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  • Subbak

    OK, now he’s being a jerk. Bad move.

  • HanoverFist

    The rich kid doesn’t see a problem with exploiting people? Shocking.

  • Mark Towler

    Ladies, here’s a hint: if you find yourself in a situation such as this or if your date is rude to the waitstaff, praises Donald Trump or tells you “All lives matter” then DO NOT FUCK THEM!

    • Lostman

      I think most of the women readers here know that rule. The guys on the other hand…

  • Thrice.Great

    Oh Max…. and you were doing so well.

    I mean… he could be making a joke at his own expense since he’s noticing she’s assuming he’s a callous richjerk. For all we know those two landscapers have been working for his family for decades and he’s been to their anniversary parties, knows their children by name and favorite pokemon, and they both have extremely cushy salaries with benefits.

    But, you know, probably not.

  • Zinc

    Is he actually bragging about his dad underpaying them?
    Is there a different possible interpretation of that dialogue?

    • martynW

      Actually, they’re getting paid pretty well if it’s under the table. It’s the government that isn’t getting paid.

  • Joshua Taylor

    …..and the dream is dead

  • weedgoku

    Oh. Oh no. Can we go back to arguing about support group ladies instead? After the rape murder moral debacle I’m not sure I want to see the hot take on racism.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    They are out of the helicopter, but I still think he better watch himself before he crashes and burns.

  • Dean

    Okay, if this scene doesn’t end with Max offering to let Alison have a swim in his Scrooge McDuckian money pit, I for one will be severely disappointed.

  • CoreBrute

    Dang it underwear guy. I wanted to give you the benefit of a doubt. This likely won’t end well.

  • Nightsbridge

    holy shit man

  • http://monster0.org monsterzero

    Way to be rich at her. Chicks dig it when guys have no empathy.

  • DeColumna Vanessa

    Uh oh.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    It’s easy. Too easy. Shall I be bold and gamble on the very small odds that’s it’s the setup for a joke?

    “Ahah, got you! These are actually Tom and Guy, my brothers. We all love to participate in gardening, our mother taught us. Remember the elephant last page?”
    “Last what?”
    “My very own! Anyway, sorry, it doesn’t break my character that much to set you up for an anger fit and then mock you for being gullible. Hey guys, I win the bet, she was *totally* going to jump to your underpaid workers’ rescue! Come sit with us, I’d like you to get to know Alison. My parents will arrive soon.”

    • Liz

      Could be the setup to a joke, but then what does it say about him that he finds that he finds making his girlfriend angry about social issues to be funny?

    • Gluten Tag

      Alright, now I’m actually thinking that’s what’s happening here. Well, not quite the scenario you’re putting forward, but the doubletake. Accept this premise:

      -Max knows that Allison is deeply concerned by social justice.

      Thus, he knows it is possible she would hold his wealth (pretty enormous degree of wealth, it looks like) against him. He’s inherently sarcastic, and apparently pretty intelligent. How would such a guy defuse that tension?

      Hocus-pocus Allikhazam: By repeatedly confronting her with signs of his privilege, then revealing that he’s actually more than the box she’s trying to put him into. Essentially building up her indignation, then deflating it through humor. Risky, but effective, particularly if he isn’t just a blind caricature of massive wealth and privilege.

    • Shjade

      Have to hope so. I’d hate to see Max go out this way when there was such a promising beginning.

      Not like this, Max. Not like this.

  • Jon

    Heeeeere we go.

  • GreatWyrmGold

    I’m surprised he didn’t realize that sort of thing isn’t something most people would want to brag about…

  • RantGirlRants

    Ooooh… That might not go over so well…

  • Grant Gilchrist

    A little-known manifestation of Alison’s powere: economic spider-sense is tingling! “I’m in the presence ofan exploiter of the masses!”

  • Frank

    So… Why was a guy with this amount of wealth caught in a random burning apartment building?

    Bought it, burned it down, waited to get rescued by firefighter superhero?

  • zathura

    ……………….oooooooooooooh heeeeell nah

  • persephone_the_wanderer

    ….has Max even met Al before? Why on earth does he think that bragging about violations of labor law is the way to her heart?

  • spriteless

    I’ve been there. The reality of accepting pay under the table is you don’t have to pay taxes. But seriously, at the point where there’s unpaid overtime it’s not even worth it.

  • JohnReinhardt

    Saw this coming.

  • Sebastián Rodoni Figueras

    Oh Max. That pass was Fauxer than a 5 dollar Rolex

  • ampg

    And here we go. I’m looking forward to this.

  • Hawthorne

    Reeeeeally hoping the next comic isn’t “Hahaha you should see the look on your face really I’m a philanthropist and here is your free puppy”.


  • Tylikcat

    The lowered lids is the self-mockery signifier? Please? He’s like, totally trolling her, right?

    I have a great deal of faith in Molly and Brandon. And I don’t hate Max, as much as I just haven’t quite figured out why I should care. I trust there is a reason, but the page by page reveal is tough, this way. (Whereas with Gurwara, I was sure from the start he would have been fun to go out to coffee with. We might have gotten into a knock-down drag-out argument, but that’s my kind of entertainment, so we’re good.)

  • Insanenoodlyguy

    Ohhhhh buddy you are hemorrhaging points here.

  • Dartangn

    And, we find out he’s a stereotype. Great work Allison, but swing and a miss.

  • Liz
  • Korataki

    This is one of those situations where being able to fly is super useful- else, Al would be stuck as a captive audience. Any woman who isn’t Alison would be find herself in an elegantly appointed hostage situation.

    …and now that I think about it, the combination of his obliviousness to the the workers who keep his family estate running added to the ease with which he puts people in compromising situations is more than a bit distressing- even if he’s not doing it with malice and intent.

    Officially do not like Max.

    • Ryan B

      I’d say she’s still being “held hostage” in this social situation. If she leaves or objects to the whole undocumented workers thing, she looks like the bad guy for making a fuss when he’s trying to show her a good time.

  • Robyn

    I’m finding the treatment of this guy a little heavy handed. The last page gave me a general unease about him (with just not knowing who does the hedges) but this page makes an almost comical (sit-com esque) portrayal of an anti-allison. Also Allison totally seems to have a byronic hero issue.

    I don’t mean to be negative, I look forward to this comic every week and it’s always A+ writing and art, I feel like this scene just needed a little more subtlety.

    • martynW

      Maybe it does. My first take is that nobody could possibly be this dense after what we’ve seen of him already.

    • Mechwarrior

      Indeed. This page is so on the nose with how anti-Alison Max is that I’m starting to think that he’s actually trolling her.

    • David

      Would be kind of epic if the writers put in this purposefully absurd page just to show the other readers how ridiculous they are being about the things mentioned here…like saying how he is such a bad person for not knowing the names of his parent’s gardeners.

    • Rumble in the Tumble

      “Heavy handed” is, sadly, the keyword here since the beginning of the fifth chapter :v

  • Tuscahoma

    Oh my goodness, someone has a bad case of affluenza and doesn’t realize it.

  • phantomreader42

    “If he is nice to you, but not to the waiter, he is not a nice person”

    • Tylikcat

      This always makes me think of our mother angrily telling my sister than she doesn’t need to thank the waitress every single time.

      I count that as the moment when my sister realized that our mother really was that bad.

    • Richard Hughes

      Maybe that day rate is amazing!

  • Asher Elbein

    Aaaand here we go

  • Carla

    Welp. Bye Max.

  • http://www.zachgoldie.com/ ZBass

    Oh dear Max. Your razor sharp cheekbones might not get you out of this blunder…

  • RaeRae

    Well, I was rooting for him. I suppose the dumpster fire had to begin sometime.

  • scarvesandcelery

    Ewwwww. I don’t like this. Ditch his ass, Alison.

  • Daniel Martin

    And I thought we were going to have a slow buildup, but no: straight to maximum privileged asshole.

  • Some guy


  • ChattaStarhawk

    Hmm, not a good sign. That might just kill this relationship, or get her up on her high horse and start a lecture on treating people right.

    • Matthew Dowd

      The horse is just off frame…

  • Taylor Elnicki

    I think we might’ve been onto something with the squinty eye = evil theory…

    • masterofbones

      He’s not evil(that we’ve seen). If he isn’t joking about this, he’s just an out of touch rich kid. Kinda bland really.

      • Frances K R

        He does not appear to be actively malicious. But being comfortable with “it’s totally cool that people working overtime don’t get paid overtime” strikes me as, well, bad.

    • ukulady7

      Still sounds racist no matter how many times it gets said.

  • Burke

    This guy’s appeal is falling by leaps and bounds.

  • http://nahast.spiderforest.com Coyotzin

    I can literally see all the red flags and hear the alarm bells in her head.

  • Lheticus Videre

    Oooookay, NOW I’m with the anti Max crowd. He’s gone form “misguided” to “irreconcilably misguided.” He’s not right for you Alison! I have a feeling this is only gonna get worse!

  • Captain-Quazi

    So Max wants to date a super hero who is very conscious about social inequality to the point where it is her career now and his plan to woo her is to show off his money, servants and privilege?
    In the words of Tony Stark from the Avengers movie ” Not a great plan”. :)

    • scottfree

      Also, he’s trying to impress her with a helicopter. I hope when this all goes wrong she reminds him that her best friend built a size-changing micro-jet that can fly into peoples blood streams and stuff, so buying a helicopter doesn’t mean squat to her.

  • EveryZig

    I can’t tell if that last line was sarcasm or if he is really that clueless.

  • Guilherme Carvalho

    Yes, yes, work your charm on her. It’s going brilliantly.

    That being said, I suspect that Al will soon have another “it’s more complicated than that” moments pretty soon…

  • David

    Yeah, Alison will be beyond the point of redemption to me, in terms of me still liking her as a character, if she honestly gets this upset that he doesn’t know the names of the gardeners that work for his parents.

  • DaktariD

    Well, he just ticked one more notch up the scale:

    [X] Self-aware
    [X] Self-centered
    [X] Patriarchal
    [ ] Narcissist – pending
    [ ] Sociopath – pending
    [ ] Psychopath – pending

  • Kid Chaos

    I sure hope so, or else Alison is going to dump his ass so fast it’ll make his head spin. 😜

  • Richard Hughes

    Someone’s not getting laid tonight!

  • Philip Petrunak

    What’s amazing is to the people around him that’s a good thing. All his friends and family are super rich and can only see screwing over the poor as something that benefits themselves, and is therefore a good thing. He doesn’t see his actions hurting anyone and only sees the benefits so of course he think’s screwing them over is great.

    He probably knows they’re getting screwed for wages doesn’t help them, but doesn’t care. He never sees what their home life is like, what their struggles are. There is a reason the phrase seeing is believing carries so much weight. Just because he knows it’s happening doesn’t mean he understands it, and if you can’t understand something you can’t believe it.

    Personally I’m hoping she says “you know what, instead of having dinner why don’t you let the go, we can fly them home in your helicopter and you can see what their home life is like.” She could cuss him out for is egotistical plutocratic views, or she could educate him.

  • JohnTomato

    Easy to over look the dirty hands people when you’re a douche bag.

  • Gaurav

    Ouch! She will probably have to get him to attend some social sciences and economics lectures before they can continue this relationship.

  • Arkone Axon

    Speaking as someone who used to work for a day rate under the table… MY question is how much they’re getting paid, and how reliable the checks are. Don’t assume they feel exploited. If they’re getting paid well and treated well, those guys are going to end up being the pissed off proletariat yelling at the well meaning but misguided progressive.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    Oh so now you jump on the We All Knew it From the Beginning train. Obviously.

  • chaosvii

    Oh man, actual conflict staring Max, here we go!

  • Richard Griffith

    We have watched Alison for years and know her. Max has had one date. You don’t usually pull out the background moral character stuff on the first date. This is second date where the “I thought you were nice how can you be a republican/democrat/anarchist/scientologist” stuff comes out.

  • Rumble in the Tumble

    I think I got it.

    One of Alison’s superpower is passing the Idiot Ball to her romantic interests, so they start spouting the worst things possible at the most inopportune times.

    It took Patrick, a skilled mind-reader, a few years to fall under the influence of the Idiot Sphere, but with the anomalies getting stronger and being a simple Mundie, Max got stupid already at the second date.

  • ruhrow

    Sadly, Rhaggy never seems to pay me any mind…

  • Jac

    “I also don’t read, I have someone do that for me too. I don’t know their names either, haha!”