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  • Shjade

    Hector’s face in panel 2: “I regret everything.”

  • Johan

    You’re studying with a very pretty lady too Alison ^^

  • Preacher John

    Sweet dancing vengeance! XD Bwahahahahahaha!

  • Kid Chaos

    How much do I love this page? Let me count the ways… 😍

  • Ryan Gauvreau

    I… hope she warns him at some point that there’s a cabal, coordinated or not, of people who are going to be very interesting in taking him out to dinner and a fitting for brand new concrete shoes.

  • Abel Undercity

    She did the sonnnnggggg… I am so happy right now.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    That TOO !

  • bryan rasmussen

    yeah that heartwarming stuff is really great and all, but when are we going to learn what hector’s new power is!!?!

    • Jeremy

      Earlier the doctor said that they think there are fewer actually different powers, they are just displaying in different ways – maybe Hector’s new power will be the ability to make himself and other objects (like his cool little plane) larger – we could see a giant Hector!

  • Arkone Axon

    Okay, I was wrong. He did indeed take lots of science courses as a teenager. But my other points remain – and Allison is echoing them. ^.^

  • ZBass

    Pintsize is being surprisingly chill about discovering his friend can fly, I’d freak the hell out!

    • she’s Mega Girl and he’s a comic book geek. I guarantee you he thinks she’s a Superboy-type situation. look it up if you don’t get what I mean

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    “Stop grinning, I said with a very pretty lady, I definitely said with.”

  • Ah Allison. The queen of comebacks. (She has a point. Listen to her Hector!)

  • Dean

    “…which won’t be distracting at all!”

  • Seven Circle

    Allison knows priorities.

  • llennhoff

    In the past two years it never came to Hector’s attention that Alison could fly? She was hardly keeping it secret.

    • ampg

      It only just happened – everyone’s leveling up. She couldn’t fly while they were working together.

      • Bandersnatch

        Yeah, but hasn’t it been two years since the end of the last issue? When all the stuff with Moonshadow was going down, it was the end of Alison’s sophomore year… now she’s working on her senior thesis project with Lisa. And she’s been flying publicly for those two years, so why wouldn’t Hector know about it?

        But I’m wondering if in fact there really is a two-year gap in the timeline. Alison could be starting her junior year (or even be between her sophomore and junior years) and nevertheless starting to work on what she has decided will be her senior thesis. That seems to make more sense given Hector’s reaction to her flying.

        • ampg

          No, it’s an independent study, the same one she first approached Lisa about in the last issue. It’s most likely the beginning of the next semester.

  • Brandon Quina

    She looks so genuinely happy in that second panel. The last three panels, though, are just so cute and I find it absolutely awesome how encouraging she is of Hector here. She’s really grown a lot since the start of the comic.

  • Ralph, the Dire Opossum

    Even Alison ships it! That counts for something, right? Hooray! Thanks for another great page!

  • Jimmy C

    You should do alt text more often.

    • MrSokar

      Did we finally get some? I’m not seeing it. I do wonder why it stopped though, it used to be on every page.

  • Philip Bourque

    And then it turns out he is, compared to the other scientists there, only mediocre and the pretty scientist lady has zero romantic interest in him. Yep, I’m a cynic.

    • Stephanie Gertsch

      Yeah…something run a me the wrong way about Alison’s comment. Maybe a little too quick to assume the other scientist is available? Or almost talking about this character like she’s some kind of prize to reward him for doing the right thing?

      But I think he’s cool with having a friendly colleague even if it’s a one sided crush.

      • It’s more like “potential relationship” situation where neither of them had even “potential” before. Allison’s and Hector’s relationship together is more of a “brothers in arms” thing than an actual romance or even friendship.

  • JohnReinhardt

    If Allison and Hector don’t start making out in the next two pages I will straight up riot.


  • JohnTomato

    Some eye candy for Hector? Why not.

  • Jeremy

    They are so cute together. It’s nice to see their friendship continuing to develop.

  • Psile

    This might be my favorite sequence of comics in terms of feel-goods. So many things have been going Allison’s way lately. Granted, her last bout of super heroics didn’t end well but still. She’s setting up her program, Hector is nice to her and she met a cute guy at her job. Yeah, waiting for the other shoe to drop big time over here.

    • Natsumeg

      I think we’ve gotten to a point where Allison’s got the resolve and connections to deal with whatever gets thrown at her. She got to such a low point in the past chapters because her understanding of the world kept on getting shifted/challenged, and people who find it difficult to understand her kept on attacking her identity as a human. But now she’s just in a better place to handle all that.

      With that said, I fully expect like armed men from the ‘conspiracy’ to burst in to attack Hector because of his decision. 🙁 I just hope Allison’s with him if that happens.

    • KatherineMW

      The other shoe is likely to be Hector’s death, given the world-changing nature of the project he’s involved in.

      Hoping not, because I’m liking the happy interlude.

      • Tylikcat

        Huh. Though they’re going the science and development route – it’s not that his power per se is so amazing, as it could be a really useful investigative tool.

        …though if it were to go the way you suggest, Hector has really awesome escape abilities. So one plot option could be that we finally get confirmation of the whole world changing bio-dynamic assassination squad conspiracy. (Or whatever.) Which would certainly be interesting.

      • MrSokar

        I took that too literal.. As in she’s flying right above him and if dropped shoe still was attached to Al, he’d end up quite squashed without some super fast shrinking.

    • Right, it’s a good thing this comic isn’t written by Wildbow or we’d be in for big trouble.

  • Sebastián Rodoni Figueras

    yay for mended friendships!

  • joe
  • Meghan

    So, real world questions – what happens when Al flies to visit Pintsize? Legally I mean? If she lands in a new country does she have to do it at an airport? Does she have to clear customs?

    • MrSing

      Everything is legal when the cops don’t see you doing it.

    • 21stCenturyPeon

      I think she would. Without going through Customs/Immigration, you’re in the country illegally. (Though let’s see Trump try to build a wall that could keep her out.)

      Even the Apollo 11 astronauts had to go through Customs after they returned to the U.S. – http://www.space.com/7044-moon-apollo-astronauts-customs.html

  • Daniel Vogelsong

    And if that pretty lady gets sick you can get inside her to… wait, that came out wrong…

  • pointy

    Well at least she was nice about it, kind of?

  • Martin Cohen

    Nice, fun, and perceptive. I wonder how Hector’s powers have increased.

  • deebles

    Now that is how to be supportive.

    • Iarei

      I like this comment. It is good.

  • Arthur Frayn

    Alison ships it too!

  • MisterTeatime

    That last part is either going to be a big source of motivation to concentrate and get things done, or make it completely impossible. Or both.

  • Dancing on heads: wrong, but so cute!

  • Brainsturm

    Oh my god Alison looks super cute when she’s doing the Dance On Your Head dance

  • spriteless

    This is cute. Now I am just worried Hector will be killed to make things serious and make the plot about finding the conspiracy.

  • Iarei

    “You’re going to do great work improving our understanding of particle physics while paradoxically existing in violation of those physics.”

    “Just don’t tell any ‘large hadron collider’ jokes around her. Or at all. Ever.”

    • if he’s violating the current theories, that just means that new evidence has come to light to disprove those theories. Pintsize will help them build new ones that take into account biodynamic powers

    • MrSing

      Large hadron collider jokes are like 50% responsible for all the funding they got.

  • Brandon Quina

    I meant more the “you’ll do finnne, your a genius,” bit. 😀


  • deebles

    Plus her choice of words had something of a fangirl feel to them

  • Kid Chaos

    Ship it! Ship it good! 😍

  • MrSokar

    Being shorter than Al, he’s probably already used to it to some extent from their time as a team.

  • Dave M

    “Mirab, with sails unfurled.”
    (Which also may be Tamarian for “I ship this” 🙂 )

  • Stephanie Gertsch

    Yeah, I don’t think the characters are necessarily behaving badly. The thought that keeps running through my head is, “We got off this huge long chapter about how male entitlement screws everyone, and oh lookie here! If a nerdy guy does something selfless the plot fairies drop a hot, smart chick in his lap!”

    Actually, for someone who’s dedicated to a program helping DV victims, Allision is sure quick to whip out the “one of the boys” mentality. (If it was me I would just say, “She seems really nice,” and just watch Hector blush. But I’m a bit more reserved in general.)

    • Francisco

      I think she knows that Pintsize is not that sort of person.