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  • Jon

    Please, please don’t give us the standard Hollywood spiel about how the sensitive nerd boy is the best choice after rich guy is inevitably revealed to be a dick.

    It’s just tiring at this point.

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      Oh no. This is the moment where Alison goes for him and *he*’s not into her anymore because he’s not thrilled about girls who forget twice your friendly invitations and think they are all you amount to.

      Seriously. It would crush Alison, sure, but also allow her to rethink how entitled she doesn’t realize she might be. She has a lot of ground to cover, romantically wise. Getting the Nice Guy (TM) would be the absolute dullest thing. (Hear that Brennan? I am watching you.)

    • http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/User:Jerden Jerden

      She’ll start dating him and it’ll turn out he collects flayed human corpses. Don’t worry.

  • Lostman

    Alison has a very big to do due list here. Like seriouly woman! can you also throw in world domination while your at it: think that step would make things so much easer.

  • MichaelMRT

    Please don’t let Clevin turn out to be a jerk, please don’t let Clevin turn out to be a jerk, please don’t….

  • BGB

    At last, the first indication that Clevin is quite possibly not as much of a jerk as Max or Patrick.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    No one ever said saving the world would be easy, Allison.

  • Tylikcat

    Alison – priorities! That’s not the line to delete!

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      I think it is, actually. I think this and last page were her groundbreaking realization that she doesn’t belong here. She barged in thinking she would, made plans about recruiting people that were seriously inappropriate, and she’s learning the hard way.
      Now sure maybe she’s taking it a bit hard if she thinks she has absolutely no place there to contribute constructively, but, one step at a time.

  • Mr BreaksIt

    I like Clevin.
    He clearly likes Alison, but stays both civil and friendly even though she’s uninterested, rather than donning a trilby and ranting about her on the internet.

    • Jeremy

      I agree.

      It’s too bad Alison isn’t interested in him – he seems so nice! Oh well, that’s how relationships work…

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      Oh sure, RIGHT. Next thing you’re going to say to me is that to please a woman a man must never act on his interest and pray whatever Gods she’ll do the approaching because everything men do is inherently wrong. Like trying to get their well deserved attention when the woman is wearing her earplugs!
      (Ah, topical humor.)

    • bta

      Well, she hasn’t explicitly rejected him yet.

    • Kid Chaos

      Didn’t Trilby hats go out of fashion, like, 20 years ago? :)

  • FlashNeko

    Uhhhh… Alison? When’s the last time you slept too?

    Those bags under your eyes are usually a sign of skipping more than a single night.

    That and the stress of living in a world where your trying not to punch out everyone and everything that you disagree with seems to give said people/things free reign to poop all over you at will has got to be rough.

  • spriteless

    Oh those black bars are filler so you don’t feel intimidated! At first I thought it was a heavily redacted government document or something.

    Taking a break is a good idea, if you’re frustrated enough to delete ideas while brainstorming, and also if you need a support group.

    I hope she’s getting that check cashed. She was drafted, and a child celebrity, she shouldn’t feel guilty about being paid for it.

  • Walter

    I thought Alison had the money from Pintsize’s check? And Valkryie is getting funded by the robot maker, right? Where is this lack of money coming from?

  • Fortooate

    allison needs 2 sleep

  • Julian Arce

    So… she deleted joining Brad’s group? Am I reading this correctly?

  • Pol Subanajouy

    “The Darkness that Lurks in the Heart of Man”?! Wow. No one can fault you for lack of ambition, Al. And as someone who has a full time day job, freelances, does martial arts and used to volunteer, I can relate to being unable to do anything spontaneous. I dropped volunteering just to get some rest. :(

  • Philip Bourque

    She’s extremely critical about everything. I think the details really get to her. As a consequence of her physical nigh-indestructibility, she doesn’t rely on anyone, never asks for help. The weight of it all will crush her or she’ll go into a berserk madness and just destroy everything.

    • DaktariD

      Good point. She may be indestructible physically, but mentally she’s vulnerable to fatigue, breakdown, etc…

    • StClair

      Just a girl, with a girl’s courage
      Nothing but a girl, but she can never fail…

      (I would have said “woman”, really, but it didn’t fit the meter of the original.)

  • Liz

    Anybody else worry that Clevin’s been set up a little *too* nicely? IDK, he just… if Patrick wanted to spy on Allison, this seems like a way he’d do it.

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      Prying on her unmatched tendency to be utterly indifferent to guys with possible romantic intent but also are not complete douchebags.

      Oh my God. This is genius. How did we not realize this before!!

  • MarvalAlice

    it’s hard being lawful good in a chaotic neutral world:)

  • Richard Griffith

    War, poverty, corruption and men. As side projects. Me thinks she might be taking on too much.

  • Mechwarrior

    Blue Alison needs food, badly!

  • Richard Hughes

    Oh god, I just realized I have Clevin’s exact haircut.

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      Wait, I am getting confused. You are saying that you *aren’t* Clevin?
      But. Your profile pic! That is exactly him!

  • Jeremy

    “The Darkness that Lurks Within the Heart of Man” is one of her projects?

    That’s the tough thing about being aware of social justice issues. How to set realistic goals, and to balance efforts to address important issues with taking care of your own needs. Burnout and disillusionment are very real risks of the work.

    • Seer of Trope

      Where did “The Darkness that Lurks Within the Heart of Man” come from? It’s bizarre that Alison would write that next to “War, Poverty, Corruption” instead of just “Sexism”. What’s even weirder is that there’s a notepad on the corner with “for dad”. When did she develop full-blown cynicism toward men?

    • Ganurath

      Maybe she just wants to get in touch with the Shadow to access his information network.

  • Loranna

    *Imagines Alison as a Dawn Cast Solar from White Wolf’s Exalted series, who JUST bought her first dot in Bureaucracy, and is trying to design an epic-level organization . . . with an Intelligence+Bureaucracy dice pool of four, maybe five, and just the Excellency for Charms. And her ever-increasing list of goals has the Storyteller demanding at least six successes to pull all this off*

    On a different note, I love how Cleven’s “aura” is a passionate, rosy red, bleeding into Alison’s sombre blue background thoughts. Truly, to look upon the rosy glow, framing that hair and those eyebrows, is the very defining image of looking upon masculine beauty! ^_^

    Plus, I like his vest. Very dapper.


    • ∫Clémens×ds

      I’m getting surprisingly cool with his fashion statements. We all railed against the suspenders, last time, but he owned these suspenders. And now, to put the finishing blow against my last reservations with a vest only he would be confident enough to wear and not care what you think.
      Oh, Clevin.

      You are too good for Alison.

      • Tylikcat

        Adorkable to the Eighth Dimension.

  • Susan Smith

    The more I know Klevin, the more I like him. What a nice guy!

  • cphoenix

    Hm. So, she needs money for a group that will keep hundreds of women safe from fear and bodily harm. And Michelle’s family needs money for hospital bills. Both are worthy causes.

    Alison is calling herself “the world’s biggest asshole” because she was worrying about money for the first cause, and not thinking at the moment about the friend of a friend whose family is in financial trouble.

    Alison, you are WAY too hard on yourself!

    • Chris Hubbard

      I think it was more assuming he was asking her out again and shooting him down in advance.

  • cphoenix

    Ah, hospital bills in the U.S. An American friend of mine had a heart attack in Germany, and got heart surgery. Multiple bypass, if I remember correctly.

    He paid out of pocket. Because he could. Because the entire bill was around $10,000. Not his share after insurance – the entire bill. In Germany.

    Regardless of the politics around who pays the American health care bill, the fact remains that we’re getting ripped off.

  • screechfox

    It’s unrelated to this page, but since the convention/conference arc now seems to be over (?), I just want to congratulate Molly on creating and drawing so many incredible and vivid character designs. I’d probably read strips about 90% of their daily lives, and I’d love it.

    (I know Brennan probably also had a part in creating these designs, but I thought I’d congratulate the artist especially. Congrats to Brennan for writing a wonderful and believable convention, with realistic issues.)

    • strongfemaleprotagonist

      thanks 😉

  • Aroel

    Alison dear, you know you don’t have to take care of all the world’s big problems, right? You can just pick one or two you’re really passionate about, and work on those.

    The only thing on the “Other Projects” list that I agree she should be focusing on right now is “The Darkness That Lurks in the Hearts of Man”, if only because that’s a problem within all of us, so we all have to work on it. Let me know if you find something that helps with that, ‘kay Al?

    Also Al, you’re entitled to emotional support too. If you’d like to find a support group for yourself, that’s okay. Perhaps there’s one out there for biodynamics in general or ex-supers? Maybe if there isn’t, you could start it? (It’s likely to be easier than ending war, poverty, and/or corruption. And it might even help a little with that whole darkness in the hearts of man thing.)

    • StClair

      As noted below, despite her talk of working together, there’s a big part of her that feels she does have to do everything herself. Because she’s Mega-Girl, the Nigh-Invulnerable, Bearer of the White Stone.

  • Kate Blackwell

    Alison should take Clevin as an example, rather than mope around and think about how to help people endlessly, she should just get off her ass and actually do it – do anything really, do a fundraiser, use her celeb status to campaign social issues, help old ladies across the street. Anything would be an improvement because currently this normal dude is doing more good than her.

    • Jeremy

      But she is working as a firefighter, pursuing a degree and starting the Valkyrie project. That sounds like a fair bit of positive action.

  • martynW

    “War? Poverty? Corruption? The Darkness That Lurks in the Heads of Men? (or “Man”)–it’s not clear)

    A bit ambitious in our goalsetting, aren’t we?

    And then Alison kind of gets her nose rubbed in that when just one person needs some help right in front of her.

    Remember the parable of the boy and the starfish. You don’t have to save the world, just save what you can.

  • KatherineMW

    If she could work as a firefighter, sure – they make the big bucks. But they also have formalized job requirements and credentialling processes that Alison wouldn’t meet, and I don’t think they hire people for part-time jobs that are compatible with full-time university studies. She’s a liberal arts major without much experience in any typical job – I think volunteering as a firefighter is more useful to society, and more psychologically helpful to Allison, than working retail or fast-food would be.

    Doing something practical that helps people in a concrete, observable way is a good way for her to prevent or at least reduce burnout, too.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    I meant, in regards to its eradication. Unless donning the cape again manages to warm the loneliest of soul and inspire people toward greatness, which, given Superman track record, is going to be tough, I struggle to find practical uses to flying.

    (Plus it would make for a silly conclusion to the webcomic, dontcha think? SFP is about a woman who realizes strength isn’t the solution to the world’s problems. Turns out randomly gotten FLYING was!)

  • Jack

    Sadly I’m now wondering what his evil secret is.

  • martynW

    And okay, granted we’re exploring areas outside the standard superhero genre, but it’s a little weird that someone with vast superpowers is trying desperately to figure out how she can help other people. I mean, cripes, Superman in the original movie at least got a cat out of a tree, and he sure didn’t spend all his time in the Fortress of Solitude making Powerpoints on where he could be useful in social justice movements.

    Didn’t Alison do *anything* that made the world a better place when she was Mega-Girl? It can’t all have been about beating up supervillains. Just imagine her down in the Louisiana floods.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    Am I the only one who would add “and rightfully so” to that statement?
    I mean, last page made it clear enough. She doesn’t have the authority, the insight, the vocabulary even, of someone whose biodynamic experience was so different than hers, like Brad’s. That look on her face showcasing how it finished to cristalize in her mind the doubts she first got when someone booed her because she’s a white cis heterosexual middle-class non-dynamorphic human.

    Something she really should have worried about before, to be honest.

  • Bryn Schut

    Part of me wonders if the Government determined that Al was one of those threats like Patrick mentioned ages ago. And since she’s pretty much indestructible, they couldn’t hurt her physically. Instead, they allied themselves with Patrick to take her out in the most efficient manner: To make her feel like whatever she does ultimately doesn’t matter.

    Because what greater supervillain is there than the powerful hero who chooses to do nothing because they can’t one-hit problems into oblivion?

  • Jeremy

    Although her unique abilities may allow her save lives at fires in ways that firefighters normally can’t – being able to fly and not worrying about getting hurt would let her help fire victims and her fellow firefighters in ways no one else can.

  • Chris Hubbard

    And Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  • Loranna

    I was GOING to say spiffy, but I thought better of it. I try to maintain a semblance of being cultured here ^_^


  • Loranna

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there *is* an Essence 5 Bureaucracy Charm that can
    fix the darkness in the hearts of humanity. Probably something along the
    lines of Heartwarming Mandate Of Heaven Method, by which you create a
    bureaucracy so perfect that it inspires all involved to virtuous
    behavior (in other words, develops or strengthens an Intimacy to
    principles such as Honesty, Integrity, Hard Work, and Charity.)

    Now, a Charm that could brighten the darkness Alison’s mood has cast over the room . . . *that* would take a Performance Charm ^_^