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  • Kid Chaos

    “Is sex *all* you think about?”
    “Pretty much, yeah.” 😍

    • Aiun

      Forget the cancer slowly and painfully causing his cells to shred each other… the dude has had knives for hands since he was a teenager.
      A teenager.
      I think we all know where his super villain sized frustration comes from.

  • Demonlogan

    How old was Daniel when he changed, again?

  • TSED

    I think Dan’s biases from being a top supervillain are very well detailed here. He doesn’t have much of a filter, because he was a frigging world-endangering supervillain. He wants something, he takes it. Nobody’s going to tell him no because they’re either yes-men behind him, someone not stupid enough to say ‘no’ on the other end, or actively in the process of fighting him anyway.

    Likewise, ‘polite’ conversation? Why bother? Dan’s made a friend so why be guarded, since it won’t much matter? The two are opening up to each other and providing vantage points from different ends of the Earth, basically, but they still obviously enjoy the fact that this is the only person who understands something about them. There’s no way a little crass comment will scare Allison away, and I doubt that there’s much Allison could say that’d make Cleaver want to stop these visits at this point.

    Very, very, very well done regular-old-friendship with extremely irregular people. This is the kind of stuff I wish superhero stories did more often.

    • Michael Hancock

      Well put. The way you phrased the situation reminds me of an Astro City Special from… gosh, a decade ago now, “Astro City: Samaritan #1 : “The Eagle and the Mountain,” by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson. It features the Samaritan, basically a Superman/Allison type, and his archnemesis Infidel (who’s more an aesthete/Dr Doom than Dan’s super strong type, but, well, work with me here). The story follows the course of their history together, particularly what happens after that moment where they look at each other after once again both failing to defeat the other, and go “well, fighting didn’t work, what can we do now?”. They don’t become friends, exactly, but for both it’s a shift to something other than being enemies.

      It’s a standalone issue, and well-worth seeking out. But it occurs to me that its fundamental message–“well, fighting didn’t work, what can we do now?” is basically the impetus behind all of Strong Female Protagonist, in a good way.

      • Weatherheight

        Kurt Busiek is crazy good. I endorse and approve of your support for Astro City.

  • Lostman

    Ok, I was wrong on the auido books.

  • ∫ClΓ©mensΓ—ds

    1. So is anyone going to eat that roasted beef or what what’s happening can I have it looks tasty
    2. I approve of Cleaver’s approach to all things sex.
    3. And Alison is still enamored with Patrick. β™«

    (I know I’m alone on the Patrick fan club island but he’s my Sirius to Alison’s Hermione: she’s the one the story should be about but so far from being the most interesting character. Another link between the two: I’m still not convinced he isn’t dead since Alison threw a mug in his face at Mach 3.)

    • Tylikcat

      I’m totally a Patrick fan. Just… because I also like Alison, I want the world to slap him upside the head first.

      In a horrible sort of way, he might be the character who… not who I most identify with, exactly, but who is most obviously and immediately recognizable as my people. (And reminds me, kind of painfully, of a couple dating experiences, but that’s another story.) Though from a pretty fucked up part of my life.

      Seriously, I have to remind myself that most of us are still alive, and generally folks have gone on to be pretty decent adults. And to breathe.

      • Tylikcat

        It’s also because I (conditionally) like Patrick.

        In my experience, you don’t get over being fucked up by way of other people. You have to do it yourself. Sure, having friends as fellow travelers (and to call you on bullshit when you need it) can be useful beyond anything – but I suspect Patrick has too many tangled up feelings about Alison for being around her to be useful while he’s figuring out how to be a decent human being.* Using other people as band-aids is a generically terrible idea, and IME how not to get your shit together. (And I think Al was totally on the money when she walked away from Patrick… but, well, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to be resolved, long term.)

        * Presupposing he has any interest in doing so.I hope he does. Of course, that Al left him with a threat complicates matters.

      • Patrick’s the really smart guy who hasn’t so much worked out how to relate to people as how to game them. His biodynamic gift may actually have stunted his social development, and it may take being slapped upside the head, or having a mug thrown at him, to make him realise that.

    • feli

      I don’t think you’re alone on that island ;D

    • Pol Subanajouy

      Well, he’s a different genre of character. I’d imaging a story centered on him would be much more about secrets, corporate espionage, questions of identity and transgression. Certainly fertile fields, but at the moment, I’m feeling what Al is laying down more.

  • Tsapki

    Okay, it’s official, I think Cleaver is adorable in a terrifying sort of way. Having trouble getting a good mental image though, but working with the base of a baby crocodile.

  • I thought that Ron and Hermione was the most realistic part of the story. Both were supporting Harry and there must have been times when both were frustrated with him. That connection probably brought them together.

  • Praion

    Well that escalated quickly

  • bta

    Should we call him Shipper from now on?

  • Markus

    Book Hermione was a lot less OP than movie Hermione. In the books Ron had interpersonal skill and knowledge of the magical world, and Harry is clearly the most competent in the field as well as being the source of a lot of the intuitive leaps that Hermione gives him the background information for. Not to mention that both of them are at least for the first few books much more steadfast friends, even when they’re being utter asses about it.

    That said, Hermione is still 100% the best character, and I will fight you about it.

    • Christophe2314

      I would argue that the books should be about Neville Goddamn Longbottom. He’s the real hero of the story. He had a 50/50 chance of being the Chosen One. He lead Dumbledore’s Army against the Death Eaters for a whole year while the supposed heroes were off on a camping trip or whatever. He was the one who made it possible to kill Voldemort in the first place. He decapitated Voldermort’s pet snake with a sword in front of an army of Death Eaters while his head was on fire.

      • Weatherheight

        Word on Neville. From total coward to bravest dude in the cast. So underrated.

      • Tylikcat

        Neville is awesome, no joke.

        But I kind of reject the whole chosen one trope.

        • MisterTeatime

          So does Neville. πŸ˜›

          • Weatherheight

            I choose myself!

            ::whips out a PokeBall, poses, and looks a little sheepish::

      • Devlerbat

        Neville would have done it in Four Books.

      • Markus

        Book 7 should’ve been Neville. The rest are better as Harry stories.

      • masterofbones

        The thing is, neville keeps his head down. He doesn’t become significantly active until several books in, and even then he isn’t doing important stuff super often. On the other hand you have harry, whose constant need to make trouble guarantees that there is always something to write about him.

        Its a fairly common issue with stories. The protagonist may not be the most interesting character, but they are generally the character getting themselves into the most trouble, and are therefore the one that the story revolves around.

    • 3-I

      Counterpoint: Luna Lovegood.

      • Weatherheight

        Hmm, that is a bit of a horserace, there, innit?

        The humming you hear is my thoughts spinning up.

  • HanoverFist

    Charming as always.

  • Dean

    Daniel’s going to eat that entire ham like it was an apple, isn’t he?

    I’m really enjoying his characterisation in this sequence – everything he says makes it clear that he’s just a dopey, poorly-socialised teenager.

  • Masala Nilsson

    Keep it classy, Cleaver. xD

  • 3-I

    For a moment, I was terrified that Cleaver’s Youngblood’s Disease had progressed in that last panel. Then I remembered facial expressions are a thing.

  • M. Alan Thomas II

    Well. He’s . . . straightforward. (About Harry Potter, I mean.)

  • Flamesparks

    Wonder if he notices that Harry and Hermione never have any fun together, only when there is a third person that they enjoy themselves.

    • Weatherheight

      I always took that as the two outsiders, whenever they got a moment alone they started venting to each other / on each other, so things just sort of naturally got serious (Got a friend like that; we get together, the serious stuff starts). They always seemed to be closer in some ways than Harry and Ron or Hermione and Ron, but their respective starting points (Mudblood versus The Boy Who Lived) built a sort of wall between them.

      But you’re quite right, they don’t seem to have a lot of fun when it’s just the two of them, do they?

  • Izo

    Oh Daniel, you eloquent cad you….

    I wish I could comment on most of this, but the only thing I know about Harry Potter was because I watched the first movie and nothing else :).

    • Weatherheight

      The movies are good, but the books are better.

      Hey, maybe that could be an axiom. πŸ˜€

      • bryan rasmussen

        Ever read The Godfather, by Mario Puzo?

        • Weatherheight

          Saw the movie, then read the book.
          Completely the wrong way to do it – but both are totally awesome.

      • Lance Allen

        The Running Man, by Richard Bachman.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Oh come on, dude πŸ˜€

  • Would very much like to see a conversation between Gurwara and Cleaver. I think it’d be enlightening for the former.

  • Rumble in the Tumble

    Cleaver, the ladies’ man.

  • KatherineMW

    Okay, how long until Daniel figures out that the “dark, troubled guy” she’s talking about is his ex-boss?

    • Soqoma


    • Weatherheight

      I ould pay good money to see how Patrick spins that.
      And I also have full confidence he could.

  • Balthazar

    Wow! Spoilers!

    But yes, Cleaver. Ron is a loser.

  • Philip Bourque

    He likes to focus on primal urges a lot doesn’t he?

  • ClockworkDawn


  • Guilherme Carvalho

    Yes, well, subtlety is not his strong suit, ok? Or Give the guy a break. πŸ˜›

    More seriously, it’s hardly surprising that he would focus on “surface elements”: who fucks who, and who’s the best at magic. If Alison has trouble with her sexuality because she fears she might hurt others… well, imagine how it is for Daniel.

  • AgentHufflepuff97

    Dark, troubled, fascinating…..Is that a Patrick reference I see? Also, yes Hermione should have gone with Harry. She should’ve been the (strong female) protagonist of the series.

  • Liz

    Daniel “Keepin it Classy” Cleaver, ladies and gents.

  • Some guy

    Cleaver seems like he’s really on the ball when it comes to relationships.

  • Tylikcat

    In which we are reminded that Daniel is around the same age Alison is… and far more socially fucked up. How old was he when he started to turn into Cleaver?

    • Tsapki

      If I can recall some of the older references and pages, he started physical changes about the same time as Alison, around preteen to early teens. It didn’t manifest all at once though, so he starting getting graying skin and small sharp points on parts of his body first.

      Add to this those that his family situation was pretty messed up. If I recall it was basically his beaten down mother and her abusive boyfriend. Daniel actually ended up running away partway into his transformation and lived out in the woods while it manifested and turned him into the towering slab or muscle and blades we see today.

  • David Stieber

    Holy crap, so much of Cleaver’s dialog could be lifted straight from friends I have IRL. Thank you for (a) writing such realistic characters, and (b) showing different kinds of friendships between very very different kinds of people.

  • Loranna

    And, just like that, Alison has ensured that Cleaver shall break out of jail! Clearly, if Underwear Guy fails to make Alison feel like an absolute goddess, Daniel will enter Big Brother Mode, and go to the poor shirtless-and-pantless person’s apartment to “set him straight” on how to treat a lady. o/

    Also, Cleaver’s turning into a regular renaissance man. First he’s playing chess, and now he’s stepping into the wonderful world of literary criticism! I wonder if the prison would allow Alison to post Cleaver’s insights into the audiobooks she provides him . . .

    . . . While I’m thinking on that, it also occurs to me — if Cleaver is ever released from prison, Lisa could probably build him some sort of mechanical hand attachments, or even just a drone to act as Cleaver’s hands. Not that this would help Daniel fit in with society per se, but it *would* allow him more freedom to live independently. I’m now picturing Cleaver living in a cabin in the woods, posting his thoughts on the bio-dynamic experience and modern pop culture; I bet he’d make one hell of a Internet celebrity. “Cutting Thoughts” Channel on YouTube, anyone?

    Oh, and the smile on his face, in both the first and the last panel is absolutely adorable. Good on him, and on Alison, for having these moments together. ^_^ And I can’t *wait* for Alison’s reaction to Cleaver’s question!


    • Tylikcat

      Let me just state for the record that in the hierarchy of ‘shipping, I am Team Clevin a zillion years before I am team Underwear Gentleman… at least from current information. Admittedly, I’m not sure if I’m really Team Clevin in ‘shipping mode as much as I think Al would do well to hang out and watch videos and hey, figure it out later.

      …but OTOH, Al is nineteen-twentyish, and going on ill-considered dates is part of the package. If you don’t get exposure, you don’t develop your intuition.

      • Weatherheight

        Clevin is likely going to be a great friend.
        But I think he’s the best “fit” for Alison up to this point.

    • Pol Subanajouy

      Cleaver + Big Brother Mode? I can scarcely imagine anything more intimidating.

    • deebles

      I was wondering, if Daniel does ever get out, what legitimate occupations his abilities might be well suited for. It pretty much came down to lumberjack or demolition man. But bionic hands might massively increase the available options.

  • chaosvii

    Well no, because uh, he’s a fuckin loser too! The best superhero name he could come up with was Underweargentleman!

  • Dartangn

    Oh yeah. This is happening for the right reasons. Panel 5, calm face of considerate judgement, right there.

    • Weatherheight

      Given time to think, Alison very rarely makes a bad decision (can’t say I’ve really seen one so far when she’s had a bit to consider).
      Rush her, push her buttons, get her pissed – that’s when the property destruction or assault is likely to begin.
      You know, like most of us. πŸ˜€

  • Giacomo Bandini


    Superman (Supergirl, actually) is feeding sandwich to a captured Hulk/Abomination and talking about the latter’ favorite Harry Potter’s character, while reflecting on his (her) sentimental life.

    Yo, this Webcomic rules.

    • Pol Subanajouy

      I really couldn’t be happier with events as they are unfolding.

    • Johan

      I’m really loving that scene πŸ˜€
      And yeah, I agree with Cleaver on HP ^^

  • David

    I’m not completely against swearing at all, as sometimes it would be odd for a character not to swear…but if this is how it’s going to be during her whole time with Daniel…”fuck this…fuck that…fuck him”…then I am looking forward to the next change of the scene.

    • Christophe2314

      I think he’s off-putting on purpose. The point is that all of Daniel’s good traits are buried under piles and piles of flaws that would make anyone else stay as far away from him as possible. Alison seems to be the only person who’s able to look past all that.

      • Tylikcat

        Flaws? Hell, the guy probably didn’t have much of a chance to learn how to socialize, considering that he was scary looking, actually dangerous, and probably ugly to most people to boot. I’m not saying he’s the world’s most stand up guy, but I think a lot of what’s going on here isn’t what could be fairly termed a flaw.

        • Christophe2314

          By that reasoning, there’s no such thing as a quality or a flaw because everything can be traced back to your past experiences. As I like to say, your past may explain your actions, but it does not justify them. Even if you have a good excuses, your flaws are still flaws.

          • Weatherheight

            Flaws are always relative. And relatives are usually flawed.


            I tend to agree, however, that Daniel has some flaws – not really his fault, but there nonetheless. The problem with “getting better” is that you first have to realize where that need to happen – which most of us (and I include myself in that group) have issues with.

            Daniel probably thinks I’m wrong, though. πŸ˜€

          • Christophe2314

            Of course Daniel has some flaws. Everyone has flaws. If you’re a writer and your characters have no flaws, you’re probably a terrible writer. Of course, some people are more flawed than others, and some flaws are worse than others. To me, the worst existing flaw is being unable to learn and change one’s views, because if you’re like that, then you’ll never be any better than you are now. It’s the one flaw that ensures you will never fix your flaws.

    • Weatherheight

      Having worked construction materials and process inspection for just over three years, Daniel needs to go into controlled demolitions. He’d fit *right* in with a lot of construction workers. πŸ˜€

    • I find it completely realistic. Cleaver’s entire background, abused childhood and then criminal underworld, is going to have been one where swearing is a normal part of speech rather the exceptional. For that matter he’s actually swearing less than some of the people I’d hear if I popped into town.

  • Iarei

    Speaking of uncomplicated. . .

  • JohnTomato

    That is one smooth (monster) dude.

  • private kawaii

    that question was…. subtle

  • Matthew Dowd

    Let’s be honest with ourselves, Daniel probably didn’t “date” on the outside, and he certainly lacks the manual dexterity to manipulate himself. If he isn’t a rapist as well as a murderer he more than likely has either never had sex or only sexual relationships with women for whom there was an attraction to, either way his reaction in the final panel is par for the course in his opinion.

    • bta

      I’m going to pretend really hard it’s some adolescent virgin overcompensation and Allison isn’t going to learn about the horrific implications of Cleaver having had sexual encounters during his supervillain days.

      Though maybe I’m unfair. Maybe he’s actually a sweet lover and not full of sharpy bits down there? And most importantly, not the rapist kind of supervillain? Let’s hope so?

      • Thunder

        If he wasn’t already, he probably is by now. That’s assuming he still has any equipment at all.

    • spriteless

      You know, half of the supers are female, including the one that brought him the video. He could have been getting it on with super-tough equals, rather than taking it out on victims.

      Or he could relieve himself by dry-humping the ground. Whatever.

    • Aiun

      To be fair, a lot of freakshows worked for Patrick because he understood them and helped them.
      Lining up some strange with very particular fetishes definitely seems within the bounds of possibility.

    • Izo

      If I recall, I don’t think Alison’s had much experience in that area either, largely because she’s worried about hurting the guy if she got too into… yknow…

      The conversation with her doctor? Where her doctor tried to calm her of those worries by saying she thought that Alison probably had certain subconscious limits on her strength, which is why she didnt break stuff all the time – it wasn’t just because of her always being careful. Break stuff just happens to not be her ‘default setting.’

  • Weatherheight

    And somehow, still talking about relative levels of power.

    “Ron’s a fucking loser”. Well, yes, Daniel would think that because Ron is fairly ordinary. He’s not much compared to Harry (brute forcing his way through everything with sheer willpower and raw magical might) or Hermione (the quintessence of skill and knowledge). Daniel doesn’t see Ron’s importance as the grounding element in the story. Ron’s also the link to the others at the school, via his family. He’s special *because* he’s nothing special. Oh, and he’s the only one of the three with more than his fair share of good judgment.

    “Sometimes the first impulse is, you know…” Is it just me, or is Ali both agreeing and disagreeing with Daniel here? It’s almost like she’s weighing the safe/smart choice against the scary/exciting/romantic (as in larger than life, rather than sexy) choice here. To quote Sondheim, “Take extra care with strangers/even flowers have their dangers/and though scary is exciting/Nice.. is different than good.”

    “Oh sick, did you “f” him yet?” So is this living vicariously, is this checking Ali’s level of interest, or is this yet another statement about power relationships? Not “did you guys get it on?”, not “have you two made it yet?”, but “Did YOU “f” HIM yet?” Sooo many ways to take this.

    Ambiguousness is narrative joy!

    • Thunder

      I’m going to say living vicariously, mixed with Allison literally being his only friend in the world. I don’t know about you, but having giant knives for hands isn’t exactly an attractive quality for me, nor do I think it would be for a lot of people. So I can’t imagine that he’s had much, if any kind of relationship with people other than “trying to kill them”.

      Plus, who else would Daniel have this kind of conversation with? Just about everyone else in the world either hates his guts and probably wants him dead, or doesn’t know about him. You think his guards would be interested in chatting with him about what they’re doing that night?

      Daniel’s making up for lost time, he’s dying in what is probably a great deal (and eventually excruciating) pain, and if I correctly recall he doesn’t come from a very wealthy background. For him, this probably IS being polite.

    • Izo

      In Cleaver’s defense about his view of Ron, Ron is a ginger so he has a very boring soul as far as soulmates go.

      Okay, okay I’m kidding.

      Everyone knows gingers don’t have souls.

      (ow, ow, I’m kidding still!)

      • Weatherheight

        Some of my best friends are Gingers.


  • Shjade

    Little known fact: Cleaver’s first idea for a supervillain name was “Tact.”

    It didn’t work out.

  • Jac

    Oh Daniel, your way with words is truly refreshing!

  • chaosvii

    IIRC: The world-wide ominous stormy weather event that caused all the biodynamic individuals was presumably singular, and is only known to affect those that were in the womb during that time.

  • Guest

    Meh. Alison I partially ID with, though what I love about her All-American vibe and her parents and Buster and childhood home, is that it reminds me (all of it!) of how my childhood best friend’s digs were set up. She was a lot like Alison, too.

    And yet, don’t hate me, I identify almost totally with Patrick. For several years I WAS a lot of a Patrick in interpersonal relationships (but I’m a female).

  • Catnik

    All of the biodynamics were born around the same time – the year of rain.

  • bryan rasmussen

    you forgot Megace.

  • TSED

    Pretty much all biodynamics are in a narrow band of ages – during that weird storm.

  • Christopher Dacombe

    I don’t think it’s been explicitly stated, but all biodynamics can be assumed to have been both within the same nine month period, due to the empowering event happening while they were still in the womb.

  • Peter

    I’m pretty sure he really is restrained. They used the exact same restraints right after they captured him, when he still hated Allison and the world. If he would have a way to escape, he would have done it there.

  • Pizkie

    Every single biodynamic individual is the same age. Their powers have something to do with the big thunderstorm while they were in uteri. We got that from Alison’s origin story chapter:

    Which also means Daniel was fourteen when he started mutating:

  • Rumble in the Tumble

    Weren’t all people affected by biodynamism children? They’re all more or less the same age.

  • zophah

    Subtlety is not his strong suit.

  • Bandersnatch

    All the people who have superpowers now were in the womb during the freak storms that covered the entire Earth, so they’re all around the same age. (I think I have that right.) And I think they said that Daniel was around 15 when his powers manifested and he killed his mother’s boyfriend and his mother.

  • Bandersnatch

    Here you go: Daniel’s origin story

    He was ten when diagnosed with cancer. Fourteen when his powers manifested and he killed his abusive stepfather. And his mother.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Does that count as awkward pause. Can a relationship and a shared meal this far out of the norm have things that could be construed as awkward? Haha.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Asking the important questions.

  • Lance Allen

    Pretty much all of the biodynamics are around the same age, from what we know so far. I’d have to read back (a single binge-reading doesn’t make for really good retention) but there was an event that happened just before kids started turning up with super powers. The connection was never confirmed, but it’s kind of assumed.

  • Nick

    MAAAAAAAATE. I just discovered this comic and powered through it. Really diggin’ it

  • Meghan

    … I love this guy. I know he’s a Supervillain and all, but he’s awesome.

  • John

    All the biodynamic people are approximately the same age. I was looking through the archives a bit to try to find the parts where they talk about it, but I didn’t want to spend too much time. They talk about it when they talk about the conspiracy (the birth dates on all the files) and they talk about it when they talk about the weird storm that happened around the time all the biodynamics were born or in utero.
    But this page mentions it quickly as well: http://strongfemaleprotagonist.com/issue-3/page-36-2/
    When Cleaver’s backstory is discussed, it is mentioned that he was around 14 when his mutation occurred. (If I remember correctly, he had an abusive stepfather and he ran away for a short while and when he came back he was mutated)

  • John
  • danny in canada

    All the biodynamics are the same age (plus or minus nine months). To be biodynamic, you have to have been in utero during the Storm, which lasted about a month.

  • Tsapki

    All supers are around the same age, because all existing supers were in the womb during a nearly year long storm that covered the earth. So age gaps are about a year or a year and a half as most as best as I can recall.

  • All the biodynamics are round about the same age +/- a year or two

  • Most surprising thing here, Cleaver being willing to value a female, cerebral character above all the males.

    Of course he may just be projecting how he feels about Allison onto Hermione, but it’s an unexpected depth.

  • Kyle Kettler


    This suggests that many biodynamics are no older than Allison. It also explains the emphasis on “child soldiers” in early chapters

  • Zmm

    Her galpal (i know he’s a dude.. but they’re totally the closest thing to girl talk she gets) is amusing.

    and here we bring in the evil brain controled “normal guy”

  • VariableNature

    I’d probably assume that EVERYONE who has superpowers (or at least, everyone we’ve SEEN with superpowers) is approximately the same age, give or take a few months.
    It’s been outright stated (Issue 4, Page 28) in a flashback that the United States government has not yet found a person older than a certain age (at that point, 15 years old) that had biodynamic capabilities. We can further assume that Alison received her powers due to the fact that her mother was pregnant with her at the time of the storm that covered the whole world (Issue 4, Pages 4-5). Therefore, it stands to reason that both Alison and Daniel would be close in age, separated at most by a few months. After all, if Alison got her powers from the storm, than Daniel probably got them the same way, i.e. his mother was pregnant with him at the time, although possibly more or less along in the pregnancy process. If he is older, he can’t be by more than about six months, given that Alison’s mother was only three months along (Issue 4, Page 5).
    Yes, I’m still in college “source-citing mode” despite having graduated more than a year ago.
    It also leads to a very fascinating question of whether or not there are people still being born that have biodynamic capabilities. Assuming that the storm is responsible for messing around with people’s babies and giving the fetuses superpowers, is this something permanent? Does a child being born into this world have a certain percentage of being biodynamic? If so, how high is that percentage, and is it possible to test for it? If it’s not, and only people approximately Alison’s age have superpowers, then is it purely genetic at this point? Can only biodynamic individuals have children that have biodynamic capabilities?

  • Mishyana

    That Daniel, keepin’ it classy.

  • The_Rippy_One

    Actually, Cleaver is a brilliant option for a Suicide Squad outing. When aliens show up that no one can hurt, Cleaver gets pulled out because he has some chance of getting in there and screwing them up, and he’s shown he can be reasonable and rational as long as you are strong enough to make your will over him stick. How you’d control him is a little iffy, but he’s certainly one of the most powerful supers on the planet, damage and danger-wise.

  • The_Rippy_One

    I think, inherently, you have a problem like what you get with epidermodysplasia verruciformis – yes, you could remove all the growths (and probably kill him because more of him is blade than flesh at this point), but they are natural growths, and he’d eventually regrow them, in potential a more dangerous fashion. Most non-surgical treatments are also problematic – Cleaver is not the healthiest guy to begin with, what with the sharp pointy bits carving him up or limiting his internal flexibility. Trying to irradiate him to kill his cancer is iffy, even more so than most patients. His mutation may be more resistant to radiation than his natural body, for one thing (it’s denser tissue than standard flesh; if it’s dense enough, and/or has some more interesting properties, it’ll blocks radiation more easily), so the risk of killing him before his cancer is a bigger risk.

    • Weatherheight

      Excellent points, but it presupposes non-biodynamic methods. Maybe somewhere out there is someone whose power allows radical cellular restructuring but hasn’t realized it yet (think about it – we have at least one candidate already).

      On the other hand, his level of pathos would drop significantly if he were saved. I suspect dramatic death saving Alison from someone, but I would be totally cool with him dying in bed surrounded by the few friends he’s made in the last months of his life.

  • Jonat Han Vall Erand

    Well they were all born during the storm, weren’t they? Therefore all superhumans in this universe are the same age.

  • Liz

    Mega Menace is absolutely the ship name. Also, I think Klalison adequately captures the awkward in their potential coupleship.

  • Loranna

    Aha! I’m not the only one who signs their posts! VINDICATION o/ – Loranna

  • ∫ClΓ©mensΓ—ds

    Crazy thought: do you think it’s possible that Cleaver’s… fifth member be *also* a blade?
    I mean that could be a reason for why he’s so pent up with sexual frustration he tries to engage Alison I Was Terrified of Sex Before The Prospect of Crushing my Lover to Death Greene on the topic.

    • chaosvii

      Pretty sure his pants would be cleft in twain every time he sleeps if that were the case, seeing as erections are pretty frequent during REM. (The medical term is Nocturnal penile tumescence btw)

  • Izo

    You don’t need to give Patrick your credit cards. Most likely he’s already read your mind and found out the numbers, expiration date, your mother’s maiden name, your password, and security number.

  • Weatherheight

    Not only deliberate, but it runs too! πŸ˜€

  • Graeme Sutton

    By that metric, the books should probably be about Snape.

  • Jared Rosenberg

    “Wait, Do I want Harry or do I want Ron?” that was a cool moment there. I mean obv she’s into this guy who is all dark and broody and clearly her equal in powers (in a different way) but he’s so moody/complicated/evil and on the other hand there is the “netflix and chill” dude who, like Ron Weasley, is uncomplicated/simple/squishy.

  • ultimate_weirdo

    Honestly I have trouble shipping Ron and Hermione because outside of life risking situations they have nothing to bond over. Wtf do they even do on an ordinary Saturday night? What do they do for fun that doesn’t involve the other becoming bored? That’s my issue. Harry and Hermione has potentially similar issues though to be fair. Though honestly any shipping prospects canon or fanon based is the least interesting thing about her. Then again, all the shipping in HP be it canon or fanon tends to be pretty tedious overall, hence why HBP was probably so boring for me as a book. (Unintentionally hilarious ‘Chest monsters’ being the only bright spot in the whole mess).