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  • That dork Clevin is wearing two pairs of glasses

    • MisterTeatime

      Speaking from experience: that’s probably uncomfortable around the ears. ^^; Props to him for suffering for his art.

      • ∫Clémens×ds

        I’m sorry I won’t let you off the hook that easy, you are now *required* to elaborate on the context behind that “speaking from experience”.

        • Huttj509

          Any 3d movie.

          • ∫Clémens×ds

            Oh, right. Me too, as it happens. Well, that’s an anticlimax

          • palmvos

            as a longtime prescription glass wearer. (old enough that my vision is improving with age!?!?) I gave up on 3d movies until i got a pair of glasses that came with a set of cover lenses for 3d movies. (also a set of sunglasses and yellow tints as well)
            oh and i wear behind the ear aids too. I’m shocked that my ears aren’t deformed 90 degrees to my head! (seriously the behind the ear ones are much better than the in the ear ones… I have lots of stories)

          • Tdoodle

            Glasses and headbands that squeeze your temples are the worst. The WORST.

        • MisterTeatime

          I need glasses for my terrible eyesight.
          Sometimes it’s sunny.
          My current preferred frames have trouble with clip-on sunglasses (or at least the ones I’ve tried- both over-the-bridge and around-the-lens), so I wear independent sunglasses.

  • Izo

    Bruce Willie?

    • Dean

      He was in the porn version.

      • 3-I

        And when he was dead at the end…

    • Markus

      Bald Guy, kinda buff in an everyday sort of way, killed Professor Snape in Die Hard, basically the 1990’s equivalent of Liam Neesons.

      • Spongegirl Circleskirt


      • Matthew Wiltshire

        No that was Willis.

      • ∫Clémens×ds

        …are you referencing Key and Peele?
        In my arms.

        • Markus

          It was a pretty noice reference.

  • Carla

    Here for the bandmates in the second panel.

  • Sage Catharsis

    So this comic triggers me like awkward or something, but it’s cool how the events allowed some one normal to do something SUPER cool toward our protagonist.

  • Rumble in the Tumble

    Oh, Beartato, you’re too kind!

    Please be less kind.

  • Rumble in the Tumble


    • Markus

      The only opinion on Israel I’m willing to share publicly is that the spelling is super confusing. Anything else just invites controversy.

      • Ian Osmond


        • Johan

          Ohhh we could make such a long list XD

        • Dirka

          Nothing that helps.

      • Huttj509

        Only because most people pronounce it odd. Is-real. I’ve heard it more often closer to is-ray-el, and in the hebrew it’s “yis-ra-el.”

  • UnsettlingIdeologies

    How so?

    Seems to me like he is being genuinely nice to someone he finds interesting and not demanding anything in return. He’s respecting her expressed constraints/boundaries and is going on with his life.

  • Brent

    Well he pointed out that the his circumstances had changed and therefore the tickets were not really worth much to him anymore. So however generous that makes him, he is certainly not going out of his way to exaggerate any “debt” to him. And really, its about the level of kindness and generosity shared among myself and the people I call my friends so I definitely don’t get the same vibe you are apparently getting.

  • Manuel Simone

    I swear, Hector, Brad and now Clevin are like the nicest guys to have around (for both ladies and guys). They’re the trio of the most dorkiest, compassionate, wise, brave, average looking (well, in Brad’s case unusual looking), friendly, cool and easy- going guys. Alison is lucky to be friends with all 3, she should appreciate their friendship.

  • UnsettlingIdeologies

    I think she may have some similar (although maybe not fully formed) discomforts. And I wouldn’t blame her (or any other femme person) for thinking that when we live in a society with such fucked up transaction-based ideas about relationships. (Hell, the fact that “friend zone” is a term most folks understand is a pretty scathing indictment of our messed up ideas about relationships.)

    But I read Clevin as genuinely being nice here. He thinks she’s cool and interesting and nice, so he tries to do something nice for her with no strings. I mean, it seems like he has his own stuff going on in his life that keep him busy and happy. And he may even feel like he owes her a good deed. She did save his life after all…

  • JanetBird

    We’ll, this has been interesting. I don’t think Clevin is into her at all (at least not anymore)! I’ve felt so bad for Alison during this whole issue. She’s trying so hard to help people, but is coming to the realization that everyone had different goals and she isn’t really connecting personally with anybody. Poor girl just needs a friend.

    On a semi-related note, I want Patrick back. Badly.

  • Welcome to the bittersweet reality of now reading in realtime!

    Features include:
    – A regularly built up sense of anticipation
    – Revising SFP each Tuesday & Friday until it’s released
    – Have your browser autocomplete SFP if you type in ‘s’
    – Engaging in the comment threads
    – Spending time wildly speculating about character arcs

    Also, be sure to buy a copy of the book to shove at any friends who come round to visit =D

    • Markus

      >Have your browser autocomplete SFP if you type in ‘s’

      I checked, this one is confirmed.

      • I’ve got webcomic autocompletes for quite a few letters =P

        • Robbie X Pierce

          Which others!?

          • S, P, Q, Z, H, O, D, X

          • Dirka

            Cool idea, I just went and checked:

            Boumeries, Cassiopeia Quinn, Dumbing of Age, El Goonish Shive, Flaky Pastry, Gunnerkrigg (duh), Johnny Wander, Kiwi Blitz, Leftover Soup, OJST (ftw), Poppy O’Possum, Cassiopeia Quinn (yes, again), Robot Hugs, SFP (double duh), xkcd

      • 3-I

        Tis true, tis true.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    Right? Happy to see more people on board with my impatient expectations. And it’d be cruel yes, but a striking moment of growth for Alison. Dating isn’t about picking the best candidate on a plate of people coming on to you, it’s about having something to give in return, and Clevin has all the reasons to not be impressed with what Alison has to offer giving their track record together.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    Given her slowly advancing history of romantic interests, the “secretly” part of that description would be an improvement.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    How about a sidekick? I mean it’s obvious by now his biodynamic superpower is the dankest fashion style this side of the gender spectrum, right? (The other side goes to Amanda, of course)

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    I’ve got bad and good news. The bad news is that the post binge-read craving never goes away. The good news is, two pages per week!

    • Lysiuj

      I think I’ve discovered where we get so much energy for all these comment fights… It’s from the constant waiting, then getting a new page, and then we can’t just spend all that energy on one page!
      And so we spend so much time and energy theorizing and debating and arguing…
      And after a while, with each page we get less of a high, so we need to comment even more…
      Molly and Brennan you magnificent bastards!

      • palmvos

        you guys here are tame… I’ve seen webcomic comment sections that were text comics in themselves!!! (infinite clones, eldritch gods, silly traditions…)
        this reminds me…. i’ll be back!

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    Well there’s projecting sure but there’s also the necessarily rules of the plot. I’m sure Alison meets cool unassuming just plain friendly people on a daily basis but anyone worthy enough of their own narrative and … whatever the equivalent of screen time is to webcomics (I propose “page surface area”) is bound to be set up according to known tropes, either followed and subverted thereafter
    I can give one small example: No idea where this is going, but I can already tell Clevin won’t unexpectedly die falling down some stairs. No projecting there.

    • Markus

      I think we’re saying the same thing differently here. Sufficient screentime practically demands projection on the part of the audience. We see Klevin and decide whether we want him to be the same as or the opposite of stuff that we’ve seen before, but either way our expectations are still incredibly narrow because they’re so dominated by previous stuff.

      • palmvos

        I am watching a discussion of projecting involving a character is now a projectionist…
        I see what was done here…..

  • Rascal_Face

    Klevin just taught everyone a master class in how to not be a sad sack “nice guy” stuck in the “Friendzone”. If a girl say’s no thanks, continue developing your own life and talents and do things for the genuine enjoyment of them. Then if you meet someone who might be interested in you, you are already a cool person with friends and talents.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    Yeah, I too am kind of perplexed by her non sequitur “my, movies sure are great.” I mean, what an inoffensive opinion to have. Do I need to add “terrible smalltalker” to my exponentially increasing list of things Alison utterly fails at?

  • DasJepix

    I see and approve of that knowing smile, rad drummer hijab-clad person!

  • Tsapki

    Great, now I need to bookmark this or I’ll go crazy scouring the archives when it happens.

  • Hiram

    I know this is a weird thing to focus on and all, but what is up with that card? That card is THICK. Plus it’s label goes all the way around. So it was cut out, printed and THEN laminated in that order. That is some dedicated card craftsmanship.

  • Snorkels

    I don’t know who gets the credit for it, but the hearts for eyes is adorable. And the bandmates’ faces in the second panel made me smile.

  • Snorkels

    Oh welcome to the club, we like it here 🙂 So how ’bout that Feral arc, huh.

  • Lexkat13

    I love his glasses, and want them.

  • Khlovia

    Nah, more like trying to keep two pair of glasses on your face when you’re all sweaty from rocking out.

  • Khlovia

    I herewith chime in with all those enjoying the shippy expressions in panel 2.

  • Lysiuj

    Dude… differences of opinion etc…
    How can you not love those glasses?!?!?!

  • RobNiner

    Wow, he took Alison down hard, in the nicest possible way.

  • Steele

    Hmm, keep prodding until she’s interested, then back off, play it cool, and be hard-to-get, while also making her feel bad about her initial doubts.

    Nice Guy alert, SHIELDS UP!

    • Cuindless

      Potentially. He might also genuinely be a nice guy. OR all the nice guys in her life are being manipulated into douchebaggery by… MENACE!

  • Sebastián Rodoni Figueras

    I see hat people?

  • Philip Bourque

    Since ‘superheroes’ are real things here, what do they have instead as the subject matter for comic books and movies?

    • Chris Hubbard

      DC and Marvel universes both have comics inside them. They are just about different people.

      • UnsettlingIdeologies

        In fact, in She-Hulk, Marvel comics are licensed retellings of events that actually occurred. (Fun fact: they’re considered legal documents because they are approved by a government agency–the Comics Code Authority. Thus they are admissible in court.)

    • Steele

      If Watchmen is to be believed, Victorian – Era supernatural pirate stories.

      Though more seriously, the world of SFP was just like ours, superhero comics and all, up until a bunch of kids got powers. Pintsize even SHOWS Alison a Superman comic book for inspiration in a flashback. I don’t imagine Marvel and DC going down without a fight, though with real life super hero accidents being a daily occurrence, they probably shifted to slice of life tales of their characters instead of huge events where tons of buildings get destroyed.

    • bta

      If Watchmen taught us anything, it’s that in a superhero world, comic books are about pirates.

  • Shjade

    *starts handing out the torches and pitchforks*

  • magnetoo

    It’s more passive-aggressive than that. He’s not the kind of guy who would maliciously say “oh, sure, NOW you’re interested, well too late, Toots!”, but being overly nice while explaining that he can’t talk to her because he has to go talk to his *friends* lets him show that he’s calling the shots now and is no longer interested.

  • Santiago Tórtora

    Clevin thinks he owes Allison his life. We now know the Invisible Slasher wasn’t going to kill him but he doesn’t and is just trying to get out of debt somehow.

  • bta

    Underpants Man, Underpants Man
    So handsome it’s a crying shame
    But he’s, like, libertarian
    Underpants Man

  • sadder_fish

    I just realised that this scene visually echoes Alison and Clevin’s first meeting, on the rooftop: there, Clevin was wearing his glasses as well as a superhero mask above his glasses.

  • Robbie X Pierce

    Anyone here ever met Brennan, the writer, and kinda think maybe Clevin is a stand-in for him?

  • UnsettlingIdeologies

    Because it’s clearly the best topping… and the best use of pineapple.

  • Keith

    “Hey, funny story! The reason I always asked you to do things on short notice is because I’m way too busy to do it any other way!”

  • Walter

    I trust him. He has 2 pairs of glasses.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    I read it with pretty much the same eyerolling as if she had stated instead “my, the weather today? Quite something, isn’t it.”

  • Beartuff

    I just finished reading the entirety of this comic, and I am thoroughly impressed and infatuated.
    I will be here every Tuesday and friday.

  • Dirka

    No way. See the knowing looks the band members give them in panel two?

  • It takes a certain quality of character to simultaneously wear two pairs of glasses.
    I’m not sure what that quality is, and I don’t even know if it’s desirable.
    But I respect Clevin.

  • Tdoodle

    It seems like Alison is embarrassed that she blew off Clevin but acted on her immediate attraction to Max (especially since he turned out to be, well, Max). I think she tried to casually ask Clevin out in a really awkward way and Clevin gently deflected her to make it less awkward. If I was him, I wouldn’t be interested in a pity date, so giving her some space to gather her thoughts and reconsider is a great option.

  • Oren Leifer

    Don’t forget “Get confused by the Worm fans here and their misleading use of ‘trigger’ “.