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  • Arklyte

    And now I’m left guessing what have I’ve said wrong… Are speculations about characters and alternative solutions offensive?

    • Weatherheight

      Again, Molly (and presumably Brennan) were at a convention and were unable to to moderate the forum until Monday (see the note directly below the comic). Trust me, nothing you said was over the line. Just took a while to moderate and update, that’s all

  • weedgoku


  • ClockworkDawn


  • Mishyana

    I’m not even sure how to feel about this one. I mean, we’re starting a bit in media res (presumably) on this conversation, but I can’t imagine *any* circumstance where this piece of crap deserved any sort of apology, sincere or otherwise.

  • Ellie

    It says there are zero comments for me but I can see that this discussion has been recommended 31 times? I’m really confused, it’s been like this for the past three days and I really really want to read what you guys all think about this update ahh!

    • Weatherheight

      Molly (and presumably Brennan) were at a convention and were unable to to moderate the forum until Monday (see the note directly below the comic). She gave us fair warning. 😀

  • Rambles

    Hmm…wonder why.

    I mean, it either takes serious balls or serious arrogance on his part, refusing someone who could tear you in two like tissue paper.

    That reminds me, Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex. ‘Cept, genderbent, if you will. Wonder if she still worries about that, hurting someone in a moment of intimacy. Hmm

  • Ryan B

    She was polite, mature, and kind in a conversation with someone who had opposing political and ideological views right up until the other person in the conversation deeply insulted her friend. Could she have been more polite, more mature, and more kind when attempting to leave that situation? Maybe. I can’t say I would have reacted differently. It stings that Allison should have to apologize in this situation. And if she had been nicer in leaving and telling him she didn’t want to spend time with him anymore, who’s to say he still wouldn’t be mad? Some people are just like that.

  • Allyson Moulton

    Wait, is that the villain guy or the guy she saved from the fire? I’m kinda confused since I haven’t read this is a long time.

    • Elaine Lee

      Guy from the fire.

  • MisterTeatime

    OK, this had better have one hell of a payoff, because what.

  • Weatherheight

    There does not seem to be any mirrors around in those rooms, so “The Squire of Gothos” gambit is off the table.

    He does seem awfully comfortable in the “I’m tolerating your squalid presence despite being justified in throwing you out on your ear because I’m wealthy and therefore superior to you” stance, doesn’t he? 😀

    Maybe there’s a school or something for this.

  • Weatherheight

    Heh. Awesome…

  • screechfox

    You know the plan might be nothing to do with Valkyrie, right?

    Like, the only information we have so far is that she received a file from Patrick about Max, called the doctor who sees her about her biodynamism, and now she’s talking to Max about her “plan”, which could be anything.

  • screechfox

    The last page contained her receiving a file which included, among (presumably) other things, information on Max.

    This file lead her to call Dr. Rosenblum with two questions, so probably whatever was in that file meant she needed to talk to Max.

    Though admittedly that last part is just my interpretation so far.

  • Weatherheight

    Power Tool Haircut! Fandom demands it!

    But we’ll settle for another Big Sandwich!

  • masterofbones

    Well this is another one of her “The solution is obvious to *me*, so why isn’t everyone following my orders?” moments. It couldn’t be that he doesn’t *want* to do it, he just must not understand the situation. The thought that spite or even self-consideration could even be issues is absolutely foreign to her.

  • Good point. If Max is indeed a powerful, but non-active, biodynamic then there’s still a question about whether he’d be suitable for Valkyrie. His whole attitude is counter to Valkyrie’s aims, particularly his controlling attitude towards women. Whatever sent Allison to him, it’s unlikely to be Valkyrie. And the only other irons Allison has in the fire are catching Moonshadow (seems unlikely Max would be key) and Patrick’s conspiracy theory.

    If it is Patrick’s conspiracy theory, then probably the last thing Patrick wants is Allison blowing it open.

    Unless he’s trying to draw someone out.

  • phantomreader42

    It suddenly occurs to me that Patrick’s information might not have been relevant to Valkyrie, so much as Patrick’s investigation of the dead biodynamic kids who might have saved the world.

    That was my first thought the instant I saw that document.

  • phantomreader42

    I am pretty sure she’s reacting to the fact that Patrick had her and this guy under surveillance. Sending Al information about Max is an amazingly creepy way of saying “so you know who else could hand you a wad of cash? That guy you’re dating. Here’s a TON OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION ON HIM.”

    He probably did have her and Max under surveillance, but it may not be entirely about them dating, or about money. Patrick would probably have been watching Al to begin with, AND he’s investigating suspicious deaths of biodynamics, so when Al ends up near someone he’s checking up on in the course of his other research, it seems natural for him to look closer. And he DID promise to share his research with Al. But it’s still really creepy.