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  • bta

    “I realized saving the world isn’t everything, I want to be a singer and entertain people. Hey, check out my new costume!”

  • Kid Chaos

    “See, the only thing is…I already bought the Washington Redskins, and I can’t decide on a new name. Any ideas?” 😜

  • Bo Lindbergh

    He has no spare time at all these days, because he’s met That Special Someone.

    • if his special someone doesn’t understand his desire to help people, he can find another one.

  • zathura

    I feel a “what had had happened waaaas” coming up

  • Seven Circle

    That’s a good song.

  • Daniel Vogelsong

    Actually I’m leaving because I’m going to do science. It’s an idea I fought for a long while until someone… ahem… strong armed me into it.

    • Francisco

      I can see him recording chemical reactions with a high-speed camera (no need for a microscope) or going inside someone to diagnose what ails them. In the latter case, he could even fight the germs with his ship.

  • Kia

    Oh gosh, the dance on your head song is so cute!

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Everyone. Please pay attention. Hector has discovered the best use of the shrinking super power. This is it. No other shrinking super hero will find a better use of their power. EVER. We can all go home now.

    Also, I sense a big old “but” about to come from Hector here. Too bad, I think he would have been a huge asset to Al during this venture and it would have been a real learning experience for him too. Also, good on Al for owning up that she had something to learn from Hector.

    And final addendum, why did it take me so long to realize he’s wearing an Atom themed t-shirt, since we are on the topic of other shrinking super heroes? Derp. I notice things (sometimes.)

    • dbmag9

      I think that atom symbol is his logo, pretty sure we’ve seen it before.

    • Huttj509

      I nominate better:

      Navigating somewhere like the Gencon Dealers’ room with friends. Rather than try to weave through in a clump, or lose the guy in the front, just ride on someone’s shoulder.

      Also, long airplane trips.

  • Philip Bourque

    How is it different exactly? She’s part of a group of people who are going out there and saving lives and they (presumably) have powers and abilities beyond mere mortals. No matter how you slice it, she’s part of a super hero team, just without the government funding, sanction and ‘training’.

    • KatherineMW

      It’s more about preventing crime than fighting/catching crminals, whereas most superheroes in comic books focus on the latter. And it’s a loose network rather than a group who typically go on team missions. But it’s still a superhero team.

      • At least part of that description sounds like Justice League Unlimited

      • It sounds more like a super-heroic victims services thing to me. I’m not sure that “crime” is the goal so much as it is keeping women safe from partner abuse.

    • Kid Chaos

      It’s not about punching people into submission after things have gotten out of control; it’s about preventing things from getting out of control in the first place. 😎

    • Mujaki

      Domestic violence usually doesn’t involve robots and lasers, and that was more his style of super heroics.

    • MisterTeatime

      This probably hasn’t been made explicit in canon, but I figured part of Alison’s “less ‘team’, more ‘network'” idea is that the Valkyrie heroes won’t necessarily be going out and doing their work as a group. In this application it’d be a more efficient use of personnel to have each hero providing protection/peace of mind to a different client, rather than all of them focusing on a single person or place.
      (By contrast, in most superhero teams, the team mostly deploys together or in subgroups, to handle problems that might be too much for one member alone. The members often have solo adventures as well, but those are generally treated as outside of their work with the team- e.g., when the Flash fights Mirror Master in Keystone City, he’s doing it as the Flash, not as the assigned representative of the Justice League.)

  • “…that would really help you out, and my character is contractually obligated to cause problems for you in the story. Sorry. 🙁 “

    • oh hush, give the poor, disillusioned nerd a chance

  • Jeremy

    “You were wrong and also I was right! So now I dance on your head!”

    That is adorable. These two are great (friendly) counterparts. I hope this doesn’t go anywhere too dark.

  • MisterTeatime

    Panels 2-3: instant reaction image.

  • motorfirebox

    “…I’ve decided to become a supervillain.”

  • chaosvii

    Whatta twist, and here were all those folks that thought the conflict would come from Alison not wanting him to be on board!
    For all of them, I direct you to the “Dance On Your Head Song” for what I think of your predictions and my own relative maturity level.

  • Jeudi Violist

    See, the only thing is…

    …I decided to become a super-villain.

    • Al: so was Menace and he replaced you as my best friend after I left the time

  • Ubercool

    First comment!
    (Always wanted to do that)

  • lizasweetling

    “but I was actually thinking about starting a more normal life- I even enrolled at XXXXXXXXXXX university!”
    “I’m actually in the middle of starting my own massive humanitarian project”
    these are my bets.
    Edit: how did tiny-him get to the top of her head so fast and easy?
    also does he weigh as much as normal and she’s just strong or does he weigh less when small?

    • Seems like starting a jump with normal sized legs and becoming tiny in midair lets him jump very high indeed. Presumably he’s had plenty of practice doing that trick.

    • deebles

      I quite like the university idea. It makes a nice parallel.

      • masterofbones

        Except it makes even less sense for a super-genius to enroll in college than it did for Alison to… and Alison had very little reason to go herself.

        • Dean

          Pretty sure that ‘Science is hard’ Hector isn’t a supergenius.

          • masterofbones

            He made himself an AI and a molecule sized vehicle….

        • I don’t think he’s a super-genius persay.

          • masterofbones

            He made himself an AI and a molecule sized vehicle…. How else would you describe that?

  • “…I messed with the wrong people and got myself in some serious shit.
    I have to go into hiding now.”

    • I’m going into witness protection with a family of biodynamic church mice. The fur suit is gonna be a hassle

  • “I’m pregnant”

  • Rascal_Face

    Okay I think Pint Size is a bit Bipolar.

    • Kid Chaos

      ADHD, perhaps? 😜

    • martynW

      We used to call that behavior “being young.”

  • Preacher John

    Frame number 3. I laughed so much. XD

  • Teej

    This is even funnier when you think about how high his voice must get when he’s that tiny.

  • Arthur Frayn

    See, the only thing is… I’m actually afraid of any women I haven’t known since I was 14…

  • fyrehair

    “I was Right/And you were Wrong/I’m gonna sing/The I-Was-Right song…”

  • Zmm

    Hector is pretty awesome.

    and he’s moving isn’t he?

  • funny, but since his hallowed “guidebook to being a superhero” is All-Star Superman, I doubt it

  • That is gonna be a weird obituary for him

  • So, wait. Does Pintsize just shrink, or does he have the part where he has the same strength as full size but taking advantage of his miniscule size and weight to leap everywhere?

    And can someone remind me how they explained him shrinking the ship to go inside of Cleaver? Was it some sort of shrinking ship or can he shrink stuff around him?

    EDIT: never mind on the second part. Looked back. He keeps a nano-submarine in his costume. He dived into his eye without a ship then shrunk down small enough to pilot the nano-sub

  • Dance on your head song. died laughing.

  • spriteless

    Maybe he will take a year off to find himself too.

  • MrSokar

    His time is a little short these days.

  • masterofbones

    “I actually ended all crime yesterday. Nice idea though!”

  • Sorry, the obvious answer is hosting “Dancing On Your Head With the Stars” for ABC.

  • Oren Leifer

    Turns out that the first one is sort-of right. He’s joining a team to help solve the global energy crisis with nuclear fusion. Now I’m wondering how small he can go, because if you can get small enough, nuclear fusion might just be a matter of heavy lifting.