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  • ruhrow


  • lizasweetling

    and Allison knows a thing or two about carrying burdens- she can tell when she’s not carrying one.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    “Say dad does any of this remind you of Superman 1 in any way?”
    “Shhh, you weren’t born yet”

  • Shjade

    Two things.

    One, I am impressed by how much Alison seems like she’s grown up in a short span of time. Feels like a jump from wanting to do something more with her powers than punch people really hard to actually starting to put that mindset in practice.

    Two, I actually missed the reflection in the first panel the first time through, but gosh, that is a great framing device (both figuratively and literally). Snappy art & storytelling efficiency there!

  • bleepbleepbob45

    Well now we known we’re Alison gets the heroics from. Like father, like daughter.

  • My dad is spending this Christmas in the hospital. This strip is just what I needed. Thank you, Molly and Brennan. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • ekwhite

    This is a perfect strip for Christmas Day.

  • Ralph, the Dire Opossum

    How can someone who has spent much of their life helping people worry about being burdensome? Gee Alison, I don’t know. If only we knew somebody who saved the Earth multiple times yet still feels a HMS Pinafore like level of duty. Oh wait… that’s YOU! 🙂 Silly and devoted Alison is silly and devoted. BTW, I want to thank you guys for making such a good representation of the “parental cancer” experience, I think my mom and I had this exact conversation. The way you’ve approached it feels really real to me, and I can’t say how much I appreciate your willingness to tell this story and your masterful, realistic telling of it.

  • DGotts

    Definitely not crying on Christmas. Nope. No way

  • Snorkels

    The muted color palette during the appointment works to strong effect here. It’s nice seeing this story developing.

    And in the first panel, Alison’s shadow made me think she was wearing a fake beard for a minute, in my head it made the picture even goofier 🙂

  • Nightsbridge


    • Abel Undercity

      YES. YES I AM.

  • Hawthorne

    Let’s all be cheered by Panel 3, where Mr. Spiny, the hyperintelligent book with a mustache, has visited Alison’s father. And then – where is he? He vanishes from the strip, off to check on another patient three dimensions over.

  • wright1

    I’ve known and know people with the same temperament as her dad, who’ve found themselves in similar situations… and had pretty similar conversations with their loved ones. Well done.

  • Joshua Taylor

    I love how Allison is using her flight powers not just for her own enjoyment but for the use of others. And that father-daughter flight is just too heart-warming.

  • Maracaibo

    Thank Christ she had such good role models growing up, or Allison might very well have been Patrick’s willing accomplice.

  • TheMothmanCometh

    Hi, Molly and Brennan!

    I just binged the entire story this cold Christmas Day, and I just wanted to say…Holy shit, you are amazing.

    Merry Christmas, you bloody wonderful people.

  • Soqoma

    well, damn.
    Thank you guys, I needed this one.

  • Creampuff40

    This is the best webcomic I have ever read. And one of the best comics period. I love it. I wish I had found it before five hours ago. I wish that I could have kickstarted it. I’ll be there for the the next book lol. I will just have to settle for buying the book and t shirt. Great name. Great characters and amazing story. Feral man. She really got to me. They all did, Great comic. Thank you for bringing it into the world.

  • Guancyto

    “I’m not crying, I’ve got something in my eyes!”
    “What did you get in your eyes?”

  • 21stCenturyPeon

    I could have happily gone the whole of Christmas without seeing a jolly old fellow with a beard, dressed in red, having chemo and crying about how bothersome his cancer is for his nearest & dearest. Excuse me, I’ve got something in both my eyes.

  • robertskitch

    I think that if I was flying with Alison frequently that I’d get a safety harness… just to be sure.

  • fairportfan

    “He ain’t heavy, Faddah – he’s my Daddy.”