonia during the night.

    Seriously though, the situation made me realize that, as one of the most famous human on the planet, she must be receiving uncountable amounts of love letters. The vast majority of which trash, worse than trash and creepy trash, but she had to encounter the genuinely charming and appropriately forward kind by sheer number alone.
    You’d think that’d be the kind of unrelatable experience of life that’d give her the confidence not to fall for Hot Pants McFallingFromWindows at first sight.

    • S.I. Rosenbaum

      listen. There are probably entire 4chan pages dedicated to porn of her

      • Roman Snow

        In-universe? Most likely.

      • Pol Subanajouy

        Probably. And ew.

      • tinwatchman

        No matter what the timeline, the Internet remains the Internet…

    • Nightsbridge

      Frankly, she may just be looking at him and thinking, ‘oh no, he’s hot!’ Which is a thing that happens.

      • lizasweetling

        he is in his underwear

    • Wait, you think she reads her fan mail? The first barrage of creepy trash, and out the window goes all of it. Not worth it to subject yourself to that crap for the off chance of reading something nice.

      • Bauke

        Girls still go on Tinder, even though it gets creepy as hell sometimes.

      • ∫Clémens×ds

        If her experience is anything like that of women of internet fame, (which, I think, is genuinely the worst) then she must receives way more positive stuff than hatred at the end of the day. I completely agree not slithering through it herself, though.

        But she must have something to filter her mail. Preferably something bomb-proof. She must receives millions of childrens’ letters, I cannot believe she wouldn’t read at least some of them.

  • Kris Dunlap

    I know at this point in her life countless people have said that to her but it’s nice to see she still reacts like this to genuine gratitude. I know she wants to change the world or whatever but sometimes saving just one life matters at least to that person.

  • motorfirebox

    She caught him in mid-air, but he swept her off her feet!

  • Daniel Vogelsong

    I know she’s supposed to be looking wistful in the last panel but instead it appears she’s looking… down. Thoughtfully regarding his lack of pants. He’s up here, Alison. Look into eyes, Al. Get in the game. What ever you do, don’t start think about fire-themed innuendos. STOP IT.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    See? Proper compensation for momentum and everything.

    • William Lancaster

      Yup, you were right. No high velocity impacts here.

      Except to Allison’s heart. Does this mean we’ll get the return of Menace? Possibly a love triangle? The cool guy she rescued from a fire verses the trying to reform former supervillain bad boy?

      We’ll tune in on Friday! Same MEGA time! Same MEGA Website!

      • Pol Subanajouy

        Oh god, that would be so unfair a love triangle. Unless the new guy has something up his sleeve, he’d have every right to feel in waaaaaaay over his head and intimidated by everyone else in the triangle.

        • Wizardblizzard

          But then if he feels like that in front of Patrick, Patrick will see and be transparently Patrick-smug, and then Alison will laugh at Patrick. Aargh, the feedback loops.

  • Ralph, the Dire Opossum

    Love it! Thanks M&B!

  • Spongegirl Circleskirt

    Allison just met her “Lois Lane”…Daaaawwwww.

  • Malesur Darkmoor

    Alison: Oh, be still, my heart!

  • Philip Bourque

    Isn’t it the rescued who normally falls for the rescuer? =P

  • Squeee!

  • Eric Blanz

    First Sight.

  • Mechwarrior

    I bet that if I tried asking you out, you’d turn out to be some sort of twisted supervillain who’s plotting to ruin my life and post embarrassing pictures of me on social media, right?

  • S.I. Rosenbaum

    “oh shit he’s hot”

    • Shjade

      “Sir, I’ve found the cause of the fire.”

  • S.I. Rosenbaum

    … does he shave his legs?

    • He was just that close to the fire, he kept his face out of it but all the hairs on his legs are literal toast right now.

      • masterofbones

        And thus he smells like popcorn right now, which is why Alison is so attracted to him.

  • S.I. Rosenbaum

    dude has the Silk Spectre beauty mark : )

  • Walter

    I’ll take a flyer and say that this is a bad person. Maybe not literally evil, but something will be wrong with him. Those lines on his face are the cheekbones of darkness.

    • StClair

      Maybe he’s an agent for The Conspiracy.

    • Pol Subanajouy

      “Cheekbones of darkness” would make a great band name.

    • Gene Wirchenko

      Are we going to end up seeing a TV Tropes of “Cheekbones of Darkness”?

  • Retrikaethan

    well either she thinks he’s pretty or she’s surprised she didn’t squish him. 😀

  • Lauren Tipps

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks a LOT like Patrick? Maybe it’s just the art style, but that was the first thing I noticed. Well, I guess the nose is different, and the cheekbones are more exaggerated… So maybe it’s just me and the art style… They’re both still attractive. XD

    • Keneu

      I noticed so too. Maybe she likes that in men?

      • feli

        Probably her type … or maybe only after Patrick it’s her type >.<
        I miss that bastard.

        • Wizardblizzard

          The first thing I thought when I saw this (though partly because of her reaction, rather than because of what he looked like) was “hahahaha, she’s somehow been and gone and rescued Patrick!” It took me a bit of time to decide “nah, wrong hair, that must just be Alison suddenly realising that she’s carrying a handsome bloke with no trousers on”.

          (Especially since panel 6 is much the kind of gibberish Patrick
          usually talks, and not just when he’s had a fright. “Nah, I
          was just hanging out of a window, you know, because, because… OH
          CRIPES I WAS GOING TO DIE!!!!!”)

          • Lauren Tipps

            I honestly did wonder if it was him at first. Then I realized it wasn’t him, and I was disappointed. That would have been quite the surprise for her! XD For more reasons than one, probably. Think she’s ever seen Patrick in his underwear?

        • Lauren Tipps

          I MISS PATRICK, TOO. He’s JUST FREAKIN’ LIKE my best friend. It’s ridiculous. I loved reading everything about him.

    • tinwatchman

      I guess she has a type?

  • p75369

    Ok… but why did she bring him back up to a roof? After falling, surely most people would want to be on terra firma?

    • Alfred Rudzki

      She needed to bleed off momentum from matching his speed; she couldn’t do a sudden stop at ground level, as that would hurt them both… which leaves flying far away in some cardinal direction, or doing a loop back up into the air to lose the speed.

      If I were someone falling out of the sky, I would also prefer to be put down immediately rather than go through the full fall-loop-de-loop routine.

      • p75369

        Yeah… physics doesn’t work like that unless you’re using wings. Vertical deceleration will be the same whether she continues to fall in a straight line or adds horizontal motion. Flying back up to a roof is just a flat waste of energy due the lack of afore mentioned wings, she has to supply all the force to accelerate upwards herself.

        • clauclauclaudia

          Clearly the street below was utter chaos and she needed to take him somewhere calm to check him out. His condition. Check out his condition.

      • MrSing

        Isn’t it so that as soon as you start flying up again you have had to compensate for all the force in the fall, meaning you are no longer “breaking” the fall as soon as you start moving up again?

  • Tylikcat

    The way this plays against traditional comic book gender dynamics is priceless. Alison is wearing something practical and about as figure revealing as a tent, and here’s the hot grateful guy in his underwear.

    • MrSing

      Actually it’s a long standing tradition for heroes of any gender to wear their underwear on the outside.
      Comics are strange.

      • Guilherme Carvalho

        Reason number one for anyone having Superman as a role model to be counted as weird in my book.
        Granted, the list of such reasons is quite long.

  • bryan rasmussen

    I can’t help but feel that Allison seems in the mood to meet a special someone – there recently seems to be a vibe about Paladin, there’s Menace, and now hot dude in distress.

  • Abel Undercity

    I just met you
    And this is crazy
    But I saved you from going splat
    So call me maybe?


    • Pol Subanajouy

      You have nothing to apologize for. 🙂

  • Note that Ali seems to have carried him off to a nice secluded rooftop.

  • Urthman

    It looks to me like she’s just embarrassed because he hasn’t noticed the fire burned an awkward hole in the front of his shorts and she’s not sure how to tell him.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Very much this.

  • One `Nightingale Syndrome`, coming right up … 😉

  • tinwatchman

    Given this and the possibly flirty way she was talking to Rodriguez a few pages back, I’d say she’s getting over Patrick just fine.

  • Lauren Tipps

    Issue 5 pages 104-115 is the big juicy bit with Patrick’s evil speech and the ensuing fight. No, I am not obsessed with that section at all. …At ALL. XD Except that I totally am. Lol. It’s, surprisingly, just like discussions with the guy I’m in love with. XD And probably. I mean, who WOULDN’T blush?! ;D Do you remember what page it was? I vaguely remember it.

    • MrSokar

      Previous ogling was issue 5 page 14. Also hope you’re not implying you’re in love with an evil/ex-evil genius.

      • Lauren Tipps

        Haha! Nah, he’s not evil. Now genius, pretty much, yeah. It’s crazy. And we have the most interesting discussions on life that sound a lot like how Patrick was talking (not necessarily what he was saying exactly, but how he was saying it). And he could always see right through me. And he looks a lot like Patrick. There are a lot of parallels.

  • Bob


  • oog why does he look just like Patrick D:

  • clauclauclaudia

    Was she shot at? I thought she just didn’t evenly control the forces acting on her. I could never quite figure that out, the fall at the dam.

    • Zmm

      Oh she wasn’t shot at the damn no.
      She flew too fast for a normal body. WHen she uses flight her other powers lessen. Presumably she has the ability to direct her power. probabl can go super defense, super strength, or super flight. but it lessens the others.
      So she was going so fast flying that the speed and wind pressure hurt herself.

      I just mean they’ve got records in gov doctor’s office-meaning its probably around the gov in general that when she flights her other powers weaken.. Unless the doctors hidden that anyway.
      She’s always been seen as something like a weapon. and now that weapon has a weakness.
      I can’t imagine some in the gov aren’t seeing this as the chance to end that potential threat. Nor that there isn’t a foriegn power who monitors her information and might see it and then see a way to take out a potential power agianst them.
      I’m expecting cyber ninja monsters.

      • clauclauclaudia

        Ah! I doubt it’s a general vulnerability. I think when she’s doing something new she’s not focused on “the usual” (her invulnerability) quite as much, but then she builds up those mental muscles and she’s back to doing it all.

        Granted, I think this on no evidence. It’s just my own mental model for how this works.

        • Zmm

          Could be that she’ll learn more later.
          but I think after the dam event there was a phone call with the doctor talkinga bout how when she uses fly she loses her other abilities to an extent…
          now i can’t remember fully.
          Suppose I’ll have to reread the last few sometime