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  • persephone_the_wanderer

    ….I really hope Alison doesn’t try to catch this guy by just flying into him at full speed

  • Mechwarrior

    This looks like a job for…

    • Kid Chaos

      Superman Mega-Girl!

  • That’s it, come at him from above and match speed, grab him, and then change vector to land. That way you don’t get the neck-snapping moment Spiderman got rescuing his GF when Green Goblin threw her off the bridge.

  • lizasweetling

    Allison is best emergency responder!

  • The Batman Mech

    First things first Happy New Year. I love that grin on her face in the fourth panel. Also the fire chief’s beard is legendary, not a single speck of ash dare touch its glory.

  • Alex Harencar

    I’m anticipating a Big Bang refrencing discussion on inertia in the comments of the next strip.

  • Edmund Gayton

    Welp, here’s hoping this ends better for this guy then it does for Gwen Stacy.

    • Kid Chaos

      Ahhhhh! Jinx!

  • MrSing

    They set their beards on fire to intimidate the fire. An ancient technique passed down by the greatest firefighter that ever lived: Blackbeard.

  • Hawthorne

    Alison: Damn you, Gravity, you’re not getting THIS one!
    *punches man back into fire*

    • Lysiuj

      *punches gravity into fire*

      • motorfirebox

        *gives Patrick noogies until he gets that time machine working so she can go back and punch Newton into fire*

  • 3-I

    Okay, seriously. Commentors below. One, yes, we get it, you know who Gwen Stacy is. Two, spoilers. Three, give her a friggin chance. She clearly flew ABOVE him and is now going DOWN to match his speed before catching him.

    • demosthenese10

      You can’t call spoilers on one of the most famous moments in comics, ever. Especially when it’s from 40 years ago. It’s like calling spoilers on Ann Frank’s Diary or the Bible.

      • Ben

        He comes back, you know…

  • Arkone Axon

    I can’t help but be reminded of how Spider-Man’s attempt to save Gwen Stacy caused her neck to snap like a twig… which is why he made a point of learning how to catch people more gently in later rescues. They might still be bruised, but they wouldn’t go SNAP!

    • Mechwarrior

      Spider-Man’s problem was that his webs were designed with his own resiliency in mind, so he redesigned his webs to provide more stretching and cushioning to prevent another such tragedy.

      But for some reason, people act like it wouldn’t have been just as lethal if he’d failed to catch her.

      • ukulady7

        I feel like a lot of these people commenting would rather Al just watch him fall to his death rather than risk messing up. And that’s why most people aren’t heroes, super or otherwise.

    • That’s why she flew up above him and is approaching him in the direction of his fall to try to match his velocity. She’ll then deaccelerate as gradually as possible. He’ll probably end up with something broken or strained, but if she holds him right, it won’t be his neck or back

  • Devlerbat

    It was my understanding that she does not have her invulnerability/super strength while flying. She is in just as much risk from catching this guys as he is.

    • She does unless she pushes it too much

      • Demonlogan

        From what we’ve been shown, it’s a switch. Fly on, Tank off and vice versa.

        • motorfirebox

          Nah, back on page 150, we saw her flying around carrying a tree. So her strength, at least, isn’t reduced while flying.

    • motorfirebox

      Nah, back on page 150 we saw her carrying a whole pine tree while flying.

      • Demonlogan

        ‘Tank’ as in ‘nigh-invincibility’. Not too clear on it, but iirc previously there was the impression that she (only?) had the strength/telekisomethin’ and superthick skin, then this happened; we haven’t exactly seen her take hits in-flight yet, and to my understanding the (… doctor?) studying her anomalies theorized something switches off while she’s in flight.

        • motorfirebox

          Well, the doctor said that her flight, strength, and durability all come from the same source. She can definitely fly and be strong at the same time, there’s little reason to think she can’t fly and be nigh-invincible at the same time. But it’s a limited resource, so if she’s flying she’s not AS strong or AS tough. But I don’t see any indication that she becomes a normal human squishy the moment her feet leave the ground.

  • Lysiuj

    I think a short beard is all right, so long as you can shove all of it into the mask. I might be wrong though, not speaking from experience as a firefighter.

  • Kid Chaos

    That’s why Alison’s been practicing.

  • scottfree

    Hook around and approach him from above, then start moving him laterally and gradually land a block or two away.

  • Legomojo

    Oh man, I never read the comments, but I thought, “I wonder if everyone is thinking what I’m thinking?”

    Yep… you are.

  • fairportfan

    I’m remembering an issue of DC’s sadly-defunct comic. “Hitman”, in which protagonist Tommy Monaghan encountered Superman on a roof, and wound up giving Big Blue a pep talk.

    Superman is having a crisis of confidence – he had just finished rescuing the crew of a space station that was going to explode … except that he realised he was one short … and when he looked around for him, he found the last crew member trapped in a place that not even he could get him out of in time.

    And he says to Tommy that their eyes met … and he could see in the guy’s eyes that he was thinking “You’re Superman … and you can’t save me.”

    I wonder if Alison is about to find herself in the situation of being JUST too late…

    And, if she is, what will it do to her hard-won sole-confidence?

    • motorfirebox

      God, that was a great series.

  • Wizardblizzard

    Cool it, everyone. Give Brendan and Molly a bit of space, the next page will be along in its own good time – how’s a writer supposed to surprise anyone if you keep trying to second-guess everything that could happen?!
    Happy New Year to the writers, and to all of you!

    • Ian Osmond

      But the guessing is part of the fun!

  • Balthazar

    The beard is the mask.

  • Demonlogan

    One thing you’re ignoring is that it’s superhero fiction and by Physics alone she shouldn’t be alive, or at least nonfuctional, in respect to what she’s tanked. Now, might he die? Maybe, but probably not because there’s no way for her to save him “realistically.” She’s dealt with people dying, even with her involvement. Early on, it was retroactive to showcase her lack of awareness, more recently it was her getting too involved.

    If anything, with respect to the burning building, she’ll leave this with a shiny new injury.

  • motorfirebox

    I dunno. Those airbags that stuntmen land on for shots like this are only 6-7 feet high. Alison’s obviously less comfortable than an airbag, but if she can get her body underneath his, she should be able to spread out his deceleration to the point where he only suffers some bruises.

    But yeah, her screwing up and him dying would make for an interesting story.

  • motorfirebox

    He’s not actually screaming because of the fall. He’s actually thinking, “I’m gonna die in my boxers, and I’ve been wearing the same ones for three days! Mom always warned me about this!

  • Jeremy

    I wonder if she’ll find new uses for her TK…

  • Clint Swindle

    So set up for an assassination attempt on Alison?