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  • Weatherheight

    “What other projects..?”

    Was that a shoe I just heard drop?

  • Cue convo on “only” helping women.

  • Markus

    This prediction is actually much simpler: Either a.) Pintsize is about to say something terribly patronizing and stick his foot knee-deep into his mouth or b.) Someone’s embezzling the crap out of Allison’s funds.

  • lizasweetling

    does he know something we don’t?
    that’s all that came to mind trying to figure this one out

  • Sendaz

    I am really hoping he means the ‘Take TrunksBoy out for a Date’ Project but am guessing that’s not what he means.

  • bta

    This must be bad, right?

  • Kid Chaos

    “What other projects?”
    “Y’know, like the Hall of Justice, the Fortress of Solitude, the Batcave…why are you looking at me like that?” 😜

  • Yes Alison, what other projects?

  • RobNiner

    Your plan to take over the woorlllldddddd.

    • Kid Chaos

      “What are we doing tonight, Alison?”
      “The same thing we do every night, Hector…” 😜

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    “I mean, uh, you’re welcome to sleep here tonight, but, like, I hope nothing stands in the way of you finding your dream home, you know. Also, I mean, you do wanna pursue an higher education than high-school, right? Right. You do not plan to be renamed the Altruist Hobo’s what I’m saying. I mean, of course right? Alison, please say something.”

    These gorgeous gradients for clouds ♥

    • Tylikcat

      Hey, who went to college first? I mean Hector’s got some serious grad student cred, but still!

  • Tsapki

    Yeah, I’m sort of in the same boat as Al here. I don’t really recall any other projects she is working on.

    Does Hector just assume she’s got a couple lined up because “Mega Girl” always does things big?

  • Lauren Tipps

    Hector might as well be 14 again. XD Also, projects…? I have my suspicions. I don’t know how to feel about this.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Heh, flying with your friends is serious business.

  • Jeremy

    That is adorable – if I was Pintsize I would have the exact same idea!

  • demosthenese10

    Calling it. Copycat/Shapeshifter impersonating Al.

  • motorfirebox

    “You know. Trying to hunt down the secret conspiracy. The guys I work for.”

    • MrSing

      “Those kids aren’t going to kill themselves, you know.”

  • Kellie Merie

    Da da dun…..

  • Kevin Flynn

    Yup, called it… although to be fair. I think just about everyone would do that if they were Pintsize. Although, I guess he’s forgotten that she still needs air to breath..

  • Mechwarrior

    Project Mayhem Apocalypse Rhinoceros Dance Project!

  • rpenner

    “Like it?”
    “Falcor, it’s wonderful.”
    “Quiet, you.”

  • chaosvii

    The ones that everyone is taking your name and putting it on. Ya know like, “Pantsless in Distress” the new burlesque themed Broadway action-comedy.
    I’m looking forward to watching “Aiding & Abetting” which is a thriller that’s supposed to take place in an alternate universe where Menace didn’t beat you but instead convinced you to join his empire in secret, the twist is that this Alison eventually goes villain, kills him and takes over.
    No idea why they allowed M. Night onto this project, but I hear he’s cheap nowadays.

  • AgentHufflepuff97

    Pint size is adorkable. Keep up the awesome work!-an admiring fan of yours

  • Slightly ominous…

  • Anon


  • Kate


    • Kid Chaos

      Oh, please, hold nothing back. 😎

    • ZBass

      Welcome to the bittersweet feeling of now joining the slow lane and looking forwards to two updates a week 😉

      • Kate

        But I know it will be worth it. So good!

  • ClockworkDawn

    An impostor?

  • Calling it: Menace or Moonshadow are extracting payback.

    Menace has the institutional wherewithal to hijack Alison’s finances. Moonshadow has the literal power to deceive anyone who might be protecting Alison’s accounts.

    I won’t rule out the two working together, but it’s probably one or the other.

    • JeffH

      Seems to me that Menace has easier access to money without stealing from Alison.

    • Arkone Axon

      Menace has the ability… but not the motivation. He wouldn’t want payback; he’d want to make amends. And Moonshadow… Moonshadow is too focused with her self-righteous murder spree to think about nonlethal applications of her power.

  • Arkone Axon

    …I’m calling it now, just to see if it’s true. If I’m wrong I’ll eat crow, but… I’m guessing that a certain ex-supervillain has been running some of his own projects – and naming them or otherwise associating them with Allison.

    It seems like the kind of thing a supercriminal supergenius would do when trying to apologize. “Chocolates? Flowers? Standing outside her door holding up a boombox that’s playing a song someone else performed? Screw that – Ally doesn’t do cheap cliches. I’m going to open up medical facilities to research an alternative to Feral staying under the knife and soup kitchens and to find a cure for her dad’s cancer, and when she looks at the map she’ll see all the facilities form a pattern that spells “SORRY.””

    • Ghostforge

      to paraphrase Edward Verres “that is both insightful and astoundingly creepy if accurate”.
      but seriously that Totally sounds like Something Patrick Would Do.

    • MrSokar

      Please leave the poor crows alone.

  • camolot the creator

    Other… Projects? Ooooh, boy, I do not like the sound of that. Someone’s been going behind Superman’s back, and he- or in this case, she- isn’t going to like it.

  • Miss X

    Maybe he thinks she’ll start a project to cure her dad’s cancer? Or help Feral?

  • Ralph, the Dire Opossum

    “… What other projects?”
    1 “The ones where you kill all the other high powered powered persons?”
    2 “All those fake programs that siphon money for the shadow organization in charge of the plot of this comic?”
    3 “The one you’re doing with that nice Patrick fellow. I really liked him! Thought he looked a bit like Menace, which was weird.”
    4 “Painting?”

  • Zmm

    uh oh. Someone’s been using her name. Probably mr mind reader

    yakno who I sorta want her to meet again with? billy? the blade guy. those were some nice conversations and i sorta hope she still visits like she said she would

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “You know, finishing school, taking over the world”

  • Santiago Tórtora

    I think Hector just doesn’t want Alice to get stuck on a single good idea like he did with the superhero team.

  • Jake

    Wow, I just finished reading the whole thing! It was great! Good work!

  • Dylan

    Archive-binging your comic (again, because I love it) and I noticed that page 63 of issue 3 isn’t showing up (at least on my computer). Not sure if it’s an issue with me or the website.

  • Squid

    I guess realistically she could handle a couple more projects on the back burner. Valkyrie’ll get off the ground and need considerably less input. (If it were me I would absolutely never be able to settle on just one project without planning for a couple more afterwards, ha. Perhaps this is why I do not finish projects.)

    I just got caught up, so – wow, this is an amazing comic and I love it! Superheroes with actual realistic problems and solutions are My Jam, man. And look at all these great people with different philosophies trying to make the world a better place. ACE!! Thank you for generally creating this, definite make-a-difference motivation 😀

  • Hawthorne

    1) Alison has hot flying hair.
    2) The cost of flying powers = chronically untied shoelaces.
    3) Pintsize is gonna be sooooo boooored after he gets hoodie-flown in and has to get on a regular plane.

  • KatherineMW

    I think people are overthinking Pintsize’s comments. He’s likely just concluding that this project is not the last or only one that Allison’s going to have an idea for. She’ll see other issues that she wants to do something about.

  • dpolicar

    Issue 6, page 26, and I have only just now gotten that the plot arc is Ally learning to be a better Ally.

    /is slow

  • MrSokar

    Al has super secret project that she’s even kept a secret from herself? The plot thickens.

    • Mechwarrior

      It’s so secret that even the people with security clearance don’t have security clearance.

      • MrSokar

        So secret that the gun used to kill anyone who knows about it was melted down and turned into screws to seal the door to it.