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  • Eric Meyer

    Oh my. He’s flexing his money to show off.

    This could either go incredibly, or horribly, because I can’t imagine the issue of funding NOT coming up in their relationship at some point.

    Also, is he meaning to perhaps take HER flying, instead of the other way around? Romantic couple flying, her outside and him in? Or is that just his transportation, and they’re not going flying at all?

  • screechfox

    I hope he got permission from the venue for that.

  • Bauke

    Max isn’t exactly strapped for cash…

    I’m still getting a creepy vibe from him though.

  • 3-I

    OH MY GOOOOOOOSH. (Amanda is the best.)

  • ikodata

    dont drink and drive kids


  • Shjade

    “I strive for ‘you dork.'”

  • ClockworkDawn

    If SFP was a tv show, what would it’s theme song be?

  • Bryn Schut

    I love Amanda’s happy face in the fifth panel!

    • Weatherheight

      It took me a while, but I finally identified of whom that pose reminded me – Ed Wynn, best known for Uncle Albert in “Mary Poppins” and the “Ed Wynn Show” (at least for me).


      The dude was was one prolific character actor.

  • Steele

    … I forget, how did Max know where Al would be today?

    • Lysiuj

      Yeah, did she tell him or what? Cause that would take it from “could be cute or not” to “wow this is scary”.

    • chaosvii

      She texted him off-panel in all likelihood.

  • Abel Undercity

    To the Dork-Copter!

  • I love this comic, but with so many characters (especially since a lot of the men look and dress similarly) it would benefit from a cast page

    • Lysiuj

      It would also benefit from more men in dresses and skirts, but then everything would.

  • StClair

    Yes, this is totally a thing which someone who is not a villain nor connected to a vast conspiracy would do, purely on the spur of the moment.

  • Huttj509

    She’s studying to be a CPA and already doing work for her uncle. It’s worth looking into if she could help out in managing that side of things.

  • Kate Blackwell

    Folks are getting the impression he came by helicopter? I figured that just happens to be on the roof, the landing circle underneath makes me think it’s part of the building or the con going on rather than Max’es.

  • Kate Blackwell

    Also giving him the benefit of the doubt and assume that’s vintage grape juice or non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

  • Abel Undercity

    If he was listening last time, then that’s sparkling grape juice in the bottle.

  • Rumble in the Tumble

    >What is a, perhaps badly thought-out, but still well-intentioned, surprise?
    Son, you’re trying way too hard to be offended.

    • chaosvii

      Sometimes I reach that same conclusion about this fellow commenter, but my heckling is rarely as brief.

  • Mujaki

    The alcohol is for him. He likes to get buzzed, when he’s buzzing buildings.
    (Remember, kids. Don’t drink and fly!)

  • Lysiuj

    He’s actually Biodynamic, and his power is dorkness. And like all powers, it’s getting stronger over time.

  • Oren Leifer

    So, I’m guessing that Alison’s friend the ex-villain is going to come up? At least passively in the “Max reminders her of Patrick” way.

  • Carla

    It could very easily be sparkling cider! The bottle tends to have that shape.

    • phantomreader42

      Or sparkling grape juice. I had bottles of that along with the champagne at my wedding reception.

  • Carla

    She just said that she’s studying to be a CPA…

  • lostjedi

    Yeah, no, this is a bad move. Even if it’s not publicized, they made it clear at the start that Allison attending as a non-dynamorph at all was a special exception and something that some people did take issue with. How’s it going to look when it becomes clear her super rich, attractive, white, male, human-looking boyfriend has crashed the party to hang out with her?

    Best case, he comes off as an ass. Worst case, he drags Allison with her. Her blowing off their serious issues to make out with her standard-attractive boyfriend is bad enough, but invading their space and their convention to do so? Shitty move. He’s turning their safe place into his playground for the sake of showing off, and she’s yet to discourage him. Plus, helicopters landing in populated areas are not quiet; I’d be shocked if someone didn’t come up onto the roof to check at some point soon.

  • pidgey

    Seems super unlikely to me that that’s alcohol.

  • D. Schwartz

    Or is it? It may be invasive but it may be very much in order. We shall see.

    As for the bottle, a variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages come in magnums.

    Basically wait and see.

  • slightlymad

    In a previous page she said she’s studying to be a CPA now. I looked it up and came up with “Certified Public Accountant”, so it’s probably that?

  • Lmcfly

    Alison was probably just trying to make her conversation match Amanda’s aquatic theme. All those punny one liners from her superhero days are bound to come out sometimes.

  • SuddenFan

    She’s studying to be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

  • SuddenFan

    I’m guessing sparkling cider (non-alcoholic)

    • Izo

      Or he hired a pilot.

    • Possibly?

  • Zinc

    In the previous page, Amanda told Al that she is studying to be a CPA, which stands for Certified Public Accountant. Presumably she has an affinity for numbers, as well as some training, depending on how far along she is in her studies. Even if she is still just beginning her studies, having actual job experience would probably be quite beneficial to her.

  • Libelula202

    Not that Amanda has money, but because she’s studying to be an CPA (accountant) and knows how to keep track of it.

  • masterofbones

    Wow, that would be an amazingly shitty thing for Alison to say. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.

  • Dean

    This kind of reminds me of the Wild Cards series again – yes, another Wild Cards comparison – more specifically, the theory that the Wild Card virus had a psionic component, and that the individual effects of the virus were influenced by the psychology of each victim. Considering that the Wild Card had a 90% fatality rate, it wasn’t a popular theory in-universe.

  • Dean

    It’s a power he allegedly DIDN’T have, before people’s powers started changing…

  • Izo

    Money stuff. I like that term.

  • Tylikcat

    I would put bets on this being something other than a rented copter.

    …and I think it’s something other than style that he has.

  • Tylikcat

    I’m with you.

    I… can imagine non-helicopter castings that aren’t completely horrible? Like, I dunno, if he texted her something along the lines of “If you’re free, I happen to be down in the hotel bar right now…” (I realize the “if you’re free” seems to be uncharacteristically considerate for Max.) He hangs out for a bit, a quick whisper and kiss is exchanged, and they’re about their separate ways.

    That pretty much highlights how intrusive this presentation is, doesn’t it?

    I think mostly, I’m just kind of tired of writing about Max. At the moment, he’s being kind of an ass, not anything newly sinister. He actually did a pretty good job in terms of staging and such with their date, but this seems so… dickish. (Which does lead me to think there must be something more to it, because this is just dumb.)

    (I do wonder a bit about the magnum, only because if it is alcoholic – what the fuck Max? Do you have no subtlety at all? But again, where is this going?)

  • phantomreader42

    It’s not normal to charter a helicopter to surprise someone after your first date

    It’s also not normal to date someone who can fly under her own power, so I think “normal” is already out the window.
    The champagne issue is a bit troubling though. Either he didn’t catch that she doesn’t drink, or he doesn’t care about her feelings on the subject, either of which would be a red flag.

    • Ben Posin

      I don’t agree that the various weird things that go along with trying to date Mega Girl make it any less strange to, after one date, to show up unexpectedly at an event you weren’t invited to–assuming for the moment that Alison didn’t tell him to drop in if he was free. But hey, she seems ok with it.
      I am still holding out hope for sparkling cider/grape juice/whatever as others have suggested.

  • phantomreader42

    Patrick has assured Alison that his power is telepathy, receiving only. Several times, even! He’s even specifically declared that Mind Control is a power that he does not have!

    That doesn’t necessarily rule out him developing that power after he told her he didn’t have it. It also doesn’t rule out simply lying about it, but I wonder how naturally lying comes to an always-on receiving telepath.

  • Tdoodle

    I’m crossing my fingers that this is still in Campy Fun Comic territory, but starting a relationship with intense/extravagant/expensive gifts or ‘romantic’ gestures is… scary. Run if you see this IRL; it’s a sign of an abuser trying to groom you.

  • Pyro

    Max, you are something else.

  • masterofbones

    The thing is, he has no requirement to buy her anything at all. Everything he has done has been purely of his own motivation and desire. She has no right to dictate what he does with his money in any way.

    Now, if they reached a point in their relationship where they were sharing funds/one was a dependent of the other, then such an argument would have some sort of validity, since there would be some level of duty to respect the needs/wants of the partner. But under their current relationship the line you gave would be base ingratitude. In essence “Your gift wasn’t what I wanted, so give me what I wanted too”.

    If someone offered to give me tickets to a baseball game, I would politely decline, not say, “If you are willing to give me those, you should take me skydiving, since that is how I really want to spend my weekend.

    • M. Alan Thomas II

      Ignoring for a second the fact that, as I have already stated, I gave what was intended to be a pithy summary of the situation and not a literal line of dialog, I think your analogy would be closer to the mark if, after going to the baseball game, I asked, “Next time can we go skydiving?” Yes, there are plenty of good reasons for saying “No, I’d rather not / can’t because . . .”, but if he just said, “No, I only do what I want” and made no efforts to satisfy our interests equally, that would raise some issues. That’s the point I was trying to get at.

    • M. Alan Thomas II

      I mean, I’m also just kind of perplexed at the idea that there’s ANY stage in a romantic relationship when there’s no duty to respect the needs and desires of your equal partner and putative love interest. Umm. No? It’s never okay to engage in a relationship where you don’t respect your partner and their needs and desires at any stage?

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    I don’t really care about malicious intent? You can harm people pretty much just as well with good intentions as with bad ones, and it’s even worse in this case because at least explicitly ill intent doesn’t encourage others to think it’s okay.

    • Christophe2314

      I’m not quite sure what point you’re trying to make here. Yes, you can hurt people with good intentions. Case in point: it has been demonstrated on a few occasions that Alison has hurt people to varying degrees through carelessness. Would you consider Alison a bad person? Intent matters, because that’s what determines whether a person considers that the bad thing they did was a mistake, or a success, which in turn determines how likely they are to do it again.

      Everyone has flaws. You can have terrible opinions and bad habits and annoying behaviors. Do any of these make you a bad person? In my opinion, the only thing that makes someone a bad person is the unwillingness to recognize their own flaws and try to fix them.

      • ∫Clémens×ds

        I don’t really care about calling people absolute good or absolute bad persons, too? That’s so very American Puritanism of a worldview to.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    Mostly that your urge to defend and justify his actions at every turn when I have a problem with it –that doesn’t engage you in any way– is getting tiring.