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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Hey, it’s Alison !

    They really need those name on that outfit, it’s pretty much impossible to tell otherwise ^^;

  • Shjade

    Panel 4 is the best: personal drama happening because of who you’ve been and what you are? New super powers showing up they have to get used to?

    Firefighter buds don’t care; they’ve got a job to do and if you’re pulling your weight then they’re glad to have you.

    Just cool to see this aspect of her life playing out. ^.^

  • Zac Caslar

    Practical Superheroics 101: emergency response.
    A practicum on the subject how to be part of society, not above it.

  • RobNiner

    –SFP theme tune kicks in–

  • Abel Undercity


  • The Wealthy Aardvark

    Oh geez. I hope Allison is going to absorb more of the impact than the old man will. Broken bones from the fall won’t be good.

    • danelsan

      Fall? In all likelihood she is flying, not jumping down.

    • Demonlogan

      Don’t recall Allison losing the ability to fly.

  • Subbak

    So… Why does Alison wear protective gear? I mean, some sort of “I’m a firefighter” identification is good, but I assume at some point it also affects here mobility and/or vision and it’s not like she needs it.

    • danelsan

      * Ease of identification as a firefighter

      * Not to portray herself as apart from her fellow firefighters

      * The mask, at least, just might be something that is actually useful – I’m not sure she is immune to being smoke inhalation or inability to find much oxygen to breathe.

      * Non fire-resistant clothing in a burning building makes for a naked heroine quite easily.

    • Kid Chaos

      Regulations, of course.

  • Dean

    I wonder how Alison’s invulnerability would cope with smoke inhalation.

  • Pol Subanajouy

    Were I in Al’s position, I don’t know if I were ever not find flying mundane.

  • Johan

    Good to see some clean, classic hero work 🙂
    Alison is a great firefighter

  • Dave Van Domelen

    Well, now we know which one is Allison. Makes sense to be in full gear, not just a mask and tank. After all, regular clothing would probably burn off, and why finesse a super-fabric when regular fire gear exists?

  • Liz

    I wonder how Allison would react if someone approached her and asked to be in a sexy firefighter calendar.

  • David Stieber

    This is good? Copy.
    I’m really excited to see Alison get to use her powers again in an unambiguously helpful situation. I’ve missed the heroic moments of moral clarity, and I’m glad to get one, although I’m sure it’ll disappear again soon.

    • Kid Chaos

      She might not be able to punch a fire into submission, but she can still save lives with the best of ’em!

  • masterofbones

    Awww yissss. That hero-ing. No need to worry about morals or ethics here, THIS IS A GOOD THING THEY ARE DOING!

    And teamwork! Caring humans working together! Looking after each other even!

    This may be the most positive and uplifting page in this comic, despite the background being a burning home.

  • Tsapki

    So much hope…

  • Meghan

    Someone remind me – Allison is immune to fire, but still needs to breathe right? So she could conceivably walk through fire but die of smoke inhalation?

    If so, that makes what she’s doing even more selfless. This is actually one of the few situations she could be injured or killed in.

    • motorfirebox

      Yeah, I haven’t seen any indication that she doesn’t need air (or food, or water, etc). Or even that she can’t get sick or poisoned.

  • “…but why Jenkins was wearing Green’s turnout jacket when he jumped from that building is a mystery we’ll never solve, poor bastard.”

  • JordanTH

    Looks like we were both right and wrong. Allison was here as a firefighter, but she wasn’t the one on the last page.

  • Kid Chaos
  • Martin Cohen

    How were those other pictures taken?

    What would be the subject of the independent study?

    Anyway, nice use for super powers.

    • danelsan

      I’m guessing those are not pictures, as those seem to have issues capturing sound ^_^

      Seems to me more likely to be a narrative device of narration overlaid on action scenes, possibly leading to a change of scenery to a more scholarly milieu in which that proposal is being presented.

  • Mygrn

    Issue. She may be able to survive a fall or a super jump. But can an elderly unconscious person? I understand they may have no choice but unless they cover superhero firefighters like they do a superhero she may get into serious legal liability issues.

    • p75369

      She can fly now.

    • danelsan

      She can fly now. The chances she is jumping instead when referring to it as airlifting seem pretty small…

    • Zach Marx

      She can fly, so smoothly spreading deceleration over the descent so as to touch down lightly should be easy. Kind of like how an elevator can gradually brake to a halt despite moving down quickly.

    • Kid Chaos

      Not to worry; Alison’s flight powers will ensure a soft landing.

    • Demonlogan

      I don’t recall her losing the ability to fly, or being quite so prone to killing people by accident.

  • lizasweetling

    noooo! don’t just leave your partner!! even if he’s sturdy (beam fell on him but he’s fine) he may get stuck or or or….
    It’s bad protocol!

    on an added note Paladin could probably make rescue bots that would take Alison’s job
    she’s probably already on that.

  • ruhrow

    Man wakes up en route, has heart attack at flying through the air…still gets to the hospital in time!
    Woooo super powers!

  • PlainDealingVillain

    Alt-Text: accurate.

  • p75369

    She may not need it, but it’ll certainly be more comfortable for her. Street clothes are a no, since they’ll burn, so it’s the fire suit or naked. And having soot and fire in your eyes isn’t going to help.

    The others will still want to go in, she doesn’t have super-speed yet, so searching a building takes time. If she were alone, she probably wouldn’t be able to get as many people out as the whole team could.

    What she would be most useful as, though, is not being “front line” so to speak, focus on helping her collegues out when they encounter an obstacle.

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      She would definitely need a mask, yes. Although I wonder, how does her invulnerability carry over to her capacity to survive without breathing?
      And searching a building takes time when you’re a meekly human having to be careful for your own life. Alison would just have to learn basic architecture to know where she can break through walls without hurting the building’s structure too much. Also she can carry pretty much an unlimited number of people on her back. Or alternatively, jump outside for every person and jump back where she came from and keep going. Fire rescue operation are dangerous because making multiple trips back and forth is long and massively risky. Once you get rid of that…

  • danelsan

    Eh, flight, super strength and invulnerability do make for super effective and super efficient rescue, but depending on the circumstances might still not be efficient enough to save everyone in time.

    Thus, more heroes (super powered or not) offering help won’t really become completely unneeded.

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      I can already see myself commenting (that I called it) on the potential future plot when one of her buddies dies during one rescue and she’s overwrought with anguish telling herself she could have prevented it by just going alone and fast.
      Which I am so dead certain she could if she trained herself seriously.

  • 3-I

    Right, because there is NO WAY that there could ever be a use for more than one person in a firefighting situation. Clearly, it would not be faster and safer to involve other people so as to ensure that the place is clear, the people are out on every floor, and no potential incendiaries exist.

    Incidentally, Cleaver’s arm gave her a scar and in just the last issue, she dislocated her shoulder. Alison is made of iron, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be hurt. Wearing protection is sensible.

    Also, exactly how long are we supposed to give you on this joke?

    • ∫Clémens×ds

      Well it’s an issue of risk evaluation. I’m sure rescue teams are carefully considered in terms of numbers because firefightin’ is not something you improve exponentially the more firefighter you have in a given situation. Sending two hundreds firefighters in a building would be a waste of effort and stupidly risky.
      So when a literal Superman is involved, I’m sure the risk evaluation takes a big bump toward the “the less, the better” option. She might not be invincible, but close enough so that risking other lives would just be complete nonsense.

  • DasJepix

    Just realized that the stairs completely broke to pieces the instance Rodriguez was on ground. And he didn’t even flinch. Badass right there.

  • ∫Clémens×ds

    Okay, you convinced me.

    As a side note, you put way too much effort into retorting a carefully worded answer to my very dumb and ill-thought out sarcasm of the day.

  • Natsumeg

    Gorgeous panels.