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  • ClockworkDawn

    Back at school! How responsible of you, Alison!

  • Preacher John

    Spider Sense Warning! XD

  • lizasweetling

    I don’t think Alison likes him.
    as to me, I don’t know yet, but he is a solid candidate for super-villain.

  • Sebasti√°n Rodoni Figueras

    I’m not amused proffesor. NOT. AMUSED.

  • MisterTeatime

    … so who put his name on the blackboard? And what’s your name? o.O

  • Soqoma

    Oh, I like him.
    …also, is it weird that I’m getting Professor Lupin vibes?

  • Jordan Hiller

    OK, I’m really curious how this guy came to be covered in scars. I’m betting though that if he’s asked, he’ll make a joke about “cutting himself shaving” or something like that.

  • Asher Freeman

    See, now I’m wondering if this guy’s actually going to be a villain or not, because they’ve signposted it so clearly that it almost seems like they’re messing with us.

  • Nightsbridge


  • Meghan

    This dude has a LOT of scars.

  • Thunder

    I had a prof like him. Minus the scars, though. He was good.

    • Tylikcat

      When I’m in the right sort of mood, I’ll argue at length that ethics is a subset of aesthetics, full stop.* So the joking around doesn’t bother me. The drinking in class… well, it depends. He might be fine – or even very good – and just into keeping people on their toes… or he might be a grandstanding piece of shite. His initial comment strikes me as weird, and out of keeping with the rest of it, and I find myself waiting for some kind of context for that.

      * Mostly, I just can’t be bothered to argue about it, and I’m not sure how much I care about the categorizations when it comes right down to it. So I do have to be in the right sort of mood.

      • Thunder

        Mostly it was just that he was fun to listen to, so the class was actually enjoyable to be in. Whether or not this guy is actually a good guy, I have no idea. I just get the “not a super serious person but actually does know what he’s talking about and cares that you learn something” vibe.

  • Sabrina Paquette

    Dat sense of humor.

  • Chris

    I get the feeling that his appearance is going to be quite relevant here.

  • Villain. total villain

  • Lmcfly

    Uhmm, on screen for less than ten panels and already said the study of right and wrong is inconsequential. Alison does not look impressed

  • Lauren Tipps

    “More frivolous and inconsequential…” -_- My face looks about like Alison’s right now. Except perhaps more annoyed.

    • Nightsbridge

      If he’s joking about that, then it may be funny. Perhaps a bit tasteless anyway. If he’s only half-joking, then, well.

  • Ha ha ha… who needs ethics anyway?

  • J B Bell

    I like this guy.

  • Hawthorne

    Okay…death joke…dragon cane…hip flask…covered in scars…this is either going Dead Philosopher’s Society and will end with the troubled students standing on their desks, or Alison is about to get recruited into Hogwarts.

  • Tylikcat

    Canteen? That’s a wee little flask!

  • Johan

    Alison isn’t amused, professor >:(

  • Francisco

    You have a point. It could be that the child was premature or stillborn. However, a responsible tutor would have mentioned that they may not be there for part of the course.

  • MrSing

    Jokes are the opium of the people!

  • Random832

    I’m not sure that’s implied by what he said. Maybe he’d rather run a class on a frivolous and inconsequential topic.

  • Lmcfly

    I’m pretty sure Alison is thinking the same thing, judging by the last panel

  • David

    Reminds me of my one teacher in highschool. The day after a student died…”People die, life goes on…take out your books”.

  • Squid

    A lot of people don’t like this guy, huh? I just 100% did not read it that way. Joking about well-known criticisms of your own field is a great way to break ice and make the class start to feel like more of a tight-knit group, as well as addressing concerns that some of the less willing/certain or more pugnacious students might otherwise bring up later, at a less convenient time. It was definitely a recognisable part of the style of a few of my best teachers. I mean, he’s actually a philosophy teacher, I assume he talks about ethics and aesthetics for a living, so it would be pretty weird if he actually thought the area was /entirely/ incosequential, rather than just inconsequential relative to other areas within the field (which you could totally argue for in terms of its actual practical applications). …And I don’t know enough about his personality yet to judge whether to be irritated at the insensitive joke. If he’s controlled, fine, he’s probably a jerk. If he’s a social mess like the rest of us… that is absolutely a joke I might make if nervous/sleep-deprived/having eaten jam/basically in any situation, I am not smooth.

    Mostly the thing I’m worried about is the flask. Not Responsible Behaviour, dude. I can hope that it’s apple juice.

  • Matt

    Considering he’s explaining the topic of the class, I’m getting the impression this is the first class of the semester, so that probobly doesn’t apply

  • Scott K

    I may be wrong, but I am getting a first day of class vibe. Depending on this university’s policy regarding paternal leave, it might have made more sense simply to replace Prof. Karapovsky for the entire course. While that also seems like something the students would have heard about…not always. There are a lot of times that I only find things out at my university through the grapevine when they seem like information that should have been disseminated by the administration.

  • Lance Allen

    “No, why are you thinking about shirtlessness?”

    “I’m guessing you don’t know I’m a firefighter.”